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Install Schlumberger Techlog and Schlumberger Licensing Tool from the installation folder.

Then copy the contents of the bin64 folder from the patch folder and replace the ones in the techlog
bin64 folder

C:\Program Files\Schlumberger\Techlog 2015.3 (r158051)\bin64

Edit the license file replace “DownLoadLy.iR” with your computer


Then copy the license.lic, slbsls.exe and debug.log file from the patch folder into the licensing folder

C:\Program Files (x86)\Schlumberger\Schlumberger Licensing\2015.1

In the licensing folder, run lmtools.exe

Go to the CONFIG SERVICES tab, Name the Service name to anything you want, eg Techlog License

Select Browse for lmgrd.exe and got to the licensing folder and choose lmgrd.exe

Select Browse for license and got to the licensing folder and choose license file

Select Browse for debug file and got to the licensing folder and choose debug.log

Tick Start Server at Power Up and Use Services, it should look something like this:

Click Save Service.

Go to Start/Stop/Reread Tab and click Start Server

Close lmtools.

Open Task Manager, Go to the Services Tab and click Open Services
In the Services window scroll down to Techlog Service, right click and select Properties.

In the Properties window, Change First, Second and Subsequent failure options to “Restart the


When the computer has fully started run Techlog

A license configuration wizard will pop up. In the license server section. Type @ followed by your
computer name. eg @COMPUTER Click Next.

In the “Modification of system parameters” popup click Yes.

Enjoy Your Techlog 2015 software.

Courtesy tito999.