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Intellectual Property Law | TransLegal

agency law

Language skills essential to IP practitioners

The Legal English of Intellectual Property Law is a

15-unit online course combining video, audio and interactive elements. The course contains units in
the area of trade mark law, copyright law, patent law, design law, e-commerce, domain name
disputes, geographical indications, parallel imports, drafting IP agreements, IP due diligence and
the law of the Internet.

Course description

The “Legal English of IP Law” presents key Legal English terminology in short online reading and
listening passages. The exercises which follow each reading or listening passage include multiple
choice, fill-in-the-blanks, true-false and matching exercises that are designed to help you learn the
vocabulary through context, testing and reinforcement. All of your results are stored in a database
which you can access at any time to monitor your progress.

Course duration

The basic version of the course provides 20-25 hours of online self-study. The professional version
includes a further 7.5 hours of private instruction by a TransLegal lawyer-linguist instructor who is
assigned as your personal tutor.
Basic €99.95Buy now!
Professional €849.95Buy now!

Basic version

The basic version of the course gives the learner full access to the entire online course, but without a
private lawyer-linguist tutor to train writing and speaking skills.

Professional version

The professional version of the course includes, in addition to the online course, 30 minutes of
private instruction each week in 20 units by a TransLegal lawyer-linguist instructor who is assigned
as your personal tutor. This private training is conducted by telephone 15 minutes each week,
scheduled at times convenient for you, to train speaking and by email with specific writing exercises

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Intellectual Property Law | TransLegal

through which the learner trains legal drafting skills.

interactive reading exercises

interactive listening exercises
writing exercises (professional version)
speaking exercises (professional version)
vocabulary quizzes
video lectures
language of trademarks, copyrights and patents
drafting IP agreements
IP due diligence vocabulary
course certificate upon completion

Course contents

Trade Mark Law I Language used in describing the basics of trade mark law including its
fundamentals and policies (examples of vocabulary: constructive notice, distinctiveness, goodwill,
likelihood of confusion) Trade Mark Law II Terminology associated with the requirements for
registration and trade mark law in practice (examples: arbitrary, cancellation, opposition,
suggestive, watch notice) Dilution and Well-Known Trade Marks Vocabulary to describe the
concept of protecting well-known trade marks (examples: dilution, blurring, notoriety, tarnishment)
Domain Name Disputes How lawyers discuss the various forms of domain name dispute resolution
(examples: cybersquatting, kiting, tasting, typosquatting) Copyright Law I Language used to
describe the fundamentals and policies of copyright law (examples: national treatment,
neighbouring rights, works for hire) Copyright Law II Vocabulary relating to modern issues in
copyright law (examples: applied art, exhaustion, moral rights, parallel imports) Patent Law I
Language used to describe the fundamentals of patent law and the patent application process
(examples: abstract, best mode, inventive step, specifications) Patent Law II Vocabulary relating to
modern issues in patent law (examples: business method patents, traditional knowledge) IP
Agreements How lawyers discuss IP when negotiating and drafting agreements (examples: naked
license, release, upfront royalty) Designs Vocabulary used in describing the basics of design law
(examples: individual character, trade dress, utilitarian) IP and IT Issues in the Internet Age
Terminology associated with modern technological issues (examples: deep linking, metatags,
Internet jurisdiction, Internet Service Providers) Competition Language used to describe the basics
of competition law (examples: collusion, cartels, predatory pricing, tying) eCommerce Language
relating to modern IP issues relating to eCommerce (examples: enterprise information systems,
information society services, spam) GIs and PIs Vocabulary necessary to explain the concepts of
Geographical Indications and Parallel Imports (examples: appellation of origin, certification marks,
grey goods) Due Diligence in IP Law How lawyers talk and the terminology used when conducting

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Intellectual Property Law | TransLegal

IP due diligence reviews (examples: disclosure letters, information memorandum, term sheets) Final
Examination Comprehensive test of the vocabulary taught.

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Intellectual Property Law | TransLegal

Interested in punctuation? Lynne Truss' Eats, Shoots & Leaves takes humorous approach to
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If you're working with Legal English, we have tons of resources & tools to help.
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If you're working with Legal English, we have tons of resources & tools to help.
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