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The Ultimate Rubber O rings for Sever Applications

NICHIAS Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM)

BLAZER is a member of a perfluoroelastomer polymer family developed by NICHIAS’s
original blending technology. It is suitable for sealing a wide variety of chemicals for which the
conventional fluorine rubber (FKM) is not ideal for use.
■Comparable Products


6375 4079 6375

DuPont 1050LF 8475 6380
「Kalrez」 3018 7075 1050LF
7090 8900 6885
555 653 505
Greene, Tweed 628 XCD 550
「Chemraz」 629 551
694 571
※Selections were made by NICHIAS based on information from the competitor’s website. Performance verification
under actual operating conditions is recommended.

■Test Results
(1)Steam resistance test results (2)Compression set test results
◆320℃×72h steam exposure Inspected by NICHIAS ◆300℃、Air Inspected by NICHIAS
TM Conventional product Competitor's



■Available shapes and sizes

Sta n d a r d d i m e n s i o n s s t i p u l a t e d i n A S a n d J I S a r e a v a i l a b l e . O t h e r s h a p e s s h o w n
below are also available .

Target Equipment : Steam Turbine, Valves, Pumps, Paint Machines, Centrifugal, Agitators,
Reacting, Furnace etc.
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