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1. all students of unram semester 7..... scientific research at this moment.

a. Is writing
b. Are writing
c. Was writing
d. Were writing
e. writes
2. by the time you get back, we....
a. will take
b. would take
c. had takeen
d. will have taken
e. took
3. three days ago Peter....a scientific calculator on te table in the class
a. finds
b. find
c. found
d. Was found
e. Were found
4. Proffessor....all of his students to pantry to teach how to use that machine at this
a. Bring
b. Is bringing
c. Are bring
d. Brings
e. Brought
5. the committee to come to seminar next April.
a. Was invite
b. Invited
c. Invites
d. Is invited
e. Is inviting
6. The the courier now.
a. Are being delivery
b. Are being delivering
c. Are being dlivered
d. Is being delivered
e. Is being delivering
7. My the vet just now
a. Were taking care
b. Were taken care
c. Has been taken care
d. Took care
e. Takes care
8. Your new the courier yesterday.
a. Was delivered
b. Were delivering
c. Delivered
d. Had been delivering
e. Had been delivered
9. Yesterday Anthony....her books, becouse his bag...empty.
a. Borrow, was
b. Borrowed, was
c. Borrow, is
d. Borrowed, is
e. Borrow, were
10. Mr. Postman...the letter yesterday at 6 pm.
a. Was delivering
b. Had delivered
c. Delivers
d. Delivered
e. Is delivering
11. Kate Middleton.....when her friend shouted at her.
a. Sends a message
b. Send a message
c. Sending a message
d. Was sending a message
12. The participants of the meeting ....when the director entered the room.
a. Were talking
b. Was talking
c. Talk
d. Are talking
13. They ....their parents next week.
a. Will seeing
b. Are going to see
c. Saw
d. Have seen
14. Revina Meilbourne since 1985.
a. Lived
b. Lives
c. Have lived
d. Has lived

15. Dian went to the bank to save her money after she....her salary form her office.
a. Got
b. Had got
c. Have got
d. Get

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