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Directions: Choose the underlined part which makes the sentence grammatically or structurally
1. We have to look at people in a worse situation(A) and we will feel better about ourselves.(B) We live together on
Earth, so our duty is to love one another(C) and to help other who are(D) suffering.

2. Ratchasuda College, a facility for the disabled(A) in Nakhon Pathorn, has introduced a set of daily Buddhist prayers
in sign language for hearing-impaired(B) students. According to director(C), about 15 schools around the country are
now enjoying the benefits of this.(D)

3. Forsaking(A) the heavily patrolling(B) Florida Straits, Cubans are increasingly reaching(C) the US by flying to the
Dominican Republic and traveling about(D) 65 km by boat to Mona Island.

4. Heavy rain over recent days made it hard(A) for the Khao Ragam Reservoir to hold back(B) water. Excess water
had to drain(C) quickly through spillways to prevent damage(D) to the reservoir.

5. King Rama V must have been impressed(A) by ‘Khao manee’ (White jewel) cats as(B) he had nine of them.(C) The
Khao Manee species are the only species that their eyes(D) radiate two different colors.

6. Munich, Germany, is a cosmopolitan city with an outstanding network(A) of roads, railway and underground trains
that make traveling(B) within the city convenience and exciting.(C) Tourists can take trains or self-drive to Austria
and Luxembourg, even farther.(D)

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7. The new national park, to be called(A) Thi Lo Su National Park, will take up almost half(B) the area of Umphang
Wildlife Sanctuary. The move has raised concerns(c) that the decision(D) can be justified or not.

8. Of more than(A) 350,000 Japanese workers have been retiring(B) annually in recent years but some economists
estimate that the number(C) will shoot up to over 500,000 for three years(D) starting next year.

9. Domino’s Pizza Inc, which has(A) a presence in 55 countries, aggressively expanding(B) its presence across the globe
while adding access to(C) domestic pizza eaters who are out of(D) the current delivery area.

10. People Smugglers are turning(A) huge profits in this growing industry,(B) and few are prosecuted. (C) It is very
lucrative. It is better than sell illegal drugs.(D)

11. In its last flight, the shuttle Discovery experienced dangerously foam loss,(A) though the chunk(B) was smaller than
one(C) that slammed(D) into the shuttle Columbia’s leftwing.

12. Baby-boomers in Japan, defined as(A) those were born(B) between1947-49, number about(C) seven million. Of that
figure, up to four million are salaried employees.(D)

13. Australia's central bank kept interest rates unchanged(A) at 5.7% as was expected(B) yesterday, although investors
assume(C) a hike is more likely than not(D) in the next few months.

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Directions: Choose the best alternative to complete each of the following sentences.
14. Malaysian conglomerate YTL Corp has proposed __________ between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.
a. to build a high Speed bullet train link
b. that a high speed bullet train link be built
c. a high speed bullet train link being built
d. building for a high speed bullet train link

15. A woman delivered a premature but healthy baby girl __________ to the eastern Sarawak state on Borneo Island

a. during she was flying
b. who was on a flight
c. when she flying
d. while on a flight

16. The company raised the bus fares __________.

a. despite the government objections
b. with objections to the government
c. however the government objected
d. although the government was objected

17. Rising floodwaters have forced __________ in Trat.

a. many residents to be evacuating
b. many residents who were evacuated

c. the evacuation of many residents

d. the evacuation by means of many residents

18. A group of editors at Egypt's main independent newspapers will stage a one-day strike __________.
a. because they protest a lack of media reforms

b. so as to protest a lack of media reforms

c. in order that a lack of media be protested reforms

d. for a lack of media reforms to be protested

19. If North Korea had not launched seven missiles into the Sea Of Japan, __________.
a. many countries would not have been extremely upset
b. it could not have been extremely upset by many countries
c. many countries had not been extremely upset
d. it should not have extremely upset many Countries

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20. Tuberculosis is the No 1 chronic infectious disease found among migrant workers in Thailand, __________.

a. and syphilis followed
b. with syphilis follows
c. by following syphilis
d. followed by syphilis

21. The more __________, the more powerful it will become.

a. is the mind awakened 

b. the mind is awakened
c. mind awakens
d. does the mind awaken

22. All of the suspects were released __________.

a. because evidence was lacking

b. since there were lacking evidence

c. due to lack of evidence

d. owing to lack evidence

23. __________, the experiment will be conducted next month.

a. After approving
b. By approving
c. Having approved
d. If approved

24. Many chickens of an indigenous breed in Sam Ngam district, Phichit, __________ after

some chickens in the same area __________ of unknown causes.

a. were culled … died
b. had culled … had died
c. had to be culled … dying

d. were to be culled … dying

25. The patient was __________ from his hospital room.

a. depressed enough to be jumping

b. so depressed that he jumped

c. depressed very much that he jumped

d. very depressed, so he had jumped

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Directions: Choose the best alternative to complete each of the following passages.

Passage A

Tai Fah was recognized as the first modern department store in Yaowarat, in Bangkok Chinatown. Major
products available at its open-air (26) ____________________ were clothes and home products, a few cosmetics and shoes.
Of course, customers could always (27) ____________________ down their prices.
A few years later after Tai Fah opened, the Central Group drove the momentum forward with the introduction
of a more (28) ____________________ store on Sri Praya Road, in Bangkok.
In that era, Thai shoppers had started to become (29) ____________________ to more international magazines,
clothes, electrical appliances and cosmetics such as Lancome, Helena Rubinstein, Dunhill, Manhattan and Jockey.
But the Thai retail market was really (30) ____________________ in 1972. The opening of Ratchadamri Arcade brought
about a new era to the already sophisticated Bangkok shopping (31) ____________________.
The complex not only (32) ____________________ 220 fully air-conditioned shops, but also included a Japanese retail
chain for the first time, the Daimaru department store.
However, by the early 1990s the country saw many throw in the towel as the market (33) ___________. Since then,
various retail formats have continued to proliferate, from specialty shops to convenience stores.
26. a. chain b. brand c. space d. outlet

27. a. bargain b. reduce c. discount d. purchase

28. a. profitable b. licensed c. convenient d. sophisticated 

29. a. acquainted b. inquired c. intimidated d. exposed

30. a. determined b. revolutionized c. mentioned d. advertised

31. a. arcade b. plaza c. scene d. complex

32. a. housed b. composed c. formed d. equipped

33. a. submerged b. diminished c. upheld d. intensified

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Passage B

The Fine Arts Department, under the Ministry of Education, was established by Royal Command on March 27,
1911. Its (34) _________________ is to preserve, conserve, revive, promote, create and disseminate the knowledge, wisdom
and culture of the Kingdom. This encompasses many (35) _____________ --museums, archeological projects, monuments,
literature, performing arts, architecture, fine arts, etc. The department also is (36) ________________ with prevention of
the illegal export and import of antiquities.

In this matter, the Fine Arts Department closely (37) ________________ with various Thai government organizations. It
receives a lot of cooperation from the Thai public. Almost everyone in Thailand understands that the theft of old
Buddhas and carved stone stripped from ancient temples, the looting of our treasures, (38) _________ the country’s
In order to guard against theft and subsequent sale or export abroad, it is necessary to have all artifacts (39)
_______________ by their owners. Then the list of Thai treasures is (40) _____________ into books with detailed physical
descriptions and historical background, and these are available to the public.
Thailand and Cambodia have an agreement to suppress the smuggling of artifacts from these two countries.
The Cambodians are very strict in the protection of their national heritage and Thailand Fine Arts Department has an
excellent cooperation with them.

34. a. mission b. treaty c. action d. scheme 

35. a. branches b. aspects c. departments d. bureaus 

36. a. charged b. reserved c. committed d. settled 

37. a. concerns b. contacts c. contracts d. cooperates 

38. a. preserves b. diminishes c. restores d. guards

39. a. maintained b. transported c. registered d. purchased

40. a. designated b. compiled c. illustrated d. exhibited

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Directions: Choose the alternative that best keeps the meaning of the underlined word or phrase.

41. Known locally by its various names (chaiyaphruek, koon and lomlaeng), ratchaphruek was considered an
auspicious tree in Thailand in ancient times.

a. ancient c. lucky
b. beautiful d. elegant

42. In general, young trees are susceptible to insect pests and are often defoliated by caterpillars.

a. vulnerable c. harmful

b. terrifying d. legitimate

43. As China opens up to the world, public and private English-language schools proliferating.
a. improving c. advancing

b. evaluating d. increasing

44. Among countries vulnerable to crimes, South Africa is reported to have the most bewildering rate of murder.

a. confusing c. astonishing

b. frightening d. exploiting

45. The cabinet has commissioned a study to better understand the violent nature of vocational schools and
colleges nationwide.
a. pursued c. ordered

b. followed d. researched

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46. Rains pounded Asia the past few weeks, leaving an aftermath of flashfloods and landslides, and many people
rendered homeless.
a. suffered c. lost
b. became d. encountered

47. North Korea, where key farming regions were hit by heavy flooding in recent weeks, is starting at another food
crisis after major aid suppliers suspended rice shipments.

a. imported c. requested

b. transported d. stopped

48. We live in an age of contradiction — a world where people from different countries find more in common
a “pop culture” that might have little to do with their indigenous ones.
a. local c. famous

b. authentic d. creative

49. Some developing and underdeveloped countries are ranked as among the world’s most corrupt and the fight to
tackle the scourge could be difficult.

a. threat c. impact

b. consequence d. suspect

50. Australia and France have pledged to help the Philippines to clean up a massive oil spill from a sunken tanker.
a. asked c. agreed
b. promised d. cooperated

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Directions: Read the following passages carefully and choose the correct answer for each of
the questions.

Passage 1

Cider is not normally associated with the health-preserving yoga crowd. Such sensitive souls tend to crunch
apples with names like Honeycrisp and Royal Gala and leave the fermented juice of Broxwood Foxwhelp and
Somerset Redstreak to a hairier variety of human. But hope springs eternal. After the successful rebranding of red
wine as a health-enhancing drink a few years ago (at least, if consumed in moderation), Britain’s cidermakers hope
that the same thing might come true for their own nectar.
The magic word that makes them think this is “phenolics”. Phenolic compounds help give cider its taste,
but they also have antioxidant properties. That means they destroy certain sorts of oxygen-rich molecules that have
been linked, at least circumstantially, to age-related complaints such as heart disease, neurodegeneration and
cancer. Britain’s National Association of Cider Makers has thus sponsored Serena Marks, a researcher at the
University of Glasgow, to look into the matter.

Ms. Marks’s first task was to measure the phenolic content of 24 types of British cider apple. Encouragingly,
she found that all of them contain more phenolic compounds than Golden Delicious, a bland variety of eating
apple. Some contain ten times as much. The question is, do those phenolics help cider drinkers?
As part of her efforts to find that out, Ms. Marks's freezer is now full of plasma and urine collected from
cider enthusiasts. The samples were taken last week from 12 volunteers who went away 50 pounds ($95) richer for
having imbibed a cider breakfast after 36 hours without consuming any antioxidant-containing food or drink. These
sample should reveal how many of the phenolics found of the phenolics found in cider are excreted. They should
also give clues as to how the rest are metabolized — in other words, whether they might give any health benefits.
In particular, Ms. Marks wants to know if the cidrous molecules that make it into the blood are those
associated with a reduced likelihood of developing afflictions such as heart disease. If they are, it might mean that
there is some truth to the old proverb that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Provided, of course, that the
apple comes in liquid form with wasps floating in it.

51. The first paragraph suggests that currently cider is not considered a/an ________ drink.

a. rare c. prestigious

b. wholesome d. expensive

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52. The phrase “the same thing” (line 5) refers to ________.

a. associating Cider with fresh apples

b. importing more red wine into England

c. consuming red wine in moderation

d. promoting cider as a health-enhancing drink

53. Which is NOT an apple that is normally consumed fresh?

a. Honeycrisp c. Royal Gala

b. Somerset Redstreak d. Golden Delicious

54. To find out whether cider offers health benefits, Britain’s National Association of Cider Makers has ________.

a. coined the term “phenolics” to describe cider's uniqueness

b. claimed that cider has antioxidant properties 

c. funded a research study to investigate phenolic contents

d. proved that cider can reduce age-related complaints

55. The passage implies all the following EXCEPT________.

a. all cider apples contain more phenolics than eating apples

b. there are many types of apples that can be made into cider

c. the subjects who participated in the study received a cash reward

d. the urine and blood samples must be kept in a cold place

56. The volunteers refrained from consuming any other antioxidant-containing food or drink for 36 hours _____.

a. to minimize the excretion of cider

b. because they did not like drinking alcohol

c. after they have given the blood samples

d. to ensure that any detected phenolics come from cider

57. We can infer that her sponsor hopes Ms. Marks can prove that.

a. phenolic compounds give cider a better taste
b. certain sorts of oxygen-rich molecules cause cancer

c. cider has properties to reduce age-related health problems

d. the old proverb “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is true

58. At present we can conclude that ________.

a. the more we consume, the more we gain health benefit from red wine

b. urine samples contain more phenolic compounds than plasma samples

c cider has slightly more phenolic compounds than fresh apples `

d. apples have long been considered a healthy fruit

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Passage 2 

Koreans take their kimchi very seriously. A fiery side-dish made of cabbage pickled with plenty of chilly and
served with every Korean meal including breakfast is the nearest thing to a culinary national treasure. So when
South Koreans food-Safety watchdog announced last month that parasite eggs had been found in kimchi imported
from China, the resulting public revulsion was tinged with indignation at the insult to a national icon. This deepened
after officials from the Korea Food and Drug Administration (FDA) speculated that the eggs could have found their
way on to the cabbage from human excrement, used as fertilizer.
The skirmish promptly threatened to become a full-scale trade war. China listed ten South Korean
food products (including, you guessed it, kimchi) bound for the mainland which they said contained parasite eggs
as well. It seemed like tit-for-tat — until South Korea's FDA said it too had discovered similar problems in some
local kimchi.
The threat of a trade spat has now receded but this is not the first scare involving food originating from
China. Earlier concerns range from the traces of lead found in Chinese-produced kimchi to the discovery of
malachite green, a suspected carcinogen, in fishery products imported from the mainland.
But the ballooning volume of trade between China and South Korea means the two neighbours cannot
allow disputes over food imports to get out of hand. At stake is around $100 billion-worth of bilateral trade—
which matters most to South Korea since China is South Korea's biggest export market. The two countries have now
agreed to co-operate on improving monitoring and quarantine procedures for traded food. That way, in future, some
of the fierier effects of kimchi may be avoided.

59. The author describes kimchi's flavor as ________.

a. hot-tasting c. bitter

b. bland d. salty

60. Learning that parasite eggs had been found in kimchi imported from China, South Koreans had many feelings
EXCEPT ________.

a. angry c. insulted

b. shocked d. indifferent

61. It is implied that China ________.

a. has used a lot of chemical fertilizers on cabbage

b. has produced many contaminated food products

c. has a small volume of trade with South Korea

d. is unwilling to control the quality of foods they export

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62. Which does NOT imply a dispute?
a. skirmish (line 7) c. spat (line 11)

b. tit-for-tat (line 9) d. stake (line 15)

63. Which kimchi is NOT mentioned in the passage as having parasite eggs?

a. Imported kimchi from China to South Korea

b. Imported kimchi from South Korea to China

c. South Korean Kimchi for domestic consumption

d. Chinese kimchi for domestic consumption

64. The passage suggests all of the following EXCEPT ________.

a. Koreans consume a lot of kimchi each year

b. Korea has earlier imported fishery products from China

c. Koreans are very proud of their kimchi

d. Korea does not care to trade With China anymore

65. The two countries have now agreed to _______.

a. intensify their problems

b. ensure the quality of traded foods

c. boost trading costs

d. avoid the fiery taste of kimchi

Passage 3
It is bad enough that the Earth may be experiencing the largest mass extinction since the dinosaurs died
out. Almost as bad—at least for science—is that as many as 90% of those species are dying without ever having
been recorded. However, a new, rapid method for classifying species may ameliorate the latter problem, and help
researchers to get at the question of just how much is being lost.
DNA barcoding, a technique proposed last year by Paul Hebert of the University of Geulph, in Ontario,
Canada, has just had its first trials, and has passed them with flying colors. It works by examining a particular part of
a particular gene that is found in all animal species. The gene in question is called cytochrome c oxidase I (COI). It is
easy to study because every cell contains lots of copies of its simple, easily isolated structures called mitochondria.
By contrast, most genes are hidden away in a cell's nucleus, where they are much harder to get at. Mitochondrial
genes also tend to mutate rapidly, so meaningful differences between species build up quickly. And by
concentrating on a mere part of COI — a section which is 648 genetic “letters” long—Dr. Hebert has simplified the
process still further. It is these “letters” that he refers to as the “barcode”. All members of a species would be
expected to have similar barcodes.

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The first trial, just published in an online journal, sought to establish that the results of genetic barcoding
agree with those of traditional taxonomy—the labor-intensive process of classifying species by their physical
characteristics. In the study, DNA samples from birds classified by traditional taxonomy into 26 species were
subjected to the technique. In almost all cases, the two classifications agreed. But Dr. Hebert’s technique went
further. lt suggested that four of the traditional species are each made up of two closely related species, and
should be split.
That observation presaged the second study, which explicitly addresses the question of such “cryptic
species”. This recently published study examined a butterfly called Astraptes fulgerator, which was first classified in
1775. But there have, for a long time, been doubts about whether Astraptes fulgerator really is a single species,
That is because although the adults look similar, the caterpillars vary quite a lot, and also seem to prefer different
food plants. Barcoding showed that these suspicions are well-founded. Ten sorts of barcode turned up, suggesting
that the butterfly actually consists of at least ten species — and that is only the number from the part of north-
western Costa Rica where the specimens tested came from. At the moment, estimates for the number of
multicellular species in existence range from 10m to 100m — hence the uncertainty about how fast they are
becoming extinct. Barcoding might also let scientists identify hot spots of genetic diversity, and work to protect
those areas first.

66. The purpose of the passage is to ________.

a. describe a recent biological means which is claimed to accurately classify species on Earth

b. state the problem of a number of species on Earth which have been dying without being noticed or
c. present some research findings on cytochrome C oxidase I which can delay the extinction of species
on Earth

d. compare two methods of classifying species into taxonomy and give their supporting empirical

67. The word “ameliorate” (paragraph 1) Can be best replaced by '

a. address c. prolong

b. identify d. relieve

68. Which of the following is TRUE?

a. “them” (paragraph 2) refers to “species”

b. “its” (paragraph 2) refers to “cytochrome c oxidase I”

c. “it” (paragraph 3) refers to “the first trial”

d. “these suspicions” (paragraph 4) refers to “cryptic species"

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69. The DNA barcode ________.

a. mostly yields classifications not complying with traditional ones

b. can be obtained through the process of simplifying COI genes

c. can be found in the nucleus of every species’ cells

d. denotes a sequence of 648 genetic codes

70. It can be inferred from the passage that the underlying assumption of Dr. Hebert’s method is that _____.

a. the rapid mutation of mitochondrial genes will cause species’ adaptations

b. the evolution of one species can lead to the existence of others

c. genetic barcodes should differ from one species to another

d. COI in mitochondria must be carefully investigated

71. Paragraphs 3 and 4 imply that barcoding ________.

a. may probably run into some practical taxonomy problems

b. is likely to reveal more profound information about species

c. still needs to be further investigated to confirm the findings

d. can answer the question of why species became extinct

72. If put into widespread use, barcoding can probably tell ________.

a. how much diversity there actually is on Earth

b. why species on Earth declined to extinction

c. how fast mitochondrial genes mutated

d. where on Earth a species diversified

Passage 4

Earlier this year, the regulators at the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) agreed to consider an unusual
new drug, called ATryn, for approval. It was developed to treat patients with hereditary antithrombin deficiency, a
condition that leaves them vulnerable to deep-vein thrombosis. ATryn is special as it is a therapeutic protein derived
from the milk of a genetically engineered goat; in other words, an animal that is not all goat.

The human gene for the protein in question is inserted into a goat's egg, and to ensure that it is activated
only in udder cells, an extra piece of DNA, known as beta-caseine promoter, is added alongside it. Since beta
caseine is made only in udders, so is the antithrombin produced in healthy humans.

ATryn is merely the first of many potential animal-derived drugs being developed by GEC Biotherapeutics of
Framingham, Massachusetts. Female goats are ideal living factories because they are cheap, can be sequestered
from other non-transgenic animals, and can produce as much as a kilogram of human protein per year. GEC
estimates that it may be able to produce drugs for as little as $1-2 per gram, compared with around $150 using
conventional methods. Goats’ short gestation period — roughly five months — and the fact that they reach

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maturity within a year means that a new production line can be developed within 18 months. And increasing
production is as simple as breeding more animals.
But perhaps the most curious approach to making transgenic-animal-derived medicines is that being taken
by Minos BioSystems. While others concentrate on goats, Minos is using flies. A Small handful of common house
flies can produce billions of offspring. A single fly can lay 500 eggs that hatch into larvae, a biomass factory capable
of expressing growth hormone or antibodies which can then be extracted from the larval serum. The set-up cost of
producing antibodies using flies would be $20-40m, compared with $200, to $1 billion using conventional methods.

It all sounds promising, but the fact remains that medicines derived from transgenic animals are
commercially untested. The EMEA’s verdict is expected before the end of the year. Nevertheless, as other
proponents of genetically modified crops have learned in recent years, it takes more than just scientific data to
convince biotech’s critics that their fear and loathing are misplaced.

73. The passage primarily ________.

a. discusses biotechnological innovations in the drug industry

b. advocates medicines derived from genetically modified animals

c. emphasizes the significance of biotechnological innovations in medical treatments

d. describes some advantages and disadvantages of using biotechnology in medicine

74. The word “it” (paragraph 2) refers to ________.

a. an unusual new drug c. the human gene

b. the protein in question d. a goat’s egg

75. “vulnerable to” (paragraph 1) can be best replaced by ________.
a. suddenly affected by c. dangerously influenced by

b. easily attacked by d. unavoidably depleted by

76. What makes ATryn so unusual is that it ________.

a. is one of the first drugs to be approved by the European Medicines Agency

b. can now be used to treat patients with hereditary antithrombin deficiency

c. is a therapeutic protein derived from the milk of a transgenic goat

d. contains antithrombin similar to that produced in mature humans

77. Goats can be considered perfect transgenic bio-factories because of all of the following EXCEPT
that they _________.
a. can be virus-free c. are cheap 

b. produce offspring quickly d. can maximize human protein production

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78. Which of the following is TRUE?

a. Flies used as biomass drug factories are virus carriers and so contaminate the growth hormone or
antibodies obtained from them.

b. Genetically transgenic animals contribute to a fast, scalable and cost-effective Way for
pharmaceutical companies to make drugs.

c. The initial investment cost of producing antibodies from fly larvae is more than that using
conventional methods.
D. Medicines produced from genetically-engineered animals have undergone medical trials on humans.

79. It is likely that there is cause for concern if physicians treat their patients with medicines made from transgenic-
animal-derived proteins because ________.

a. conventionally produced drugs are more readily available than animal-derived ones

b. animal-derived drugs are actually no better than similar conventionally produced ones

c. animal-derived drugs can be cheap but may not be safe enough for medical treatments

d. a lot of pharmaceutical companies which use conventional methods of production may go bankrupt

80. What is the author’s attitude toward the drugs derived from genetically-engineered animals?
a. Skeptical c. Neutral

b. Sympathetic d. Enthusiastic

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You will be tested on your ability to understand spoken English. There are three parts, each with its own
direction0073x. If you wish, you may take notes.


Directions: You will hear short dialogues between two people. After each dialogue, a question will be asked. You
will hear each dialogue only once. After hearing the dialogue and the question, select your answer from
the four choices.

1. a. Sue must pass the test next time.

b. Sue should have paid more attention.

c. Sue failed the test despite her studying hard.

d. Sue failed because she was awfully depressed

2. a. Reading

b. Gardening

c. Selling books

d. Being by herself

3. a. A TV host

b. An accountant

c. A museum guide

d. A museum visitor

4. a. She could not get out of her house.

b. She was involved in a bad car accident.

c. She couldn’t walk fast because of her age.

d. Due to the heavy rain, she got stuck in the traffic.

5. a. She does not need a new car.

b. She just bought a new car last year.

c. She will definitely buy a new car soon.

d. She doesn’t have enough money to buy a new car.

6. a. She’s afraid she can’t afford it.

b. She’s considering buying it soon.

c. She thinks the apartment unit is not spacious enough.

d. She is comparing the costs of similar housing facilities.

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7. a. He shares the woman’s opinion,

b. He thinks riding a car is stressful.

c. He thinks the woman exaggerates.

d. He asks the woman to repeat what she said.

8. a. Twenty

b. Seventeen

c. Thirty-Three

d. Twenty-Three

9. a. Work harder and earn more

b. Put aside some money for future use

c. Pay back the money he borrowed from her

d. Repair his house as the rainy season is coming

10. a. Sandy is a very sweet person.

b. Sandy likes sweet foods very much.

c. Sandy is buying herself a box of chocolates.

d. Sandy’s friends will organize a birthday party for her.

11. a. A mechanic

b. A salesperson

c. A loan officer

d. An environmentalist

12. a. The man’s incredibly fast.

b. The man’s good at doing many things.

c. The man’s the most capable mechanic.

d. The man’s the best salesman she’s ever known.

13. a. He and Kate have just met.

b. He is either Tom, Dick, or Harry.

c. He must be someone the two speakers know well.

d. He couldn’t be just anybody, but someone special.

14. a. The show time is not fixed.

b. Each show lasts about 2 hours.

c. These shows are in the morning.

d. Three shows are run on Saturdays and Sundays.

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15. a. She hasn’t yet made a decision.

b. She will go if her fiends go too.

c. She plans to go with two of her close friends.

d. She will go if the man agrees to accompany her.


Directions: In this part you will hear longer dialogues between two people. After each dialogue, questions will be
asked. You will hear each dialogue only once. After hearing the dialogue and each question, select your
answer from the four choices.

Conversation 1

16. a. At home

b. At the gym

c. On the street

d. At the hospital

17. a. He hurt his leg at the gym.

b. He had a motorcycle accident.

c. He has a cold from being in the rain.

d. He fell and hit his head on the pavement.

18. a. Curious

b. Thankful

c. Annoyed

d. Surprised

Conversation 2

19. a. She always buys things on sale.

b. She doesn’t like window shopping.

c. She doesn’t want to see the movies.

d. She goes shopping because she has to.

20. a. Silly

b. Angry

c. Satisfied

d. Frustrated

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21. a. Go shopping

b. Go home together

c. Go to see the movie

d. Have something to eat

Conversation 3 

22. a. To give cultural lessons

b. To provide diving training

c. To help save the environment

d. To offer the opportunity to travel

23. a. A free hotel stay

b. Cultural learning

c. Trips to the islands

d. Scuba diving lessons

24. a. Sign up for the program

b. Join a different program

c. Find out more about the program

d. Give financial support to the program

Directions: You will now hear two short talks. After each talk, you will be asked some questions. You will hear each
talk only once. After hearing the talk and each question, select your answer from the four choices.

Talk 1
25. a. 26

b. 58
c. 85
d. 350

26. a. Their popularity has decreased since its introduction in 2006.

b. Seniors are now a major player in the US video game market.
c. Seniors prefer exercising with a public health worker than a Wii.
d. The “Wii Fit” game has sold over 4 times more than “Wii Sports”.

27. a. narrative
b. persuasive
c. informative
d. argumentative

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Talk 2
28. a. Choosing a home
b. The flue & prevention
c. Outdoor air pollution
d. Sick building syndrome

29. a. Insulation
b. Separation
c. Ventilation
d. Elimination

30. a. Architects
b. Home owners
c. Health care workers
d. Construction workers


As you read the following passage, choose the best answer to fill the blanks from the choices
given below. There are 15 blanks (Nos. 31-45)

Today having a cell phone and an e-mail address is not considered sufficient to 31. _____ an active social life.

Regardless of age, internet users now 32. _________________ such social networking websites as ‘My Space’ and
‘Facebook’ to share common interests and 33. _________________ with each other through cyberspace. The websites
have their respective rules and 34. _________________ on, among others, membership, message content and procedures
in sending and receiving messages.
35. _________________, there is no reliable way of verifying the accuracy of the data 36. ____________ by the
members. Any information posted must be taken at its 37. _________________ and at the peril of whoever relies on it.

Taking advantage of the perceived 38. ___________________ that the Internet provides, especially those who use
pseudonyms in their registration, disgruntled employees, for example, sometimes send messages 39. ___________________
of their company, bosses and, worse, their own products.
Some social networking websites have even become 40. ___________________ for unscrupulous parties to spread
unfounded damaging reports or rumors about business competitors. 41. ____________ the adversely affected party gets
wind of the unfavorable material (assuming it does) and requests its 42. ___________________ the message would have

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already circulated within the website community.

Sad, but true, the Internet enjoys a high level of credibility among its users 43. ________________ repeated
warnings by the authorities that not all information read or seen in it are 44. _______________ . Through the years, the
Net has certainly acquired a certain mystique 45. ___________________ to the gullibility of some of its users.

31. a. contain c. maintain

b. captivate d. entertain

32. a. flock to c. put up with

b. take after d. turn away from

33. a. argue c. discuss

b. interact d. provoke

34. a. laws c. regulations

b. orders d. prohibitions

35. a. However c. Otherwise

b. Additionally d. Consequently

36. a. encoded c. submitted

b. inscribed d. announced

37. a. par value c. core value

b. face value d. market value

38. a. hospitality c. solidarity

b. serendipity d. anonymity

39. a. critical c. flattering

b. auspicious d. negligent

40. a. veils c. venues

b. vents d. vehicles

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41. a. Then c. No sooner

b. By the time d. Long before

42. a. reprint c. iteration

b. removal d. acknowledgement

43. a. in spite of c. in line with

b. because of d. according to

44. a. accurate c. redundant

b. misleading d. accumulative

45. a. adds c. additive

b. adding d. addition



The reading texts have a number of questions following them. In each case, select the best answer for each
question and blacken the number of your choice on the answer sheet.


As a foreigner in Thailand, I’m not encumbered by cultural restrictions on speaking out about discomfort,
and we have to say that the noise here is louder and more pervasive than what we hear in our

home countries.

To spend any time in Thailand, one must be inured to loud noise or it would be like walking through a
blizzard dressed only in pajamas. Neither are monks nor their temples exempt from loud noise. One may wonder
how they could meditate, Thai shopping malls are like oversized boom boxes.

It’s a similar story on a bus, in a boat, in the skytrain in Bangkok or in a restaurant. Leisurely strolls in a quiet
street in Bangkok are next to impossible. Such places as post offices and banks are not a source of

refuge either.

Excessive noise is not only in the cities. In the countryside growls of internal combustion engines and
loudspeaker noise from outdoor festivals can often be heard.

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Thailand relies on tourism to supply a major portion of its revenue. Offensive noise annoys tourists and
lessens their probability of returning to Thailand. They also tell others when they return home. More importantly,
noise pollution lessens quality of life for Thais.

46. The writer thinks that Thai people ___________________ .

a. like to annoy other people

b. enjoy listening to loud music

c. never compare Thailand to other countries

d. are not encouraged to express their feelings

47. The expression “inured to” (line 4) may be replaced by ___________________ .

a. subject to

b. indifferent to

c. accustomed to

d. comfortable with

48. Which statement is TRUE according to the text?

a. It’s quieter in banks and post offices.

b. Thai monks can meditate in noisy places.

c. Tourists may find Thailand too noisy to visit.

d. It’s more pleasant to take walks in rural areas.

49. In the last paragraph, the writer primarily expresses his ___________________ .

a. anger

b. delight

c. despair

d. concern

50. The text most likely appears in ___________________ .

a. a news report

b. a traveller’s blog

c. a book promoting Thailand

d. a journal on the environment

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Your partner says sorry and promises the hurtful behavior won’t happen again—but you fear it will, and
most of the times it does. At times you wonder whether you are imagining the abuse, yet the emotional or physical
pain you feel is real. You may even wonder if the abuse is your fault. If this sounds familiar, you may be
experiencing domestic violence.

Domestic violence occurs between people in an intimate relationship, either heterosexual or homosexual.
Men are sometimes abused by partners, but domestic violence is most often directed toward women. Some
relationships are clearly abusive from the outset. However, abuse often starts subtly and gets worse over time. If
you are in a secret lesbian relationship, you may be less likely to seek help after an assault.

Domestic violence also affects children. Even if your child is not abused, simply witnessing domestic
violence can be harmful. Children who grow up in abusive homes are more likely to be abused and have
behavioural problems than are other children. Growing up, they are more likely to become abusers or think abuse is
a routine part of a relationship. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ .

Many people think that domestic violence only occurs in deprived families, but in reality abusers come
from all walks of life including well educated, professional, apparently respectable members of society.

Many people think that drinking alcohol causes abusive behaviour, but in reality alcohol can be one factor.
Some men only abuse their partners when drinking, some only do it when sober, and some do it drunk or sober.
Drinking can provide an easy excuse, but is not a root cause of the choice to act violently.
Police in different countries recognise that only a very small percentage of domestic violence situations are
ever reported. The longer you stay in an abusive relationship, the greater the toll on your self-esteem. Still, the
only way to break the cycle of domestic violence is to take action—and the sooner the better. Start by telling
someone about the abuse, whether it is a friend, relative, doctor or other close contact. At first, you may find it hard
to talk about the abuse, but you will also likely feel relief and receive much-needed support.

51. The main idea of the text is _________________ .

a. domestic violence is a serious threat to both men and women.
b. domestic violence is a major public health problem and a violation of human rights

c. violence by an intimate partner is one of the most common forms of violence against women
d. health consequences can result directly from Violent acts or from long-term domestic violence

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52. Paragraph 2 is mainly about _________________ .

a. abusers’ personality traits

b. sexual relationships that cause abuse

c. the forms that domestic violence can take

d. risky behaviours leading to physical abuse

53. The Word “they” (line 11) refers to _________________ .

a. abusers

b. other children

c. behaviourial problems

d. children who grow up in abusive homes

54. It can be inferred from the text that as adults, children coming from a domestic violent family may be
abusive because they _______.
a. are afraid that their wives might leave them

b. want their wives to suffer just like they used to as children

c. may internalise the message that violence is normal within families

d. enjoyed seeing their mother beaten by their father when they were children

55. Which of the following statements BEST fits the blank (lines 12) in Paragraph 3?

a. A 1980 study reported that men who had witnessed domestic violence as children were
three times more likely to hit their wives.

b. In a study on women’s health and domestic violence conducted by WHO, many women
said that their first, sexual experience was not consensual.

c. The United Nations defines violence against women as act of gender-based violence that
results in physical, sexual or mental harm or suffering to women.

d. A World Bank analysis of research indicates that between 25% and 50% of all women
suffer significant physical, sexual or psychological abuse at the hands of their partner.

56. All of the following are true about domestic violence EXCEPT_________________ .

a. domestic violence occurs mostly in underprivileged families

b. many of the abused do not seek help or report violence when it occurs

c. the abuser may apologize but will be violent towards the partner again

d. the abused may sometimes think their actions provoke violent responses

57. According to the text, alcohol can help _________________ abusive behaviours.

a. limit b. affect

c. trigger d. control

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58. According to Paragraph 5, if people are not “sober” (line 26), it means that they are __________ .
a. drunk b. angry

c. violent d. abusive

59. If the abused leave the violence unreported, they are likely to _________________ .

a. let the abuser remain at large b. lose confidence in themselves

c. support this abusive behaviour d. find it harder to solve the problem

60. The purpose of this text is to _________________ .

a. inform the authorities to intervene

b. encourage the abused to seek help

c. send a message to men to stop abusing women

d. raise awareness :among :couples to consider their children’s safety


The items in this section consist of sentences with four parts underlined. Select the part (1, 2, 3 or 4)
which is incorrect.

61. Scientists aren’t(a) sure how long do(b) giant pandas live in the wild, but(c) they are sure their life span is shorter
than that(d) of those in zoos.
62. Despite(a) its success, the magazine had a reputation(b) for low-quality adventure fiction, and modern
historians refer to them(c) in dismissive terms. (d)
63. A dust storm, described as(a) “the worst in at least 70 years”, sweeping(b) across several Australian(c) states,
covering Brisbane, Canberra and Sydney in red dust.(d)
64. The concept(a) of the big bang has originated(b) in the early 20th century and its(c) complexity has developed(d)
ever since.
65. The locals(a) call it Accordion House because one of the room(b) is moveable and can be rolled out on two steel
rails to hover(c) over the nearby(d) lake.
66. A fall(a) in the pound effects(b) manufacturing because(c) imported raw materials become more(d) expensive.
67. The Grameen Bank issues microloans to(a) poor people who lack(b) steady employ,(c) a verifiable credit history,
or(d) collateral.
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68. A mere 120,000 years ago, the first humans in their(a) modern form came about(b) and eventually started asked(c)
where everything(d) came from.
69. They are(a) believed that the garment industries(b) of Thailand will have(c) an excellent future with the constant
proper(d) support of the government.
70. Almost(a) 10 percent of the World’s mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish are(b) in danger of extinction
as(c) climate change and other(d) factors.
71. A social business defines(a) as a selfless, non-loss, non-dividend company(b) that aims to address and correct(c)
social problems that stem from(d) poverty.
72. The mother’s body makes flu-fighting(a) antibodies that they(a) easily cross(a) the placenta to be carried(d) by the
73. After(a) a successful trial, Britain may soon set up(b) clinics across the country where heroin addicts(c) would
receive supervising(d) injections of the drug.
74. The parasite and the mosquito evolve,(a) so every tool(b) we had in the past has eventual(c) become ineffective.(d)
75. On(a) a particular evening a few days before the full moon, they dress up(b) in traditional attires to show off(c)
the castles they are so proud in.(d)
76. The people’s great show of faith in Buddhism during(a) the festival makes Mae Hong Son to be(b) a destination for
a pilgrimage at the end(c) of every Lent period.(d)
77. Many of the women live(a) in this neighbourhood(b) supplement their household incomes(c) by making these
charming(d) figurines.
78. All area(a) of Suvarnabhumi Airport will have(b) access to(c) wireless internet by(d) the end of this month.
79. Near the village is(a) some(b) historic ruins which should(c) be of interest(d) to tourists.
80. Families which in the past paid little attention(a) to sanitation will now do(b) a greater effort to keep(c) their toilets

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