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Lauren R. Lazzarini
Santa Rosa, CA  
(707) 800-2057 

EXPERIENCE  Objective: ​Looking for a part time medical 

based position for a full time student; 
Wine Country Veterinary Hospital​, Windsor CA- ​Veterinary  organized and a strong leader; has 
Technician Assistant   experience working with medical 
S​eptember 2017-Present   professionals and staff in all different 
specialities; respectful and trustworthy as 
well as dependable and an effective 
In training, assisting in housekeeping, animal care, office  communicator. 
duties and other tasks as assigned.  

​ indsor, CA — ​Studio Cleaner 

Tease Hair Studio, W
August 2016 - September 2017 
Girl Scout Silver Award :​ Completed over 50 
Responsible for housekeeping, inventory for products and  hours of community service by planning a 
clothing, and other jobs as assigned.  
“Senior Prom” for a Retirement 
Sonoma County Fair,​ Sonoma County Fairgrounds, CA— Sweet  Community. 
Lil’s Farm 
Violet Richerson Award :​ Soroptimist 
June 2016 - August 2017  awarded for volunteer work in my 
Worked with children of all ages, worked as a team with other  community 
staff, rotated workstations; tractors, corn maze and coloring 
stations, worked with large and small animals, keeping them  CSF member/Honor Roll : C
​ SF member 
clean, fed and safe.   
with a 4.0 GPA throughout high school  

Tomorrow’s Leaders Today:​ Completed the 

EDUCATION  year long community leadership program 
and was awarded with the certificate  
​ indsor, Ca — ​Senior Year 
Windsor High School, W
Nurse Camp​: Summer 2017: Completion of 
August 2014 - June 1, 2018 
the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center 
Current senior at Windsor High School, involved in the Pre-Med  Nurse Camp. 
program, ASB Secretary Sophomore year, Junior Class VP, 
Senior Class President.  Heartsaver CPR/ First Aid Certification: 
Santa Rosa Junior College, ​Santa Rosa, CA -​Junior Year  Completed the Heartsaver CPR and first aid 
August 2015-June 2016  certification program through Windsor 
High School.  
American Sign Language I and II 
Senior Class President/ Junior Class Vice 
President: ​ Class officer for three years 
PROJECTS  through WHS Leadership  

​ ​ Wine Country Veterinary Hospital/ 2016-2017 

Junior Project — Stanford Tech-Trek​: Completed the 
science, engineering and mathematics 
Shadowing Dr. Jessica Klein, observing animal treatments, 
procedures, assisted in office and animal housekeeping.  camp for young women   

Senior Project- ​Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital-August  LANGUAGES 

Shadowing Alison Rygiel, RN at the Labor and Delivery  English 
Department at SR Memorial Hospital for thirty hours, preparing   
and presenting project in front of a community panel.   Studying- American Sign Language