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MTL8000 1/1 Series - Overview

System features The system is also capable of supporting

Profibus-DP V1 which will allow more
The system is designed and certified for
flexible configuration options with DP V1
installation in Zone 1, IIC T4 hazardous
masters. With masters using FDT/DTM
areas, with connections to intrinsically safe
based configuration over Profibus-DP V1, a
field instruments in Zone 1 or Zone 0. A
single database holds configuration of the
single node can accommodate up to 16
controller, I/O and HART field devices,
I/O modules - equivalent to 64 I/O
offering, in an open system using MTL8000
channels. A typical node consists of a
I/O, one of the key benefits of a DCS.
carrier, with integral terminations, which
accommodates power supply units, Bus
Node Services Carrier
Interface Modules, and the I/O modules,
enclosed in a ruggedised stainless steel The Node Services Carrier accommodates
enclosure. primary and redundant power supplies,
primary and redundant BIMs and up to 16
Key attributes I/O modules, providing up to 128 DI
The MTL8000 1/1 is an innovative
◆ State-of-the art hazardous area channels or 64 AI/TI/AO/DO channels
remote I/O system targeted at technology, yielding a compact, efficient per node. The carrier is supported by a
applications which require and easily maintained product. strong, lightweight extruded aluminium
platform, which provides excellent
◆ Low overhead cost for Bus Interface
installation in Zone 1 hazardous mechanical stability and ruggedness.
Module (BIM) and power supplies - ideal
areas and connection to Profibus- for multiple nodes. Combined with high
density I/O modules (4-8 channels per 20 Power supplies
DP hosts, while maintaining a low
mm), it allows the I/O to follow the plant Power supply modules convert locally
installed cost. topology. available 24Vdc to a high-frequency bus
◆ Optional redundancy for BIM and power that in turn powers the I/O modules and
supply architecture, with full “hot- their field circuits. The power supplies are
swapping” capability for all system compact, lightweight, efficient and mount
components. directly onto the Node Services Carrier.
Supply redundancy is supported by adding
◆ Node size ideally suited to Profibus-DP
a second unit. Power supplies may be
changed while energised in the hazardous
◆ Rugged construction for serious process area. Where available, separate 24V
applications, with high-integrity mechanical feeds can be connected to each power
mounting platform. supply module to provide integrity
◆ Fully prepared, environmentally throughout the supply system.
hardened field enclosure available as Each power supply is used with an
standard. additional filter unit which protects against
◆ Low cost per I/O point. damage from incoming noise on the 24V
supply. The filters are certified for
Host connectivity installation in Zone 1 and locate inside the
field enclosure.
The Bus Interface Module (BIM) supports
connection to Profibus-DP masters. The LAN
I/O modules
medium is implemented as intrinsically safe
RS485, supported via an IS interface in the A wide range of I/O modules is offered
safe area. Multi-dropping of nodes is including AI, AO, DI, DO, temperature
possible in both the safe and hazardous input functions and pulse frequency. Each
areas - up to five remote I/O nodes may be module handles 4 I/O channels (DI: 8
multi-dropped in the hazardous area from channels) in a slim, 20 mm wide package.
one intrinsically safe interface unit. The DI module is additionally software-
Each BIM has a single Profibus LAN. configurable to operate with a combination
Where supported by the host system, a of NAMUR switch inputs and ultra low-
second BIM may be added to implement power solenoid outputs. The temperature
redundant LAN media and BIM capability. input module can accept inputs from
An IS interface unit is required in the safe thermocouples or RTD sensors. A
area for each LAN. mechanical keying system ensures that
modules cannot be replaced into wrong
The Bus Interface Module is easily slots on the carrier during maintenance
configured from the Profibus-DP master with work.
the user parameterisation capability of

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MTL8000 1/1 Series - Overview

HART® capability Certification

Analog modules “with HART” can obtain The system employs mixed protection
information from HART instruments of techniques according to the specific needs
revision 5.0 or later. Each channel can of individual system components. The I/O
communicate with a single HART modules have intrinsically safe field wiring
instrument. The “with HART” modules and internal bus connections. The power
regularly scan up to four HART process and supply modules employ an innovative high-
device status variables which are frequency technique for distributing power
communicated over Profibus-DP for easy to the I/O modules, resulting in an
integration in the controller. For example, extremely compact and efficient power
this allows HART device status to be used in supply architecture.
control algorithms, 32 bit high resolution Terminals for the connection of 24V input to
IEEE754 format level and flow variables to the power supplies are implemented as
be used in the system historian and travel of “increased safety” (EEx e). Specially
a HART valve positioner to be displayed on designed connections between the power
the HMI face plate. supply modules and Node Services Carrier
In addition the MTL8000 1/1 can be used allow the supplies to be removed and
with instrument management software to replaced while the 24V input is energised.
configure, calibrate and maintain HART The Bus Interface Module is intrinsically
field devices. safe with IS LAN connections.

Field Enclosure Environmental

An environmentally hardened, stainless The electronic modules operate over an
steel field enclosure is available to ambient temperature range of
accommodate the 16-module Node –20°C to +60°C and have a G2 rating
Services Carrier. It is prepared with cable according to ISA S71.02.
glands and internal fixings. The enclosure Note: When mounted in an MTL860
is certified EEx e (increased safety) in order
enclosure the ambient temperature range
to provide the required level of protection
becomes –20°C to +40°C.
for the power supply input terminals on the
carrier, which are certified as EEx e

Ease of maintenance
All system components, including BIM, I/O
modules and power supplies, may be
replaced under power in a zone 1
hazardous area without gas-clearance.

HART® is registered trademark of the HART Communication Foundation.

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