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One Powerful Connection. One Solution.

Delivering intelligent Ethernet Services
to small and medium businesses.

Covaro’s CC-16000 aggregation platform works in

concert with Covaro’s Ethernet extension devices
to extend the reach of Ethernet over copper, fiber, SONET/SDH, or TDM (DS3/E3,
DS1/E1). NEBS 3 compliant, the CC-16000 can be located in central offices, co-location
CC-16000 PRODUCT FEATURES spaces, outdoor cabinets, multi-tenant units or enterprise locations to aggregate a wide
• Flexible mounting and cabling options for central variety of carrier or enterprise traffic. The traffic can be aggregated into GbE, 100BT,
office, outdoor cabinet, building POP or customer 100FX, EoDS3/E3, OC-3/STM-1 or OC-12/STM-4 payloads to address a wide range of
POP applications: network architectures. The CC-16000 also provides remote connectivity of Covaro’s
– Extended temperature operation for outdoor Ethernet extension devices to Covaro’s CC-nVision or other 3rd party network management
cabinet applications (without fans!)
systems. The CC-16000 includes redundant layer 2 data fabrics/uplinks and provides the
– Variety of building riser or outside plant cabling
ability to separate individual customer or end user
solutions for Ethernet services including both
copper (EMX) and fiber (100FX, GbE and
traffic flows using 802.1q VLANs, stacked VLANs Covaro's patent
SONET/SDH) (802.1q-in-q) or dedicated facilities/paths.
pending Etherjack ®

• Flexible network uplink options: GbE, 100FX, 100BT,

Covaro's patent pending Etherjack® technology allows
functionality allows
• Wide range of service interfaces:
10/100/1000BT, 100FX, 1000SX/LX/ZX/BX, EMX
w/CC-x01 (EoSHDSL/EoVDSL), DS1, DS3,
a carrier to deploy profitable Ethernet services by
providing the industry’s first intelligent Ethernet
carriers to deploy
OC-3/12 (STM-1/4) demarcation point which includes a Network
profitable Ethernet
• Etherjack demarcation point with Ethernet
® Interface Device (NID) for OAM functionality
monitoring and diagnostics plus a User Network Interface (UNI) for providing services today.
• Advanced Ethernet services with VLAN aggregation and advanced services definition. The Etherjack® NID is
both VLAN & port rate limiting aligned with 802.3ah OAM function and includes: cable integrity testing, Etherjack®
• VoIP optimized transport to reduce voice latency and Connection Performance Analyzer (ECPA) along with port level and VLAN level loopbacks
guarantee VoIP QoS to enable a carrier to remotely diagnose faults and verify Ethernet Virtual Connection (EVC)
• Flexible management options for remote SLA conformance using RFC-2544 test suites. In addition, it provides in-service monitoring
alarms/provisioning (SONET/SDH DCC and on both sides of the demarcation point which is critical for debugging issues with rate limited
management Tunnels) services. The Etherjack® service UNI is aligned with MEF recommendations and provides
• TL1 and SNMP management interfaces service intelligence necessary for defining CIR, EIR and burst size of individual ports,
• Latest SONET/SDH mappings for efficient transport of priorities or VLANs. It uses 802.1p, 802.1q, TOS or DSCP to classify traffic into EVCs,
Ethernet data: GFP and X.86 with virtual concatenation VLANs or priority level. Covaro’s unique demarcation function enables carriers to provide
differentiated profitable Ethernet services.
CC-16000 One Powerful Connection. One Solution.™

Ethernet 10/100BT
• OC-3/12 (STM-1/4) SR/IR/LR (rate prov.) Ethernet

• 1000BT/SX/LX/ZX/BX or 100FX CC-16000

CC-301 CC-411
• EoDS3 EoDS3

• 10/100BT EMX
or OC3/12 etc. DATA
Ethernet Metallic eXtension (EMX)
NETWORK TOPOLOGIES Up to 10M over twisted pair
Central Office, Co-Lo or Cabinet
• SONET/SDH: pt to pt or UPSR Ring 10/100BT 10/100BT DS1
• GbE/100FX: pt to pt, 802.3ad (link Ethernet

CC-101 CC-101


• 10/100BT Ethernet (64) Single Etherjack® powered platform supports intelligent Ethernet servicesover copper, fiber or coax.
• GbE (8)
• 100FX (32)
• DS1 (56 protected) • Ethernet over copper for building riser or • TL1, SNMP V2/V3 & GUI
• DS3 (32 protected) outside plant applications exceeding the • Local 10/100BT port and serial port
standard 100m 10/100BT distance • Remote through SONET DCC or VLAN tunnel
PROTECTION OPTIONS • 802.3ah Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) • Element management: CC-eVision
• Network interface: 1:0, 2:0 or 1+1 – Ethernet over G.SHDSL (0-4.6M)up to 18kft • Housekeeping: 16 inputs and 8 outputs
• Service Interfaces 1:0, 1+1 or 1:N (one or two pair bonding)
• Radius client for password management
– Ethernet over VDSL (0-10M) up to 5kft
– Works with CC-xxx media converters
w/contiguous or virtual concatenation/LCAS • Stratum 3 internal (option)
• Ethernet over DS3: EoLAPS or GFP over DS3 • BITS (in/out) and line timing options
• DS1: Floating Asynch VT1.5 (SONET)
• Etherjack demarcation is available on • Shelf height: 4RU (7 inches)
ETHERNET SERVICES 10/100BT, 100FX and GbE interfaces • Shelf width: mounts in 19 or 23 inch rack
• Port rate limiting on 1Mb boundaries using • EFM (802.3ah) aligned NID for OAM • Shelf depth: 12 inches
802.3x (pause) – Port and VLAN level loopbacks • Weight: <40 lbs
• VLAN rate limiting on 1Mb boundaries – ECPA test suite generator and analyzer • Slots: 8 service, 2 network and 2 common
• VLAN tag stacking: 802.1q and q-in-q (RFC-2544)
• QoS/Priority: 802.1p, TOS or DSCP ENVIRONMENTAL
– Cable integrity test for customer premise
• EVC Service parameters: CIR, EIR, Burstsize, • Temp.: -40 to +65° C./-40 to +149° F
– Fault propagation for remote visibility
Priority, Transport mode (private or shared) (w/o fans)
of failures
• TOS/DSCP classification to identify and • Humidity: 5-95%, non-condensing
– Dying gasp messages for power failures
manage VoIP traffic (can create or change
• MEF UNI for advanced service definition
802.1p or 802.1q tags) POWER
– CIR, EIR & burstsize for port, flow and priority • DC: -48VDC (A + B inputs)
– RMON Etherstats and extensions for • AC: 120VAC (option)
monitoring both sides of demarcation point
• 160 Watts Maximum

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