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Boarding Pass

Name AHMAD HABIBI Seq No : 29

Booking Code UYZDXH Flight No : SJ-249
Ticket No 9771056183841C1

From . To Flight No
Flown Date:06-Nov-2017

Boarding Time Terminal/Gate Seat No

1440 LT -/2 15F

Departure: 15:10 LT Class: ECONOMY
Arrival: 16:30 LT

Operate By Sriwijaya Air

Baggage Drop-Off. Gate Closes 30 Min 2D Barcode in exchange for

Boarding Pass
Before Departure.
1. Please arrive early for quarantine and security
checks.Please complete the check-in your baggage at
the airport counter at least 60 minutes before 1. Please go to Sriwijaya Air Check-in desk
departure for domestic flights, and 90 minutes before at least 60 minutes before departure for
departure for international flights. domestic flights,and 90 minute before
departure for international flights to
validate your boarding pass before going
2. If a cabin baggage weights more than 7 kg, you can through immigration.
bring it at an excess baggage fee. The maximum
baggage weight is 20 Kg.Read more about baggage on QR Code

Name Flight No Terminal/Gate Seat No


Flown Date Boarding Time Booking Code Seq No

06-Nov-2017 1440 LT UYZDXH 29