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Ecodial L

Your efficient assistant for electrical

installation calculation

My Ecodial L efficiently assists you in calculating

complex electrical installations
My Ecodial L is your expert in electrical installation design
and calculation.
It is specialised in the calculation of your industrial and
complex tertiary installations.

Evolve without changing your habits!

The Ecodial team has worked to improve Ecodial V3 series,
already used in 50 countries.
They have particularly focussed their efforts on ergonomics
evolution. With its improved ergonomics, My Ecodial L is
easier and more intuitive to use. You can keep using Ecodial
without changing your habits.

My Ecodial L optimises the choice of your equipment

My Ecodial L helps you choose to the right devices for
your needs.
The software ensures the quality of your installation and the
safety of people and material

n Selection guides at your disposal:

Discrimination, cascading, motor starter coordination
n Visualisation of tripping-curves units:
Curve Direct

My Ecodial L brings to your business efficiency

and productivity
My Ecodial L gives you quick and reliable results.

n Calculationsin the software have been developed

and tested for more than 20 years by our electro-
technical experts
n The software has been approved by the UTE (Union
Technique de l’Electricité)

My Ecodial L helps you save precious time in your daily

business, allowing you to concentrate more on your job!
Ecodial L
All Schneider Electric expertise in an
installation calculation software

My Ecodial L includes all up-to-date Schneider Electric

My Ecodial L V3.4
new functionalities
n New ergonomics The Ecodial team supervises each result given by the
n A cable summary is at your disposal software to guarantee maximum safety.
n The report now includes power sum Electro-technical experts are fully part of the software
results development.
n Improvement of the motor starter
management An international experience and expertise:
n You can import .xml files from third- Ecodial is present in 50 different countries, with various
party schematics software norms.
n Curve direct evolution:

q Save the tripping-curve and settings Schneider Electric expertise at a low cost
as an .rtf file You need efficient productivity tools that do not lower your
q Display the tripping-curves of profit margin.
thermal relays Schneider Electric offers you a high-level service at a low
n You can choose variable speed cost.
drives “manually”
n My Ecodial L takes into account Schneider Electric supports you in use of My Ecodial
the tuning frequencies of detuning
The Ecodial team organises regular training in order to
reactors as part of compensation
improve the way you use the Ecodial software.
We adapt the trainings according to your profile and level.
Specialised support is at your disposal to answer all your
questions on Ecodial.