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ISPA is the occurrence of severe infection in the sinuses, throat, airways or lungs.
Infections that occur more often caused by a virus although the bacteria can also cause this

Kondisi ini menyebabkan fungsi pernapasan menjadi terganggu. Jika tidak segera
ditangani, ISPA dapat menyebar ke seluruh sistem pernapasan tubuh. Tubuh tidak bisa
mendapatkan cukup oksigen karena infeksi yang terjadi dan kondisi ini bisa berakibat fatal,
bahkan mungkin mematikan.

ISPA should be considered an emergency, if it suspects a case of ISPA attack, seek

immediate medical assistance. This condition has the potential to spread from person to
person. For those who have immune system abnormalities and also the elderly will be more
susceptible to this disease. Moreover, in children, in which their immune systems are not
fully developed.

A person can be infected with acute respiratory infection when the person is breathing
air that contains a virus or bacteria. Viruses or bacteria are issued by people with respiratory
tract infections through when sneezing or coughing.In addition, the liquid containing the
virus or bacteria that attach to the surface of the object can be infectious to others when they
touch it. This is referred to as indirect contacts. To avoid the spread of viruses and bacteria,
you should wash your hands regularly, especially after you perform the activity in a public

Resultant symptoms of ISPA .:

ISPA will cause symptoms that occurs mainly on the nose and lungs. Some of the symptoms
• Nasal congestion or runny.

• The lungs feel inhibited.

• Cough-cough and sore throat.

• Often feel tired.

• The body feels pain.

When ISPA is getting worse, more serious symptoms will appear, such as:
• Difficulty breathing.
• High fever and chills.
• The oxygen level in the blood is low.
• Awareness of the decline and even faintin

Cause ISPA:
Here are some of the microorganisms that cause the appearance of ISPA is already known.
• Adenovirus. Respiratory disorders such as colds, bronchitis, and pneumonia can be caused
by this virus which has more than 50 types.
• Rhinovirus. This is the type of viruses that cause colds. But in young children and people
with weakened immune systems, the common cold can turn into a serious ARI at that stage.
• Pneumococcal. This is a type of bacteria that causes meningitis. But these bacteria can
trigger other respiratory problems, such as pneumonia.

A person's immune system is very influential in fighting viral infections or bacteria on

the human body. The risk of someone experiencing an infection will increase when the
immune system is weak. It tends to occur in young children and older people. Or anyone who
has a disease or disorder with a weakened immune system.

ISPA itself will be more easily infect people who suffer from heart disease or an
interference with his lungs. Smokers are also at increased risk of acute respiratory infections
and tend to be more difficult to recover from this condition.

How to Diagnose ISPA

To diagnose respiratory infection, the doctor will examine your respiratory system.
The sound of your breath will be checked to find out if there is a buildup of fluid or
inflammation in the lungs. Nose and throat will also be examined.Examination with CT scans
and X-rays may be required if the ISPA suffered already entered the advanced stage. The
condition of your lungs will be observed with both the above procedure.
Procedure lung function tests done to see how far the patient's respiratory and
developmental disturbed condition. To check how much oxygen entering the lungs, pulse
oximetry procedure can be done. As for determining the types of viruses that cause
respiratory infections, sputum samples will be taken for examination in a laboratory.

Treatment Performed on ISPA

There are no effective drugs to kill most viruses that infect humans. Treatment is usually only
to relieve symptoms due to viral infection.If the infection is caused by bacteria, a series of
tests will be conducted to determine the type of bacteria. After that, the doctor can determine
the most appropriate antibiotic to eradicate the bacteria causing the infection.
Complications caused by ARI is very serious and can be fatal or fatal if left unchecked.
Complications often occur simultaneously with ISPA is respiratory failure and congestive
heart failure

wary of ISPA

Prevention is the best way in dealing with ISPA. Here are some hygienic lifestyle that can be
done as a precaution.

• Wash your hands regularly, especially after activities in public places.

• Avoid touching your face, especially the mouth, nose, and eyes, so that you are protected
from the spread of viruses and bacteria.

• Expand consume foods that contain vitamins, especially vitamin C. Vitamin very helpful in
improving and maintaining your immune system.
• Avoid smoking.

• When you sneeze, be sure to close it with a tissue or hand. This is done to prevent the
spread of diseases that can be transmitted to others