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Tear strength of paper

Posted on November 4, 2014 by admin

What is the tear strength of paper?

The tear strength of paper means the resistance of a paper sheet to
tearing force that it is subjected to. It is another important basic
physical property of paper and paperboard. It is measured in both
machine direction (MD) & cross direction (CD) and expressed as mN
(mili Newton). Machine direction means the direction of the paper
web which is running on the machine during paper making. On the
other hand cross direction means the direction, which is
perpendicular to the paper sheet that is running on the machine
during paper making.

Factor of the tear strength of paper

Tearing resistance depends on the degree of fiber refining, related to inter fiber bonding, the fiber
strength, the fiber length, the quality and quantity of fillers used. Among of them fiber length and fiber
bonding are most important factor. Longer fibers increase the tear strength because it is able to distribute
the stress over more fibers and more bonds, whereas short fibers concentrated the stress in a smaller
region. The direction of the fiber is another important parameter for tear strength. It is larger in lateral
direction of the fiber than in longitudinal direction. Appropriate refining is increased the tearing
strength, whereas insufficient and extra refining decreased. It is also decreased by the uses of more filler.

The tearing strength property is significant factor for many applications involving cover papers,
wrapping, toughness of packaging papers, bond papers, envelope papers, printer and converter.

Tear factor and its calculation

Tear factor is calculated as tear strength per unit basis weight and expressed as mN/g/m2 or dm2 . Tearing
factor = Tearing strength/grammage
If the tearing strength = x mN
basis weight = y g/m2
Then the tear factor = x/y mN* m2/g or 100*x/y dm2

Types of instruments
There are two types of instruments are used for tear strength measurement, for example Elmendorf &
Trouser tear device. Elmendorf tear test are used most commonly.
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July 10, 2017 at 10:08 pm

How to calculate the basis weight and GSM of the paper?


admin says:
July 11, 2017 at 1:21 am

You can see the post Basis Weight of paper


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