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Project Values 2017-2018.

Final instructions
Timetable of the different phases 2017-2018 and articles
Phase  Article Project Deadline Own deadlines
1. Introduction   Part one article  14 October 2017
2. Research Report  Part two article End December  2017
3. Evidence of collaboration Part three  article 30 January 20
Comparison & reflection
Group leaders fill in evaluation on­line 10 February 2018
Assessment international jury  10 March 2018

Strict deadlines
No certificates will be awarded if articles are published later than January 31 2018
On-line evaluation. No extension possible. Data will be processed starting from Febr. 10h 2018

Evaluation on-line by group leaders

Link to the questionnaire wiil be publsihed on the frontpage of the Weebly.
The questionnaire is password protected.
International coordinators get a mail with the link and the password by January 25th
International coordinators will publlish the link on the Weebly and send the password to the school contact persons

No awards of excellence will be given to groups that not have filled out the questionnaire on-line by Febr. 10th
Groups that not have published the research report, don’t need to fill in the online questionnaire.

Certificates of excellence for "best articles “will be issued by the international jury
The international jury will award the best articles based upon the criteria listed below. 
Can you add these criteria to the instructions on your Weebly

Direct communication in clusters
Please stimulate the groups to give evidence of the direct communication in the report on  the Weebly. Groups can get 
bonus points. 

Introduction of 10 p   Text, pictures, video

the group 
Attractive  10 p Layout: use of different features of the Weebly (columns, pictures, gallery, scribd, videos etc.
layout Are there enough pictures and relevant to the topic? 
Is the text well readable? (font size etc.??)
Videos. Are they creative (scenario, humour) and technically well produced (sound, image)?
Research  all  50 p Process. Is it clear how the research has been conducted: how many interviews, how many 
topics except  questionnaires, who has been interviewed etc.?? The more concrete, the better. 15 p.
green  Content. Are all research questions covered? How good was the research? 20 p
manufacturing, Has the research been documented by pictures/videos? 10 p.
green art Conclusion. Is there a clear answer (conclusion) to the main question? 5 p. 
Collaboration. Which outcomes (methods, products, activities etc.) have been reached together 
with counterparts in India/EU. Bonus .  New
Evidence of  10 p. Evidence of communication with counterparts. New
communication Short report with screenshots, pictures of communication.
Comparison 10 p Compare your outcomes with the research results of two other groups from Indian/EU. Indicate 
clearly which group and school.
Answer the question “What are the main similarities and differences on the subtopic”? Draw a 
conclusion on the comparison. 
If there is no possibility to compare (no articles from EU/Indian side), please indicate why you 
could not compare your findings with those of the counterparts. 

Reflection 5 p Write a group’s reflection.

What went well? What would you do differently? Methods, group work, technical aspects etc. At
least 5 lines.
Awareness  5.p.  If applicable  
activity extra 
Total  95 p. If no comparison could be made, the group will be assessed on a total of 85 p.