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Report Writing

Useful phrase to describe chart movements (graphs/diagrams with multiple time indicators)

Verbs Direction Nouns

Rose (to) A rise

Increased (to) An increase
Went up (to) Growth
Climbed (to) An upward trend
Boomed (to) A boom (a dramatic rise)
Surged (to) A surge
Escalated (to)

Fell (to) A fall

Declined (to) A decline
Decreased (to) A decrease
Dipped (to) A drop
Dropped (to) A slump (a dramatic fall)
Went down (to) A reduction
Slumped (to) A plunge
Reduced (to)
Plunged (to)

Levelled out (at) A levelling out

Remained unchanged (at) No change
Remained stable (at)
Remained steady (at)
Stayed constant (at)
Maintained the same level (at)

Rose and fell A rise and fall

Fluctuated A fluctuation
Changed A changed
Peaked at Reached a peak (of)
Stood at

Describing the degree and speed of change

Describing the degree of change Describing the speed of change

Adjectives Adverbs Adjectives Adverbs
Dramatic Dramatically Rapid Rapidly
Enormous Enormously Quick quickly
Steep Steeply Swift Swiftly
Substantial Substantially Sudden suddenly
Considerable Considerably Steady Steadily
Significant Significantly Gradual Gradually
Moderate Moderately Slow Slowly
Slight Slightly Quick Quickly
Minimal Minimally Abrupt Abruptly
Sharp Sharply Immediate Immediately
Notable Notably Instant instantly
Insignificant Insignificantly Drastic Drastically

Describing ranking

Ranking (top to bottom) Example

1. Most important The most important trend ….
The most essential …
The main priority …
… pay the most attention to …
… place the importance on …

2. Next in importance The second/ third/ fourth in importance …

Other important issues …

3. Least important The least important ….

Subordinate to …
Place the least importance on …

Describing chart (without time indicator)

Starting with the adjectives
The highest
The greatest are employed in
The lowest percentage / the manufacturing
The most proportion/ of women sector.
significant number/ amount
The smallest
The largest

Starting with the subject

quite as
just as common as…
nearly as
almost as not as
much more popular
far more
Blue cars are substantially more
Women are considerably more
Adults are slightly more
fractionally more prevalent than…
much less
far less
considerably less
fractionally less

Silver/ Medicine/ Kota most popular car colour.

Kinabalu is the second/third most prevalent course.
least common destination.

The Format

1. Write the title of the essay and underline

2. Introduction consists of two sentences.

a. First sentence is about the types of graphs or diagrams that you see in the questions.
b. Second sentence is about the most outstanding trend that combines all the stimuli.

3. Content paragraph consists of the analysis and synthesis. In other word, you are supposed to
write key features and not describe everything. Do not add your own opinion.

4. Conclusion is the summarization of the overview. Just paraphrase the second sentence of

You can write the essay in three or four paragraphs. Since you are writing an essay based on facts,
you will be using present tenses. If the graphs or diagrams include time indicators, then you can use
past tense in the content.


The pie charts below show the number of hours spent in a Malaysian university library by
undergraduates, postgraduates, and the total student population over the past year.Summarise the
information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.Write
between 150 to 200 words.

The time spent by students in library

The pie charts provide information on the time spent in a Malaysian university library by
undergraduates and postgraduates compared to all students over the past year. It is noticeable that
postgraduates spend a significant amount of time in the library when compared to the other students.

Overall, the time spend in the library by undergraduates and the total student population was
quite similar. The majority of undergraduates spend 1 to 7 hours in the library, which is similar to the
total student population, the figures were 63% and 50 % respectively. The minority of both groups
spend 15 hours and above in the library, at 9% and 15% respectively.Meanwhile, the majority of
postgraduates spend 15 hours and above in the library, which was slightly above half at 51%. While
the minority of postgraduates spend 1 to 7 hours in the library. This is the complete opposite when
compared to the total student population and undergraduates. The only similarity between the
undergraduates and postgraduates was that about one third of both groups spend 8 to 14 hours in the
library, the figures were 28% and 32% respectively.

In conclusion, there is a clear trend towards using the library more as students move towards
(200 words)

Practise 1

Study the diagram and fill in the blanks.

Figure 1: Time Spent on School Projects






0 10 20 30 40 50 60

School projects are an enjoyable way to gain valuable experience. Students who
complete projects acquire skills such as independent research, analytical thinking and
creative problem solving skills ....

Ministry of Higher Learning, March 2009.

Time students spent on school projects

The chart shows __________________________________________________________

while the announcement from Ministry of Higher Learning shows ________________________
_____________________________________________________________________________ .
The general trend indicates that ___________________________________________________ .
In 2007, students spent _________ on school projects. The number of hours in the following
year______________ . However in 2009, the annnoucement made by Ministry of Higher learning had
caused _________________ in time spent on school projects by three times, making the total hours
spent was ___________. For the next two years, the number of hours increased ___________ with a
total number of _________ and ____________ respectively.
To conclude, there has been a steady increase to the hours spent on school project when the
school realize the benefits of school projects after the announcement made by Ministry of Higher
Learning in March 2009.

Practice 2

Study the charts below. Write about popular cars sold in Malaysia. Integrate the information given
below. You should write 150-200 words. You should write 150 to 200 words. You should spend 40
minutes in this section

Figure 1: Popular cars sold in Malaysia (2009)

Nissan Grand Livina

Toyota Vios

Honda City
Perodua Myvi

Proton Saga

Perodua Viva

Factors considered by buyers in buying the cars

 The price

 The size

 The brand

 The design

Practice 3

A survey was carried out by the Literary Society of your learning institution on the learners’
performance in English Language. You need to write a report on the survey. Your report should
integrate all the information given below. You should write 150 to 200 words. You should spend 40
minutes for this section.

Number of
Learners' performance in English Language



30 Failures


0 Year
2009 2010 2011

Percentage Reasons for poor performance of the English Language results

22 Lack of English reading materials
43 Not a compulsory paper to pass
15 Family Background
20 Shortage of trained English teachers

Practise 4

Study the information below. Write about the goals scored in the World Charity Championship.
Relate this information to the goals scored by Barcelona players in 2010. You should write 150 to 200
words. You should spend 40 minutes for this section.

Figure 1: Goals by Favourite Clubs in World Charity

Championships 2008-2010

30Number of goals

22 22
16 16
15 14


2008 2009 2010

Inter Milan Barcelona Manchester United Year

Table 1: Goals scored by Barcelona Players in the World Charity Championship 2010

Barcelona Players Numbers of Goals Scored

Messi 14

Xavi 2

David Villa 8

Iniesta 2

Thesis statement

It is the most important sentence in the essay. It contains all the ideas in the essay. It is the strongest
clearest statement. It is the last sentence at the end of the introductory paragraph (1st paragraph).
It contains controlling ideas that control the content of the essay and guide the reader.

Keep in mind that:

1. Thesis statement must be a complete sentence. It must not be too broad or too narrow.
a. The quality of soccer coach (not suitable, too broad)
b. Dedication is an important quality of soccer coach (not suitable. Too narrow)
c. An excellent soccer coach possess three important qualities (best)

2. Thesis statement must be a statement and not in questions.

a. What are the advantages of having a roommate? (incorrect)
b. The advantages of having a roommate include less expenses, less housework and have
someone to share problems. (suitable)

Topic sentence

A sentence which expresses the general idea of a paragraph. It is broad enough to be developed by
providing specific details. When writing essay, it is encourage to write the topic sentence as the first
sentence in the body paragraph(2nd, 3rd and 4th paragraph).Look at the examples below:

The first quality of an excellent coach is dedication to the team (2nd paragraph)

Besides that, another quality of an excellent coach is resourceful (3rd paragraph)

Last but not least, an excellent coach must always have empathy (4th paragraph)

Supporting details

Supporting details are sentences that explain more about the topic sentence. It must be relevant. You
must have at least two to three supporting details in the body paragraph. It can be in the form of
elaboration, example, facts or statistic.

Topic sentence: One of the advantages of having roommate is less house chore.

Supporting detail 1: By having roommate, you can take turn to do house chore such as
sweeping, dusting and cleaning the toilet.

Supporting detail 2: It will be easier for you to manage the cleanliness of your home.

Supporting detail 3: Besides that, it will also save your time and allow you to do other
important things.

Concluding sentence

It is the last sentence of your body paragraph. It helps to emphasize the main idea of the paragraph to
your reader. There is two ways to write concluding sentence:

a. Restatement of topic sentence – state the topic sentence but using different sentence structure

Topic sentence: The first quality of an excellent coach is dedication to the team

Concluding sentence: Therefore, dedication to team is one of the most important qualities of
an excellent coach.

b. Summarization of supporting details

Supporting details:

By having roommate, you can take turn to do house chore such as sweeping, dusting and cleaning
the toilet. It will be easier for you to manage the cleanliness of your home. Besides that, it will
also save your time and allow you to do other important things

Concluding sentence: It is clear that having housemate give advantage in term of less house
chore as you can manage your home easier and save time.

How to write a GOOD introductory paragraph

The introduction should be designed to attract the reader’s attention and give the reader an idea of the
essay’s focus.

An intriguing statement

Sample 1:

“Eat two chocolate bars and call me in the morning,” says the psychiatrist to his
patient. Such advice sounds like a sugar fanatic’s dream, but recent studies have indeed
confirmed that chocolate positively affects depression and anxiety.

Sample 2:

Believe it or not there are nine teaspoons of sugar in every can of carbonated drink.
It is no wonder that many young people are becoming obese these days. This is indeed a
wake up call to those who have been drinking soft drinks regularly.

An interesting statistics

Sample 1:

One of every seven women living in Smith County will be raped this year, according
to recent report prepared by the Count Rape Information and Counseling.

Sample 2:

A recent survey on teenagers who smoked revealed that 20% picked up smoking
before they were 13.

A question
Sample 1:
What have we done for poorer brothers and sisters in drought stricken lands? Where
are we when children have bloated tummies and adults die like flies? We live in a land of
plenty and yet how many of us actually bother about the welfare of others?

Sample 2:

Do you know that Malaysians throw away 1.2 million tonnes worth of newspapers
daily? For every 10 newspapers bought, only four are recovered for recycling.

A quotation
‘Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach him to fish and he’ll eat for a
lifetime.’ How true is it that when we keep on giving aid blindly, many will use it as a
crutch. Those who continue to receive aid do not make an effort to be independent.

A relevant story, joke, anecdote, or personal experience

Raj and his friends do not go home after school. They hang out daily at shopping
complexes after school. They are just the tip of the iceberg of the loafing syndrome.

A description often used for emotional appeal
With one eye blackened, one arm in a cast, and third-degree burns on both her legs,
the pretty, curly hair two-year-old seeks corners of rooms, refuses to speak, and shakes
violently at the sound of loud noises. Little Aminah is not the victim of a war or a natural
disaster; rather she is the helpless victim of parents, one of the thousands of children who
suffer daily from Malaysia’s hidden crime, child abuse.

An analogy or contrast
The Romans kept geese on their Capitol Hill to cackle alarm in the event of attack
by night. Modern Americans, despite their technology, have hardly improved on that old
system of protection. According to the latest Safety Council report, almost any door with
standard locks can be opened easily with a common plastic credit card.

General statement of a problem and lead to your topic

Of late, there has been increasing concern about the impact of pollution on the
environment and our society. How do we reduce pollution?

There is haze. There is hail. What do we Malaysians expect next? Maybe we can
even see snowstorms and tornadoes hitting our shores. Why is the weather going wild?
Man’s carelessness. Indeed, the selfishness of human beings to ensure a balanced
environment has led to the recent change in climatic events.

Building up the suspense

The wind was howling and the trees were swaying like mad men. The air was dank
and it was pitch dark. The lone car purred down the road and stopped suddenly. Then, a
low voice sounded. ‘This is the exact spot”.

How to conclude an essay:

End by calling for action / suggestion/ recommendation.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that the government should enforce severe penalties
on polluters. It is only through strict enforcement that people can be prevented from
polluting the environment. If we do not take care of the environment, the next generation
may not get the opportunity to live the kind of comfortable life that we now enjoy.

End by referring to your thesis statement and then summarize the main points.
In conclusion, whether sport is a pastime or an essential feature of man’s existence, it is
a basic need that causes man to play games. It eases his tension and helps to release all his
energy and aggression. And perhaps the ball was invented because people thought it was
better to hit an object rather than a man or an animal!

Thesis statement:

Although most people in modern times consider sport to be a form of entertainment and a
diversion from hard work, sports actually arises from man’s instinct to survive, to defend
himself against the enemies and to emerge the winner.

End by looking to the future.

Finally, with existence of computers life would be easier in the future. It is possible
that in the years to come people don’t have to actually go out of the house to do their
shopping. They can just shop at a touch of a button.

End with a quotation / word of wisdom / idiom.

It would seem evident that importance of space exploration far outweighs its costs. In
view of this, we must be willing to support the large allocation of money that is budgeted for
these far-sighted projected projects. Humanity will be generously rewarded if we are
patient in pursing the final frontier. As astronaut Neil Armstrong put it when he became
the first man to step on the moon, “This is a small step for man, but a giant leap for

End with a proverb.

For our country to succeed, we must all have one vision and mission. Remember,
united we stand, divided we fall.

End with air finality.

Nothing, nothing can stop the internet wave from sweeping the whole world in
revolution never before seen or experienced by mankind.

Express your HOPES about the topic.

Finally, it is hoped that as people become more aware of need to recycle, more will
come forward and get involved in environment.

Other Ideas for concluding an essay:

Ask a provocative question.

Compare with other situations.

Differences between Persuasive and argumentative essay

Persuasive essay Argumentative essay

Goal of persuasive writing: Goal of argumentative writing:
To get reader to agree with you/your point of To get reader to acknowledge that your side
view on a particular topic. is valid and deserves consideration as
another point of view.
General technique of persuasive writing:
Blends facts and emotion in attempt to General technique of argumentative
convince the reader that the writer is writing:
“right.”(Often relies heavily on opinion.) Offers the reader relevant reasons, credible
facts, and sufficient evidence to honor the
Starting point of persuasive writing: writer has a valid and worthy perspective.
Identify a topic and your side.
Starting point of argumentative writing:
Viewpoint presented in persuasive writing: Research a topic and then align with one
Persuasion has a single-minded goal. It is side.
based on a personal conviction that a
particular way of thinking is the only sensible Viewpoint presented in argumentative
way to think. Writer presents one side— his writing:
side. Acknowledge that opposing views exist,
(Persuasive writing may include ONE not only to hint at what a fair-minded
opposing point, it is then quickly person you are, but to give you the
dismissed/refuted.) opportunity to counter these views tactfully
in order to show why you feel that your
Audience of persuasive writing: own view is the more worthy one to hold.
Needs intended audience. Knowing what they Writer presents multiple perspectives,
think and currently believe, the writer although is clearly for one side.
“attacks” attempting to persuade them to his
side. Audience of argumentative writing:
Doesn’t need an audience to convince. The
Attitude of persuasive writing: writer is content with simply putting it out
Persuasive writers want to gain another there.
“vote” so they “go after” readers more
aggressively. Persuasive writing is more Attitude of argumentative writing:
personal, more passionate, more emotional Simply to get the reader to consider you
have an idea worthy of listening to. The
writer is sharing a conviction, whether the
audience ends up agreeing or not.

How to write refutation paragraph?

1. Start with opposing opinion (people who go against your idea). You must provide
reason for why they were against your idea.
2. Use counter arguments to show that your idea is a stronger one by proving that their
reason is wrong.

Example 1:

Thesis statement: Despite the benefit of having nuclear power plants, there are several
reasons why governments should ban further construction of nuclear power plants.

Refutation paragraph: (the one in italic and bold is the opposing opinion)

Some people might claim there is no real alternative to a new generation of nuclear
reactors. That is their reason for the government to continue building nuclear power plant.
However, combined heat and power units, which generate electricity, are already economical
for large houses or blocks of flats and smaller units will be on the market next year. Local
generation of electricity eliminates the enormous losses of wasted heat in electricity
generation by fossil fuels or nuclear reactors. Wind turbines and solar cells on the roof can
also provide home solutions and will become more economical as costs come down with
mass production.

Thesis statement: Some people believe that animal testing should not be allowed but animal
testing does have several benefits.

Refutation paragraph: (the one in italic and bold is the opposing opinion)

Many people argue that animal testing should not be allowed as it is cruel. In some cases,
this is true. However, it would be much more cruel to test new drugs on people or children,
or to let people die because there was not enough information about a drug. Furthermore,
legislation in most countries sets standards for animal treatment, and laboratories have
guidelines to prevent cruelty.




should not be

Special school for

pregnant teenagers
should not be

Government should
established a special
school for gifted

School students
should be allowed to
bring mobile phone
to school.

The children of
today should not be
given too much

Sample: Persuasive Essay

‘Reading is the best way for university students to improve their proficiency in English’. Write an
essay to persuade the readers to agree with you. Your essay must not be less than 350 words.

The importance of English in our life cannot be denied anymore. The ability of using English
has become one of the requirements needed for fresh graduates in order for them to secure a job.
Therefore it is essential for university students to be proficient in English. I agree with the statement
that reading is the best way for university students to improve their proficiency in English because of
three reasons.

One of the reasons is the fact that reading helps university students to acquire the foundation
of English language which is the grammar. Grammar is the structure of the language. Reading allows
students to understand the way the words are used and how the sentence is put together. By
understanding all these, students are able to produce a complete, accurate sentence while writing or
speaking in English. Therefore, it is clear that reading is the best way to improve proficiency in

Besides that, reading helps students to acquire a wide range of vocabulary. Having a wide
range of vocabulary is important as it ensures the clarity of meanings while speaking or writing in
English. Students will encounter all sorts of words through reading. Moreover, they are more
motivated to find out the meaning of the words in order to understand what they are reading. Hence,
reading is the best way to improve university students’ proficiency in English because they can learn
new words that widen their vocabulary.

The last reason is reading provide students with general knowledge. Reading is the best way
for students to gain general knowledge as books contain a lot of information. Having general
knowledge enables students to share their opinion in conversation or writing. It also increases their
self-confidence in using English language because they know that they have the knowledge for those
topics. Thus, it is clear that reading is the best way to improve proficiency in English as it helps them
to acquire general knowledge that boost their self-esteem and enable them to contribute their point of
view in speaking or writing form.

In a nutshell, reading is the best way for university students to improve their proficiency in
English as it helps them to understand the rule of the language, obtain a wide range of vocabulary as
well as equipping them with general knowledge. Therefore, students should do more reading in order
to master the English language.

Sample- Argumentative Essay

‘Reading is the best way for university students to improve their proficiency in English’. Do you agree
with this statement? Write your opinion in not less than 350 words.

Why is it important for fresh graduates to have good proficiency in English? The main reason
is obvious, English is one of the essential skills that they need in order to get a job. Therefore
university students need to be proficient in English language. Many people stated that reading is the
best way to improve university students’ proficiency in English language. Despite what other people
said, I believe that reading is not the best way to improve their proficiency in English language.

Most people believed that reading is the best way because it helps them to learn new words.
Although this may contain some truth but reading does not help students to improve their English
proficiency especially in speaking. Reading only helps university students to learn the spelling and
the meaning of the words. They did not learn how to pronounce the words which is important in
speaking. Without knowing the pronunciations, they cannot be proficient in speaking English.

Besides that, other people claimed that reading is the best way because it is the most effective
way for them to learn the grammar or the structure of English. Actually, there are other ways for
students to learn it. For example watching English movie or listening to English songs. Moreover,
reading is only effective for visual learners. Students who learned best through audio or kinesthetic
are usually unable to pay attention during reading activities, thus unable to improve their proficiency
in English.

Additionally, some people stated that reading is the best way because it enhances their self-
esteem to use English since they know the vocabulary and grammar. However, you have to keep in
mind that reading is an individual activity. It is usually done alone and they have never practice using
the language with other people in real life situation. Without any practice or experience in speaking
the language, how can they become confidence to use the language? Confidence can only come when
you have the actual experience.

In conclusion, reading is not the only way for university students to improve their proficiency
in English language because of the reasons as stated in my previous writing. Students can actually use
other ways to improve their proficiency in English, depending on what types of learners they are.

Instruction: Look at the three samples below. Detect the mistakes and edit the essays.

Questions: Graduates are finding it difficult to get jobs because they lack good communication and
interpersonal skills. Do you agree with this statement? Write an essay not less than 350 words to state
your opinion.

Sample 1

Communication and interpersonal skills are very important thing for every people. Most
university graduates think that they can live without that thing. They only think that their examination
result that their get more important. So, they ignore about their lack good in communication and
interpersonal skills. But in my opinion, university graduates are finding it difficult to get jobs because
they lack good communication and interpersonal skills.

All university graduates want to get jobs because they want their own salaries. So good
communication and interpersonal skills are important to get the jobs. This is because we want to work
we must got to interviews. During this session, we must answer a few question and talk about our
background although it already have in our resume. If we have no good communication and
interpersonal skills, we have no confident to answer the interviews. That was our extra skill compare
to another candidate in the interviews session.

Second, when we already had the job, we should talk or communication with client. So, we
must have a magic skills to make our client believe and attract to us. They may think that we are
interesting person and easy to communicate with besides have good confident level. With
interpersonal skill, we can make our client understand the meaning that the word we exactly mean.
They must be comfort with us.

Besides that, we used that skill to communicate with our friends when work to finish our
work at company. If we have good communication and interpersonal skills we may have many good
friends. When we being a new workers, we must ask to old work there to make us understand what
our company want. The people around us must be comfort with us if we have good communication
and interpersonal skills.

In conclusion, as university student we must improve our communication and interpersonal

skills during our study to avoid us from difficult to get our jobs. We can get them when we finish up
our assignment and involve well in our group discussion in class.

Sample 2

What would most university students do when they graduate? Get a good job obviously. So
how does one university graduate have a good job? Some believe that it is the result of examinations
in the university that is important. Some says that it is the skill of one person that matters. There are
opinion that says it is difficult for a university graduate to have a job if he lacks good communication
and interpersonal skills. On the other hand, there are opinions that says the employer will only look at
the grades of students. In my opinion, it is difficult for university graduates to get jobs if they lack good
communication and interpersonal skills.

When a university graduate is interviewed, he needs to be able to talk with confidence. If he

can talk well, the interviewer would know that he have good communication skill. Employers want to
hire a worker with good communication skill. This is crucial because when he works, he needs to
communicate with clients and also co-workers. If one lacks in communication skill, how can he
communicate with his clients and fulfill the clients needs? He would probably let the client down and
does not get what he wants. A worker also needs to communicate with other workers at the working
place. Therefore, good communication skill is important for university graduates to get jobs.

When one have good interpersonal skill, he will be more open-minded. This is usually what
employer look for in a worker. If a person is narrow-minded, how can he cope with others if they have
a different perspective than him? When a university graduate is open-minded, he can easily accept
others opinion and produce better decision. For example, if a company is assigning a project to a
worker, he needs to be able to think big to finish the project perfectly. Therefore, having a good
interpersonal skill will develop an open mind and thus making university graduates have a higher
chance to get a job.

Any job will eventually have an assignment which will involve working as a group. So
university graduates need to be able to work in a group perfectly to get the job done. To work in a
group, one with good communication and interpersonal skills will fit in. He needs to be able to talk
with each other confidently and take their opinion into his account. When the communication in the
group goes smoothly, the assignment can be finish. So communication and interpersonal skills is
important for university graduates to be in a career.

As a conclusion, university graduates need to have a good communication and interpersonal

skills. They need to be able to communicate with clients and workers, have an open mind and able to
work in a group. Although it is important for university students to have a good grade, these skills
should not be neglected. In fact, these skills should be implanted in every students to not just have a
better job but also a better and happier life.

Sample 3

Today in this technological world, many university graduates are finding it difficult to get
jobs because they lack good communication and interpersonal skills. This is true because now many
company have a relation with anothe country. They must to use a English langues to communication
each other. I agree with this statement because where we don’t have good communication and
interpersonal skills it is hard to do anyone job. That is my opinion to increase the communication and
interpersonal skill.

Firstly, when in class lecture should give the student change to do presentation. It can make
the student increase their communication and interpersonal skills. It because when student give
change by lecture they can feel confidence when in front of class. They can talk without shame.

Furthermore, English langues is important in the world. That case should give first important.
English langues can be increase when lecture speak normally in class use English langues. It can the
student learn English litter by litter. If the student not understand the word, lecture don’t translate the
word but commant the student to find in dicinary. When student can control English langues so easy
to get job.

Moreover to increase interpersonal skills, they have to help from friend or roommate. If we
have one roommate is quietly in room, we have to trial to speak to him. When he saw him quiet, we
do not bully him because that can be troma for him. We should to talking with him, carry about him
that can make his feel not left out another people. That can transfer him from quietly to can friendship
another people.

However, job now need a people when have good communication skill. Where anywhere we
go, communication important for all.People who dont have good communication always in back and
not have develop.

Lastly, communication and interpersonal skills very important for us from child to old. When
we learn in university, we learn with hard and not playing. When we lack good communication, we
should learn from another people can help us about that. We should trial to increase communication
and interpersonal skills because easy to find job one day.