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Investments u/s 80C, 80CCC comprise of various investments and expenses that are eligible for

a tax deduction. An employee can choose to either invest in all the available tax-saving
instruments or in some of them. A maximum deduction of Rs. 150,000/- can be claimed for the
for the financial year 2017-18 from taxable income through investments made under section
80C & 80CCC of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

The below mentioned investments are eligible for deductions u/s 80C & 80CCC:

Investment Type Description Documents Required (to Eligible for future

be uploaded) dated investment
Public Provident Public Provident Fund is govt. - Copy of Passbook or Not eligible
Fund backed, long term saving challan duly
(PPF) scheme with a minimum acknowledged
deposit of Rs. 500/- & - Deposit receipt is in the
maximum of 150,000/- in a name of spouse then
financial year. declaration from
employee (Annexure - X)
National Saving NSCs can be bought from - NSC Certificate Not eligible
Certificate (NSC) designated post offices and
come with a lock-in period of
5 / 10 years.
Sukanya Deposits in this scheme should - Passbook copy / Not eligible
Samriddhi Yojna be made for a girl child by the Deposit Receipt
(SSY) parent or guardian.
Tax Saving Tax-saving FDs from banks - Certificate of FD / Not eligible
Fixed Deposits are special type of fixed Deposit Receipt showing
(for 5 years) deposits with the tax benefit that the Investment is
u/s 80C with a lock-in period of valid under 80C
5 years.
Life Insurance The premium paid for life - Receipts/ premium paid *Yes, Annexure - IV
Premium insurance in the name of the statement from guideline
taxpayer or the taxpayer’s along with copy of
spouse and children is eligible the last premium
tax-saving payment. paid receipt.
Pension Plans / The section provides tax - Premium paid *Yes, Annexure - II
Contr. to certain deduction on expenses certificate from guideline
pension funds incurred in buying a new policy along with copy of
(80CCC) or continuing an existing policy the last premium
that pays pension or a paid receipt.
periodical annuity.
Tax Saving Mutual These are the savings - SIP statement, showing *Yes, Annexure - V
Funds schemes that generally have a that the mutual fund from guideline
(ELSS) lock in period of 3 years but investment is valid under along with copy of
can be held even after the 80C the last payment
completion of 3 years. made receipt.
Unit Linked It is a Life Insurance Policy - Receipts/ premium paid *Yes, Annexure - IV
Insurance Plans which provides both risk cover statement from guideline
(ULIP) and investment. along with copy of
ULIP must be kept in force for the last premium
5 years for claim deduction. paid receipt.
Principal Payment The principal repayment on the - Interest certificate/ Not eligible
on Home Loan loan taken for either to buy a Provisional interest
home or to build a residential certificate
property qualifies for tax - Declaration in case of
deduction u/s 80C. co-applicant (Annexure -
Stamp duty & Expenses incurred on stamp - Receipt of Stamp Duty Not eligible
registration cost of duty and registration charges & Registration
the House for purchase of house property. - Declaration in case of
co-applicant (Annexure
Tuition fee for 2 The fee can be paid to any - Fees paid receipts Not eligible
Children school, college, university or
educational institute situated in
India. The fees must be for a
full-time course only. The
development fee/capitation fee
is not included under this