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Order ID: 417518253

For Internal/Dealer Use Only

Documents Provided:
Port ID -
Photocopy of NRIC (both sides) or Passport (Non-Malaysian)
Salesman Name & GG60-3 (DS001-B6367)
Order Type: Change of Offering
Date 14-Apr-2017

Order Details
Products & MSISDN Information
ID Number : 920804065929
Terms and Conditions
MSISDN Number : 60164319093 The full terms and conditions of the use of the selected products and/or services are as set out at
Account Number : 1100031407013 ("General Terms"), including the Data Protection Obligations as set out at together with Digi's Privacy Statement as set out at
New Primary Offering : DG Smart Plan 50 all of which form an integral part of full terms and conditions of the said
New Supplementary Offering : SMS FOC products and/or services (collectively, the "Terms and Conditions" ) . The Terms and Conditions are also
Vo-LTE accessible via Digi's website at All terms and reference used herein shall be the
DGSP50-100min+100SMS(all-net) same as the General Terms unless otherwise defined.
448.10.16.1158.O New SP Rebate RM10X12mth Credit:
10.00 MYR Declaration
(A) For mass/individual/corporate individual
Previous Offering I [Name] ________________________________hereby;

Old Primary Offering : DG Smart Plan 50 declare that the above information is true and complete and I authorize Digi to verify the information
furnished herein. In this regard, my consent for the disclosure of any of my information in connection with
Old Supplementary Offering : SMS FOC
credit and/or financial matters include my consent for Digi to disclose to any relevant third parties including
without limitation, financial institutions, credit agencies etc; and the said third parties to disclose such
DGSP50-100min+100SMS(all-net) information and/or findings to Digi.
448.10.16.1158.O New SP Rebate RM10X12mth Credit: I further agree and accept that by registering and/or continuing to use the products and/or services
10.00 MYR chosen, I
Promo MI Digi SP50-3GB
i. accept the General Terms as set out at, the Data Protection Obligations as
Billing Address set out at and Digi's Privacy Statement as set out at forms an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of the use of
Address 1 : FELDA CHINI TIMUR 3 the said products and/or service;
Address 2 : ii. accept that Digi may revise and/or modify the General Terms, the Data Protection Obligations
and Digi Privacy Statement from time to time and in the event of such revision and/or
Address 3 : modification, Digi will communicate the same via Digi's website;
City : Pekan iii. accept that Digi reserves the right to reject this application at Digi's discretion;
State : Pahang iv. authorise as well as consent to my personal information including sensitive personal data,
Postcode : 26690 being processed in accordance with the Data Protection Obligation and Digi's Privacy
Statement, being processed as and where required, and disclosed to classes of third parties as
Country : MALAYSIA identified by Digi for the purposes of Digi providing the said products and services; and
v. accept that in the event of Early Termination of the Service, I shall immediately pay all amount
including but not limited to any Termination Fee or any amount which may be determined by
Digi from time to time. The formula to calculate the Termination Fee shall be as set out in

Date: _____________

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