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Visona TM

Display server
Main features The VISONA Display Server is Barco’s latest proven graphics

visualization hardware component that allows application

• Low-cost connection to a remote programs running on any computer anywhere in a network to
application processor using a single, display visual information on high-resolution displays. VISONA

point-to-point 10/100BaseT connec- acts as a networked graphics device that translates X11
tion or connection to a high-speed protocol into video for up to 4 displays while interfacing with
router. local input devices. VISONA eliminates the need for graphics

• Designed for use in ATC with high generation on the application computer, thus increasing
MTBF, maintenance functions, fast overall performance and allowing more advanced system
boot-time, etc. architectures.
• No rotating media used
• Drives up to four analog and/or The separation of the graphics function from the application
digital displays function offers interesting advantages. The application server
• Supports T ELLAR display recording
can be placed in an equipment room hundreds of meters
with either local or network archiving. away. Upgrades of the application server can be done without
• Uses open interface standards changing any other part of the system. The application server
(network , X11 protocol, etc) for is fully dedicated to compute-only operations since graphics
platform and OS independence. controllers and input device interfaces are not required.
Technical specifications
Software specifications • RS-232 with DB-9 for connection to ISIS /Sony BITE
• Single X11R6.6 server supporting all graphics outputs interface
• Fast boot (time from power-on to full operation <75s) • Optional plug-in 8-port RS-232 box
• BITE with full SNMP support • Optional additional 2 Ethernet ports, 10/100/1000BaseT
• Network agents (both secure and non-secure) • Optional hot removable hard disk, 80GB
• Multi-layer graphics support for transparent windows
• Anti-aliased line drawing (hardware assisted) Environmental specification highlights
• Flexible configuration for multi-display cursor travel • Operating Temperature +10°C to +40°C
• User configuration by external plug-in flash card • Storage: -20°C to +60°C
• X extension for Sony DDM or Barco ISIS display health and • Relative Humidity, operating & storage: 10–85 % RH non-
adjustment condensing
• X Input extension • EMC/EMI
• Optional support for Barco’s T ELLAR TM display recording - FCC Class A Volume II part 15 subpart J
software - EN55022 limit A
• Optional Barco Orthogon ODS TOOLBOX® Window Manager • Immunity: EN50082-1
• Safety
Hardware specifications - CE2001
• 2U 19-inch rack mount, 19-inch deep, optional rack slides, - IEC950 (+ CB Certification)
also for desktop usage - UL1950
• PFC corrected power supply with 90 - 240 VAC Mains - cUL950
• PS/2 or USB interfaces • Workmanship according to ANSI/IPC A-610A level II
• USB 2.0 interfaces for optional peripherals • MTBF calculated: > 60,000 hours
• Configuration flash card storage capacity minimum 128 MB • Acoustic noise: <45 dBA
• Local system memory 512 MB (optional 1 GB)
• 10/100BaseT Ethernet

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VISONA display server


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