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House of Lord, it’s Power and Composition

House of Lord is the oldest house among the world. Mostly this house consist inherited represented . It is also called the appear house of UK parliament. This house is consenter of on peer which are as follow it
is also combination of house of lord.
Hereditary Peer
This peer consist on sons of queen and king about nine then member bellowing this category. It is nominative by the king and Prime Minister. Generally the sons of royal family after the age of one year became
the reprehensive are this house. But the female are not reachable for this house. A great number of reprezantive of house of lord is from this peer.
Reprezative peer of Scotland
There number is number sixteen(16) and are elected be Scotland. This is due to accordance with the prevision of treaty of union 1707.
Reprezantive peer of Ireland
when Ireland was united with England the Ireland peer where in titled to elect are twenty eight member.
Lords of Appeal
There are nine in numbers and are appointed by the crown under the prepaying of appellate jurisdiction are 1876 to assist of this house for the work of judicial activities.
Spiritual Peer
Spiritual peers is consist of there regions activist they are twenty sex(26) members. two are arch Bishop of and Canterbury and 24 hours are senior bishop of the church of England. They will salve there
religious activities.

Princess of Royal Blood

Male adult member of royal family how have attained majority and are with a specified degree of relationship or appointed as were of house of load.
Life Peer
There member are accreted under be prevision of the life peerage act 1988. They are the person who have been hold highest offices in the state and have sufficient education such as ex-minister, speaker,
educationist, etc,
There number of member are not fixed. They number varies for time to time.
The nature of house of lord is called conservative‫ ﻗدﯾم‬chamber because this is the oldest house of parliament is the world. Most of it reprezantive are nominative that is why it is also called heritor chamber. It is
patty hereditary and party democracy in composition.
Dis Qualification
The following person cannot become the member of house of Lord
a- Insane
b- minor
c- convict
d- Bankrupts(insolvency)
Presiding officer
The house of lord is presiding of the lord chancellor. How is the member of cabnate.
Privileges of house of Lord
Following are privileges to the house of Lord
i) Freedom to speech
The Lords can express there views freely are without any person generally is no fix time for speech.
ii) Free access to the convergent
It is also a great privilege to the lord that every member of house of lord can access to the sovereignty discuss public affairs.
iii) Right to determine its own composition
It is a privilege to the member of house that he can easily express his concept about public affair. He can express his speech freely without any presser. He can explain his views and concept, whether positively
or rigidly.
iv) Right to publish opinion
The lords can publish then opinion in official paper. It means right of publishing there discussion in the house of lord. they is no enforcement on the reprezative of house of lord. For there concept they can easily
publish in govt documents for public affair.
v) Freedom for Arrest
No member can be arrested by parliamentary in section. After the end of section the reprezative can be arrested legally.
vi) Right to Recivetive of samans
The reprezative of the house lord have the right to received indivual redid of scemens of attend the parliament. It means information about the read and they have right to received these samons and decided
reedit according to procejor.
vii) Trial of impeachment
There are also right of impeachment cause . If any impeachment cause prelate before the house of lord then the reprezantive of this house have right to decided these impeachment causes.
viii) Exemption
It enjoys exaction for seruing as jurors. This is a great prevailing to the reprezative of those of lord. Because the can made a juror in a specific case because in UK law he is exemption to sit in the juror.
Power and function of house of Lord
Under UK constitution there are following power and function of the house of Lord.
i) Legislative Power
Under this constitution the legislative of power of house of lord may be discuss as under
a) As regarding money bill
House of lord has no jurisation about the money bill . In none money bill house of Lord accepted all these bills daily passed by the House of Common
b) Judicial Power
There house of lord jurisation regarding judicial power such as try peers in case they are involving against national interest.

c) Other power
The house of lord has are important faction discussing social and political questions which are not ready for legation. After above discussion house of lord is oldest chamber in this word. In the being this house
lord a lot of power. But according to passage of time their power reduce .

To conclude, it can be stated that composition and power of House of Lords have been severely criticized. But reality is that its undemocratic composition has also paved a way for democratic development in
Great Britain. If House of Lords had been made democratic in composition and equal in powers with House of Commons, the results would have been undemocratic.