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Greenford High School Child Protection

Child Protection Policy

The school is committed to safeguarding
and promoting the welfare of pupils. Some What to do if you are wor-
of the systems used to promote safety are: ried about abuse?

 There is a child protection policy for

all staff to refer to. Children and young people can get hurt by
people, some of whom they know, such as
 A Child Protection officer is available parents, relative, or friends. If you or some-
to give advice to staff and pupils. one you know is experiencing abuse, it is
important not to let it continue. Below are
 All staff employed in the school are some ways you can get help in school:- GREENFORD HIGH SCHOOL
approved by authorities as suitable to
work with pupils. a. You can talk to someone you trust, for Greenford High School recognises
instance, your class teacher or pastoral the importance of its role to safe-
 E-Safety, such as internet and mobile worker who can support you.
phone safety, awareness training and guard children. It is committed to
programmes are available to provide b. You can discuss matters in confidence with protecting children and to working
guidance to students, parents, staff Ms Jane Ayshford, the School’s Child with other
and governors. Protection Officer, in her office, on the first
agencies to ensure their
floor of A Block. You can also email her on:
or ring her on (Greenford High School Policy)
020 8578 9152 ext: 1106
Greenford High School
Lady Margaret Road
What is Child Protection? Physical abuse is when someone physically Who is responsible for keeping
harms another person, sometimes causing
bodily harm.
children safe?
Child Protection is about protecting
children and young people from significant
Emotional Abuse can happen, for example, if
harm and abuse. Abuse includes anything
a child is constantly criticised. Racist bullying
which significantly affects a person’s well
such as calling others names or using threats
are also part of emotional abuse.

Sexual Abuse is when people take advantage

of others in a sexual manner. It can happen
between adults, adults and children or
among children and young people.
 The law states that all agencies and
Neglect can result if adults fail to meet staff working with children and
children’s needs, for example, if they do not young people, such as; teachers,
ensure that children get education or food to doctors and social workers have a
keep them healthy. duty to protect children from abuse.

 While at school, for example, all staff

members have a duty to protect all
What is Child Abuse?
 At home, parents and guardians have
Child Abuse is a term used to describe a duty to protect and keep their chil-
cruel actions towards children, which can dren safe.
happen at home, or in public places such as
schools.  Pupils also have a responsibility to
protect one another from abusive
The Children Act 1989, makes it law for behaviour.
everyone to protect children and identifies
four types of abuse known as; physical,  People in the community have a
emotional, sexual and neglect. responsibility to protect children by
reporting incidents of abuse.