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AIIMS NOV 2017 - 01
Sprengel shoulder all are true except
A. Associated with Diastematomyelia
B. Most Commonly Associated with Klippel Feil Syndrome
C. Usually associated with Dextrocardia
D. Associated with Congenital Scoliosis
AIIMS NOV 2017 - 02
First carpal bone to ossify ?
A. Capitate
B. Hamate
C. Trapezoid
D. Lunate
AIIMS NOV 2017 - 03
Talocalcaneonavicular joint is which type
of synovial joint?
A. Saddle
B. Hinge
C. Ball & socket
D. Ellipsoid
AIIMS NOV 2017 - 04
Glucosamine is used in the treatment of?
A. Arthritis
B. Diabetes
C. Cataract
D. Asthma
AIIMS NOV 2017 - 05
A person involved in RTA is lying on road who is conscious. All
can be done except ?
A. Roll him on stretcher without moving his spine
B. Talk to patient after checking his hearing
C. Strap head chest & pelvis on stretcher & transport
D. Put him on side laying position on stretcher and transport
AIIMS NOV 2017 - 06
A 10 yrs old boy H/O difficulty & pain during walking for 10
days, no fever, right lumbar pain, O/E flexed Right hip, Xray
shows soft tissue shadow in right abdomen. Diagnosis?
A. Testicular torsion in an undescended / Maldescended
B. Appendicular mass of retro caecal appendix
C. Psoas abscess
D. Pyelonephrosis
AIIMS NOV 2017 - 07
All are true about PCL except?
A. It is Extra synovial
B. Primary restraint to internal rotation of knee/leg
C. Originate from anterolateral aspect of medial
condyle of femur in intercondylar region
D. Primary restraint to posterior movement of
AIIMS NOV 2017 - 08
A patient came with complaints of lower limb weakness.
Examiner places one hand under the patients heel and patient
is asked to raise his other leg against downward resistance.
What is the test?
A. Hoover test
B. Waddle test
C. O Donoghue test
D. McBride Test
AIIMS NOV 2017 - 09
A 40yr old body builder taking steroids and creatinine
presented with bilateral hip pain and unable to squat. On MRI
there is marrow edema, subchondral cyst, flattening of weight
bearing areas of femoral head & X-ray shows Crescent Sign.
A. AVN femur
B. Fracture femur
C. Osteochondroma
D. TB Hip
AIIMS NOV 2017 - 10
An adult with pop cast for forearm fracture is given
analgesic. A nurse should monitor what to detect
compartment syndrome at the earliest?
A. Check cast for odour & Discharge
B. Evaluate response to analgesic
C. Palpate radial pulse below the cast
D. Check colour change in finger tips
AIIMS NOV 2017 - 11
What type of fracture is shown
in the image?
A. Neer’s type 3 Proximal
B. Garden’s type 3 Proximal
C. Schatzker’s type 3
Proximal Humerus
D. Ideberg Type 3 Proximal
AIIMS NOV 2017 - 12
A 40-year-old male fell on an
outstretched hand with Radial side
pain & Tenderness in anatomical snuff
box & restriction of wrist movement,
following is the X-ray image. Diagnosis
A. Trans Scaphoid Perilunate #
B. Scaphoid #
C. Distal Radius #
D. Hamate #
AIIMS NOV 2017 - 13
A patient with history of RTA present in ED. Attending orthopedician
writes IIIB for his both lower limbs injury fracture. According to Gustilo
Anderson Classification what is correct ?
A. B/L limb wound of >10cm with adequate soft tissue coverage in spite
of extensive laceration , flaps, avulsion injury & regardless of size of
B. B/L limb wound of size <1cm
C. B/L limb wound of size > 10cm with extensive soft tissue damage &
periosteal stripping
D. Wound between 1 and 10 cm in length without extensive soft-tissue
damage, flaps or avulsions
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of the question as these are purely recalled

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