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Master’s Program in Management & Technology

The application period for the Winter Semester of 2017/18 runs
from April 1 to May 31
Entrance Requirements

 To qualify for the Master’s Program in Management & Technology, applicants must hold a

• Bachelor in Management & Technology (TUM-BWL),


• Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering or a comparable program at the

intersection of management and technology with at least 25 ECTS in management,
5 ECTS in economics and 12 ECTS in engineering or natural sciences (which may be
completed in the field of mathematics or statistics)

If your first degree was not the Bachelor’s degree in Management & Technology, we may require
you to take some supplementary exam requirements (up to 30 credits) during your first semesters
in the Master’s program.

 Additionally, applicants must submit evidence of

• Proficiency in English

Alternatively, the following proof of proficiency in English is also accepted:

• English-language examination modules of at least 12 ECTS credits in the first-degree program

(please tick the option “English-language module/course examinations within the scope of the
undergraduate degree program in the amount of 12 credits”/ ”12 Credits in englischsprachigen
Prüfungsmodulen aus dem grundständigen Studiengang” in your online application); for more
information please contact the student advisor.

Assessment Procedure

To help us select the very best applicants, we follow a two-stage assessment procedure.
The Eligibility Commission decides on the basis of the transcript of records and where applicable the
additional non-mandatory criteria to admit an applicant to the program. Candidates whose eligibility
is still in doubt after this stage will be invited for an interview.

Knowledge gained from your first degree:
The examination committee evaluates the courses and modules of your first degree.

Performance in first degree:

Applicants will get up to 10 points depending on their final grade (GPA) (Range: 10 points for a 1,0
and 0 points for 3,0).

International Experience
International Experience (studies abroad, internships abroad, summer/winter schools abroad etc. but
no language courses) of at least 60 consecutive days can be taken into account. All categories value
10 points. International experience during your undergraduate studies or not more than one year
before starting your undergraduate studies can be taken into account. Please submit evidence
(certificates of study or certificates that clearly state the duration and purpose of the stay abroad,
submit either originals or notarized copies). International experience is not mandatory.

Applicants will gain 10 points for a test result of at least 600 points or more. Lower results cannot be
taken into account. The GMAT is not mandatory.

On the basis of the submitted documents, the applicants are assigned to one of the three following

 Eligible applicants will receive an acceptance letter.

 Ineligible applicants will receive a letter of rejection.
 Applicants whose eligibility is still in doubt will be invited to an interview.

The Interview (2nd stage)

The interview is only for applicants who were not admitted nor rejected in the first stage. Interviews
usually take place between the end of July and the end of August (for the winter semester start) or the
end of January and the end of February (for the summer semester start).

Please note that interview dates are non-negotiable and failure to appear at the interview will generally
result in a rejection.

The interview lasts 20-30 minutes and is conducted by at least two members of the Eligibility
Commission. Applicants will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their reflections on cross-
disciplinary competences/abilities and their knowledge at the intersection of management and

On the basis of their performance in the interview and in their previous program of study, applicants
are assigned to one of the following groups:

 Eligible applicants will receive an acceptance letter.

 Ineligible applicants will receive a letter of rejection.

Repeat Applications

If your application was not successful, you may apply again once (and only once) in the following or a
later application period.

If you have successfully gone through the eligibility procedure, but do not enroll, you may apply again
in the following application period and be admitted to the program without having to pass the
assessment again.

How to Apply

To apply, please complete the application form online. Click here for instructions.

Once you have completed the online application form, you will receive a list of the additional documents
that you will have to send in to the Registrar’s Office, together with a print-out of your completed
application form and the print-out of the curriculum analysis. Your application must reach us by May
31 (for the winter semester start)

Please make sure you submit your documents in the right format. For more information on the
notarization requirements, please consult the TUM website.

Important Dates

April 1 - May 31 Application period (for winter semester start)

August Interviews for winter semester start (if applicable)

November 1 - 30 Application period (for summer semester start)

Approx. August Interviews for the Winter semester 2017/18 (if applicable)

We recommend you to start in the winter semester.

Transfer of Credits

You may receive credit for courses taken at another university using this form for German modules and
this form for international modules.

Please note that you may apply for a transfer of credits in your first two semesters on the program only.

Please consult the bylaws for more information on the assessment procedure.