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November 29, 2017

Ms. Hailey M. Hopkins

70 Rowley Street

Rowley, IA 52329

Dear Hailey,

As a freshman you were in Pit Percussion because of an ankle surgery and

you planned to do pit again next year. You hope to be a section leader
for pit and become a first clarinet. You loved to run and hope to be
able to run cross country as a sophomore. Your favorite classes were
Intro Art I with Mrs. Juhl and Graphic Communications with Mr. Bear,
although you hated your classmates. You loved the shows Grimm, Poldark,
and Fairy Tail.

High school so far has been very interesting. The first day was very
scary because you didn’t go to Jr High at Independence. Your friend
Faith Oien showed you all your classrooms before class started so you
didn’t get lost. Walking into Mrs. Juhl’s room for the first time, you
were very afraid of her. You enjoy staying after school in the band room
with your friends. You also loved to get chocolate milkshakes after
school with Faith.

When you were a freshman your best friend was Zoey Ratchford. Zoey had
been you friend from the start. You have been together for as long as
you can remember. Carly Broughten, a senior, is a good friend. Carly and
you talked a lot and just about everything. Carly and you got along
because we would always listen to each other. Carly was also the older
sister of Ally. Ally and you were good friends and always had something
to talk or complain about. We saw each other a lot because we lived only
a few minutes apart. Tucker and Kelsey were both important friends.
Molly Rothman was a good friend and was always ready to debate on what
should change in the world. We also always sat on the trash can in the
band room hallway for lunch. Lastly Morganne and Lexie both were very
important seniors in pit. Morganne was with you almost all the time.
Lexi on the other hand, always told me that after she would graduate I
wouldn’t see her until my senior year at my last marching band
performance. As a freshman you thought you were a kind and caring
person. You also thought that you were always a good listener when your
friends need to rant about their terrible day. You hoped that you made a
difference in the world.

As a freshman you hoped to be a mostly A’s student. You hoped to take

engineering and architectural classes and possibly learn more about
musical theory. After graduation you hoped to go to Iowa State to become
an Architectural Engineer. You also wanted to be in the band there. You
hoped to keep growing in your catholic education and be pit section
leader. You also wanted to get closer to you family. The freshman you
wishes you well for the time to come.

Your past you,