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What is Token NXT GOLD

Token NXT GOLD is a Token that has a noble purpose Token NXT GOLD
leads to an economic need And everyday life
NXT GOLD aims to Increase the success of the TRADER together with a
command of NXT GOLD
where NXT GOLD leads the NXT GOLD members to voice safe and free
NXT GOLD also aims in the field of online payment sector whereby a
merchandise that goes through the NXT GOLD SHOPING Site in the future
will use NXO Payments, to minimize PENDING Order that is not end-facing
and Fraud Free and from HXD Token NXT GOLD
NXT GOLD aims to be better because it has a long ROADMAP which TOKEN
will not die if the corresponding members support the development of NXT

Token NXT GOLD Details

Nxt Gold (NXO) has Supply 10,000,000 With supply core 9,519,012 Decimal:
The reason NXO uses Decimal 0 Because, NXO wants the Calculation is very
Easy and no cheats that harm the members Owners Token NXT GOLD and
why NXO choose 10.000.000 TOKEN
Because NXO wants this coin limited To keep this coin Stable At the desired
price and the Easy Price is set to raise it.

The Origin of Team Building NXO

This token was created by a young man who came from INDONESIA, but this
young man was very limited in funds so Mrs. Albert from America Adopted this
Token with the help of youth originating in Indonesia so that youth and
Mrs.Albert Cooperate,
Shortly after 1 week in making Mrs. Token Albert Decides To Take Asset
Electromagnum And Its Workers With conditions that must be fulfilled by the
NXO leadership.
Asset Electromagnum (ETM) is purchased for $ 5000 By Taking workers from
ETM, to make Token NXO has a big and bright goal
The following is a complete list of the Official Team of NXT GOLD.
- Mrs. Albert (CEO / Devs)
- Lucas Varkies (Marketing Manager)
- FEBI (Bounty Manager)
- Glend S. (Web Devs, FORM ETM TEAM
- Andrews L. (Specialist network (p2p), Programmer tech.)

Destination Detail Token NXT GOLD

Token NXT GOLD has big and bright goals

You can see simulation Objective Token NXT GOLD to be Run.
If 5.000.000 NXO (already bought by Crowdsale)
Eat NXT GOLD Entering Q3 Where, Mrs. Albert will run his Duties aloud by
hiring IT Experts to create Token NXT has its own Block chain to make Online
payments Using NXT GOLD.
Prior to that Mrs.Albert Will play NXT Treding on some Exchange Sites that
have been announced in NXO Official Official Media, NXO Team will Make
Coin NXT and NXT GOLD Increase so $ 5 Would not want other market to
follow that.
After Main Purpose Raise Price NXT GOLD And NXT with How to play
Fictitious TREDING then Second Task is Making Online shop site with
Which where All the transactions will be very Easy and fast even to enter
ketahap SHIPED (only membutukan longest 24 hours)
As well as the very cheap price we will comparing the price of Goods With
1001 Other online stores.
Simulation of Payment System And Deposit NXO TOKEN For
Online shop

To Deposit Token to online shop it's very easy you can see Picture below.

Token NXO Recive

Deposit Form Your
to Sytem wallet Swap to Blance NXO

Wait Confirmation
1/20 To Approved

If the Balance is already Confirmed By Blok then Blance is ready to be used for
Payment, Sale, Redemption to IDR / USD, And Delivery Fellow Members In
Online Shop NXO
How to Process After Paying the item using NXT GOLD, the following

Seller Sending goods

and giving Tracker
The team buys goods in
EBAY / Stock Available
in NXO warehouse
Team Sending goods
and giving Tracker
payment Approved

The Team changed

Track Out
Status in Shipping

The following simulations we provide are very easy, we are here Relying on
People and Computers to Accelerate Process and we will also Provide Support
Phone Service for 24 hours.
NXT GOLD Has Strong Investor Target.
NXT GOLD has a strong investor target after Q3 smoothly and successfully
then Mrs.Alberts will Introduce its Token to Successful Entrepreneurs Its goals
are the Entrepreneurs (Distributors of Staples, Oil Mines, Natural Stones, And
Natural Raw Materials) So Mrs.Albert can improve The use of NXO becomes
larger and has strong Goals and Funding.
After Success Online shop stands Mrs. Albert Plans to open a Supermarket
where this Payment is devoted to NXO and will be Opened Worldwide Branch
of this Supermarket

So NXT GOLD is more developed in any Sector And has a clear future.

NXT GOLD Progressive Growth List

- Q3 Success At Crowdsale
- Run RoadMap Fast and precisely
- Plays Treding to improve Coin NXT And NXT GOLD
- Open an Online Store with NOLL GOLD Payouts
- Cooperate With 1 Million Seller around the World to enter goods to Shop
Online Shop (NO FEE).
- Cooperate with big Entrepreneurs
- Making a Payment Machine using NXT GOLD card (NXO)
- Increase NXT GOLD usage Throughout the world by establishing