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Possible Values:
B: Backordered- Line failed to be allocated in Inventory
C: Shipped -Line has been shipped
D: Cancelled -Line is Cancelled
N: Not Ready for Release -Line is not ready to be released
R: Ready to Release: Line is ready to be released
S: Released to Warehouse: Line has been released to Inventory for processing
X: Not Applicable- Line is not applicable for Pick Release
Y: Staged- Line has been picked and staged by Inventory
Delivery line statuses in detail
Not Applicable (Code X)
The delivery line can be invoiced but non-shippable, for example, a service line or
a warranty line.
Not Ready for Release (Code N)
The delivery line is not eligible for pick release. This happens when the order
line is manually imported into Oracle Shipping Execution using the Import Delivery
Line concurrent process or the corresponding order line has not reached the
Awaiting Shipping workflow activity.
Ready for Release (Code R)
The delivery line is eligible for pick release. Occurs when the order line has
reached the Awaiting Shipping workflow activity (it is booked, scheduled, and in
Oracle Shipping Execution).
Submitted to Warehouse (Code S)
Pick release has processed the delivery line and has:
1. Created move order headers and lines.
2. Found available quantity and created inventory allocations.
3. Not pick confirmed. If you are using auto-pick confirm, it changes release
status to Staged. If you are not using auto-pick confirm and want to progress the
delivery lines, navigate to Oracle Inventory Move Order Transaction window and
perform manual pick confirm.
Staged (Code Y)
The delivery line is pick confirmed; inventory is transferred from storage sub-
inventory to staging sub-inventory. It remains staged until ship confirm.
Backordered (Code B)
Some of the circumstances that can causes this status are listed below
Ø Pick release has processed the delivery line and cannot find the entire
quantity. This typically occurs when the Oracle Inventory indicates that there is
not enough material (either because there is not enough material or because the
inventory balance is incorrect).
Ø At ship confirm, you: Enter Shipped Quantity that is less than Original
Requested Quantity Backorder the entire delivery quantity transfer a reservation to
cycle count.
Ø This typically occurs when the material that you want to ship:
1. Has become unavailable, for example, damaged, between picking and
2. Is available and you backorder material for specific business reasons. For
example, all available material has been allocated to a specific customer when you
find out additional supply for other orders will be delayed.
Shipped (Code C)
The delivery line’s delivery is ship confirmed and posted as in-transit, OM
Interface and Inventory Interface have processed, and the trip is closed.
Cancelled (Code D)
The order line that the delivery line supports is cancelled.