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QUEZON CITY– Grade 11 students presented their research papers as the culminating activity of

their Practical Research 1 class on May 2-5, 2017.

Students discussed and defended their papers in front of selected Senior High School faculty. Topics
focused on students’ strands which revolved around medicine, psychology, information
communication technology, consumer behavior and business management.

The activity aimed to develop students’ critical thinking, technical writing skills, organizational skills,
understanding of the qualitative research process, and their confidence in expressing effectively
their ideas and arguments.

Below are the links to the abstracts of the five best papers presented.

1. Effects of Room Sharing among Siblings to Settling Disputes (Azriel Ang, Aaron Tanlimco, and
Amos Tiu of 11 Paul)

Room sharing among siblings is a practice among some families in the Chinese-Filipino society.
Siblings interact and bond with one another inside their rooms. However, conflicts are inevitable in
the relationship and that the methods in which they settle these disputes may possibly be influenced
by the resulting effects of room sharing. This study aims to identify how room sharing among siblings
contributes to settling disputes. This qualitative phenomenological study surveyed 15 high school
students who share their rooms with their sibling and 15 who do not. The data gathered were
coded and analyzed based on the quality of the sibling relationship, the types and frequency of
conflict and the methods used in settling disputes. Results show that there is no difference between
the two groups of respondents based on methods used in settling disputes. However, siblings who
share a room can produce a stronger sibling relationship compared to siblings who do not, even
though the occurrence of conflicts and disputes are more frequent. It was concluded that room
sharing has a very minimal effect in settling disputes, however, it was proven that it may improve
the quality of relationship siblings have.

Keywords: Effects of Room sharing, Settling Disputes, Factors of Disputes, Quality of Sibling

2. Romancing the Dating-sim: A Qualitative Study on the Effects of Dating-sims to Perception of

Romantic Relationships (Ysabelle Chen, Trisha Cua, and Fletcher Pua of 11 Peter)

One of the alarming issues of playing dating-simulation games is a man marrying a two dimensional
character. This act of devotion to a two-dimensional character may be one of the causes of how
people perceive romantic relationship differently. Therefore, this study aims to address and
understand the issue of dating-simulation games and its effect on people‘s perception of romantic
relationship. Participants were 35 Grades 7 to 12 students in a private school in Quezon City and
some college students. Online survey questionnaires were sent to each of the participant and only 6
students were chosen to be interviewed. The data showed that 67% of these interviewees said that
dating-simulation games gave them a broader perspective on romantic relationships and romantic
relationship is something complicated for them, while 33% said that it gave them an idealized view
of romantic relationships and dating simulation games are unrealistic. Therefore, dating-simulation
games has a minimal effect to a respondent’s perception of romantic relationships.

Keywords: dating-simulation games/dating-sims, perception of romantic relationship, effects of

dating-simulation games/dating-sims, otome, bishojo

3. A Qualitative Study on the Effects of #hugot to Filipino Youth’s Perception of Romantic

Relationships (Dominic Co, Nathan Gonzales, and John Lee of 11 Paul)

With the known influence of social media trends over the youth, this paper explores the effects of
#hugot towards the Filipino youth’s perception of romantic relationships. Using a qualitative
method, survey questionnaire were administered to 20 Chinese-Filipino teenagers and interviews
were conducted to six Chinese-Filipino teenagers. The qualitative data were then coded and
analyzed. It was found that #hugot does not directly influence the teenagers perception of romantic
relationships as they see #hugot only as a form of entertainment. It was concluded that #hugot does
not entirely influence Chinese-Filipino teenagers’ perception of romantic relationships.

Keywords: hugot, self-continuity, existential meaning, filipino youth, perception on romantic

relationships, motivational implications

4. A Study on Determining the Effect of Work Environment to Private School Teacher’s Work
Satisfaction (Harold Sy, Andrei Yu and Justin Yulangco of 11 Matthew)

A satisfied employee leads to a more productive and efficient work that generates a positive impact
for the company or an institution. This study aims to discover how private teachers’ work
environment affects their satisfaction and which specific factors of work environment affect job
satisfaction more. Using surveys and interviews, the researchers gathered qualitative data from
teachers of a Chinese-Filipino private school which were then coded or put into tables and charts.
There were 22 respondents for the survey and 3 interviewees. The results of the survey showed that
both physical work environment and social work environment affect job satisfaction, but
respondents identified that their social work environment affects their job satisfaction more
compared to their physical work environment. Through knowing which specific factors increase
private teachers’ job satisfaction more, private schools may choose to focus on improving these
factors of the work environment to further improve teacher job satisfaction.
Keywords: Job satisfaction, Physical work environment, Social work environment

5. A Qualitative Study on the Influence of Family Business to Career Decisions of Accounting Business
Management Students (Mikaela Kua, Stephanie Mendoza, and Jamie Yap 11 Matthew)

The study aims to discover whether family businesses affect career decisions of Accounting Business
Management (ABM) students. The participants were 26 Jubilee Christian Academy Senior High
school ABM students who have family businesses. This qualitative phenomenological study
conducted surveys and interviews to gather data from 30 students. Afterwards, the answers were
compiled and coded into a pie chart, and the results were analyzed and evaluated. The results
showed that majority of the students considered the family business as a prime factor that
influenced their decisions in taking their strand; however, even if the family business was not put
into consideration, the respondents would still remain on their current strand and career path since
majority of them would want to start their own business rather than continue their existing one.
From this, it can be said that even though the students considered their family business as an
important factor to their decision making; still it is not enough to change or alter their career path
completely, and that taking over the family business is not a top priority for them.

Keywords: family business, Accounting Business Management (ABM), career, decision, and career
path, family history, effects of having a family business

Congratulations Grade 11 Students for finishing successfully your Practical Research 1.

To God be all the Glory!