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Risk Assessment Form – Part A Blank Template

Reference: [enter reference number]] Sign-off status [planning/approved etc]

Assessment summary details

Assessment title 1.7 Million

(Simple name for reference

Division: Department: Media

Series/ Prod/Unit: G324 coursework Programme/Area: Media Department

Responsible Mr Sheppard Contact office: Media


Address/Tel: The Netherhall School and Address/Tel:

Sixth Form Centre 01223 242931
Queen Edith’s Way CB1 8NN

Date assessment created 17/11/17 Confidential risk NO


Assessment Outline Create a 5 minute short thriller film

(Summary of what is

Assessment start 17/11/17 Review / End date 22/11/17


Country location Cambridgeshire, England Hostile / travel No

Location details 50 Station Rd, Foxton, NB: If the country location selected is ‘Hostile’ you are
Cambs, CB22 6SA required to: complete the BBC Overseas High Risk
Assessment Form
High Street, Foxton, Cambs,
CB22 6RP

Crew / team Mr Sheppard - Supervisor

(Roles, responsibilities, Gayshini Kebla - Director/Producer

competencies) Charlie Rhodes - Cinematographer
Harry Pugh - Sound/Lighting
Imogen Done - Editor/Runner
Adrian Annis, Sarah Dorset, James Amey, Grace Viccary - Actors

Attachments N/A
(Detail supporting

Assessor(s) Imogen Done Assessor safety Yes

(Person drafting risk competence

Authoriser(s) Mr Sheppard Date signed-off *

(Person responsible for

(Who gets a copy of the Data Protection Act: Personal information collected for the purposes of risk assessment will be used to identify those at risk, and
those involved in controlling risk, from this or similar activities and to fulfil the BBC's obligations under Health and Safety policy and
assessment) legislation. It will be retained for up to 6 years after the expiry of the activity. It may be shared with other organisations, including
our agents and contractors, with whom the risk or the control of risk is shared.

Activity and Hazard Summary [This is a summary of the activities listed in part B of the risk assessment.]

Activity Who Exposed Hazards{hazard titles Activity Risk Rating

Filming a 5 minute thriller film

Comments log

Who by Date / time Comments Assessor response Date/ time

received responded
Risk Assessment Form – Part B Blank Template

6Reference: [enter reference number]] Sign-off status [planning/approved etc]

ACTIVITIES: What are you doing, where, for how long and who will be HAZARDS & CONTROLS: How could someone become hurt or made ill and
involved? Complete the fields in the form below). how are you going to prevent this from happening?

Activity Title: Filming a 5 minute thriller film

Activity Description: A man photographs a wedding which ends in the father of the bride’s death. Using the photographs, he attempts to find the killer.

List those managing Brendan Sheppard - Supervisor

this Activity and their Gayshini Kebla - Director/Producer
competence: Charlie Rhodes - Cinematographer
Harry Pugh - Sound/Lighting
Imogen Done - Editor/Runner

Who & how many are 9

at risk from this

Hazards Control measures

How could someone become hurt or made ill How are you going to prevent this from happening?
Lighting - Could fall Stand lights correctly on tripods, use markers to prevent people bumping into it
- Could burn someone Use markers to keep people at a safe distance, leave the light before trying to pack it away
- Fire hazard
Follow the 1m below the ceiling rule and ensure lights aren’t left on unnecessarily
- Can blind someone
Warn actors and crew before turning the lights on

Equipment - People can bump into the equipment or trip over Ensure all actors and crew know where equipment and cables are/will be while shooting
loose wires and cables
Set - Crew could be injured while redressing the set Make sure crew know about manual handling hazards
- Drape required for photoshoot could be tripped over Warn cast/crew about loose edges

Location - dog - allergy Kept in another room/off set on day and warn cast and crew beforehand

Risk Level: After your controls have been applied what is your assessment of the risk level of this activity? Low