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Exam strategies 3
Functions Bank 6
Unit 1 It's me! 8
Unit 2 On our way 14
Self-Assessment Test 1 Units 1-2 21
Unit 3 Growing up 23
Unit 4 Create and inspire 29
Self-Assessment Test 2 Units 3-4 36
Unit 5 A place called home 38
Unit 6 Good food! 44
Self-Assessment Test 3 Units 5-6 51
Unit 7 Looking ahead 53
Unit 8 Jobseekers 59
Self-Assessment Test 4 Units 7-8 66
Unit 9 Friends and family 68
Unit 10 What's on? 74
Self-Assessment Test 5 Units 9-10 81
Unit 11 It's criminal! 83
Unit 12 Fit and well 89
Self-Assessment Test 6 Units 11-12 96
Exam Vocabulary 98
Exam Vocabulary Practice 110
Exam Vocabulary Practice Key 122
Self-Assessment Tests Key 123
Self-Assessments Tests Tapescripts 124
Functions Bank
, Cl)
Expressing interest (Unit 1)
A: I can swim.
I was in my first year of secondary school.
This happened just before Christmas last year.
I was visiting ...
12 B: Can you?
Use linking words to talk about each stage of the story.
IQ A: She is hard-working. FirstfThenl After a while/Next/Finally
11- B: Is she?
Use the Past Continuous when two actions happened at
1(.) the same time.
,2 A: He's got a car.
While I was leaving the house, I suddenly remembered
B: Has he?

that ....
As I was watching (the show), I realised ....
Say how you felt.
Great!/Wow!/Cool! I was surpprised/amazed/pleased/excited/fed up/ .. ..
How interesting!
That sounds brilliant/great/cool! Find a good way to finish your story.
That's brilliant/great/cool! I'll never forget that day.
It was the best day of my life .
. .. changed my life.
Suggestions (Unit 2)
Making suggestions Describing photos (Unit 5)
Let's go to ... , let's dance .. .,
Do you fancy (going) ... ? Start by saying what the photo shows in general.
How about (visiting) .. .? The photo shows a . .. .
We could (go) ... Describe where the things are.
Agreeing to a suggestion In the background/middle/foreground
(That's a) good idea. At the bottom/top
(That) sounds good! On the right/left
Yes./Sure.lWhy not? Use the Present Continuous to describe what the people
(That's) fine with me! are doing.
Rejecting a suggestion She's wearing ... and she's walking.
I'm sorry but: Make a guess.
• it isn't really my cup of tea.
It might be somewhere in ., ..
• I'm not mad about .. .
There might be .. , in the background.
• I'm not keen on '"
Why don't we .. , instead? Perhaps they're coming back from .. , .
She looks like a ....
It's probably a great place to live.
Permission (Unit 3) Say how you feel about the photo.
Question It looks/seems quite attractive/horrible/relaxed.
Can I borrow your ... ?
Is it OK if I open the window?
Do you mind if I turn the TV off? Complaints and apologies (Unit 6)
Yes Complaints
Excuse me,/I'm sorry but
Yes, of course.
Sure, no problem. • it's very/too ... .
No, please do.!No, I don't. • it isn't ... enough.!lt isn't very ... .
• it isn't working properly.
No+ reason • there's a mistake (in the bill/order).
Sorry, you can't. I'm using it. • you forgot to ... .
I'm afraid not. It's not allowed. Apologies
I'm afraid I do. It's a bit COld.
Yes, I do. I'm watching it. I'm really sorry about that.
I'/m (really) sorry, '"
I didn't mean to " .
Recounting a past event (Unit 4) It was an accident.
I completely forgot.
Say when the story happened. It was rather stupid of me.
It happened a few years ago. I didn't realise.
It was in (+ year). I .,. by mistake.
I was about . .. years old.
Probability (Unit 7) Hesitation Z
Well, you see, the thing is .. .
Very likely CC
Computers will definitely/certainly be cheaper in the future.
I'm not sure really.
Let me think ... aa
Likely POlitely interrupting en
Mobile phones will probably be cheaper in the future. z
That's very/really interesting, but ...
Possible That's true, but ... Q
Perhaps air travel will be cheaper in the future. I'd just like to say ...
nis possible that air travel will be cheaper in the future. Excuse me, can I just say ...
Air travel may/might be cheaper in the future.
Cars probably won't be cheaper in the future.
Expressing feelings (Unit 11)
Shock and surprise
Very unlikely No way!
Petrol definitely/certainly won't be cheaper in the future. I don't believe it!
You're kidding!
Really? It can't be true!
Taking and leaving phone messages I don't know what to say!
(Unit 8) I'm (so) shocked!
A: Hello? Fear
B: Hello. Can/Could I speak to X, please? I'm so worried!
A: I'msorry. He/She isn't here. I'm so scared!
A: Can I take a message? I'm terrified!
B: No, it's OK thanks. I'll call back later. I've never been so frightened in my life!
Yes, please. Can/Could you tell him/her that (name)
phoned and (message) ... ? Giving reassurance
Can you ask him/her to (phone me back)? Cheer up!
A: OK. I'll tell him/her. Goodbye. It's not the end of the world.
Everything will be all right/OK.
(I'm sure) there's nothing to worry about!
Expressing opinion (Unit 9) There's probably a simple explanation.
Personally I think ...
In my opinion, .. . Asking for explanations
If you ask me .. . What's wrong?
What's the matter?
Agreeing What's happened?
I totally agree.
That's agood point. Telling someone not to worry
That's right. Don't be silly/scared!
Don't worry/panic!
Disagreeing Take it easy!
(weak) That's true, but ...
I see what you mean, but .. .
(strong) I'm sorry, I totally disagree. Advice (Unit 12)
Oh, come on! You can't be serious!
Asking for advice
Asking for opinions What should I do?
Do you agree? Could you give me some advice?
Don't you think ... ? Have you got any ideas about how to [+ infinitive] ... ?
What do you think? Have you got any tips on how to ... ?
Giving advice
Conversations (Unit 10) If I were you, I'd ....
I (don't) think you should .. . .
Asking for explanation (I think) it's/it isn't a good idea to ... .
I'mnot sure I understand. What do you mean? It's better (not) to ... .
What do you mean by ... ? Why don't you [+ infinitive]?
Asking for repetition
I'm sorry, I didn't catch what you said. Could you say it
again, please?
Could you repeat that, please?


It's me!
! Present Simple
I Affirmative Negative
Spelling for third person
• For most verbs, add s:

i IlWe/YoufThey speak English. do not (don't)

------C----<---'----'------1!-----'---'---.....-: speak English.
He/She/It speaks English. does not (doesn't)
I smile - she smiles
• After -s, -x, -Z, -ch, -sh, go and do,
YeslNo questions Short answers add es:
we watch - he watches
Do I/we/you/they i Yes, I/we/you/they do. they go - it goes
- o-oe-s- -h-e-/s-'h'-
e/-it--'--' speak English?
No, he/she/it does not (doesn't). • After consonant + y, change y to i,
add es:
We use the Present Simple for:
you fly - it flies
• facts which are always true: The sun rises in the east.
• routines and habits: I often walk to school. • After vowel + y, add s:
we play - she plays
Adverbs, e.g. always, sometimes, often, never show the frequency of an activity.
• Remember have becomes has.

Present Continuous
Affirmative Negative Spelling
I am ('m) am not (, m not) • After most verbs, add -ing:
We/YoufThey are ('re) are not (aren't) eating dinner now. go - going, sleep - sleeping
He/She/It is ('s) is not (isn't) • After one vowel + one consonant,
double the consonant and add -ing:
YeslNo questions Short answers sit - sifting

Yes, I am. • Verbs ending with consonant + e,
No, I am (,m) not. remove the e and add -ing:
Yes, we/you/they are. leave - leaving
Are we/you/they eating dinner now?
No, we/you/they are not (aren't). • Verbs ending with ie, change ie to y
Yes, he/she/it is. and add -ing, e.g.
Is he/she/it die- dying
No, he/she/it is not (isn't).

We use the Present Continuous for:

• temporary situations: I'm working in Paris at the moment
• changing situations: My English is getting better.
• things which are happening now: I'm reading a book.
Time expressions like now, these days, at the moment show the activity is happening now or around now.

1 Choose the correct answer: a, b or c.

We hard at the moment. 4 _ they _ in that big house? Yes, they do.
@are working b work c works a Are / living b Do / live c Does / live
1 My mother usually _ in the morning. 5 I to school this week.
a is working b work c works a 'm not going b don't go c doesn't go
2 I _ a lot of science fiction this year. 6 It's very late. _ tired?
a read b reading c 'm reading a Do you get b Are you getting c Do you getting
3 We _ more time in the library this term. 7 They always _ to the cinema on Saturday.
a 're spending b spend c 's spending a go b goes c 're going

2 Complete the sentences with the correct form of 5 There are five more sentences with grammar
the verbs in brackets. mistakes. Find and correct them.
Om cat always sleeps in the kitchen. (sleep) We study for our exams at the moment. ~
My sister the piano a 'lot these We are studyinca for our exams at the
days. (play) moment.
2 My brother his car on Sundays. 1 Do you like Arsenal or Manchester United?
(not wash) 2 It always is getting dark at night.
3 I watch football on TV but I to 3 Please be quiet. I listen to the news.
matches. (not go) 4 My sister never is reading science fiction.
4 Our neighbour to work this week. 5 Do you sometimes walking to school?
His car is at the garage. (not drive) 6 More girls are playing football these days.
5 These days, my three-year-old sister 7 My uncle regularly speaks French for his job.
_ _ _ very talkative. (get)
8 My aunt stays with us this week.
6 We often our homework in the
library after school. (do) 9 My cousins visit us every summer.
7I today because I'm ill.
(not get up)
8 you _ _ _ _ a good book at the
moment? (read)
9 she usually _ _ _ _ the bus
to work? (get)

3 Put the words in the correct order to make sentences.

6 Complete the text with the correct form of the
1 do / live? / you / Where verbs in brackets. Use the Present Simple or the
Present Continuous.
2 does / football / she / team / support? / Which

3 studying / they / are / this year? / What

4 nationality? / is / What / her

5 send / he / lots / of / texts? / Does

6 1/ annoying / Am / you?

.. Complete the email with the correct form of the verbs

in the box.
be do (x2) not live not spend send
stay visit work (x2) wffi€ Parents and teachers often ~ (say) that
young people 1 (not read) enough.
2 (be) this true? These days, children
x and teenagers 3 (read) lots of books
by authors like Stephenie Meyer, JK Rowling
and Philip Pullman.
Hi Sally! Ben, a teenager, says, 'I 4 (read) a
Thanks for your email! I ' m writinca this on Oanny's laptop great book at the moment. It 5 (be) by
because he isn't here this week. a crime writer called Henning Mankel.' His friend
Here's all the family news: Sam adds, 'My favourite books 6 (be)
Danny 1 with our grandparents this week. He often by fantasy writers. 1 7 (read) lots of
2 them because he loves Grandma's food and she Stephenie Meyer and Philip Pullman but I never
usually 3 his homework! I 4 a lot of time 8 (buy) books, 1 9 (get) them
with them at the moment because I 5 exams this term . from the library.' Sam's sister says, 'My parents
Mum 6 busy - she always 7 very hard. usually 10 (give) me books for my
Dad 8 at home this year - he 9 in birthday and this year, I 11 (read) lots
New York. He always 10 lots of texts and emails when of short stories.'
he's not at home so we know all his news. Librarians say, 'It's great. These days, more and
Write soon, more young people 12 (use) libraries.
Love, Carrie They usually 13 (start) with JK Rowling's
books when they are nine or ten years old but
then they 14 (try) different authors.' 9
I'm studying engineering in
Rome for nine months. I'm
having a fantastic time: I'm
learning Italian, continuing my
engineering studies and
making new friends. There are
Italian, French, Spanish , Polish
and Swedish nationals on my
course and everyone is friendly.
I'm studying in Leeds and it's
a brilliant experience! I'm
ERASMUS is the European lucky because I'm bilingual in
Union 's education programme for * is fun and a great thing to have Spanish and English so I
don't have any language
university students. It helps students on your CV
from more than thirty European * helps you become more problems. Leeds is a
cosmopolitan city but
countries to study at foreign confident and independent
universities. * teaches you about life - and some foreign students can't
understand the local accentl
Students live and study abroad for
* improves your language skills
between three months and a year.
The time is part of their ~ course,
* introduces you to people from To find out more, visit the international student office
different countries (10% of students at your home university or you can find information
it isn't a gap year.
meet their lifelong on the Internet.

READING 4: Complete the sentences with five of the words from

Exercise 3.
1 .ut Read the webpage quickly. Choose the main 1 When you write your , try to get
idea. all the information on two pages.
1 Global education 2 Most young people want to be of
2 Studying in Europe their parents before they are twenty-five.
3 International student exchanges 3 Successful people are usually _ _ __
4 There is a government to make
2 Match the headings A-E with the sections 1-4. public transport better.
There is one extra heading. 5 London is a very city. You can see
A Do you want to find out more? people from all over the world there .
B How much does it cost?
C What is ERASMUS?
S Read the webpage again. Are the statements true m,
false (F) or is there no information (NI)?
o What's it like studying abroad?
E Why take part? 1 Australian and Canadian students
can study with the prograrrune. 0
3 Complete the definitions with the correct underlined 2 ERASMUS students are on a
words from the webpage. working holiday. 0
3 Doing ERASMUS can help you get a job. 0
1 _ _ _ _ Cn) what you study for at
a university 4 ERASMUS students work harder than
other students. 0
2 _ _ _ _ Cadj) [a place] with people from
many parts of the world 5 Danielle is having a good time in Italy. 0
3 _ _ _ _ Cadj) believing you can do 6 Pablo went to Leeds because he can
things well speak English. 0
4 _ _ _ _ Cn) a set of planned actions 7 There aren't a lot of foreigners in Leeds. 0
and activities 8 To get information about ERASMUS
5 _ _ _ _ Cn) a list of your education and students must write to the foreign
work experience university. 0
6 _ _ _ _ Cadj) believing you can do things
without needing help
7 _ _ _ _ Cn) a one-year holiday from
10 studying
It's me !

GRAMMAR 2 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the

verbs in brackets.

State and action verbs My teacher wants (want) me to work harder.

1 I (not like) soul music. Can we
Most verbs refer to actions or processes. We can use listen to rock instead?
them in the simple and continuous form. 2 I can't talk now. I _ _ _ _ (make) dinner.
I often work on Saturdays but I'm not working today. 3 This coffee (taste) great.
Some verbs refer to states. We use these verbs only in 4 Look! Julia (run) for the bus!
the simple form. For example: 5 you (promise) to be
home at 10.30?
Senses (often with can)
feel I feel cold. 3 Complete the conversation with the correct form of
hear I can hear the main road from my flat. the verbs in the box.
smell Can you smell petrol?
see I can't see the river from my house.
taste Does this milk taste bad?
agree I agree with you.
believe We believe the world is round.
forget I always forget his name.
know We know London very well.
promise I promise to write to you.
remember I remember my grandfather very clearly.
think She thinks her answers are right.
understand He doesn 't understand German.
hate I hate working on Saturday.
like They like chocolate cake.
love He loves crime novels.
prefer She prefers jazz to soul music.
need We need a holiday.
want I want a cup of coffee.

1 Read the short conversations and choose the feel know look HeeEl not forget read
correct forms. not like not understand prefer want
A(Can you seeVAre you seeing the children?
Rose What are you looking for?
BNo, but I can hear / I'm hearing them.
Alex I need something to read on the train.
They play / They're playing in the garden.
Rose What about that detective story? It
2 AI look / I'm looking for a CD for my _ _ _ _ interesting.
grandfather. Alex No, 12_ _ _ _ detective stories.
BWhat sort of music does he like? I3 science fiction. What
AI think / I'm thinking he likes jazz and rock. about you?
3 ADo you know / Are you knowing Tom and Rose I don't like science fiction - I
his sister? _ _ _ _ it! 5 you
BI know / I'm knowing Tom but _ _ _ _ this crime author, Robert
I don't remember / I'm not remembering B Parker?
his sister. Alex No, I don't. Ask the assistant about him.
Rose Excuse me. Is Robert B Parker a good
4 AI don't believe / I'm not believing the
world's climate is changing.
Assistant Yes, he's brilliant! 1 6 one of
BI don't understand / I'm not understanding
his books at the moment.
you! The polar ice caps melt / are melting!
Rose That sounds good!
5 ADo you enjoy / Are you enjoying your meal? Assistant 7 you the book?
BYes, thank you. I love / I'm loving pasta. Rose Yes, please. And a bottle of water -
And I like / I am liking pizza too. 18 thirsty.
Assistant OK, that's £7.50.
Rose Thank you. Goodbye.
Assistant 9 your bag!
1 . . Read the conversation. Write the echo Identity Countries and nationalities
questions. Then listen to check. belong to Brazil
bilingual Scotland
Helen What do you do, Ed? border (n) Scottish
Ed I work for a travel company. foreign Sweden
Helen I ? That sounds great. Do you hometown Swedish
like travelling? international
Ed Yes, I love it. What sort of holidays do nation Types of books
national anthem classic novels
you enjoy?
nationality crime
Helen I love cycling holidays. I'm a very fantasy
enthusiastic cyclist. horror
Ed 2 ? How far do you go? Personality adjectives science fiction
Helen Usually no more than fifty miles. The big-headed short stories
countryside near my home is beautiful. boring
bossy Types of music
Ed 3 ? It sounds great. I've got a
caring classical
bike too. folk
Helen 4 ? Let's meet up one weekend. hip-hop
Ed That sounds good but I always work on confident indie
Saturday. friendly jazz
Helen 5_ _ _ _ ? I can go next Sunday. funny metal
Ed 6 ? Great! Let's meet up. generous pop
hard-working reggae
helpful rock
laid-back soul
lazy techno
Free time
chat online
dance (v)
do puzzles
draw (v)
go to the gym
keep fit
make clothes
paint (v)
play board/computer/
role games
play/listen to music
play sports
2 Choose the best expression for an interested answer. read
1 AI've won €l,OOO,OOO! selfish
B What an interesting thing to do! / Wow' / serious Other
Are you? shy brilliant
stupid bring together
2 AI don't think my boss likes me. talkative chef
B Really? Why do you think that? / tolerant difference
Brilliant. I like her too. / do well (at school)
That sounds cool. What's your job? Time expressions
3 AWe can meet outside the cinema. get on (with)
at the moment
B Can you? / That sounds good. 7.30? / get to know
How interesting! sense of humour
4 AI'm getting tickets for the concert. Do you nowadays
take part in
want to come? often
BAm I? / Really? / I'd love to. rarely
5 A It's my birthday today! sometimes
B What an interesting thing to do. / these days
That 's brilliant.' Thanks. / this term/year
Is it? Congratulations! usually

VOCABULARY " Complete the sentences with the correct words. The number of letters is
1 Complete the adjectives. 1 My mum speaks fluent English and French - she's (9) .
Noun Adjective 2 Our home is in a quiet (13) outside the city. I like it
1 cleverness because I know everyone.
2 generosity 3 I live in Britain but my (11) isn't British; I'm Spanish.
3 laziness 4 At the start of an international football match, the teams sing
4 modesty their (8, 6) .
5 passion 5 My grandfather speaks two languages because he lives very
6 politeness near the (6) between France and Germany.
7 romance
8 selfishness 5 Choose the correct personality words.
9 shyness 1 Ella's got a fantastic sense of humour - she's very _ .
10 stupidity a tolerant b serious c funny d caring

2 Complete the advertisements with

2 Ana is very _ . She never pays for anything!
five of the words from Exercise 1. a mean b loud c cheerful d proud
3 Mario is too in class so his marks are bad.
**AreDo youyouhate
meeting new people?
a hard-working b helpful c talkative d clever
4 My best friend is very _ . She never worries about anything.
*Youour self-help
can stop your

books and CDs.

with a bossy b laid-back c boring d lively
5 You must stop being _ and think about other people!
a confident b friendly c serious d selfish
6 Tomas is very _ about the future. He doesn't think he'll pass
his exams or get a job.
a optimistic b outgoing c pessimistic d reserved

Extend your vocabulary

1 Study the verbs and the examples. Then complete the sentences with the
correct form of the verbs.

exercise do an action or activity puzzles

a meal

clothes make something furniture

3 Choose the music words.
classic novel 0 basketball play a game or sport cards
classical 0
crime 0
fantasy 0 1 Close the door. We a surprise birthday cake for Mum.
folk 0 2 Don't speak to us! We chess.
hip-hop 0
horror 3 I a dance class on Thursday evenings.
jazz 0 4 My brother and I board games because we
pop 0 always argue.
reggae 0 5 I like working with my hands so I often presents for
rock 0 my family.
science fiction 0 6 Can you help me, please? I a difficult crossword.
soul 0
techno 0
On our way

Present Continuous for future arrangements

I am (,m)
am not (' m not)
WelYoulThey are ('re) are not (aren't) ~ driving to Paris tomorrow.
He/She/It is ('s) is not (isn't)
Yes/No questions Short answers
Yes, I am.
No, I am (,m) not.
Yes, we/you/they are.
Are we/you/they driving to Paris tomorrow?
No, we/you/they are not (aren't).
Yes, he/she/it is.
Is he/she/it
No, he/she/it is not (isn't).

We use the Present Continuous for definite arrangements and plans in the future.
I'm seeing my friends tomorrow.
Time expressions, e.g. soon, tomorrow, later, next week/month/year, on Monday, etc. show the activity is in the future.
Wh- questions
What am I studying next year?
How is he travelling to Greece?
Where are we meeting on Thursday?

be going to for future intentions

Affirmative Negative I
I am Cm) am not Cm not) ;

WelYoulThey are ('re) are not (aren't) : going to : buy a rucksack.

He/She/It is ('s) is not (isn 't)
Yes/No questions Short answers
Yes, I am.
No, I am ('m) not.
Yes, we/you/they are.
Are we/you/they going to buy a rucksack?
No, we/you/they are not (aren't).
Yes, he/she/it is.
Is he/she/it
No, he/she/it is not (isn't).

We use be going to + infinitive for:

• future intentions: They're going to get married.
• ambitions: I'm going to buy a motorbike when I'm twenty.
• unfinalised plans: I think I'm going to relax at the weekend.
Wh- questions
What am I going to do?
Where are you going to stay?
Who are they going to see?

1 Complete the text. Use going to and the verbs in 4: Choose the correct answers.
1 I think I 'm not buying / 'm not going to buy
Next year, I 'm caoinca to visit (visit) a tent. I can probably borrow one.
my French penfriend. I think I 1 _ _ _ __ 2 Run! The train 's leaving / 's going to leave in
(travel) from London to Paris by train. My two minutes!
friend Madeleine 2 (find) a 3 I know your holiday starts tomorrow but where
hostel in Paris for two nights and I are youfiying / are you going tofiy from?
3 (do) some sightseeing. After 4 When my brother leaves school he's working /
that, 14 (catch) the train to the 's going to work abroad.
south coast. My penfriend 5 _ _ _ __
5 I can't see you tomorrow afternoon. I 'm taking /
(meet) me at the station and then we
'm going to take my driving test.
6 (drive) to his home. I'm a bit
nervous because I 7 (not speak) 6 Ryan and Dan are starting / are going to start
English for two weeks! their gap year tomorrow. They 're catching /
're going to catch the airport bus at 5.30 a.m.!
2 Complete the short conversations. Use going to and 7 I'm not reading / going to read any books when
the words in brackets. I finish my exams!
AI'm going to have a big party when I'm 8 'Are you travelling / Are you going to travel
eighteen. when you grow up?' 'Yes, I hope so.'
B Who are you caoinca to invite? 5 Complete the conversations. Use going to or the Present
(Who / invite) Continuous form of the verbs in brackets.
A Erik's got a lot of money.
B with it? (What / do)
Jack Hi, Ava! What's up?
2 AMy parents are planning to go to Spain.
Ava Nothing new. What about you?
B there? (How / get)
Jack I'm getting ready for my trip. We 1_ _
3 A Helena's going to speak to a travel agent (leave) for France tomorrow afternoon.
Ava Lucky you! Who 2_ _ (go) with?
B them? (What / ask)
Jack A group of friends from school. I hope
4 AJake and I don't have time to get our we 3_ _ (not argue)!
tickets today.
B them? (When / get)
5 A The plane's going to land in Lisbon on the
way to Madeira. Bill What's wrong, David?
B there? (How long / stay) Dave My exam results are really bad this year.
14_ _ (study) more next year.
3 Complete the conversation. Use the Present Bill Good idea. I 5_ _ (go) to my study group
Continuous of the verbs in brackets. this evening. Do you want to come with me?
Dan Do you fancy lunch on Friday?
Ryan I'm afraid I can't. I 'm havinca (have) C
lunch with my girlfriend. We I _ _ Liam Hi, John! Do you want to come to the match
(meet) at the new cafe in town. with us this evening? We 6_ _ (meet)
Dan What about dinner? outside the stadium at five o'clock.
Ryan No, sorry, I'm busy in the evening. John Oh no, I can't! 17_ _ (see) Nina at five
12 _ _ (play) football. thirty.
Dan 3 _ _ you _ _ (do) anything on
Saturday? 0
Ryan In the morning I 4 _ _ (see) my Jo Do you know what you 8_ _ (do) when you
cousins but I 5 _ _ (not do) anything finish school?
in the afternoon. Kate I think P _ _ (live) in France for a year.
Dan OK. Jon and I 6 _ _ (go) to the Jo Do you speak French?
cinema. Do you want to come with us? Kate No, I don't! But 1 10_ _ (start) French
Ryan What time 7 _ _ you _ _ (meet)? evening classes next week.
Dan We 8 _ _ (meet) outside the cinema at
two o'clock.
Ryan Great - see you there!

This is an international voluntary camp for young people aged
14-18. Local Russian-speaking teenagers also attend the camp .
The main work is to restore old farm buildings in the area. 1 _ _
The camp languages are Russian and English. This is an opportunity
to learn about the history of the area and make new friends .
Accommodation is in a small tourist village with lots of sports
facilities .
For more information contact Tom Jenkins

For this job you must enjoy working with children and speak good
German . The work includes planning games and other activities for
the children. Volunteers also cook lunch for the children every day.
Accommodation is in a youth hostel. There are two with shared
bedrooms (one for men and one for women) , two bathrooms,
a kitchen and a games room . 2 _ _
For more information contact Stefen Schmidt
Stefenschmidt@summercamp .org

A French environmental charity is looking for volunteers to work in

central France. This year the volunteers are going to remove rubbish
from the Seoule River. 3
Accommodation is in tents at a local campsite. There is a free bus
between the campsite and the river.
For more information contact Celine Debaene
c.debaene@ourworld .org

1 Read the text and match the people (1-4) 2 . . Match sentences A, B, C or D with gaps 1, 2 and 3. There is
with the best working holiday. There is one one extra sentence. Then listen to check.
extra person.
A The beach is five kilometres from the campsite.
1 Claire has got a German boyfriend B The work is near water so volunteers must know
but she doesn't speak German. how to swim.
2 Evan is going to be a German C Volunteers do not need to have any special skills or
teacher and he likes working with experience.
children. D Volunteers eat lunch with the children but must
3 Greg loves history. Next year, he's cook breakfast and dinner for themselves.
going to study Russian language
and history at London University. 3 Are the statements true (T) or false (F)?
4 Olivia is going to teach German in 1 You need to know Russian or English to work at the
a university but this year she wants Estonia camp. 0
to practise speaking French.
2 The volunteers in Estonia live in tents. 0
3 The volunteers cook all the meals at the German camp. 0
Estonia 0 4 Volunteers at the German camp all have a single
Germany 0 bedroom. 0
France 0
5 This is the French charity's first camp. 0
6 Volunteers in France sleep in tents next to the river. 0

On our way

Listen and match the speakers with the holiday 1 . . Match the replies A-E with the suggestions
plans (A-E). There is one extra plan. 1-4. There is one extra reply. Then listen to check.
How about visiting the thirteenth century
cathedral tomorrow? D
2 Let's go to the concert hall. D
3 Do you fancy staying in a youth hostel or
taking a tent? D
4 We could visit the mountains next summer. D

A Camping's fine with me.

B I'm sorry but climbing isn't really my cup of
tea. Why don't we go to the beach instead?
C I'm sorry but I'm not mad about shopping.
o I'm sorry, I'm not keen on old buildings.
E Yes, sure. Why not? I love music.

2 . . Complete the dialogue with the phrases in the

box. Then listen to check.

1 Martha go to the cinema fine with me

0 A is cycling from Scotland
my cup of tea not to the museum
to the south coast of
England. do you fancy Why not?
2 Peter 0 B is going away to relax. A Do you fancy going to the art gallery?
3 Ruth 0 C is going to an unusual B I'm sorry but art isn't really 1 _ _ •
place and is worried. A How about 2 ?
4 Oliver 0 0 is planning to do some B Hmm, I'd prefer 3 _ _ . Why don't we
sigh tseeing. 4 ? There's a new James Bond film.
E is going to do a sport. A Sure. 5 _ _ ? It starts at 7.45 so 6 _ _
Listen to the four people again. Are the having a pizza first.
statements true (T) or false (F)? B That's 7 _ _ ! I'll get my coat.

1 Martha is travelling to Switzerland. 0 3 . . Complete the conversation. Then listen to

2 Martha knows what the hotel is going to check.
look like. D A H _ _ a _ _ g _ _ camping at the
3 Peter is going to the US with his family. D weekend?
4 The concerts in Central Park are quite B I'd p _ _ n _ _ t _ _ . The weather's
expensive. D too cold. W _ _ d _ _ w _ _ go hiking
5 Peter is only going to visit one city. D but sleep at home?
6 Ruth is going to Cornwall alone. D A Th _ _ ag _ _ i _ _ .
7 Ruth is going to jump sixteen metres over B W _ _ c _ _ take the bus from the city
the sea. D centre then walk.
8 Ruth is staying in a tent. D A I'll bring a picnic!
9 Oliver's cousin is driving him to the Lake B Th _ _ s _ _ g _ _ ! See you on
District. D Saturday.
10 Oliver isn't going walking or climbing. D
11 Oliver's going to have a very busy holiday. D

Travel shampoo 1 Complete the table.
airport sleeping bag
by plane/train/coach suitcase Noun Adjective
cancelled suntan lotion 1 coastal
catch a train/plane tent
come home 2 convenience
country towel
3 distant
delayed (for) waterproof jacket 4 frustration
distance 5 informative
ferry Tourist destinationsl 6 stimulation
flight attractions 7 stress
fly art gallery
8 tiredness
holiday brochure beach
land (v) cathedral 2 Complete the sentences with some of the words from
leave for (the station/airport) cinema Exercise 1.
lost property office city centre
motorbike club Nice, Naples and Barcelona are all coastal
on foot coast cities next to the Mediterranean Sea.
pack (v) concert hall 1 I arrived at the bus stop thirty seconds after
platform exhibition the coach left. It was very _ _ !
(rail) pass hill 2 Our guide on the museum tour was very
rail timetable lake . We all learned a lot from her.
stay (at a youth hostel/with mountain 3 'Could you tell me the _ _ from Budapest to
a friend) museum Pecs, please?' 'About 170 kilometres.'
ticket shopping centre
4 Let's drive to the cinema. There's a _ _ car
travel to stadium
park in the same shopping centre.
travel agent's theatre
trip tourist information office 5 I think travelling is fun and stimulating.
visit (v)
However, some people hate it. They say it is
Other and
Holiday accommodation at the last minute
campsite babysit 3 Label the types of accommodation.
double room (breakfast) included
guest house celebrate a birthday
hotel convenient
reservation crowded
youth hostel fortnight
Leisure activities inconvenient
camping information
climbing look forward to
clubbing peace and quiet
cycling pop in
fishing poster
hiking practise sb's French/English
sailing pass the time
sightseeing queue (n, v)
skiing relax
snorkelling relaxing
sunbathing stimulating
visiting museums stressful
take photos
Holiday equipment tiring
adaptor plug
under (+ age)
anti-sickness tablets
battery charger
camera 3 _ _ __ 4 _ _ __
money belt
playing cards
On our way ~
4 Complete the sentences with the words in the box. There 6 Write in, at, by, to or for. One sentence doesn't need
are four extra words. a preposition.
travel charger bag suntan jacket battery 1 Let's meet the tourist information
~ belt playing sleeping brochure office.
money cards ~ waterproof lotion 2 Our train's at 3.00 so we're leaving ___ the
station at 2.00.
I can't use my laptop because I haven't got my
3 The coach arrived ___ the art gallery before
adaptor ~.
it opened.
I'm bored! Let's do something. Have you got 4 He wants to travel India and see the
any _ _ _ _ ?
Taj Mahal.
2 It's very hot today so use lots of ______ . 5 We're going ___ plane to Amsterdam.
3 There are lots of thieves in this area so keep 6 You can get a rail timetable ___ the station.
your cash and credit cards safe and wear your 7 He's buying _ _ a rucksack for his holiday.
_ _ _ _ under your T-shirt.
8 We're arriving _ _ Milan at midnight.
4 I love camping but I hate carrying my tent and

5 It rains a lot in Britain so remember to put Extend your vocabulary

a _ _ _ _ in your rucksack.
1 Study the travel words below. Then complete the
5 Read and choose the correct answers. sentences with the correct words.
Last year I went on holiday with my best friend break (n) a short holiday, We're going to Barcelonafor 1
and it was terrible! I'm very organised but a week's break. )
she does everything at the last minute. I got
everything ready and l _ _ _ two days before our
holiday but when I went to her house, she was
crossing (n) a short journey on t
looking for her 2_ _ ! England to France is about' wa .er, The crossingjrom
nznety mznutes.
We 3_ _ for the airport an hour late but
fortunately bad weather 4_ _ _ our flight for two journey (n) the time spent travelling from one place to
hours. At the airport, we 5_ _ _ in the shops and another, It's a long journey jrom my home to work.
she lost her money belt.
Luckily, an honest person found it and took it to
the 6_ _ office. Then, when we arrived at our tour (n) a journey when you visit several places, We're going
on a twelve-day tour oj Canada.
guest house in Greece, she didn't have our
7 _ _ so we had to stay in a hostel. travels (n) journeys to 1 .
The next day I wanted to go sightseeing but in India and Nepal p aces WhICh are far away, his travels
my friend was only interested in 8 _ _ _ .
We agreed to spend the morning 9 _ __
trip. (n) a short journey to visit a place for pleasure or work,
and to see the cathedral and the museum
a trzp to the beach, a buszness trip to New York
in the afternoon. It was the same every day.
At the end of our lO _ _ _ , I was very happy
to II home! voyage (n) a long journey on w
We're still friends but we're never going on Atlantic Voyagejrom South ater; We're gOing on an
holiday together again! ampton to Buenos Aires.

1 a landed b packed c visited 1 The ferry _ _ from Hong Kong to Kowloon

2 a suitcase b timetable c gallery takes only five minutes.
2 She travels to work by bus, train and tube. It's
3 a left b travelled c caught along _ _ .
4 a delayed b queued c waited 3 This is a fantastic four-week coach
5 a looked forward to c passed the time along the USA's Route 66.
b left for 4 A weekend in Paris is the perfect romantic
___ for a young couple.
6 a tourist information c travel agent's
b lost property 5 Our ship is leaving Britain on 5th June for the
five week to Australia.
7 a ticket c brochure 6 Next time you go on a business ___ stay at
b reservation one of our international hotels.
8 a sunbathing c the art galleries 7 I don't want to go on a ___ because I
b visiting museums prefer staying in one place.
9 a at the art gallery C on the beach 8 They like to have lots of short _ _ instead
b at an exhibition of one long holiday.
9 How long does the ___ from New York to
10 a travel b relaxation c fortnight
San Francisco take?
11 acome b take c catch

WRITING I Formal email

1 Read the email quickly. What style is it?
formal D informal D

Volunteer work in Australia ~8

1 Subject box: Give a clear
reason for writing.
~RePIY \:,RepIY All r¥ For".rd J e §fj " I -(» '" I: ,. Foll oW' Up ~ .
I 1I
Volunteer work in Aust ralia I
2 Greeting (formal): If you
know the person's name, 4 Explain your question in
write Dear + title (MrlMrsl -
more detail. You can use
I Dear Ms Forester
Ms) + name. You don't indirect questions to be
need a greeting if you don't more polite.
r l l am writing to ask about your advertisement in the
know their name.

International Student Gazette for volunteer workers .
. ~ Could you tell me where the work is in Australia and
how much flights cost? I am a student so I have an
International Student Card. I
5 Give any extra informatir
3 Tell them why you are
writing: [ am writing to 6 Remind the person politt
ask about '" / [ am - I look forward to hearing from you.
that you expect an answ€
writing to ask jor
Best wishes 'I.
information about. .
Keith Jenkins
L 7 Signature: use a polite
phrase, e.g. Best wishes '
Regards and give your
full name.

2 Read the sentences about writing emails. Are the 4: Read the advert below.
statements true (T) or false (F)?
1 Smileys and jokes aren't a good idea A summer camp in the USA is looking for students
in formal emails. D to work as sports coaches in July and August.
2 You can start a formal email with Hi ! D The work includes organising sports and outdoor activities
3 You can end a formal email with Love. for teenagers aged 13- 16.
4 You don't need to write anything in the For more information,
subject box. D contact Levi Hayes
5 Always use Dear in a formal email. D
6 You can end a formal email with Regards. D
3 Write indirect questions using the prompts. :; Write a formal email to the camp organisers. Before
you start, make notes about
1 Where is the camp?
• why you are writing
I'd like to know
• why you want to go to the camp
2 How much is a student ticket?
• two questions you want to ask
Could you tell me ?
3 What time do we start work? Write your email. Remember to use indirect questions.
I'd like _ _ __
4 Where do the sports coaches sleep?
Could you ?
5 When do we get paid, please?
Could you ?


3 Complete the text with the verbs from the box in the
VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR correct form. (6 points)
1 Choose the best word: a, b, c or d. (6 points) agree hate want remember know
She's clever and attractive but she's understand belong
so _ _ about it, nobody likes her.
Look at these old photos. Do you remember
@big-headed c modest this holiday in France?
b confident d stupid 1 Excuse me. I . Could you say it
1 My brother never thinks about other people. again, please?
He's really _ _ . 2 I this swimming pool. It's cold and
a helpful c shy dirty!
b selfish d reserved 3 That's your opinion but I'm afraid I _ __
2 I like my young cousins but they're very with you.
__ . I get really tired when I look after them. 4 Who this bag to? It's not
a friendly c popular mine.
b lively d rude 5 _ _ anybody _ _ the answer to this
3 What a nice, _ _ boy. He always says
6 He to go for a walk. It's too cold.
'please' and 'thank you'.
a romantic C polite .. Put the verbs into the correct form. (6 pOints)
b helpful d laid-back
We're ~ (go) on holiday tomorrow. I 1 _ _
4 She always gets bad marks because she's (love) the night before a holiday. We always
very _ _ .
2 _ _ (stay) up late , packing and talking.
a caring c lazy Tomorrow, we 3 _ _ (fly) to Rome at
b cheerful d hard-working 7 o'clock. It 4 _ _ (be) a great holiday - I love
5 My aunt always gives us money and nice Italy. I 5 _ _ (not speak) Italian very well but
presents. She's very _ _ . 1 6 _ _ (start) lessons next year.
a generous c proud :; Complete the questions for these answers. (6 pOints)
b lazy d bossy
What do you do?
6 My father doesn't like my clothes, my music
or my friends but my mother is more _ _ . I'm a writer.
a boring c pessimistic 1 now?
b mean d tolerant I'm writing a book about London.
2 your school?
Z Complete the sentences with one word in each gap. Yes, I remember it very well.
(6 points)
3 ~rt~~
When we go on holiday, we always take our I think I'm going to go to the US.
sleeping bags and stay in a youth hostel. 4 this evening?
They are cheap and comfortable. Yes, I'm going to Germany.
I like walking holidays. I put everything in my 5 by plane?
_ _ _ and carry it on my back. No, I'm travelling by train.
2 I love . I put sun cream on, lie on 6 German?
the beach and relax. Not really, only a few words.
3 My favourite place is Egypt. We often go
_ _ _ there. I enjoy looking at the fish
under the water.
4 Oh no! Our flight is for five hours.
What are we going to do in this airport?
5 We're going to drive to Dover, then get the
_ _ _ across the channel to France. I love
standing outside, watching England slowly
disappear behind us.
6 Our train is in five minutes. Let's wait on the

a the biggest city in England.
6 . . Listen to five people talking about their holiday b the biggest city in the Midlands.
plans. Match the speakers to the correct heading. c the biggest city in the East Midlands.
There are two extra headings. (5 pOints)
2 33% of the population are
Speaker 1 0 A A fascinating tour a from ethnic minorities.
Speaker 2 0 B On the beach b Asian.
Speaker 3 0 C Better things to do c Indian.
Speaker 4 0 0 How long to wait? 3 The comedy festival
Speaker 5 0 E Different from my friends a attracts Asian comedians.
F Out in the cold b attracts people from Africa and China.
G Ready to eat c lasts ten days.
4 The Diwali festival in Leicester
READING SKILLS a is a Hindu festival.
b is the biggest festival in England.
7 Read the article and choose the correct
answer: a, b or c. (5 points) c is a Caribbean festival.
5 Belgrave Road is famous for
a its market.
b its shops and restaurants.
c its beauty.

8 Complete the gaps with the correct echo
Questions. (5 points)
My brother is coming home from university
15 he? That's great.
1 I don't understand this exercise.
_ _ _ _ _ _ I can help you.
Leicester is the biggest city in the East Midlands and the 2 We've got a new tent.
tenth biggest city in England with a population of 280,000.
It is a historic city and dates back to Roman times. It is now _ _ _ _ _ _ What's it like?
one of the most multicultural cities in the country with 33% of 3 The hotel is right next to the beach.
the population coming from different ethnic minority groups.
The biggest group is from India but there are also Pakistani, - - - - - - Great!
Bangladeshi , Caribbean , African and Chinese communities. 4 The waitress speaks excellent English.
The Indian population is the biggest of any city in the country. _ _ _ _ _ _ That's lucky!
There is a lot going on in Leicester. Every 5 We're not going on holiday this year.
year there is a ten-day comedy festival which _ _ _ _ _ _ Why not?
attracts up to 50,000 people and features
comedians from all over the world. In July
there is a 'mela', a festival of Asian music, 9 Choose the correct words. (5 points)
dance, fashion, food and crafts. In August Could you tell me what time (our plane isy
there is a Caribbean carnival and in October
or November it is Diwali, the Hindu Festival
is our plane leaving?
of Light. Leicester's Diwali is the biggest in 1 Could you tell me how can 1/1 can get to
England. The Diwali lights are switched on the beach?
in Belgrave Road, one of the most famous
roads in Leicester because of its amazing
2 Do you know how much does the holiday cost!
Asian shops and restaurants. You can buy a sari , an Indian the holiday costs?
dress, jewellery, Asian books and 3 I'd like to know how long the journey takes /
crafts, even Asian greetings cards. does the journey take.
Many people come here to buy 4 Could you tell me what is 'pierogi' / 'pierogi'
food in the shops and the smell of .?
spices is beautiful. And, of course,
if you want to eat a delicious curry, S Do you know who this rucksack belongs /
Belgrave Road is the place to come. ~~ri!o does this rucksack belong to?
Of course, Leicester also has more
traditional shops and restaurants
and the best places are Stoneygate, an area of small shops
and galleries, and Leicester market which is 700 years old. Total )150

Growing up

Past Simple
Verb to be Regular and irregular verbs*
I/He/She/lt was late. IIY0u/He/She/ltlWeIThey smiled. (R)
WelYoulThey were happy. IIY0u/He/She/ltlWeIThey went out. (IRR)
I/He/She/lt was not (wasn't) late. IlY0u/He/ShelltlWefThey didn 't smile.
Negative WelYoulThey were not (weren't) happy. IIY0u/He/She/ltlWeIThey didn't go out.
Was I/he/she/it late? Did I/you/he/she/itlwe/they smile?
Questions Were we/you/they late? Did I/you/he/she/itlwe/they go out?
Yes, Ilhe/she/it was. Yes, I/you/he/she/itlwe/they did.
No, I/he/she/it wasn't. No, I/you/he/she/itlwe/they didn't.
Short answers
Yes, we/you/they were.
No, we/you/they weren't. *The Past Simple form is the same for all persons

We use the Past Simple to talk about things which started Spelling for regular verbs
and finished in the past, including: • For most verbs, add ed: I walk - I walked
• single events: I started school in 1993. • After -e, add d: we decide - we decided
• regular events: I walked to school every day. • After a single stressed vowel and a single consonant,
• past states: I didn't understand my teacher. double the consonant and add ed: they stop - they
• telling stories: I heard a loud noise and I got up. stopped
• After -y, change yto i, add ed: you study-you studied
We can add time expressions like yesterday, yesterday
• In British English, after an unstressed vowel + - I,
morning/afternoon/evening, last night/year/week!
double the I and add ed. I travel- I travelled.
Saturday, when I was five, ten years ago.
In American English: I travel - I trave/ed.
Past Simple Wh- questions To spell the Past Simple of irregular verbs, you have to
Where were you yesterday? learn each new one by heart. Sorry! There is a list
When did he leave school?
on page 141 of the Students' Book.
Why did they get bad marks?

1 Complete the text with the Past Simple form of the verbs in brackets.
My young cousin, Ben, 1 _ _ (start) school last year. There
2 __ (be) fifteen children in his class. In the first lesson,
the teacher 3 _ _ (read) a story. Then, the children 4 _ _
(look) at some pictures and 5 _ _ (write) the alphabet.
After the lesson, the children 6 _ _ (go) into the
playground. They 7 _ _ (wear) their coats because it was
cold. My cousin 8 _ _ (think) it 9 _ _ (be) home time.
He \0 _ _ (walk) out of the playground and 11 _ _ (look)
for his mum. My aunt 12 _ _ (not be) there so he
13 _ _ (sit) on the grass and 14 _ _ (wait) for a bus.
Luckily, he 15 _ _ (not have) any money and the bus driver
16 _ _ (take) him back to school.
That evening, his parents asked him, '17 _ _ you _ _
(leave) the playground this morning?'
'Yes, I 18 _ _ (do). How do you know?'
'Your teacher 19 _ _ (phone) us!'

2 Put the words in the correct order to make Past £i Answer the questions. Use different time expressions.
Simple questions. Then match questions with the
When did you start learning English?
short answers.
I started English lessons in 2003.
1 write I Mrs Agatha Christie I Twilight? I Did
1 When did you last go on holiday?
I in
2 live with? I did Bella I Who
2 When did you last read a n ewspaper?
I on e on
3 film? I the first I was I Twilight I When
3 When did you last clean your bedroom?
I it on
4 did / live? I Oliver Twist I Where 4 When did you last go to a friend's house?
I on
5 was I famous? I Charles Dickens I Why
5 When did you begin this exercise?
I at
6 his / live / Oliver Twist / family? / Did / with
6 What time did you get up this morning?
I at

a No, h e didn't. 0 6 Write the student reporter's questions.

b Because h e wrote books. 0
c No, she didn't. 0
d In London. 0
e In 2008. 0
f Her mother, then h er fath er. 0
3 Use the prompts to write Past Simple sentences.
I I go I cinema on Friday.
I went to the cinema on Frida)l:.
1 They I see I their friends at the weekend.

2 She I speak I her friend at eight o'clock last

Flora Hi, I'm Flora. Can I ask you some
3 He / start / learning the guitar in July. questions for our class magazine?
Charlie Sure, no problem.
4 They / have I a party on 5th May. Flora OK, first question: 1 ?
Charlie My name's Charlie Hopper.
5 Last year, we / go I holiday in the autumn. Flora Hi Charlie. Now, n ext question:
2 ?

6 Yesterday, I / do I my homework in th e Charlie My last school was in Cambridge.

morning. Flora ?
Charlie Yes, I did. I liked it very much .
Flora 4
Choose the correct prepositions.
" 1 They went to a disco at / in / on Saturday.
I left in July after my exams.
5 ?

2 Did you see your grandparents at / in / on Charlie My family moved h ere because my
the weekend? mother had a new job.
3 We met at / in / on 8 o'clock outside the Flora Tell me a bit about your old school.
cinema. ?
4 I learned to ski at / in / on 2009. Charlie We studied the usual subj ects - Maths,
5 We did a test at / in / on the morning. English, French.
6 I h ad my birthday party at / in / on 17u1 June Flora ?
last year. Charlie No, th ey weren't strict - but they were
7 I love going walking at / in / on the spring quite serious.
and summer. Flora One more question - have you got a
8 He finished his essay at / in / on 10.30 last girlfriend?
night. Charlie No, I haven 't but I'm looking for one!
9 Was th e con cert at / i n / on June or July?

Growing up

READING 3 Answer the questions.

Which person, Nigel Kennedy (NK) or Shirley
1 Look at the pictures. Match the people with their jobs. Temple (ST):
1 Nigel Kennedy is a _ _ __ 1 went to a school for talented children?
2 Shirley Temple was a _ _ __ 2 left hislher first car eer when he/she
was twelve?
film star musician 3 changed to a different career?
4 dresses in strange clothes?
5 lives in anoth er country?
6 is a sports fan?
7 worked for the US government?

.. Match the underlined words and phrases in the texts

to their meanings.
_ _ _ _ : to make people feel surprised
and upset
2 _ _ _ _ : a big government change without
3 : with a natural ability to do
something very well
4 : films
5 : sensible, honest and direct
6 : a person who represents their
country in another country

o The British violinist Nigel Kennedy was born into a

musical family in 1956. He was a talented child so he
2 IiI!I Read and match the photos (A-D) with the went to a specialist music school. His career started
texts. when he recorded Vivaldi 's Four Seasons in 1989 and
he is now the world's best-selling classical violinist.
Text 1 00 Text 2 DD However, he often shocks people because he doesn't
look or behave like a typical classical musician . He
wears unusual clothes (he sometimes wears a football
scarf when he performs!) and experiments with different
styles of music. Nigel Kennedy's down-to-earth
behaviour makes him popular with people who aren't
usually fans of classical music.
Now, he lives in Krakow with his wife, Agnieszka. He
supports the local football team , Cracovia, and
sometimes performs with a local group of musicians
called Kroke.

In the 1930s, the world's .

was Shirley Temple Sh most famous child film star
. e s arted wo k h
on Iy three years old and r w en she was
before she was twelve. w~:~e more than forty films
her career in movies was she became a teenager,
married, had children and ~er. As an, she
1967 she tried unsuccessfUI~r~ed In public service. In
House of Representatives H Y 0 win a seat In the US
several jobs representing the ~wever, she then had
was ambassador to the Unit S g~vernment and she
CzeChoslovakia. In Czech led Nations, Ghana and
she saw the Velvet Revol ~.sovakla from 1989-1992,
was the best job I had.' u Ion. Later she said 'That


Used to
Affirmative Negative
IIYou/He/She/ltlWerrhey used to ride a bike to school. didn't use to ride a bike to school.
YeslNo questions Short answers

Did I/you/he/she/itl use to ride a bike to school? Yes, I/you/he/she/itl =--

d._ __
: we/they No, we/they ~ didn't.

We use used to to talk about habits and states in the past which
are now finished. For example,
• I used to read children's comics. (Now, I read newspapers.) Mind the trap!
• I used to hate vegetables. (Now, I like them .) Don't confuse used to for habits in the past
with the regular verb to use.
Wh- questions
Where did they use to play? She used to write with a red pen.
What did you use to do? She used a red pen to mark my homework.
How did he use to get to school?

1 Look at the pictures of Maria. Use the prompts to 2 Write questions to ask Maria. Use used to.
write sentences with used to and didn't use to.
1 Did a good job?
have / long hair Yes, I did. I was a lawyer in a big company.
She used to have lont;3 hair. 2 Did a lot?
1 go / cheap cafes Yes, I did. I used to earn €150,000 a year.
3 Did out?
2 wear / expensive clothes Yes, I did. I ate in a different restaurant every
3 go out with / rich boyfriend 4 Did fast food?
No, I didn't! I never went to a burger bar until I
4 drive / old car had children.
5 Did happy?
5 wear / casual clothes No, I didn't. I'm happier now.

3 Use the prompts in brackets to complete the sentences.

I didn' t use to eat cheese but now I love it.
(not eat / love)
1 We with my dad's parents but now
we our own home. (live / have)
2 My brother and I a bedroom but
he home six months ago so now I
have my own room. (share / leave)
3 My sister and I each other but now
we good friends. (not like / be)
4 My mother a mobile phone but now
she one all the time. (not have / use)
.. Choose the sentences about habits in the past.
1 I used an English dictionary when I wrote
my essay. 0
2 When I started French lessons, I used to
check every word in a dictionary. 0
3 We didn't use to have a computer in each
classroom. 0
4 I didn't use your notes to finish my
homework. 0
_ Match questions 1-5 with the answers a-e. School and education terrified
Then listen to check. be in the same year as terrifying
bell tired
1 Is it OK if I park here? 0 calculator tiring
2 Do you mind if I use your laptop? 0 Chemistry
3 Do you mind if I turn off the radio? 0 class Time expressions
4 Can I take my phone into the exam? 0 classmate with Past Simple
5 Do you mind if I eat this sandwich? 0 classroom in
dictionary last night/week/year/
do homework Saturday
a Yes, I do. I'm saving it for my lunch. one day/morning
drop out of (school)
b No, you can't! Leave it in your bag outside the dyslexia ten years ago
room. when I was five
c No, please do. I'm not using it. essay yesterday
d No, I don't mind. I'm not listening to it. fail an exam
e I'm afraid not. It's not allowed. Useful expressions
form tutor Do come in!
learn by heart How are you doing?
IifJ Complete the conversations. First letters are mark (n)
given. Then listen to check. How do you do?
Maths Just call me.
memorise Make yourself at home.
pass an exam Nice to meet you!
pen Take a seat!
pencil case What a surprise!
primary school Other
pupil anxious
ruler appearance
school gates be good/bad at sth
school holidays brain
school uniform brand new
secondary school calm
start/leave school check your email
1 A Can I sit here?
test (n) clap
textbook creative
B Sorry, y_ c_ - I'm travelling with university
a friend. disability
2 A 1_ i _ OK if I open the window? Adjectives with -ing genetic
B S_,nop_. and -eel endings genius
3 A D_ y_ m_ if I use your phone? amazed grown-up
I promised to phone my dad. amazing have sth in common
B N_,p_do. annoyed hidden
annoying inside
3 ID Read the situations and complete the bored intelligent
conversations. Each rule indicates one word. Then boring make a mistake
listen to check. disappointed make friends
disappointing make-up
1 You want to share a table in a cafe. embarrassed
A Is _ OK _ _ _ your table?
musical instrument
embarrassing noisy
B Sure, no problem. excited piercing
2 You want to use a friend's bicycle.
exciting say goodbye (to)
fascinated scared
A _ _ _ _ _ use your bicycle?
fascinating sit cross-legged
B No, I don't mind. frightened slim
3 You want to borrow a pen from your teacher. frightening smelly
A _ I _ a pen, please? interested spell (v)
B I'm afraid not, I haven't got a spare one. interesting spot (n)
satisfied strange
satisfying strict
shocked wear

VOCABULARY G Complete the sentences with the correct adjective form of the verbs in
brackets, ending in -ed or -ing.
1 Complete the table with the correct I was very disappointed (disappoint) when I failed my
adjectives. driving test.
Noun Adjective 1 I hope my aunt doesn't bring her _ _ (annoy) children
with her. I really don't like them!
1 anxiety
2 calmness 2 This film is _ _ (terrify) but I can't stop watching it!
3 creativity 3 My brother says that science-fiction novels are _ __
4 smell (fascinate).
5 stranger 4 It's ___ (surprise) that the whole class passed the exam.
6 strictness 5 He listened carefully because he was ___ (interest) in
what she said.
2 Complete the sentences with some of 6 Our holiday hotel was _ _ (disappoint) - it was next to a
the words from Exercise 1. busy road and a long way from the beach.
1 School subjects like Art and 7 Please don't ask me to sing at your party. It's _ __
Music encourage ___ . (embarrass) .
2 I always get _ _ before an 8 The children were _ _ (excite) about the party.
exam but I usually get good 9 We were all ___ (surprise) when we won the
marks. competition.
3 Don't leave your ___ sports
clothes in your bag! Put them in 6 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in the box.
the washing machine . pass make have be
4 Our Science teacher was
so no one talked and we all 1 Lily and Gina _ _ good at Maths so they always get good
worked hard. marks.
5 There's a strong ___ of fish in 2 Henry and Ben ___ friends on their first day at primary
the canteen. school.
6 The man was rude but I stayed 3 Don't worry - everyone ___ mistakes.
___ and didn't show my anger. 4 They ___ nothing in common but they are good friends.
5 When I was a kid I bad at Science.
3 Match the nouns to make compound
6 I want to ___ my driving test when I leave school.
1 class D a case Extend your vocabulary
2 play D b tutor
3 primary D c book 1 Study the words and their definitions. Then complete the sentences
4 pencil D d work with the correct words.
5 text D e ground
6 form D f mate school (n) where children learn
7 home D g school school age (n) when a child is old enough to start school
school friend (n) (= schoolmate) a friend at your school
4: Complete the definitions.
school leaver (n) someone who left school a short time ago
1 : an outside area school leaving age (n ) the youngest age a student can legally
where students go between leave school
lessons/at lunchtime school playground/yard (n) an outside place next to a school
2 : a book used by where students can play Irelax
a student to study a subject school run (n) when parents take their children to school by car
3 : the teacher
responsible for a class of students
1 When I was at primary school we used to play football
4 : a person who is in inthe _ _ __
the same class as you at school
2 The government wants to reduce the number of cars doing
5 : in the UK, a school the every day.
for students aged 5-11 years old
3 My dad found some of his old on a website.
4 It is difficult for with no qualifications to find
5 In most of Britain the _ _ __ is five.

Create and inspire

Past Continuous We use the Past Continuous to:

• talk about things which were happening
Affirmative Negative at or around a fixed time in the past: I was
was working was not (wasn't) washing my hair at nine o'clock last night.
I/HelShellt at eight o'clock working at eight • set the scene in a story or give background
yesterday. o'clock yesterday. information: I was walking along the road ...
were working were not (weren't)
YoulWefThey at eight o'clock working at eight Past Continuous Wh- questions
yesterday. o'clock yesterday. What was he doing yesterday?
Where were you going last night?
Yes/No questions Short answers
I Past Continuous + Past Simple
Was he Yes, I/he/she/it was. We often use these two tenses together.
No, I/he/she/it wasn't. The Past Continuous tel\s us the background
she working information and the Past Simple tel\s us about
it at eight o'clock a shorter action or an interruption.
- - t - - - '. yesterday? 1----------
you As I was walking along the street, I saw an old
Were Yes, you/we/they were.
we friend.
No, you/we/they weren 't.
they I was reading my book when I heard a knock
at the door.

1 Choose the correct verbs.

1 The German composer Handellived /
was living in England when he composed /
was composing Handel's Water Music.
2 The 1950s singer Buddy Holly travelled /
was travelling in a plane when it crashed /
was crashing.
3 The singer Hayley Westenra sang /
was singing in the streets of Christchurch,
New Zealand, when she made / was making
her first record.
4 Mike Jagger and Keith Richards of the Rolling
Stones m et / were meeting in 1961 when
they waited / were waiting for a train.
5 Mozart composed / was composing music
before he was / was being five years old.
6 Elvis Presley did / was doing national
service for the US army in Germany when he
met / was meeting his wife, Priscilla.

2 Complete the text with either the Past Simple or Past .. Complete the newspaper report with the correct form
Continuous form of the verbs in brackets. of the verbs in the box.
This morning, I 1 _ _ (check) my homework clap drive hear look phone sleep
while 1 2 _ _ (eat) my breakfast. Then I snow stop tffi¥el wait walk
walked to the bus stop. While I 3 _ _ (wait)
for the bus, I suddenly 4 _ _ (remember)
my homework. It was at home in the kitchen!
As J5 _ _ (decide) what to do, the bus
6 _ _ (arrive). As I 7 _ _ (get on) the bus,
rs __ (get) a text message from my mum:
'I 9 _ _ (find) your homework as
1 10 _ _ (clean) the kitchen. Wait at the bus Yesterday's power cut brought chaos to Londo
stop.' It was too late, I was on the bus. Engineers were working on an electricity genera!
As I 11 _ _ (think) about what to do, when it exploded.
112 _ _ (see) my mum's car behind the bus.
Several thousand people were travellin~ home on the
She 13 _ _ _ (drive) in her pyjamas and
Underground when all the trains 1 • One
114 _ _ _ (be) very embarrassed.
At the next bus stop, she 15 _ _ (stop) her commuter told our reporter, 'I 2 but I woke
car in front of the bus, got out and got on the up because a child was crying. After an hour, the driver
bus. said that rescue workers were on the train and everyone
It was terrible! She 16 _ _ _ (walk) towards 3 . It was fantastic!'
me in her pyjamas so 117 _ _ _ (close) my Things weren't much better for people above ground.
eyes. When 1 18 _ _ _ (open) my eyes '14 for Christmas presents when the lights
I 19 _ _ _ (know) it wasn't a nightmare or even went out. When I left the shop it 5 so it was
a dream. My mother 20 _ _ _ (stand) on the
impossible to get a taxi. I 6 to a bus stop but
bus, in her pyjamas and holding my homework!
hundreds of people 7 for the bus. I 8 my
3 Use the prompts to write the police officer's questions son for help but he 9 to Manchester in his car.
to Leo. Luckily, a young woman 10 me talking on the
What / do / 8.30 yesterday? phone. Her boyfriend came in their car and they took
Officer What were you doin~ at 8.30 me home.'
Leo I was waiting for a friend.
1 Where I you?
Officer 5 There are five more sentences with grammar
Leo I was in a cafe near the station. mistakes. Find and correct them.
2 Were I sit I near the window? I was knowing French when I started school.
Officer I knew french when I started school.
Leo Yes, I was. 1 The first time I saw my boyfriend, he was
3 Tell me exactly I where I sit dancing at a party.
Officer 2 We waited outside the theatre because we
Leo I was sitting at a small table next to were wanting to meet the actors.
the door. 3 They didn't eat the meal because it was
4 What / do? tasting bad.
Officer 4 My grandparents liked Switzerland so they
went there every year.
Leo I was drinking a cup of coffee and
looking for my friend's bus. S I think she was preferring the chocolate cake.
She ate all of it!
S Did I hear I a loud bang? 6 He was eating dinner when the phone rang.
Officer 7 The phone was ringing when he walked into
Leo No, I didn't. the office.
6 Did I see I a man I drive I at high speed? 8 I was very tired and I was needing a cup of
Officer coffee.
Leo No, I didn't. 9 She wasn't remembering her money so I paid
for her.
7 Did I see I anything unusual?
Leo Well, I saw a woman get onto a school
bus in her pyjamas.
Officer That isn't a crime.

Why are typical teenagers morning . This means the students are at their desks after only
never tired at 11 p.m. but they five or six hours sleep. However, they need 9-10 hours
hate getting up in the morning? because their bodies and brains are still developing so they
Are they lazy? No, the good are very tired . Tiredness means twenty percent of high school
'-'iii..iiiii:~iiiiiiil. news is that it's natural. students fall asleep during their first two hours of school.
• Everyone has a natural body Sleep scientists are researching the problem. They say that it
clock which tells them when to is crazy to fight nature so the only answer is for schools to
wake up and fall asleep. In teenagers , the chemical that start later. As one scientist said, 'At 7.30 a.m. students are at
controls sleep, melatonin, is in their brains between 11 .00 their desks but their brains are at home in bed. ' Luckily, some
p.m. and 8.00 a.m. The result is that teenagers don't feel tired head teachers listened to the new scientific advice and
late in the evening but, when they get up before 8 a.m., their changed their school hours. The results are very interesting:
brain is telling them to sleep. This lack of sleep means they are teachers and parents say students behave better, learn more,
often unhappy, angry, can't learn and get bad marks. get better marks and fewer students drop out.
In the US, a lot of high schools start at about 7 .30 in the

4: Read the article again and choose the best answers: a, b,

READING cor d.
1 Who says these things? Write parent (P) or 1 Teenagers are tired in the morning because
teenager (T). What time are they said? Write night
a they are lazy.
(N) or morning (M).
b they don't want to go to schooL
Didn't you hear me? It's time c they use computers late at night.
to get up. P M d they need more sleep.
1 Oh no ... it can't be seven o'clock. 2 It is difficult for teenagers to get up early because
2 GET OUT OF BED! a they don't have clocks.
3 Go to bed - you've got school b their beds are warm.
tomorrow. c their body clocks are different.
4 It's 11 .30 - turn off the computer. d they are unhappy.
5 I was having a lovely dream. 3 Some teenagers are _ because they are tired.
a irritable c inspired
2 &I Look at the pictures and read the article b creative d pleasant
quickly. Chose the best title. 4 US school students _ start school early.
a How much sleep everyone needs a usually c sometimes
b Why teenagers are tired in the morning b never d always
c School times in the USA 5 Teenagers need a lot of sleep because they
d The effects of sleep on our brains a work hard. c are learning a lot.
b go to school early. d are growing.
3 Complete the definitions with the underlined 6 _ US high school students fall asleep at schooL
words from the article. a All c Some
1 _ _ (n) the feeling that you want to b Most d A lot of
sleep 7 Sleep scientists think it is a _ idea to fight
2 _ _ (n) when there is not enough of nature.
something a clever c bad
3 _ _ (v ) to do things in a particular b good d interesting
way 8 The new school hours are
4 _ _ (n) everything in the world not a successful. c mysterious.
made or controlled by people b disappointing. d fascinating.
5 _ _ (v ) to study carefully to find new

SPEAKING 3 You are describing a day when something frightening,
amazing or embarrassing happened to you. Write what you
1 Put the words and phrases in order and make say.
sentences. Remember to:
accident. / walking / I / I was / home, / • say when the story happened, how you felt and why
the / As / saw it was important.
As I was walldn<a home. I saw the • use linking words, e.g. then, n ext, after that,finally.
accident. • use the Past Continuous to say what you were doing
1 few / It / a / ago. / happened / months at the time.

2 unforgettable / an / day. / It was LISTENING

3 the / life. / It / best / was / day of / my

4 primary / my / first / was / week / at /

school. / It

5 proud / I feel/of / my / To / day /

friend. / this

6 happy. / I / very / felt

7 we / home. / went / Finally, / all

2 IiliJ Maggie and Pete both remember

important days. Complete what they said.
Then listen to check.

1 Maggie, 59 1 ID Listen and choose the best answers.

It was in November 1963 and I
1 w_ e_ dinner with my family.
1 This is a radio
A neighbour came in and said that a lesson. c discussion.
President Kennedy was dead. I b phone-in. d documentary.
2 W _ a_ ten years old so I didn't 2 The guest talks most about
really understand but I still remember a Samuel Taylor Coleridge. c Dorothy Wordsworth.
my parents' faces - they were shocked b William Wordsworth. d the Romantic poets.
and I was frightened . 3 T_ Mum
3 The guest thinks Dorothy Wordsworth was
switched on the TV news -
I remember it was black and white. a boring. c stupid.
We watched the TV for a long time b fascinating. d popular.
but 4 f_ Mum told me to go to bed. 4 Dorothy wrote
Like most people my age, I'll 5 n_ a novels. b plays. c diaries. d poetry.
2 ID Listen again. Are the statements true (T) or false (F)?
1 The guest first read Kubla Khan at university. 0
2 Pete, 40 2 He wasn't interested in Dorothy Wordsworth
11_ h_ on October 6th 1996. I was when he was at school. 0
sixteen years old. A film company 3 Dorothy left her parents' home when she
came to my school looking for was twelve years old. 0
teenagers to be in a film . 2 F_ , we 4 Dorothy lived with William when she was
read a play and 3 t _ they filmed us a teenager.
acting. They told us to wait and they 0
5 The diaries are interesting because they
went out of the room to discuss our
performances. 4 A_ a w_ , a man are about politics and international news. 0
came back and said, 'Pete, we want 6 Dorothy Wordsworth's life was typical for
you in the film.' I was amazed! I was in an English woman in the eighteenth
the film and I decided to be an actor. and nineteenth centuries. 0
So October 6th was the day that 5 c_ 7 Dorothy was jealous of William because
myl_! he was famous. 0
8 William died before Dorothy. 0
Create and inspire ~


The arts Other 1 Complete the sentences with phrasal verbs from the
arts festival be fed up box. Remember to use the correct form of the verb.
audience be lucky There is one extra verb.
author be unlucky
chill out come up with find out
band blind
get down to keep on stay up write back
bestseller catchy
cinema cigar 1 On Friday evenings I _ _ in front of the
compose concentrate TV.
composer depressed 2 Please phone the station and _ _ what
composition desk time the train leaves.
concert diary
3 I need to _ _ a good reason for being late.
creative distraction
dance dramatic 4 She _ _ sending me text messages. I wish
exhibition dream (n) she'd stop!
feel inspired fall asleep 5 You must _ _ your homework before you
guitar farmhouse can go out.
imaginative feel ill 6 I don't _ _ late on weekdays - I'm always
inspiration have a bath in bed by 10.30.
key have a good idea
literature have a picnic 2 Complete the table.
melody inspiring
Nobel prize interruption Thing Person
novel irritated 1 composition
novelist irritating 2 dancer
painting knock at the door (v) 3 exhibitor
perform melodic 4 novel
piano moon 5 painter
play (the guitar/pianolviolin) multi-tasking 6 pianist
play live mysterious 7 poem/poetry
poem noise 8 science
poet open to
poetry organised 3 Complete the sentences with some of the nouns from
publish pin (v) Exercise 2.
recording studio pleasant 1 Although her brother wrote poetry, Dorothy
short story pleased Wordsworth wasn't a
theatre plug in 2 Chopin was a classical _ _ .
violin reply (v)
request (n) 3 We spent an hour at the art gallery waiting
work (n)
for the Degas _ _ to open.
writer revise
robber 4 I prefer short _ _ because I get bored
TIme expressions Romantic (poets) after 300 pages.
after a while scientist 5 The blind musical genius Rodrigo wrote many
after that sentimental _ _ for the guitar.
afterwards sleepy 6 What do you call a _ _ who studies
ago solve animals?
eventually stranger
finally stressed " Complete the sentences with words from the box.
first table tennis There is one extra word.
last (summer) take a break back in of on over up
later text (v)
next truth 1 Please knock the second door on the
second vision right.
then wheel 2 I wrote to the novelist and he wrote to
wheelchair me!
Phrasal verbs whistle (n)
chill out 3 Do you think Kubla Khan is a work _ _
write back
come up with art?
write down
find out 4 Local painters, writers and poets took part
get down to the arts festival.
keep on 5 Do you think Dorothy Wordsworth got fed
stay up _ _ looking after her brother?

5 Choose the correct answers. Extend your vocabulary
1 Listen to this piece of music. It's got 1 Look at the nouns. Which one doesn't normally go with the
an unusual verb have?
a melody.
b whistle.
c audience. a shower a meal
2 I wasn't sleepy but _ I fell asleep.
a after that
b eventually a drink
c at first
3 There was _ but the violinist didn't
stop playing. an idea
a party
a an interruption
b an inspiration
c a request
4 Chopin and Tchaikovsky were 19th a picnic ~
century composers so they never went
a a recording studio.
b an exhibition.
c a concert. an illness
an opportunity
5 The Pacific islands _ the French
painter Gauguin to paint his greatest
works. a dream
a depressed
b inspired
c irritated a bus an accident
6 When you are studying, try to ignore
like the TV and Internet.
a multi-tasking
b melodies
c distractions 2 Complete the sentences with phrases with have.
7 The author was amazed when his first 1 Sorry, Ben can't come to the phone. He's in the
novel was bathroom and I think he's _ _ _ _ _ _ __
a a bestseller. 2 We were our _ __ _ __
b literature. next to the lake when it started to rain.
c unlucky.
3 I didn't eat anything but I of
8 I hate listening to music when I'm orange juice.
working. It's very 4 My cousin _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ for her birthday
a sentimental. last Saturday. It was great!
b romantic. 5 I know I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ an interesting
c irritating. _ _ _ __ ___ last night but I can't
9 It's a really _ song. I can't stop remember it.
singing it! 6 She _ _ _ _____ a large
a mysterious - - -- - -- - earlier so she isn't hungry
b catchy
c inspiring 7 I ! Let's take a break.
8 Be careful! You don't want to _ __ __ _ __
10 The most _ part of the film was the 9 After the concert they to
plane landing on the river. meet the musicians.
a dramatic
b melodic
c pleasant

Create and inspire ~
WRITING I Informal email

1Remember to fill in the

subject box.

To: Niall
Subject: Football training!

2Start with an informal 4 Use dashes (-) to separate

f-----{ Hello! ,---1"1 ideas.
There's free football training at the new sports centre - do you
fancy going? The sessions are on Mondays - 7.00-8.30 on
the all-weather pitch. What do you think? If ©, let's meet at
6 .30 so we get a place - and remember to bring some ID and
a small photo.

3 Use informal, friendly g_em_en_t_!_;-)_ _ _--+1 5 You can use abbreviations,

Hope ut--r_in_t_er_e_st_ed_-_I_n_ee_d_s_o_m_e_e_n_c_o_ur_a_
language. for example RU = are you.
Cusoon! t-----------------~

Luca 6 End with an informal


1 Read the email and underline: 3 You are Luca. Reply to Niall's email.
1 an abbreviation • Agree it's a good idea.
2 an emoticon • Arrange to meet him at the park.
3 informal language • Ask him what time the game starts.
2 Use the words and emoticon in the box to complete 4 Choose one of the subjects below and write an
Niall's reply to Luca. There is one extra phrase. email to a friend.
© Cheers good idea Hi there 1 Cinema?
Regards write back 2 My birthday!
3 Camping trip
~ NEW MESSAGE In your email:
1 explain why you are writing,
To: [Luca ) 2 invite them to join you,
From: [Niall ) 3 ask them to reply soon.
Subject: (RE: Football training! ) ~ NEW MESSAGE
Thanks, 2
but it's band practice on Mondays.
There's a football game in the park on Sunday
mornings - anyone can join in. We could go there - 4
I Subject: [


and let me know what you think.

I_---;::::::::=:: [ SEND



VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR 4: Write a sentence which has the same meaning
as the one given. The word in capitals
1 Put the words in brackets into the correct form. must be used without modification. (5 pOints)
(8 points) I played the piano when I was young. PLAY
I always go red when I am (embarrass) I used to play the piano when I was youn<a .
embarrassed. 1 Every year, we went on holiday
1 My brother is really (annoy) _ _ when he's to France. GO
with his friends.
2 I was (disappoint) _ _ because only three 2 We were never late for school. BE
people came to my party.
3 I don't want to play tennis. It's (bore) _ _ . 3 I often listened to the radio with my
4 I love going on holiday - packing is really grandfather. LISTEN
(excite) _ _ .
5 I was (terrify) _ _ when the lights went 4 I used to be very shy. WAS
6 You must read this story. It's (amaze) _ _ . 5 I didn't go to school on Saturdays. USE
7 Why are you (surprise) _ _ that you failed?
You didn't do any work.
8 I can't believe how (frighten) _ _ that film 5 Choose the correct answer: a, b or c. (6 pOints)
I was never very good at sports. I remember
2 Complete the sentences with one word from one day, I _ _ cricket. Cricket is a very slow
each box in the correct form. (5 pOints) game and I often 1 _ _ about the game. On
this day I 2 _ _ a long way from the other
chill eeffie find get keep stay players when someone hit the ball to me.
Everyone shouted but I 3 _ _ them. The ball
down on out out ~ up
4 _ _ me on the head! Someone telephoned

He thought for a long time and finally came for an ambulance and while the ambulance 5
with an idea.
1!j2 me to hospital, I woke up. The doctors looked at
my head and I was OK but I 6 _ _ cricket for
1 Let's _ _ _ _ to some work and go for a a long time after that!
pizza later.
2 My friend always ____ late before an a played c used to play
exam and is always tired. @ was playing
3 Don't do it! You know our teacher always 1 a am forgetting c used to forget
____ who it was.
b was forgetting
4 You can do it. Come on! ____ trying!
2 a stood c used to stand
5 At the weekends I with my friends. b was standing
3 Complete the text with one word in each gap. (6 points) 3 a didn't hear c didn't use to hear
b wasn't hearing
When I was young, I 1 _ _ to live in a small 4 a hit C used to hit
village. There wasn't a school in the village so b was hitting
I2 to a school in a town about five 5 a took c used to take
kilometres away. I didn't like the school b was taking
because the children 3 _ _ unfriendly. Then
6 a didn't play c didn't use to play
4 _ _ 2004, we moved from the village to
b wasn't playing
another town. It was very sad. I remember
tidying 5 _ _ my things and putting them into
boxes. When the men came to take everything
to our new house, I 6 _ _ sitting in my room,
crying. I still think about the old house and the
village but I'm happy now.

6 IifJ Listen to a university lecturer talking about writers. 7 Read the article about a concert. Are the
Choose the correct answer: a, b or c. (7 points) sentences true (T) or false (F)? (7 points)

The lecturer is going to talk about 1 Aiden Jones once wrote to the girl. 0
a detective stories. 2 Her mother didn't want her to go
b Raymond Chandler. to the concert. 0
c Ernest Hemingway. 3 The girl bought tickets for the whole
family. 0
2 Raymond Chandler was born in 4 Her brother was happy to go. 0
a 1808. b 1880. c 1888. 5 She likes what he wrote about the
3 His family moved to concert now. 0
a England. b Chicago. c France. 6 She remembers what songs they
4 In 1912 h e sang at th e concert. 0
7 She didn't know her brother was
a became a British citizen.
taking photos of her. 0
b returned to the USA.
c joined the Canadian army.
5 In World War I h e was COMMUNICATION
a a pilot. b a journalist. c a soldier. 8 Complete the sentences with one word in each
6 His first book was called gap. (6 points)
a The Big Sleep . 1 Can I use your mobile phone, please?
b The Black Mask. Yes,ofl _ _ .
c Philip Marlowe. 2 Is 2 OK if I sit here?
7 He finished in his life . Sure, no 3 _ _ .
a eight books 3 Do you 4 _ _ if I listen to some music.
b seven stories I'm 5 _ _ I do. I'm trying to study.
c seven books 4 Can I use my dictionary in this exam?
I'm 6 _ _ you can't. It's not allowed.

Total 150

Your embarrassing stories! •

When I was younger, I used to love boy bands and terrible pop music
and my favourite group was High Five. I used to buy all of their COs

and my bedroom was covered in posters of them. I was in love with

Aiden Jones, the lead singer of the group. I wrote to him once but he
didn't write back! •
When I was about 10 or 11, they played a concert in my town. I asked
my mum if I could go but she didn't want me to. I asked and asked and

finally she bought tickets for the whole family: her, my father, my brother and

me. My brother was 15 then and he didn't want to go but finally he agreed and he

wrote about it for his school magazine. He was really rude about the concert and

I was angry with him but now I think that what he wrote was very funny.

At the concert I bought everything I could - posters, books, badges, a T-shirt -

and we went to sit down. The hall was full of young girls. I think my father was a

bit frightened because of the noise. He kept on looking at me and every time

I started to cry or shout he told me not to be so stupid.

I don't remember the concert much, they sang and danced and we all screamed

so we couldn't hear the music. My brother took his camera and I thought he was

taking photos of the band but he wasn't, he was taking them of me. Now, seven
years later, when I bring a boyfriend home, my brother always shows them his
photos. It's so embarrassing!

•••••••••••••••••• • ••• • • • • •• ••• •••••••••••••••••••••••
A place called ha

Comparison of adjectives
Adjective Comparative Superlative
Most one-syllable adjectives young younger the youngest
ending in -e nice nicer the nicest
one vowel + one consonant big bigger the biggest
Two-syllable adjectives
narrow narrower the narrowest
ending in a vowel sound
pretty prettier the prettiest
ending in -y
useful more useful the most useful
Two- or more syllable adjectives attractive more attractive the most attractive
difficult more difficult the most difficult
good better the best
Irregular adjectives bad worse the worst
far further the furthest

Comparing two Comparing more than two

1 We use a comparative adjective + than to compare two We use a superlative adjective to compare three or
things that are different: more people or things:
Today is colder than yesterday. She's the cleverest person in our class.
The blue dress is more expensive than the red one. This is the most expensive mobile phone in the
2 We can also use not as (adjective) as. shop.
Yesterday was not as cold as today. Comparing with what's OK
The red dress is not as expensive as the blue one.
• too means more than is OK: The blue shoes are too
3 To compare two things which are the same, we use as big.
(adjective) as.
The green dress is as expensive as the red one. • enough means something is OK: The brown shoes
are big enough.
• not ... enough means something is less than OK:
The black shoes are not big enough.

1 Choose the sentence (a-c) that has a similar meaning to the

main sentence.
1 The blue car is cheaper than the red one.
a The blue car is as expensive as the red one. 0
b The blue car is less expensive than the red one. 0
c The blue car is not as cheap as the red one. 0
2 This house is not big enough for us.
a This house is not the biggest house. 0
b This house is too big for us. 0
C This house is too small for us. 0

A place called home ~
Use the information in the table to write sentences. 5 Complete the conversation with words from the
Age Rooms Price Distance to
House 1 75 years 4 120,000 2
old kilometres
House 2 10 years 12 450,000 17
old kilometres

House 1/ not expensive / house 2.

House I isn't as expensive as house 2.
1 House 2 / not cheap / house 1.

2 House 1 / small / for a very big family.

3 House 2 / big / for one person. prettier smaller too big

too expensive too long too short
4 House 2 / good / house 1 for a big family. Anna What do you think?
Ben I think the jeans are too lonca.
5 House / near / to the school/house 2. Anna I like long jeans. The first pair were
I . What about this T-shirt?

6 House 2 / modern / house 1. Ben It's 2 _ _ for you.

Anna Yes, you're right. I'm going to try on
a3 size.
3 Complete the questions with superlative adjectives.
last year, ... (five minutes later)
1 what was _ _ (expensive) thing you bought? Anna I like this one. It fits and the
2 which was _ _ (bad) book you read? colour's 4
3 what was _ _ (happy) day for you? Ben You've decided! Are you going to
4 which was _ _ (good) film you saw? buy the jeans and the T-shirt? Can
we go now?
5 what was _ _ (unusual) thing you learnt?
Anna No, I'm not going to buy anything.
6 what was _ _ (far) you travelled? This shop's 5 _ _ .
4 Complete the second sentence so that it has the same 6 Use the prompts to write comparative and
meaning as the first one. You must use the words in superlative sentences about Anna, Ben and
brackets unchanged. Claire.
Our dining room is too small for six people.
(enough) Anna Ben Claire
Our dining room isn't bica enoucah for six people.
fashion *** * **
Chicago is bigger than Bratislava. (big)
Bratislava _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ height 1.50 1.80 1.60
2 This fiat isn't quiet enough for my mum to study. age 18 16 17
Thisfiat _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ Anna / fashionable / Claire
3 They built this house and that fiat in 1955. Anna is more fashionable than Claire.
(as .., as) Ben /young
Thlshouse _______ _ _ __ _ _ _ __
Ben is the youncaest.
4 My bedroom is a bit untidy but it's not too small.
1 Ben / fashionable / his sisters
My bedroom ________ _ _ _ _ _ ___
2 Anna / tall / Claire
5 Tom lives five kilometres and Jake lives one
3 Anna / old / Claire
kilometre from the station. (far)
Jake doesn't live _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ 4 Claire and Anna / tall / Ben
5 Anna / short
6 I like all the houses but I like the cottage the best.
I thlnk the cottage _____ __ _ _ _ _ __

ne day, you may share a rented flat with other
O people . Sharing a home with other people can be
the most fantastic fun but it can be your worst nightmare
if you don 't think ahead .
People fall out over the tiniest things : Who finished the
milk? Who used all the hot water? Who played loud
music late at night? But you can avoid a lot of arguments
if you follow the practical advice below.

This is the most frequent cause of arguments. When

you move in , have a meeting with everyone and agree
how you will divide the bills . Don 't expect one person to
pay for the electricity and then try to collect everyone's

People enjoy different levels of social interaction. Some The golden rule for any shared bathroom is : leave it
of us love chatting over a cup of coffee but some people as clean as you like to find it. Clean the bath and don't
aren 't as outgoing as others . Learn to respect your leave your dirty clothes and wet towels on the floor.
flatmates' space. Never go into someone's room when
they're out and always knock on the door if it is shut. Obviously, some people are cleaner than others! It's
3 easiest to share with people who have similar standards
Hopefully, the accommodation will be spacious enough of cleanliness to you, but you 'll probably need to
for everyone to have their own bedroom . However, compromi se. If the house gets dirty or no one does
there will be rooms that everyone uses, for example, the the washing-up, have a chat with your flatmates about
kitchen and the bathroom. These common areas need having a rota for cleaning .
to have their own rules .
In the kitchen , make sure you always do your washing- If a flatmate 's behaviour is driving you crazy, you need
up (or load the dishwasher) and don 't help yourself to deal with the problem. It's not a good idea to leave
to anything in the fridge or freezer - you aren 't in your angry notes or to get revenge . The best answer is to
parents ' house now! discuss the problem in an open and friendly way.

3 Match the underlined words with the definitions.

1 _ _ (n) the practice of keeping yourself and home
1 Read the article quickly. Choose the best clean
answer. 2 _ _ (v ) to have an argument
The text is about living happily with: 3 _ _ (v) to separate and share something
a your family. 4 _ _ (n) an amount of money you give to help to pay
b a husband/wife. for something
c good friends . 5 _ _ (v ) to reach an agreement when everyone
d other people. accepts less than they wanted
6 _ _ (n) a list showing each person's job(s)
2 liD Match the headings (a-g) to 7 _ _ (n) something you do to hurt someone who
paragraphs (1-5) in the article. There are annoyed you
two extra headings. Then listen to check. 8 _ _ (n) the practice of talking or working with other
a Communication people
b Housework 9 _ _ (v ) to take what you want without permission
c Food 10 _ _ (adj) shared by everyone
d Money
4: Read the article again. Are the sentences true (T) or false (F)?
e Privacy
f Time out The writer thinks:
g Shared rooms 1 sharing a home is always good fun . 0
2 it's important to have some rules in a shared house. 0
3 some people are less sociable than others. 0
4 it's a good idea to have a meal together every day. 0
5 everyone agrees when a house is clean enough. 0
6 there's always a crazy person in a shared house. 0

A place called home

GRAMMAR 2 Use the prompts to write sentences with who,

whose, where or which.
Those are the stairs I broke my arm.
Relative pronouns Those are the stairs where I broke my arm.
Arelative pronoun introduces extra information about 1 That's the girl I met in the shopping centre.
aperson or thing in a longer sentence.
I For people, use who or that 2 There's a shop you can buy some fascinating
Mr Todd is the man who / that bought my dad's car. gadgets.
• For things, use which or that
That is the car which / that Mr Todd bought from my dad. 3 The couple live next to us have got five
I For places, use where:
This is the tree where Mr Todd crashed the car. 4 There's a shop near my home sells cheap
I We use whose to join two sentences instead of his, her, games consoles.
their or its.
This is Ben. His sister is in your class. 5 He's the boy dog bit me .
-+ This is Ben whose sister is in your class.

Some words are no longer necessary when we join two

sentences in this way. 3 Nadine took some photographs of her life in New
York. Match the phrases and write what she says.
That is the car. Mr Todd bought it from my dad. Make other changes if necessary. Two sentences
-t That is the car which Mr Todd bought from my dad. (it) do not need relative pronouns.
This is the tree. Mr Todd crashed his car here.
-t This is the tree where Mr Todd crashed his car.(#eFe)
You can miss out who, which and that when they are
followed by a noun or pronoun.
This is the man -wIw I told you about.
I'm going to the party #Iat she invited me to.

Mind the trap!

Whose and who's (= who is) both sound the
same but the spelling is different and the
words have different meanings.

Who's looking after the children?

NOT Whose looking after the children?

1 Use the words in the brackets to join the sentences. Make Miki lives.
any other changes necessary. I took to the
That's Mrs Gregory. She is my music teacher. (who) Statue of Liberty.
1--+------\ who
That's Mrs Gre~ory who is my music teacher. where I stayed in when
that I arrived.
1 That's my Maths teacher. You spoke to her last f--+------l whose
year. (that) I met at the hostel.
Hostel paintings I like.
2 This is my brother. He wanted to meet you. (who) 5 Miki's dad looks after the
3 That's my cat. It caught a bird yesterday. (which)
This is Jor~e who looks after the
4 Here's your MP3 player. You lost it last week. buildln~.
(that) This is _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __
2 Thisis _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ __
5 This is the house. I stayed here. (where) 3 This is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
4 Thisis _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
5 Thisis _ _ __ _ _ __________

1 liD Look at the photo and match the two parts of Types of homes Adjectives to
the sentences. Then listen to check. apartment homes/places
block of flats attractive
1 The picture shows 0 cottage bright
2 It's probably 0 detached house cheerful
3 It looks like a 0 flat comfortable
4 In the background, 0 loft elegant
5 In the foreground, 0 semi-detached house expensive
6 Perhaps 0 terraced house friendly
a typical street in the suburbs. House and garden modern
b there are two boys playing football. armchair noisy
c there are some trees. attic original
d the boys live in the street. balcony peaceful
e somewhere in Europe. basement practical
f bathroom roomy
a street with detached houses .
bed spacious
bedroom tasteful
blinds tasteless
bookshelf tiny
carpet ugly
ceiling uncomfortable
chest of drawers
chimney Location
cupboard centre
curtain country
dining room district
dishwasher housing estate
doorbell suburbs
DVD player Other
fence architect
(fitted) kitchen build
floor church
freezer colourful
front door common
furniture corner
games console curved
2 . . Look at the photo and choose the correct design (v)
answers. Then listen to check. estate agent
The picture I shows / seems a city street. It's heater far (adj, adv)
2 might be / probably somewhere in Europe. hedge flatmate
On the right and the 3 left / middle there are lavatory fun (adj)
shops and cafes. There 4 looks like / might be lawn however
fiats and offices above the shops. In the letterbox inexpensive
5 background / foreground there is a tall living room in the background!
building - it 6 looks like / seems a church. It's microwave foreground
a sunny day and people 7 are walking / w alked poster key (n)
along the pavements. It slooks / looks like quite room near
relaxed. rug neighbour
shower odd
sink owner
skylight rent
sofa resident
stool round
study share a flat
upstairs station
vacuum cleaner typical
wall upside down
wardrobe view (n)
washing machine
A place called home
VOCABULARY 3 Choose the odd-one-out.
curved roomy spacious tiny
1 Complete the lists with words from the box.
2 location district cottage suburb
balcony basement ceiling chimney fence 3 strange odd typical original
attic floor garage hedge lawn skylight 4 flatmate rent neighbour resident
study 5 horrible peaceful tasteless ugly
6 loft appliance apartment house
Inside the house Outside the house
7 attractive elegant noisy tasteful
- -- ---
- -- --- 4: Complete the sentences with at, in, of or on.
- -- ---
There's a sink the left of the freezer.
- -- ---
--- --- 2 What's that __ the background of the
--- --- architect's drawing?
3 __ the top of the house is a spacious attic.
2 Write the names of items 1- 20 in the picture. 4 A terrace is a row houses which are
joined together.
5 The table is _ the corner of the dining
6 There's a comfortable sofa the middle of
the living room.
7 I keep all my clothes in a chest _ drawers.
8 I don't want to live _ the country.
9 All the bedrooms are upstairs _ the first

Extend your vocabulary

1 Study the phrases with keep and their definitions.
Use them in the appropriate form to complete
sentences 1-6.

keep in touch: to stay in contact with another

keep at something: to continue to do something
keep something back: to not tell someone
keep down: to stop something increasing
keep somebody in: to make a child stay in the
house as a punishment. to make a person stay in
keep off: to stop someone or something causing

1 I with my friends by email.

2 Please ___ the noise ___ - we're trying
to sleep!
3 I know you aren't telling me everything. You
skyli<aht are ___ something ___ .
1 11 4 In the summer I always wear a hat to _ __
2 12 the sun ___ my head.
3 13 5 If we talk in class, our teacher ___ us
4 14 for fifteen minutes.
5 - - - 15 6 It's difficult to learn another language but you
6 16 must it!
7 17
8 18
9 19
10 20
Good food!
Countable and uncountable nouns
1 Countable nouns
Countable nouns are used for things which are separate and can be counted, one, two, three, etc. We can use articles
and numbers with countable nouns: a baby, four babies.
Questions Affirmative Negative
There are some apples.
Are there any apples? There are a few apples. There aren't any apples.
How many apples are there? There are a lot of apples. There aren't many apples.
There are too many apples.

2 Uncountable nouns
Uncountable nouns are used for things which are a group and can't be counted.
We can't use alan or numbers with uncountable nouns: rice, not a rice, ten rices.
Questions Affirmative Negative
There is some butter.
Is there any butter? There is a little butter. There isn't any butter.
How much butter is there? There is a lot of butter. There isn't much butter.
There is too much butter.

3 Quantifiers
Quantifiers C and U nouns C nouns U nouns
Mind the trap!
a lot of 0/ Watch out for these uncountable nouns:
some 0/ hair, furniture, accommodation, homework,
information, luggage.
many 0/
too many 0/ We say: The furniture in my mother's house is old.
a few 0/ NOT The ft/mitt/tea in my fflot!tet's house ere old.
few 0/
Some uncountable nouns in English are plural:
much 0/ trousers, jeans, scissors, clothes.
too much 0/ We say: She wears trousers to school.
a little 0/
NOT She weers 8 uousers to school.
little 0/

1 Put the nouns in the correct list.

apple bacon cheese chocolate egg fruit ice cream meat milk oil
onion orange packet prawn red pepper sausage sugar tub yoghurt

Countable Uncountable
Good food! l~

2 Read the questionnaire, then complete the questions 3 Choose the correct quantifiers.
and answer them.
,.......................................... " .
1 I've got a very sweet tooth. Can I have _
sugar in my coffee, please?

What does your fridge say about you?
r •

a much
2 Did you buy _ milk?
a any
b a lot of

b a few
c too much

c many

Do our questionnaire and find out. ••• 3 How _ coffee do you drink every day?
•• a many b much c some
•• 4 There's _ chicken in the fridge - just
enough for one sandwich.

How much convenience food is there?
o some D a lot o too much •• a afew b a little c much
• 5 There are _ grapes in the fruit bowl - but

only four or five.
••• a a little b a few c too many
vegetables there? ,
D a few o
some O a lot ••• 6 There aren't _ avocadoes in the fridge .
•• a some b any c much
• 7 There are _ vegetables in the fridge .
••• a a little b too many C too much
•• 8 There is _ fruit juice for one person.
o a little
o some
o a lot ~ •••
a too much b too many C a few
9 How _ glasses of water do you drink

every day?
••• a many b much c any
• 10 There's _ pizza in the box.
• a many b a few c a lot of
:8 milk there? •

o a little o some O a lot
• 4 Complete the conversation.

• Doctor Can you tell me about your diet? For

• example, 1 h _ _ m _ _ convenience

•• food do you eat?
, •
o a little
o some
D a lot e •

Patient I have two or three pizzas a week and a
burger with chips for lunch every day.
Doctor That's 2t _ _ m _ _ . What about sweet

• things? 3H_ _ m _ _ sugar do you
• have?

• Patient I always have four big spoons of sugar in my
:0 cartons of fruit juice there? 09; •
• tea and coffee.


O a few o
some o too many •• Doctor That's 4t_ _ m _ _ . Try to have only
one spoon. Do you eat a lot of fruit and

• vegetables?
•• Patient I buy a 5f_ _ apples and I eat 6 a 1_ _

broccoli sometimes .
:0 bottles of water there? Doctor 7H_ _ m _ _ apples do you eat each
10 20 30 week?
Patient Two or three.
Doctor 8H_ _ m _ _ broccoli do you eat?
Patient About a hundred grammes a month.
Doctor 9H _ _ m _ _ beer do you drink?
'0 cake there?
~ •• Patient I have three or four bottles in the evening
o a little o some Da lot •• when I'm watching TV.
• Doctor That's between 21 and 28 bottles a week.
• That's lOt _ _ m _ _ . I'm afraid you
•• have a very unhealthy diet.
, : •• Patient What can I do?
sausages there?
D a few Da lot o too many ~ •• Doctor Here's liS _ _ diet information. Read it
• carefully and come and see me again next
••• month.

, ••
~ ............................................ 45
1 Read the article quickly and choose the best title.
a Schools sell water to students
b Children love water
c Drinks machines in schools
d Too thirsty to learn

2 ID Complete the article with sentences A, B, C, 0

or E. There is one extra sentence. Then listen to
A The children had the last word on the subject
B Mrs Williams whose son Billy is in Year Five
C The bottles are £1.00 and the parents give
the school £5. 00 a term for the water.
o The school and parents are impressed by the
results. ome British primary schools are encouraging
E In Green Dale Primary School S the children to drink more water. This is because
scientists believe that our brains need water to
3 Choose the correct answers: a, b, c or d.
send messages and make connections. They say
1 British primary schools want children to drink that a bottle of water is the easiest way to improve
water. children's health, behaviour, learning and test
a a little results.
b a lot of
1_ , all the pupils have a water bottle on their desk.
c more
d too much They can drink as much water as they want and then
fill up their bottle from the tap. MrS Harris, head
2 Scientists say
teacher, told our reporter, 'Everyone needs to drink a
a water helps our brains.
lot of water - it's good for our bodies, our brains and
b children must get water at school.
it's free. Some children drink too many fizzy drinks.
c it is difficult to make children healthier.
Soft drinks and colas have too much sugar - they are
d it's easy to pass tests when you drink water.
unhealthy and they cause discipline problems.'
3 Teachers at Green Dale Primary School want
the children to drink water because it's 2 __ The Year Five teacher said, 'Mter only two
a educational. weeks, things were a lot better in my classroom.
b free. Now, the children concentrate better and they are
c healthy. more awake in the afternoons. In the past, when
d nicer than cola. they drank sugary dr inks, they were much noisier
4 Mrs Harris says _ causes bad behaviour. and didn't behave well. Day after day, I used to see
a mineral water tired and bad-tempered children who couldn't learn
b thirst because they were thirsty. I also saw children going
c too many bottles of water into the school sick-room with 'illnesses' which
d too much sugar could be 'cured' with a glass of water.'
5 The Year Five teacher says children used to 3 _, 'I think it's a very good idea. Water is better for
be 'ill' because they the children and it doesn't cost anything. I now give
a were naughty. the children more water at home and I think they .
b went to the sick-room. are healthier and happier. ' Another mother added,
c were thirsty. 'When you see the Prime Minister speaking, he
d were noisy. always has a bottle of water next to him. Why can't
6 The children are _ their parents and our children have the same?'
teachers about the water.
a as enthusiastic as 4 : 'It's OK but I like cola more.' 'I don't like water

b more enthusiastic than very much but I drink it.' 'Now we drink more water
c more excited than we need more toilets.' 'It's great - it's free and I like
d less keen than it. ' 'I prefer fizzy mineral water - tap water is boring. '

Good food! ~

1 ID Listen and match the conversations with the 1 ID Match the complaints (1-8) with the apologies
pictures. (a-h). Then listen to check.

o Complaint
1 Excuse me, there's a mistake in this bill. 0
2 My parcel still hasn't arrived. 0
3 Excuse me, but why is this book wet? 0
4 I'm sorry but I can't eat this - I'm a
vegetarian. 0
5 This table is too small for eight people. 0
6 You forgot to text me about the party. 0
7 This spaghetti Bolognese isn't hot enough. 0
8 You're very late! 0
a I'm sorry. I dropped it in the bath. It was
rather stupid of me.
b I'm very sorry. Let me take it back to the
c I'm very sorry but there isn't a bigger table
d I'm really sorry. I sent it to the wrong address.
e I'm sorry - it wasn't my fault . The train was
f I'm sorry. I didn't realise. Have some
vegetable curry instead.
g I'm sorry, I completely forgot.
h I'm really sorry, madam. I added €10 by

2 IPa Use the complaints and apologies in the box

to complete the short conversations. Then listen to
• Excuse me, there's a mistake in my change.
• I'm really sorry about that. It was an accident.
My dog ate it.
• I'm sorry but I completely forgot.
• I'm sorry but my coffee is cold.
• That's OK, don't worry about it.

Teacher Your homework looks terrible - it's

wet and it's got teeth marks.
2 IiI Listen again and answer the questions. You
A 2 You
1 Is a Neapolitan a salad or a pizza? Waiter I'm very sorry. Here's the five
2 Why didn't the waiter bring the Neapolitan? euros.
B 3 You
3 Who made the mistake? Waitress I'm sorry, I forgot to bring it to the
4 Can the customer wait for the correct order? table. Here's a fresh one.
C 4 Your friend Where were you last night?
5 How many pizzas are on the bill? I waited at the cinema for half an
6 How many pizzas did they have? hour!
7 How many pizzas did he buy? 5 Your friend I'm really sorry I didn't send you
a birthday card. I was really busy
8 At first, how much money did the assistant
and I forgot to post it.
ask for?

Food and drink sugar 1 Label the different foods in the food pyramid.
apple sweets
avocado tomato 2 Complete the text with words from the box.
bacon tuna
banana turkey healthy bread dairy products fat fruit
beans vegetable pasta sugar vegetables vegetarians
beef yoghurt
The food pyramid shows what you need to eat
biscuit to have a 1 diet.
bread Diets and lifestyles
breakfast cereal convenience food Group 1: these have a lot of 2 _ _ and sugar so
brussels sprout cut down on they aren't good for you.
burger fast food Don't eat much from this group.
butter fat (n) Group 2: 3 _ _ like milk and cheese have a lot
cabbage frozen of calcium so you need them for a strong body.
cake have a sweet tooth
Group 3: food like meat, beans, fish and nuts
carrot meal
contain vitamins, minerals and protein.
cheese on a diet
4 _ _ can eat dairy products, nuts and beans
chewing gum packaged
from Groups 2 and 3.
chicken recipe
snack Group 4: 5 _ _ , for example, cabbage and
tinned onions, are high in vitamins and low in fat and
chocolate 6 _ _ . You need 3-5 pieces a day.
coffee vegetarian (n, adj)
cream vitamin Group 5: 7 _ _ , for example, bananas and

crisps grapes, is high in vitamins and low in fat. You

Eating out need 2-4 pieces a day.
dairy products
dried soup Group 6: You need to eat most from this group.
cate Food like potatoes, cereal, 8 _ _ and 9 _ _
fish gives you energy.
eat out
fizzy drink
main course 3 Choose the odd-one-out.
fruit menu
fruit juice order (v, n) 1 bacon tomato ham pork
ham pizzeria 2 beef lamb turkey mushroom
ice cream
service 3 butter yoghurt rice cheese
waiterIwaitress 4 carrot onion mayonnaise cabbage
lamb Adjectives to describe food 5 dried frozen fresh tinned
mayonnaise bitter 6 ketchup crisps sweets biscuits
meat delicious 7 pineapple noodle strawberry melon
melon filling 8 prawn avocado fish tuna
milk fresh
milkshake greasy 4, Complete the dictionary information with food
mineral water healthy adjectives. The last letter has been given.
muesli inedible
mushroom low fat
noodles nutritious THESAURUS
nut spicy
olive oil s having a very good taste
stale 2
onion sweet g food that stops you feeling hungry for
orange tasty a longtime
pasta 3 y
unhealthy cooked with too much fat/oil
pineapple 4
e too horrible to eat
pork Other 5
s food with the vitamins and minerals
potato complaint that your body needs for good health
prawn customer 6
t having a taste like sugar
red pepper packed lunch
y with a lot of spices
rice packet
8 r having a sharp, strong taste
salad product
sandwich quality e not fresh
sausage receipt 10 y food that isn't good for your body
steak store (n)
strawberry supermarket
Good food!


crisps 3

~~____------- 4

~~------------------ 10

7 ""'-~--- 11
8 12


14 17

16 19

l ijji,lililM 20

21 22 23 24

5 Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions. Extend your vocabulary
Can I have a tub ___ ice cream, please?
1 Study the phrasal verbs with look and their definitions.
2 You really need to cut down ___ greasy Then complete the sentences with the correct forms of
food. the verbs.
3 We don't often eat ___ because restaurants
are really expensive.
look after: to take care of someone or something
4 No, thanks. I don't want any cake. I'm _ __
look down on: to think someone is less important
a diet.
than you
5 I'd like to take you ___ for an evening
look into: to examine or study the facts of
meal. What do you think? a situation
6 I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cheat you . It was look round: to visit a place and look at things in it
very stupid ___ me. look through: to read something quickly for general
7 I'm sorry. I gave you a wrong number _ __ information
mistake. look up: to search for information in a reference
8 I'd like to make a complaint _ _ the food I book or on a computer
bought here.

1 He thinks people him because he

comes from a poor family.
2 I ___ recipe books to get ideas for healthy
3 When I go on holiday I like _ _ old castles
and churches.
4 Can you _ _ the children while I go to the
5 Let's ___ the meaning of this word in a
6 The police are _ _ the robbery.
WRITING I A letter of complaint

23 Grange Avenue
Customer Care
Burger Heaven
937 Old Lincoln Road
2nd January 2011

o I Dear SirIMadam
.-) I I am writing to complain about the service at your burger b ar in Sheep
Street, Norwich.
On 28 th December I took my five -year-old brother there to celebrate his
. e chose your cafe because you promise party bags for children
celebrating their lr . On the day we went, there were no party bags
so my brother was very upset. Unfortunately, when I spoke to the manager
he was rude and unhelpful. For example, my brother was crying and the

manager told him to 'grow up'.

derstand that at a busy time of year you may not always have the free
gifts bu I feel you should train your managers to be more polite and helpful.
o I I believe that I should receive an apology and that my brother should get a
discount voucher for his next visit.
o I I look forward to your reply.
Yours faithfully
Stuart Hobson

1 Read the letter and match the paragraphs A-F to the 2 Write a letter of complaint. Choose a problem,
definitions 1-6. a suggestion and compensation. You can also use
your own ideas.
1 Explain what happened. 0
2 Give your reason for writing. 0 Problems
3 Say what you want as compensation. 0 • burnt food and old, brown lettuce in a pizza
4 Start your letter formally. 0 restaurant
5 Suggest what the company should do to • very large spider in a bag of bananas bought
improve their service. 0 at a supermarket
6 End with a polite, formal expression. 0 Suggestions
• check bags before they go on sale
• improve staff training
• a refund
• an apology
Remember to:
• use polite, formal language .
• structure and layout your letter correctly.


VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR 3 Complete the text with one word in each gap. (6 points)
There are a lot of good restaurants in this part
1 Complete the words. The first letter of each of town but there aren't 1 _ __ cheap ones.
word is given. (8 points) One cheap restaurant you should go to is Mike's
Would you like some ice cream? There's some cafe 2 is in Orchard Street near the Post
in the freezer. Office. It is a great little restaurant 3 _ __
I love sitting in this armchair - it's very you can buy traditional English food like fish
c_ _ and chips or bacon and eggs. Mike is the only
person I know 4 _ _ _ dinners are always
2 Oh no! A gold fountain in the drive! perfect. 5 _ _ _ people come here every day
Howt___ !
for their dinner. There aren't 6 waiters in
3 The kitchen is nice and s ___ - all the suits, just excellent food!
family can eat together and it still doesn't feel
crowded. .. Choose the correct answer: a, b or c. (6 pOints)
4 Can you go to the front door, please? Hyde Court is _ _ hotel in Springhope and it
Someone is ringing the d___ . is 1 _ _ _ any hotel in the world. It is also
5 I like your garden. Your 1___ is green and 2 _ _ _ most five star hotels that you can find.
well kept. Do you cut it every week? What makes it special? The elegant decoration,
6 'Mum! Where's my sweater?' the comfortable rooms and the excellent
'Look in the c_ _ of d _ _ in your service. For those guests who are 3 _ _ _ to
bedroom.' come to the dining room for dinner, we can
7 I love this room. It's so b _ __ when the sun offer the 4 _ _ _ choice of food in your room.
shines through the window. We also listen to our guests. When one guest
8 This carpet is dirty! I'll get the v_ _ said that our baths weren't 5 _ _ _ we changed
c_ _ them all and put G _ _ _ baths in all the rooms.
Come to Hyde Court, where we look after you.
2 Choose the correct word. (4 points)
I can't eat (sweet y bitter things like cakes. a the bigger b too big @the biggest
Can I have an inedible / a low fat yoghurt, 1 a as better as b as good as c as best as
please? 2 a cheaper as b cheaper than c cheapest
2 I want to eat healthy / spicy food like salads 3 a too tired
and fruit. b more tired
3 Mmm. This pizza is tasteless / delicious. c the tiredest
It's the best one on the menu! 4 a too wonderful
4 I don't like burgers. They're too tasty / b most wonderful
greasy. C more wonderful
5 'Why are you throwing that bread away?' 5 a as big as b too big c big enough
'Because it's stale / fresh.' 6 a biggest b bigger c the biggest
6 I love spicy / bitter curries.
5 Write questions for the answers. (6 points)
7 'Are these cakes fresh / healthy?'
'Yes, I baked them this morning.' How many people are there here?
8 This dinner is OK but it's a bit delicious / There are five people here.
1 ------------------- ?
I've got seven apples.
2 -------------------?
I've got lots of milk.
3 ------------------- ?
There's a little bit of butter here.
4 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ sugar in the cupboard?
Yes, there is.
5 ________ shelves in the living room?
Yes, there are.
6 ___________ brothers or sisters?
Yes, I have.

6 liB listen to a man talking to the owner of 8 Complete the sentences with one word
a restaurant. Are the sentences true (T) or in each gap. (6 pOints)
false (F)? (7 pOints) I didn't get my seven o'clock alarm call.
1 Johnson has come to eat at the restaurant. 0 Oh, I'm sorry. I completely forgot.
2 Johnson wants the kitchen workers to stop 1 Where were you? I was waiting outside.
working. 0 Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't _ _ . I was inside.
3 The restaurant has two fridges and one 2 Ow, that hurt!
freezer. 0 Oh, I'm sorry. It was an ___ .
4 J ohnson sees some cheese on the 3 Why did you tell them they could stay with
cupboards. 0 us?
5 There aren't any mice in the kitchen now. 0 I'm sorry. It was rather ___ of me.
6 Patrick doesn't wash his hands. 0 4 Where's my work? You threw it away!
7 Johnson is going to come back to the Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't _ _ to.
restaurant in one month. 0 5 I didn't ask for ice cream.
Oh, I'm sorry. I gave you theirs by ___ .
6 You're late again!
READING SKILLS I'm sorry but it wasn't my ___ today. The
7 Read the adverts for four houses. Match the bus was late.
sentences to the correct advert. (7 pOints)
Total /50
Which advert
1 says there is more than one home for sale? 0
2 says there is no fridge? 0
3 says there isn't any furniture? 0
4 doesn't say where the house is? 0
5 says the house is near the sea? 0
6 says there isn't a garage? 0
7 says there are nice views? 0


IS a i I
house with a large garden. There 0 in a small village next to the sea.
are four spacious bedrooms The outside walls are white and
upstairs and two bathrooms. covered with roses in the
The kitchen is modern with built- summer. Upstairs, there are two
in cupboards , cooker and fridge. small bedrooms with views of the
There is an elegant dining room harbour and a bathroom with
with a table and eight chairs and toilet. Downstairs, there is a small
a large living room with a real fire. traditional kitchen. There isn 't
You can get to the garden from a fridge but there is a cold room
the living room and the kitchen. which is as good as a fridge and
There is a downstairs toilet and much bigger. The living room is beautiful with comfortable old
a garage big enough for two furniture, fitted bookshelves and a piano . The garden is small
cars. This is the perfect house for a family and a bargain at only but full of flowers. The perfect home for a retired couple. There
£400,000 . isn't a garage but there is a parking space near the house.
Only £265,000
a young family who haven 't got are some
much money. It is near the centre exciting new homes we've got.
of town and close to shops and Spacious, one room flats in the
schools. There are two bedrooms centre of the city with views of
upstairs and a kitchen and living the river with the most modern
room downstairs. There 's also appliances available. Everything
a bathroom/toilet upstairs and in the flats is computer controlled
a second toilet in the garden. The and you can change the
house hasn·t got any furniture so temperature, switch on the lights,
you can furnish it in your own cook dinner and fill your bath
style. It is very cheap and when it without moving! These flats are
has got furniture, central heating, selling quickly so come today or
new windows upstairs and a new roof it will be perfect. you might be disappointed.
Only £ 150,000 From £550,000
Looking ahead

Future with (be) going to Future with will

Affirmative Negative Affirmative Negative
am (,m) going am not (,m not) going to be will not
to be late. late. l!You/He/She/ will move (won't) move
ItlWefThey to another to another
are ('re) going are not (aren 't or 're not) country.
WeIYoufThey country.
to be late. going to be late.
is ('s) going to is not (isn't or 's not) going
He/She/It YeslNo questions Short answers
be late. to be late.
Yes, I/you/he/she/
lIyou/ move to it/we/they will.
Yes/No questions Short answers Will he/she/it/ another
Yes, I am. we/they country? No, I/you/he/she/
No, I'm not. I it/we/they won't.

Yes, we/you/they are. We use will for:

Are we/you/they going to be late?
No, we/you/they aren't. • ideas and thoughts about the future: I think I'll go
to the cinema next week.
Yes, he/she/it is.
Is he/she/it • predictions based on opinions or beliefs: People
No, he/she/it isn't.
will live on Mars one day.
We use be going to to talk about: • making offers and promises: Don't worry, I'll drive
• predictions based on evidence we can see, hear or feel now: you to school.
He's a metre from the end of the race ... he's gomg to wm! Wh- questions
• future plans and intentions: I'm going to buy theatre tickets Where will we be in ten years?
when I'm in London. Who will be at the party?

Wh- questions
What are you going to do at the weekend?
How are you gOing to get there?
Who is he going to invite to the party?

1 Choose the correct future form of the verbs.

I think next week is going to I (will) be hot 5 My brother bought some new clothes because
and sunny. he's going to I 'll go to a party.
My sister is going to I will have a baby next 6 Those boys are cycling too fast.
month. They're going to I 'll hurt themselves.
2 I promise I'm going to I 'll give you some 7 Look at the sky - it is going to I will be
money for your birthday. a lovely day.
3 I know she's going to I will fail her exams 8 We are going to I will run out of petrol!
because she never does any work. There's only one litre in the car and it's 100
4 Scientists think that cars aren't going to I kilometres to the next petrol station.
won't use petrol in the future. 9 Tell me your secret! I promise
I am not going to I won't tell anyone.

2 Complete the sentences with will or going to and the " Anna and her friend Jane are going to London for the
verbs in brackets. weekend. Complete the text with going to or will and
the verbs in brackets.
Look at that big black cloud. It '5 t(3oint(3 to
rain . (rain) Jane and Anna are at the station and they are
1 I've got a two-hour appointment at the waiting to buy their tickets. They are t(3oint(3 to
dentist's tomorrow. I (not enjoy) catch (catch) a train to London.
that! Jane is a big football fan and she bought
2 I (buy) a new mobile phone next a ticket for Arsenal on the Internet.
week. She 1 (watch) a match
3 The score is Manchester United 20 - Luton O. while they're in London. Anna doesn't know
Luton (win)! what to do while Jane's at the match. Perhaps
4 I don't want to see Pride and Prejudice. she 2 (write) some
I don't think it (be) very exciting. postcards.
5 Don't worry, I (help) you do your After the match, they 3 _ _ _ _ _ __
homework. (walk) along the River Thames so they can see
6 He's a bit nervous because he (ask) the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye.
After that, they think they 4 _ _ _ _ _ __
her to go out with him.
(go) for a meal. London taxis are quite
7 I hope I (see) the Taj Mahal when expensive so they 5 (travel)
I'm older. on buses or the Underground.
3 Look at the pictures and complete the predictions. Anna's uncle lives in London. They 6 _ _ __
Use will or going to. (stay) with him tonight. He has got tickets for a
musical and they 7 (go) to
see it tomorrow evening. Possibly, he
8 (take) them to a
restaurant for dinner.
S Complete Anna's postcard. Use the verbs from the box
with will or going to.
buy do go ring not be see take

Deox Oliver)

::r;'f\'\. M'"i~iNO ~his iV!-. (1. iV!-. LOvvMV!-.! ::r;'f\'\. here.
Manchester City are having See - I told you! They _ _ tOY' (1. tW ~s IIJii:h jMe We 1 _ _ _ _ __
a good season. I think that win the match. lots Ot V!-.i~e. i:hl~ IIJhlle. IIJe're here L(1.i:er i:o~)
they win the
match on Saturday. IIJe 2 Si~i:sUlvtvo- IIJe.
3 SOf\'\.e. t~Ov-s people. ~OO! M<tr v-V!-.~l
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ v-S i:o SU (1. f\'\.('<'siWl i:of\'\.orrollJ
a.vv;(, OV!-. Mo~ jMe a.vv;(, ::r; 5 _ _ _ _ __

V!-.W dxesses tor ~(,<.r p(1.ri:<tr ::r; hope i:h~

6 ~oo e.xpeV1-.Sive.!
::r; 7 ~(,<. IIJhM ::r; qre.i: hof\'\.e. CU'1..ti
~e.ll ~(,<. OJI c;U;o('<'i: ~he f\'\.(,<.siWJ

Why don't we go? It _ __ It ____ be a terrible

be great! concert!

TheEarth 's weather is changing . In the past, natural events caused these climatic
changes but now scientists use the phrase 'climate change' to talk about changes
whichstarted with the growth of industry in the nineteenth century. The changes
people are worried about now are the result of human behaviour - not natural
changes in the atmosphere .

Scientists study unusual weather events, for example heatwaves, and other evidence
of climate change to predict our future weather. A very important part of their work is
looking at the long-term effects of climate change on our environment. For example,
water is extremely important for human life. Is rainfall gOing to increase? Or will there
be less rain and more hot weather? Some people believe that water is so important
that there will be wars about it in the future.

There are a lot of things we can do to slow down climate change. Instead of using coal , oil and gas which
produce greenhouse gases, we will need to get more energy from sources such as the sun, wind and water.
Already, there are wind farms in Europe and governments are going to build more. We can also be more
environmentally-friendly in our own lives. For example, when you go to bed tonight, are you going to turn off
your computer and TV or will you leave them on standby? This weekend, are you going to use public transport
or drive your car? By making small changes in our lives, we can help to save energy and reduce pollution .

Do you know about the Kyoto Protocol? In 1997, the countries of the United Nations met in Kyoto, Japan and
agreed to try to control climate change. In 2005, the agreement became international law. The countries which
signed the agreement are going to reduce their greenhouse gases by 5.2% before the end of 2012. The only
two industrial countries that didn't sign the agreement are the USA, the world's biggest polluter, and Australia.
In 2009, world leaders met again for the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.
After a lot of discussions and arguments, they agreed to continue trying to reduce greenhouse gases but, this
time, it isn't a legal agreement.

READING 4: Read the article again. Are the statements true (T)
or false (F)?
1 Read the article Quickly and choose the best title. According to the text:
a The weather in Europe 1 in the past, the world's climate didn't
b The world's changing climate change . D
c Climate and the international community 2 nowadays, all climate change is natural. D
3 scientists don't know exactly what will
happen to our weather in the future. D
2 ID Read the article carefully and match the headings 4 there will definitely be wars about water. D
A, B, C, 0 or E with the paragraphs. There is one extra 5 there won't be any more wind farms in
heading. Then listen to check. Europe . D
A Changing our behaviour 6 it's a waste of time to save energy in
B Climate change and the future your home. D
C The importance of recycling 7 the Kyoto Protocol was an agreement
D International action between Asian countries. D
E What is climate change? 8 all the countries of the world are going
to reduce their greenhouse gases. D
3 Match the underlined words with the correct definition. 9 since the Copenhagen meeting, all
(ad)) _ _ continuing for a long period of time countries have to reduce their
in the future greenhouse gases. D
2 (n) _ _ pollution that makes the Earth get
3 (n) _ _ a period of unusually hot weather
4 (n) _ _ something ready to use when needed
5 (v) _ _ to have the power to change
6 (n) _ _ the rules for correct behaviour
7 (v ) _ _ to make something happen less

First conditional
Condition Result There are two parts in a First Conditional sentence:
If + Present Simple will + infinitive 1 the if clause gives you the condition; what may/might
If we take the car to we'll get the eight o'clock happen.
the station, train. 2 the will clause tells you what the result will be.
If we don't leave now, we won't catch the train .
The two parts can be any order:
If the car doesn't start, we'll be late for the train. If we don't go now, we'll be late. = We'll be late if we
how will we get to the don't go now.
If you don't drive us, Use a comma (,) when the if clause is first.
We use the First Conditional for:
Yes/No questions • situations/actions and their results: If it's sunny
tomorrow, we'll go swimming.
If we leave now, will we catch the train?
• promises: If you do well in your exams, I'll buy you
Short answers a bike.
Yes, we will. • threats: If you do that again, I'll phone the pOlice!
No, we won 't. • warnings: If you touch that, you'll hurt yourself.

1 Match the actions and the results. Write First 2 Look at the pictures. Use the prompts to write the
Conditional sentences. superstitions. In some sentences the if clause is
pass your exams a have an accident
1 eat too much
2 don't save some
b get cold
c collect you from
superstition l ,sU:p~stlf;ml noun a traditiOn_al belie_f
that some things are lucky or unlucky
money the station
3 want to go camping d be in trouble - -
seven years' bad luck / break
4 see your sister e go to university the mirror
5 telephone me when f not have enough
You'll have seven years' bad luck
your train arrives energy in the
if you break the mirror.
6 cycle too fast morning
7 forget your 9 feel ill
homework again h not go on holiday
8 go out in the snow need a tent
9 don't eat breakfast tell her about the 1 see two black and white
concert? birds together / have good luck
If you pass your exams. you will ~o to
2 you walk under a ladder /
3 __________________________________
have an accident
4 __________________________________
5 __________________________________
6 ________________________________
8 ________________________________ 3 you pass someone on the
stairs / have an argument
9 __________________________________

1 Choose the correct answers. The percentage (%) Technology Other
in brackets shows the probability. 3-D army
artificial banknote
Electrical appliances certainly won't / century
(will probably] (80%) be less expensive in the cloudy
future. coin
1 Scientists will probably / definitely won't DVD player dawn
(99.9%) find an alternative to petrol. electricity decorate
2 Perhaps people / People probably (50%) energy defence
won't have private cars in the future. engine dry
3 In the future, more people will certainly / gadget economy
probably (80%) work from home. laser faint
4 Cities will certainly / probably won't (20%) man-made finance
be safer in the future. missile future
5 People may / will probably (50%) write mobile phone get rid of
personal letters in the future . motor government
power horoscope
6 Children definitely won't / might (1%) stop
radar in danger
going to school.
satellite increase (n)
2 Choose the correct answers to complete the signal introduce
predictions. supersonic invest
technological key (adD
I think people _ work in offices in the television set leisure
future because they will work from home. video recorder life expectancy
a will probably lower (v)
b probably won't Environment and ecology masculine
c definitely aren't going to acid rain maximum
air mess
2 In the future, _ be public phones because bottle banks opportunity
everyone will have a mobile phone. climate change parcel
a it's possible that there will destroy pedestrian
b there may domestic waste prediction
c there won't electricity cut president
forest produce (v)
3 Ownership of personal computers is growing invest in
in Europe and by 2018, most homes_ have progress
nuclear protein
an Internet connection. petrol realistic
a will probably pollution reduce
b certainly won't power station replace
c will definitely protect retired
4 In countries with hot, sunny climates, most public transport rise (v)
technology _ use solar power. recycle rule (n)
renewable energy school report
a definitely won't
replant shoelace
b probably won't rubbish speed (n)
c will probably solar panel survive
solar power switch (to)
sort tax
temperature transport (v)
throw out undone
wave power unemployment
wildlife waste (n)
wind farm weather forecast
wind power work from home
VOCABULARY 4 Choose the correct words: a, b or c.
People pay _ to the government.
1 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the
a economy
words in CAPITALS.
b finance
1 ___ from industry and cars is c taxes
damaging the Earth. POLLUTE
2 Most car engines use
2 Nearly all domestic appliances, for
example, vacuum cleaners and a petrol.
washing machines, use _ _ . ELECTRIC b pollution.
3 Wind and solar power are c energy.
examples of _ _ energy. RENEW 3 An army looks after a country's
4 If we ___ the world's forests, a satellite.
many rare animals and plants b defence.
will die. DESTRUCTION c environment.
5 advances mean that
gadgets like mobile phones 4 It's important to _ the world's wildlife.
are getting smaller but more a survive
powerful. TECHNOLOGY b cure
6 If you turn off your computer c protect
at night, you will _ _ the 5 Are those flowers real or
amount of power it uses. REDUCTION a retired?
7 If the _ _ is bad, there b artificial?
will be high unemployment. ECONOMIC
C atomic?
8 My _ _ is that by 2050, the
world's temperature will be higher. PREDICT 6 If temperatures _ , summers will be hotter
and sea levels will rise.
2 Complete the sentences with one word in each gap. a lower
Not everyone agrees that climate change is b increase
man-made. c reduce
1 Acid contains chemicals from
factories and cars and harms the environment. Extend your vocabulary
2 Traditional stations use coal to
generate electricity. 1 Study the phrasal verbs with cut and their definitions.
Then use them to complete the sentences.
3 In Britain, town councils collect waste
from outside people's homes.
cut down: to cut a tree or plant so it falls to the
4 power comes from the Sun. ground
5 Some experts think that ___ expectancy in cut off: to stop the supply of, for example,
the developed world will fall in the 21 st century. electricity
6 If the weather _ _ is really good, we'll go cut out: to stop doing or eating something,
camping! usually because it is bad for you
7 There isn't a bottle near our house so cut up: to cut something into smaller pieces
we don't recycle glass. cut short: to end something sooner than planned
8 My parents use their cars for long journeys but
in town they use ___ transport.
1 My dad _ _ the tree in our garden
3 Choose the correct prepositions. because it was too big.
1 Where can I get rid at / oj / in / to old 2 We ___ our holiday because the weather
furniture ? was terrible.
2 We need to invest at / Dj / in / to renewable 3 If you _ _ smoking, you'll save a lot of
energy. money.
3 Some cities will be at / Dj/in / to danger if sea 4 Can you ___ the onions for me? Thanks.
levels rise. 5 The telephone company ___ our phone
4 People must switch at / oj / in / to buses and because I forgot to pay the bill.
trains instead of private cars.
5 Do you think computers will take the place at /
Dj / in / to teachers?


Verb patterns
1Verb + -ing form 2 Verb + to + infinitive 3 Verb + infinitive without to
avoid miss agree offer can
can't stand not mind decide promise could
enjoy practise hope seem might
hate prefer learn want must
like start manage wish should
love stop need would like

When two verbs are used together, the first verb often
decides the form of the second one. The three verb Mind the trap!
patterns are: Some verbs can be used in more than one
• verb + -ing form: pattern, but they change their meaning:
I hate getting up early for school. I remember posting her birthday card.
I enjoy watching TV in the evening. = I remember putting the card in a letter box.
• verb + to + infinitive: I remember to post her birthday card.
I want to study Biology. =Each year I remember to post the card,
We decided to talk to them later. I don't forget.

• verb + infinitive without to:

You should be more polite to your grandmother. I stopped speaking to her.
I can read French. =I stopped being her
Sentences with begin, continue, hate, like, love, prefer
and start can use either verb + -ing or to + infinitive and
the meaning is the same: I stopped to speak to her.
We started walking to the station. = We started to walk
=I stopped what
I was doing and we
to the station. had a conversation.

1 Read the sentences and put the underlined verbs in 2 Match the two parts of the sentences.
the correct box.
1 You must 0
1 You should study science subjects if you want 2 He promised 0
to be a doctor. 3 During the holidays, I miss 0
2 I love working with people but I don't like 4 I could 0
being in an office all day - I prefer working
outdoors .
5 We decided 0
3 You can learn to drive more easily when you
6 She offered 0
are young.
7 He doesn't study a lot but he manages 0
4 I hope to work in Scotland this summer, so I a seeing my schoolfriends.
need to practise speaking English. b to help me find a holiday job.
5 If you send them your CV, they might agree c help you with your Cv.
to help you.
d to get jobs in the same town.
+ -ing + to+ + infinitive e to pass all his exams.
infinitive without to f do your homework.
should g to get a summer job.

3 Choose the correct answers. S Complete the second sentence so it has the same
meaning as the original sentence.
1 She needs ___ a new suit for the job
interview. 1 You must phone me after the meeting.
a buy b buying c to buy Promise
2 I could ___ a job in another country. 2 Do you like working outside all day?
a get b to get c getting Can you all day?
3 My friend might ___ French lessons next 3 She needs to practise for her exams .
year. She must
a drop b to drop c dropping 4 I learned to speak French wh en I was a child.
4 My uncle offered ___ work experience for I could
5 I like working in an office.
a arrange b to arrange c arranging I want
5 My cousin is going to New York so she must
___ a passport. 6 I hope to get a job next year.
I'd like
a get b to get c getting
He hopes ___ in a bank one day. 7 He wants to work in a bank.
He hopes
a work b to work c working
8 He never wants to go to interviews.
7 I hate bored so I don't mind
hard. He can't stand
a be / working 9 I find it difficult to speak in public.
b to be / to work I hate
c being / working 6 Complete the tips about looking for a job. Use the
8 My grandmother stopped work last year and correct form of the verbs in the boxes.
she misses ___ her colleagues.
a see b seeing c to see •••• Tips for first-time • 4
9 I must ___ what I want to do at university. • jobseekers
a decide b deciding c to decide •

4: Correct the sentences. •
Librarians should liking books. : Looking for your first job isn't easy
Librarians should like books. 1\P "' ~ You need to decide what you are
~ interested in and what you are
1 International reporters need travelling a lot. • be EleeiGe
• sit work ~ good at. For example, if you love

2 I don't mind to work away from home. • : 1

~ stand 2
outside and you can 't

• at a desk all day,

3 She can't be a teacher! She can't stand work • : avoid 3 _ _ _ in an office!

with children. • ~ You will need 4 your CV
4 He stops think about work when he leaves his
1\P 2 ~ (Curriculum Vitae) to the company.
office. • apply be ex 2) ~ This should 5 typed
• include see ~ and it shouldn 't 6 more
5 An actor might to work on TV or in the • send write ~ than two pages. Remember 7 _ _
theatre. • ~ information about your hobbies anc
• ~ interests because companies want
• ~ that you have interests
6 Musicians practise play every day.
• ~

outside school. You must also

• a letter to go with your
7 My mother learned draw when she trained as
• : 9

an architect.
• ~ Cv. In your letter, explain why you

• : decided 10 for the job.

• If you manage 11 an
1\P 3 interview, you should 12 som
• ask get do preparation before you go. Also,
• - - - - - - ~ think about what you want
• ~ 13 them at the interview.

READING 3 Match the words (1-5) with the correct definition

(a-f). There is one extra definition.
1 ID Read the article quickly and choose the correct 1 out-of-work D
answer. 2 studio 0
The article is about: 3 job agency 0
a work advice for dancers. 4 performing artists D
b leaving home to start work. 5 aspiring D
c someone starting their working life. a hopeful
d working for an Internet company. b actors, singers, dancers, etc.
2 Match Heidi's answers (1-5) in the article to the c a person who answers the phone
questions (a-e). d a room where dancers practise
e a company which matches people and jobs
a What about the future? D f without a job
b What's a typical day in your job? D
c Why do you like your job? D tI Read the list. Put the events in order.
d Why did you take the job as a personal
Heidi .. .
assistant? D a got a job as a personal assistant. D
e What did you want to do when you
moved to London? D
b got a job in a dance studio . D
c heard about an Internet agency. D
d moved to London. D
e worked as a waitress. ill
Dancer takes f worked on a children's TV programme.
9 worked on a rock video.
the right steps
~ is very difficult for people who work in show business to find permanent
jobs. Out-of-work actors, singers and dancers often work in bars or
restaurants while they are looking for work.

However, when 19-year-old Heidi Calver moved to London to build her

career as a dancer, she decided not to be a waitress again. 1 'I hoped to
get work as a full-time dancer but I knew that was an impossible dream!
I don't mind working in cafes and bars but I prefer being in touch with
other dancers and entertainers. I looked for jobs which are linked to show
business and I was very lucky - I got a job as an evening manager for a
small dance studio in north London.'

While Heidi was working for the dance studio, she learned that a lot of
the teachers at the studio got their jobs through an Internet job agency for
dancers. She applied for a job with the Internet company and a week later
she was part of the sales team. After only a month, the manager asked
her to be his personal assistant. 2 'It was a promotion with a pay rise so I
said 'yes!' immediately.'

The company is one of Britain's largest agencies for performing artists so

Heidi is always very busy. 3 'I look after my boss's diary, make his travel
arrangements, answer the telephone. In fact. I don't mind doing anything
to help! I might take photographs of aspiring dancers for the website, look
for twenty singers for a big London musical, find a pianist for an orchestra
or help someone to write their Cv.'

4 'I hate being bored so this job is perfect for me - and it keeps me close
to the world of dance. I hear about dancing jobs and my boss is very
good at letting me have time off - last month I did a rock video and the
month before I was in a children's IV programme.'

5 'I still want to make my career in dancing but I'm happy to wait. I'm very
lucky -I enjoy my job and every day is an adventure!'
1 IEiJ Put the conversations in the correct 1 Complete the conversation with phrases from the box.
order. Then listen to check. Could I speak to Could I take a message
A I'll tell him Sorry Could you tell him
a I'm sorry, Mr Brown isn't in the office I'll ring back later
today. Can I take a message? D
b I'd like to speak to Mr Brown, please. Mr Smythe Hove 4528933 .
D Caller _ _ _ Jay, please?
c His sister, of course. I'll leave a note
Mr Smythe Jay?
on his desk. D
d Good morning, Barrett's Engineering.
Caller Sorry, I mean James .
How can I help you? [] Mr Smythe I'm sorry, James isn't here this evening.
2 ?
e Yes, please. Could you tell him his
sister phoned? D Caller Yes, please. 3 Bee phoned?
Mr Smythe Bee?
B Caller 4 , Beatrice.

a Sorry Naomi - you sound the Mr Smythe Is there any message?

same. It's Anna here - can I speak Caller No, it's OK thanks. 5 _ __
to Stella, please? D Mr Smythe 6 that you rang.
b Hi, is that Stella? D Caller Thank you, goodbye.
c No, it's her sister, Naomi. D Mr Smythe Goodbye.
d Has she got your email address? D
e Yep, can you ask her to email our
French homework to me? D
f Cambridge 3428933. D
g I'm not sure, I'll give it to you now. D
h Sorry, she's not here. Do you want
to leave a message? D
ID Listen to the four conversations and
write the messages.
!~ \ I

o 2 liD Complete the conversation. Then listen to check.

For: I
Simon Hello, Smith's Shoe and Boot Factory. Can I
From: 22------------------- help you?
Message: your 3 - -___ rang Caller 1 C_ _ I s_ _ t _ _ Dee, please?
Simon I'm 2 s_ _ , she isn't here. 3 C_ _ I t __
am_ _ ?
Caller Yes, please. 4 C_ _ you t _ _ h _ _ Gene
Stclla..) p-_.
ca..LLcJ. Simon Yes, of course. Anything else, sir?
,{ Cri\LAJ.. ~O(,l\- \="1-cr\.cl, Caller No, it's OK, thanks. I'll 5c_ _ b_ _ later.
1,em.CV-OI-t to I,el-. Simon OK, I'1l6t_ _ h _ _ . Thank you for calling.
Ib- cri\LAil a..JJI-ess ~s: 5 - - - Goodbye.
Caller Goodbye.
(9 1IWl,
ri~ 6 ______ QV\. 7



Jobs full-time job 1 Complete the careers advice with the correct form of the
accountant job interview words in the box.
actor part-time
permanent accounts acting architecture art
gardening psychology science teaching
artist physical
banker proficient (in)
businessman/woman qualification If you are good at languages, you could be
caretaker routine a translator.
charity worker salary
company director stressful 1 Are you good at Physics, Chemistry and Biology?
computer programmer temporary You should be a
delivery driver uniform 2 Be a _ _ if you like being with children and
doctor wage don't mind marking homework.
engineer well-paid 3 If you are outgoing, like being the centre of
fashion designer work on your own attention and want to be a film star, you should be
fire-fighter working conditions an
Formula 1 driver 4 If you are interested in mental health, you should
games tester Other be a
gardener ability 5 If you are good at Maths and like money, you
insurance agent additionally should be an
judge advice
6 Your design for the new school building competition
lawyer barbecue (n)
was very good. You should be an _ _ .
librarian be comfortable (with)
be fluent in 7 You are very creative and you paint beautiful
marketing manager pictures. Why not be an _ _ ?
model be fond of
call/phone back 8 Why do you want to be a _ _ ? You hate being
change one's mind outside and you aren't interested in plants.
nurse current (adj)
currently 2 Match the words to make the names of jobs.
police officer driving licence 1 charity D a guide
politician enclose 2 company D b tester
priest entertaining 3 computer D c agent
psychologist except
finalist 4 delivery D d officer
receptionist 5 fashion D e programmer
reporter First Aid
salesperson frequent 6 games D f driver
scientist get bored 7 insurance D g worker
teacher get in touch with 8 police D h designer
therapist impress 9 tour D director
tour guide in addition
translator involve 3 Choose the correct prepositions.
TV presenter keen (on)
knowledge (of sth) 1 I look forward at / of / to meeting you at the
vet interview.
writer last (v)
mad about 2 Would you like to work at / on / for your own?
Work mainland 3 Please get at / in / to touch for an application form.
application manage 4 Does a model need a good sensefor / of/at
apply for (a job) mature (adj) humour?
badly-paid minimum (adj) 5 A good knowledge for / of/to foreign languages is
be the centre of attention motivated useful in a lot of jobs.
break (n) note down 6 You should be good at / of / to typing if you have
candidate publicity to use a computer a lot.
career responsible 7 We need someone who is proficient in / of / to
certificate snorkel (v) First Aid.
commute to work sociable
8 We are looking for someone who is fond at / in / of
contract stand (v)
covering letter take a message
CV take risks 9 For this job you must be fluentfor / in / of
deal with tropical Spanish and Italian.
dream job turn up
earn used to (doing sth)
employer what's more
experience (n)
4: Use the words in the box to complete the Extend your vocabulary
advertisements. There are two extra words.
1 Read the information from a dictionary. Then choose
ability application apply caretaker
the correct nouns.
First Aid get in touch ideal interview
lawyer motivated nurse priest
qualifications responsible salesperson THESAURUS
Your job is work you do r egularly to earn money.
My first job was in afactory.
LONDON'S TOP HOTEL Work is a general word to talk about
employment or the activities involved in it.
is looking for a part-time receptionist to meet I started work when I was 18.
guests and make bookings. You will be working Occupation is used on official forms and it
with the public so you must be I _ __ means 'job'.
Please ring 0207 6372 2938 Please g ive your name, age and occupation.
for an 2 form. A profession is a job which needs special
education and training.
The legal and medical professions.

needs a 3 to work in the furniture Your career is the work you do or plan to do
for your working life.
department over the school holidays. You don't ~eed I'm interested in a career in journalism.
any 4 but you must be helpful a~d polite.
Telephone 01238 237136 to arrange an ~---

1 My grandfather's first work / j ob / profession

was in a coal mine.
2 My grandmother had a long job / profession /
career as a biologist.
3 My parents want me to go into the t eaching
work / profession / job.
4 I need to get a job / work / career during the
summer holidays.
/ 5 I had to write my parents' work /
occupations / careers on the form .
/ 6 Occupation / Work / Career in factories is
often boring and sometimes dangerous.
7 A career / profession / work in child care can
(9 Southfield Secondary School be satisfying.
wants a part-time 6 . .
m . t to JOin the
aln enance team which is 7 2 Complete the sentences with correct nouns.
cleaning the classrooms . for
Simple repairs . This is a~ p ardemng .and
Picasso had a long and successful career as
an artist.
a retired person. Job for
1 Mozart started _ _ _ _ _ when he was
very young.
U) A law office in central ~xfor~ 2 Part-time workers often have low paid
. looking for a 9 to jom their busy
IS . The successful candidate .must be 3 I want to find a _ __ _ _ in a bar.
10 and hard-workmg. 4 If you work in a , you usually
To 11 , please send your CV with earn a lot of money.
---a- covering letter to 5 David Beckham's football _ _ _ __
vacancv@/awoff; started with Manchester United .

- ...-----~ _mjli1~~i;l;4;till=9Jtt:'~''''jft''''iffl-'-1:_
6 I'm applying for a passport . Is 'student'
an _ __ _ _ ?
o The
needs a full-tim e
job in v I
----- .
staff and stud 0 ves adViSing
h ealth qu es t ' ents on g eneral
13 IO~S, and giving
For more . - m emergencies.
14 mformation
. pI
, ease
WIth A rif Hussein


WRITING I A covering letter

Flat 3B
Palmers Court

Ms Jess ie Hargreaves
, Easebourne School of Engli sh Gloucester Road
, Easebourne Bristol
9th June 2011

(J) Dear Ms Hargreaves,

I am writing to apply for the job of student assistant which you advertised in the Western Mercury on
June 4th

o I am a first-year student at Bristol University where I am studying Spanish and Italian. I am proficient
In both languages and I also have a good knowledge of French . During my gap year, I taught
English to refugees . I have a clean driving licence and I am a qualified football coach.

I believe that I am suitable for the post u~~~b"#t~TI~~~~~~~-j~~~~~~~Tf.~--t-~

to work with students from other countries. am respo e.
I was head boy at my secondary school with responsibility for organising the student-teacher council
and arranging social events with other schools in the neighbourhood.
Please find enclosed a copy of my CV and a recent photograph.

o I look forward to hearing from you. ----------------------J~...1

o Yours sincerely,
10"'1 A~i.:JUrV\.

1 Read the letter and match the notes with the correct parts. 2 Read the advertisement. Write and apply
for one of the jobs.
Start by explaining why you are writing.
Remember to include details of the job title
and where you saw the advertisement. D Torquay Times 10tll July
2 Put your address (but not your name) at the top
of the letter. D HATFIELD HOTEL
3 Write the name of the person/company and has the following temporary jobs
the address at the top. D for the busy summer period:
4 Briefly describe your current studies/job. Include
information about any relevant skills , experience • breakfast cooks
and qualifications. D • children's entertainers
5 Always start 'Dear + title and name'. If you don't • receptionists
know if a woman uses the title Miss or Mrs, use Ms. • qualified swimming pool lifeguards
If you don't know the person's title, you can use All jobs are suitable for students aged
their full name, e.g. Dear A lex Clay. If you don't over 17 and involve weekend and
know their name, use Dear Sir or Madam. D evening work.
6 Use Yours sincerely when you know the person's
Apply in writing to: The Manager,
name or Yours faithfully if you start with Dear
Hatfield Hotel, Sea Front Road ,
Sir or Madam. D Torquay, Devon
7 Give reasons why you are a good candidate for
the job. Include information about and examples of
your positive personal qualities. D
8 Use a phrase like Please find enclosed if you
are sending extra information (e.g. a CV)
with the letter. D
9 End with a polite, positive phrase. D
10 Write the date. D


VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR 3 Complete the text with one word in each gap. (6 point~
Tomorrow night at school, there's ~ to be
1 Complete the words. The first letter of each a talk by a famous environmentalist and writer.
word is given. (6 pOints) I read his book and it was very interesting.
The government promised to invest in wind He says that 1 we don't start using
and wave power. renewable 2 , we will 3 be
1 If we want a cleaner world, we will have to
able to stop climate change. Temperatures
4 rise too high. He also writes about
reduce p from cars and industry.
the effects of 5 rain on our forests
2 Don't throwaway that glass! Take it to the and says that we must stop flying and use public
bottleb _ __
6 more. I'm going to ask him to
3 How much energy you can get from autograph my book for me!
as panel in northern Europe?
4 I am interested in the plans for the new 4: Put the verbs in brackets into the best form, using
nuclear power s,_ __ going to or will. (6 pOints;
5 We all throwaway too much rubbish. We Look at all these cars in front of us.
must r more glass and paper. We (be) are going to be late.
6 Can't you see that your factory is destroying
1 Maybe, one day my parents (buy) _ _ __
the w near it?
me a new computer.
2 Choose the correct answer: a, b or c. (6 points) 2 It says in the paper that in the future we
(recycle) 80% of all waste.
Last summer I had a nice job in a 3 Why are they being so stupid? Mrs Green
hotel as a l . I worked four hours a (get) angry in a minute.
day and 2 £80 a week. I liked the
4 Do you think it (be) easy to find
job - the owner was a good 3 and the
work when you leave school?
4 were OK. I think he liked me because
he gets so many bad workers. Some of them 5 Oh dear. We (not win) this game
didn't 5 on time, some of them took now. There's only five minutes left.
long 6 when they were meant to be 6 The President says that in the future there
working. Last year, he told three people to leave (not be) any pollution.
because they were so bad.
a Complete the sentences with the correct form
of the words in brackets. (6 points)
b badly paid
c time off A What (you do) will you do if it (rain) rains on
1 a psychologist Saturday?
b receptionist B I (stay) 1_ _ __ _ at home. I (not go)
c judge 2 shopping in the rain.
2 a paid
b earned A If Steve (ask) 3_ _ ___ you to dance,
c won what (you say)4 ?
3 a politician B I (not say) 5 anything.
b reporter I (be) 6 too embarrassed.
c employer
4 a working conditions A What (Darren say) 7_ _ _ __
b job interviews in the interview if the manager (ask)
c qualifications 8 him about his driving licence?
5 a turn up B He (tell) 9 the truth, of course.
b turn out He (not lie) 10_ _ _ __
C turn to
6 a holidays A If the manager (not give) 11 _ _ _ _ _ him
b contracts the job, (he be) 12 _ __ _ _ worried?
c breaks B No. He can find another job.

6 Ell Listen to a mother and daughter talking about What is the most important invention ever? The wheel?
the daughter's holiday plans. Choose the correct Electricity? The computer? There are many important
answers: a, b or c. (7 points) inventions and, in the future, there will be many more.

Sara is going on holiday

a to three countries. THE NOISY KN IFE
b for three months. 2 _ _ . But sometimes, we put the food in our mouths and
it goes, without us really thinking about it. Well , this knife
e for three weeks. helps you to eat properly. As you cut your food , an alarm is
2 Sara is travelling with set in the knife. If you cut another piece of food too soon, the
a two friends. alarm rings to tell you that you are eating too quickly! 3 _ _
b three friends. ANIMAL TRANS LATOR
e one friend. The Americans are known for their
3 The first place they are going to stay is animal beauty parlours, animal
psychologists and animal
a France. cemeteries. They can now go one
b Germany. step further and talk to their pets.
e Holland. A company has spent years
listening to dogs, cats, horses and
4 Sara's not worried about money because
other pets and has now released a
a she has got a job. dictionary with a CD-ROM of animal
b she has got a credit card. noises . 4
e she has got a lot of money.
S If she's ill, What's the smallest mobile phone you know? 5 _ _
a she will get a special card. German researchers are working on a phone that can be put
b she'll go home. inside your ear. When a call comes in, only you will be able to
hear it as it goes from the ear directly to your brain. 6 _ _
e she'll go to a local hospital.
6 She's not worried about language problems SMART CAMERA
because This is a camera connected to a special Internet database.
a one girl speaks German. Whenever you take a photo, you can choose to send it for
analysis. 7 _ _ lf it finds a match, a message will be sent to
b they all speak German. you, telling you exactly what your photo is of. It could be the
e they all speak three languages. name of a plant, a translation of a street sign, it may even be
7 She will eat able to tell you a stranger's name.
a a lot of burgers.
b healthy food .
e only in restaurants. COMMUNICATION
8 Complete the second sentence so that it has the same
meaning as the first. (6 points)
People might recycle more in the future.
7 Read about these four inventions. Put the sentences Perhaps people will recycle more in the
A-H in the correct places in the text. There is one future.
extra sentence. (7 points)
1 I'm sure that you will pass your exams.
A It might be difficult to look the 'words' up
You _ definitely _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
B And, because of the noise, everyone else 2 I don't think our city will be cleaner in the
knows too! future .
C Well, in the future, they may get much Our city probably _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
smaller. 3 Trains may be quicker in the future.
o In seconds, computer analysis will match this Perhaps ___________________________
to any similar photos held on their database.
4 It's likely that we will go to France next year.
E We all know that we shouldn't eat too fast.
We _ probably _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
F But how will you talk back?
G Here are some that, in a few years, you may 5 I'm sure that people won't live on the Moon.
want to have in your home! People certainly __________________
H This is why it is so useful. 6 They might play a concert here next year.
Itis _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___

Total 150

Friends and famil

Present Perfect We form the Present Perfect with

have + past participle.
Affirmative Negative
Past participle for regular verbs:
IlY0u/WefThey have ('ve) won the race. have not (haven't) won the race. watch - watched
He/She/It has ('s) won the race. has not (hasn't) won the race. start - started
For irregular verbs, see the verb list
Questions Short answers on page 141 of the Students' Book.
Yes, I/we/you/they have.
Have I/we/you/they Wh- questions
No, I/we/you/they haven't.
---t-------; won the race? What have you bought for me?
Yes, he/she/it has. Where has he been?
Has he/she/it
No, he/she/it hasn't. Why haven't you eaten anything?
The Present Perfect connects past events to the present. Time expressions
We use it for:
• news: A train has crashed in London. We can use general time expressions with the Present
=It crashed in the recent past, the results can be seen Perfect.
now. Already (before now) affirmative only: I've already read
• recent actions: The cat's been sick in the kitchen. that book.
=The cat was sick in the past, now the kitchen needs Never (at no time) negative only: I've never eaten horse
cleaning. meat.
• finished actions which are linked to the present: I've Ever (any time in your life) questions: Have you ever
worked in three countries. climbed a mountain?
=I worked abroad at an unspecified time in the past, Yet (now/this moment) questions and negative:
now it is important on my CV. Have you done your homework yet?
He hasn't spoken to his parents yet.

1 Complete the sentences with the Present Perfect 2 Choose the correct answers.
form of the verbs in brackets.
1 We _ our first date on Valentine's Day last year.
1 you ever (write) to a had b have had
a film star?
2 He _ her to marry him already.
2 I (meet) my boyfriend's parents
once. a asked b has asked
3 My girlfriend and I (not 3 _ she _ 'yes' yet?
speak) today because we had an argument a Did / say b Has / said
yesterday. 4 My mum _ my dad to marry her when they were
4 your sister (get) both five!
engaged yet? a asked b has asked
5 We (not choose) an
engagement ring yet. 5 He _ 'yes' until he was twenty-seven.
6 Jim and Melanie aren't here today.
a didn't say b hasn't said
They (go) to their cousin's 6 My grandparents _ for fifty years and they are
wedding. still very happy.
7 My aunt and uncle (have) three a were married b have been married
babies in three years. 7 Phone the vet! The dog _ my engagement ring!
8 My mum is annoyed because my dad a ate b has eaten
(forget) it's her birthday today.

Friends and family ln~

S Write the questions. Use the Present Perfect and ever. 4: Use the prompts to complete the conversation. Use
Then write the short answers. the Present Perfect or the Past Simple.

A be / engaged? A see / an opera? 8. 00 p. m. Ann and Leo are having dinner

Have you ever been together: It's their first date.
encaacaed? B I love
Leo you / eat / here / before? Have you ever
B No. I haven 't. all classical music.
eaten here before?
I haven't met the
Ann Yes, I have.
right person yet.
Leo 1 when / come / here? ?
Ann My parents brought me here for my
birthday last year.
Leo 2 what / eat? ?
Ann I think I had fish with rice and vegetables.
It was very nice.
Leo 3 I / not eat / Chinese food before.
______ . I think I'll have the chef's
Ann That's a good idea, I'll have the same.

9.00 p.m.
Ann 4 how long / you / live in Brighton?
A eat / snails? A fall in love / at first -----------
sight? Leo I moved here two months ago. 5 I / not meet
B_______ / many people yet. ___________
I'm a vegetarian. B I fall 61 / join / a tennis club last month
in love with every ___________ so I've played tennis a few
good-looking person times.
I meet. Ann I like tennis too but 7 1/ not play / for a
long time. . 8 I / be / busy
revising. __________
Leo 9 you / finish / your exams now?

---------- ?
Ann Yes, I have! 10 1/ finish / on 5th June.

Leo Have you got your results yet?

Ann No , I haven't. A friend got hers this
morning so I hope mine will arrive in
tomorrow's post.

9.45 p.m.
A win / a prize for Ann Thank you , that was a lovely meal.
A read a novel/in a
foreign language? running? Leo I'm glad you enjoyed it. 11 I / have / a great
time this evening. ___________
B ________________ Ann So did I! Let's do it again soon.
B but
I used a dictionary a I've never been in a
lot. race.

GRAMMAR 2 Complete the sentences with since or for.
My parents have lived here since they were
Present Perfect with since and for 1 My boyfriend and I have been together _ _
since 2004.
2 My sister hasn't lived at home _ _ she
• Use since + time expression to show when the event went to university.
started: 3 Have they been engaged _ _ more than
I've been at this school since I was thirteen. a year?
=I started here when I was thirteen, I am here now. 4 Have you been going out together _ _ the
• With since, use a point or moment in time: 1978, beginning of the year?
Tuesday, last winter, on my birthday, yesterday, etc. 5 We haven't seen each other _ _ about
for a week.

• Use forto show the amount of time between when 3 Write two answers to each question. Use since and
the event started and now: for.
I've been at this school for four years.
=I started at this school four years ago and I am
here now.
• With for, use an amount or period of time:
five minutes, two weeks, most of my life, a long
time, ages, etc.

Mind the trap!

We use since only with the Present Perfect:
He's worked here since 1998. not He werked
here siRGe 1998.
We use for with the Past Simple and the
Present Perfect:
My teacher has taught in this school for ten
My grandmother taught in a primary school
for thirty years.
We use ago only with the Past Simple:
My dad worked in that factory five years ago.
NOl My dad has werked there tJve years ago.

1 Put the time expressions in the correct part of the

±-9ge ten minutes a few weeks a long time How long has Washington DC been the capital
a year Wednesday Easter January of the USA? (1800)
last month quarter of an hour two minutes Washint;3ton DC has been the capital of the
USA since 1800.
since .. , for .. ,
Washint;3ton DC has been the capital of the
1995 ten minutes USA for more than 200 years.
1 How long has Alaska been a US state? (1959)
2 How long has the Statue of Liberty been in
New York? (1886)
3 How long has Number 10 Downing Street
been the home of the British prime minister?
4 How long has Buckingham Palace been the
home of the British king or queen? (1837)
5 How long has Ireland been independent?
Friends and family ('\\~

READING 2 ID Complete the article with the sentences to A-E.

Then listen to check.
1 Read the article and choose the best answers.
A he's a great extrovert and I am quite shy
The article is about B I wasn't romantically interested in her.
a going to college c falling in love e I went out with one or two men but no
b being artists d getting married one serious.
2 They are _ _ . o We haven't had any children yet but
a friends c engaged we're hoping.
b married d colleagues E we left and went to a cafe.
3 Choose the correct answers .
1 Yolanda and Greg have known each other
TOGETHER ... CHANGED-WE since they
a met at a party.
AND AT ELEVEN b fell in love.
Continuing our
regular feature O'CLOCK THE c were students .
about couples.
WAITERS TOLD d became artists .
2 Yolanda _ Greg's first girlfriend.
a was C wasn't
b didn't like d looked like
3 At first, Greg thought Yolanda was
a ordinary. c boring.
b exciting. d horrible.
4 Greg and Yolanda left the party because
a they wanted to be alone together.
b it was very late.
c they weren't enjoying themselves.
d they wanted a cup of coffee.
5 Greg fell in love with Yolanda _ the party.
Greg Howes and Yolanda Drake a during c after
b at d before
Greg Yolanda
We first met ten years ago. I've been in love with Greg 6 Yolanda fell in love with Greg
We were both art students at since day one! I saw him a in the cafe.
Queen's Art School. At the during my first week at b at first sight.
time, I was going out with college and I thought he was
someone else and I definitely fantastic - but 3 so it c after a few weeks .
wasn't looking for another took a while to get to know d when they became friends .
girlfriend. Yolanda was just him. When I found out he 7 Yolanda and Greg have _ personalities.
another person in my class - had a girlfriend, I was
I liked her but she was very a similar
broken-hearted! 4 •
quiet and I _ • That all We finally got together after b interesting
changed at the end of our two long years - I was at a c introverted
second year. We were at the friend's party and Greg d different
same party and we were both suggested going for a coffee.
bored so 2 • That's We ended up talking all 8 Yolanda _ other boyfriends.
when everything changed - night and that was that! a always wanted
we got talking and at eleven We've had small b has never had
o'clock the waiters told us to disagreements over the years
leave! We went back to her but we've never had a big c has had
flat and talked all night. By fight - I think it's because d never wanted
the next day, I knew she was we are so different. He still 9 They have had _ arguments.
the right woman for me - I loves being the centre of
split up with my long-term attention and I'm happy to a a lot of c a few
girlfriend and Yolanda and I be the quiet one. I can't b terrible d serious
have been together ever believe I've been so lucky - 10 They _ children.
since. We've been married for the man of my dreams fell
seven years and we've never in love with me and we've a hope to have
spent a day apart. I can't been happy for eight years. b love having
imagine ever wanting to be 5
c wouldn't like to have
with anyone else.
d wouldn't mind having

1 ID Complete the conversation with the correct Love and relationships depend
phrases. Then listen to check. alone disagree
argue do the vacuuming
argument do the washing-up
be homesick dream (v)
be the best of friends drummer
blind date drums
boyfriend even (adv)
colleague ever
control (v) feed
fall in love (with) fill
fall out footstep
fight (v) freedom
gang glad
a good point come on! do you think get angry (with) halls of residence
I think my opinion seems to me get married hit (n)
totally agree you ask me get on (with) Hold on a minute.
girlfriend housework
Ben I haven't got very good marks. good/bad relationship How come?
If 1 , I should leave school now.
go out (with) imagine
Mum That's true but I don't think you should have sth in common interrupt
leave school. have a good talk (with) joke (v)
Ben It 2 , I'm wasting my time. I could hugs and kisses just (adv)
get ajob. independent light up
Dad Oh 3 You need to work harder. irritate make the bed
If you get better marks, you'll enjoy school jealous (of) poor
more. look after prison
Mum That's 4 _ __ love at first sight ray
Ben But it's really boring. loyal recently
Dad In 5 , you are being lazy! What
mate record (n, v)
6 , dear?
miss (v) rent
ring (n) responsibility
Mum Personally,7 Dad's right. ridiculous
I8 with him. roof
spend time together
2 Use phrases from the box to complete the split up with rub (v)
conversation. There is an extra phrase. stand by sadness
take care of set the table
trust (v) shopping centre
sigh (v)
Other single (n)
accept step out of
back (n) still (adv)
bark (v) tattoo
bass text message
beg tidy one's room
be in sb's teens/twenties/ tour (n)
forties turn round
be wrong unfair
celebrate upset
I agree with you. Don't you think clear the table wig
In my opinion, You can't be serious! come true
I totally disagree. wonder (v)
contact (v) yawn (v)
Man children should be seen and darkness yet
not heard.
Woman 2 I want my children to
have fun. 3 it's important for
children to be happy and free ?
Man No, I don't. 4 A child in
a public place should be quiet and

Friends and family \ \\~JJ

VOCABULARY 4 Complete the advertisement for a dating agency

with one word in each gap.
1 Complete the sentences with in or of.
1 Tomas and Zoltan are the best friends.
2 A ray _ sunshine broke through the dark clouds. True Love Agency
3 My parents got married _ their twenties.
4 They were friends before they fell _ love. Is this you?
S Why are you jealous _ everybody? • always alone on Valentine's Day?
6 We have something _ common - we both hate • embarrassed to ask your friends to arrange
a1 for you?
2 Complete with the correct form of the phrasal verbs.
Don't worry! True Love can help you to find romance!
1 If _ 0_ with my mum last weekend because she
didn't let me go to an all-night party.
lfyou are looking for that special person to 2 _ __
2 My best friend spends at lot of time at my house
because h e g_ 0 _ well with my family. in 3 with, visit our website.
3 Adam's my best mate. He always s _ b_ me
when I'm in trouble .
4 Can you 1_ a _ the baby this evening? . . Thank you True Love! I met Hannah through your
5 Do you know Eve's n ew boyfriend, Jack? I w_ agency and we have a fantastic 4 - we 're in

0 _ with him last year. love and we're the 5 of 6 . I gave her

6 When I was younger my grandparents t _ c_ of an engagement 7 on our third date and our
me after school. wedding is next month! ~

3 Choose the correct answers: a, b or c. . . I used to 8 about finding the perfect partner
- and True Love has made my dream come
DearSve 9 ! I met Martin in January and this month
I'm worried about my brother. Earlier thi~ yealj he 1 _ __ we're going to celebrate our six-month anniversary.
with hi~ 9irlfriend. It wa~ a bad 2 which didn't I can't lO anything more perfect! Thank you for
make him happy. She wa~ 3 of all hi~ friend~ and everything. ~
co"ea9ve~ and tried to 4 hi~ life.
Anyway, two week~ a90, he met another 9irl and it \.Va~ love
at 5 ~i9ht The problem i~ that ~he i~ ju~t like hi~
Extend your vocabulary
la~t 9irlfriend. She doe~n't 6 him, ~he ~end~ him 1 Study the definitions of phrasal verbs with get.
lot~ of text message~ and it 7 her if he doe~n't Then use them in the correct form to complete
reply immediately. He thinkr it'~ 8 j I think rhe sentences 1-7.
want~ to control him too.
Yefterday he allllovnced that they \.Vanted to 9 _ _ __ get about: (1) to travel to lots of different
married. My parentr \.Vere very lO and there \.Va) a
places, (2) to move without difficulty
get ahead: to be successful in your work
terrible 11 • I a9ree he is makin9 a bi9 mirtake bvt
get away with (something): to do something
I don't kno\.V \.Vhat to do. We used to be the bert of friends
bad but avoid the punishment
bvt no\'v \.Ve neVer 12 • Can yov help, please?
get into (something): to be interested in a new
Worried William activity or subject
get on (US get along): to like someone and
have a good relationship
a split up b looked after c stood by get to (somebody): to make someone upset or
2 a girlfriend b marriage c relationship unhappy
3 a loyal b jealous c unfair
4 a rub b control c miss 1 I don't with my sister's
5 a blind b first cring boyfriend so I never speak to him.
6 a accept b fight c trust 2 She works very hard because she wants
7 a irritates b argues c begs to and earn lots of money.
8 a homesick b ridiculous c romantic 3 I French literature when I h ad
9 a get b have c take a French girlfriend.
10 ajoke b upset c sadness 4 She's very rude but don't let h er _ __
11 a relationship b responsibility c argument you.
12 a have something in common 5 I broke my leg last month so I can't
b spend time together _ _ _ _ easily.
c get angry 6 Don't let him being so rude.
7 My aunt is a pilot so she a lot.
What's on?

The Passive
Affirmative Negative
Present Simple Breakfast is served from 7 to 9.30. Breakfast is not (isn 't) served in the bar.
Passive Lunch and dinner are served in the dining room . Meals are not (aren 't) served in the guest rooms.
The Titanic was not (wasn't) built in the USA.
Past Simple Penicillin was discovered in the 20 th century.
The roads were not (weren't) opened for fourteen
Passive Five people were killed in an accident yesterday.
Present Perfect My bag has been stolen. My passport has not (hasn't) been found.
Passive The invitations have been sent by emaii. The replies have not (haven't) been received yet.

Questions Short answers We form the Passive with the verb to be and the past
Is this magazine bought by Yes, it is. participle of the verb.
young people? No, it is not (isn't).
We use the Passive when the action or the object is
Was the stolen car found Yes, it was. more important than the person or thing which does the
at the station? No, it was not (wasn't). action: English is spoken all over the world.
Yes, it has. Using by
Has the door been locked?
No, it has not (hasn't).
We use by to say who or what did the action, when this
Wh- questions fact is important:
How is pasta made? The best article was written by a French journalist.
When was America discovered? Have you been seen by a doctor?
Why has the music been turned off?

1 Choose the correct answers: a, b or c. 5 In the 1950s and 1960s, most TV dramas
1 The first television pictures _ from one a are broadcast
room to another in 1926.
b were broadcast
a are sent
c have been broadcast
b were sent
c have been sent 6 The role of Ken Barlow in the soap
Coronation Street _ by the actor William
2 The BBC _ for by advertising. All British TV Roache since the first episode in 1960.
owners must buy a licence. a is performed
a isn't paid b was performed
b wasn't paid c has been performed
c hasn't been paid
7 Do you know how many hours of TV _ by
3 Throw Away Your Television _ by the the average North American nowadays?
Red Hot Chill Peppers in 2002. a are watched
a is recorded b were watched
b was recorded c have been watched
c has been recorded (The answer is more than four hours a day.)
4 The Archers, a daily radio drama, _ since 8 Cigarette adverts _ on UK television since
1951. 1971.
a is broadcast a aren't shown
b was broadcast b weren't shown
c has been broadcast c haven't been shown

What's on?
) ,-r

Anything in Same old rubbish.

the news We've invaded a
today? small island called #--.-:::,....

2 Complete the text with the correct Passive form of the 3 Use the correct Passive form to complete the second
verbs in brackets. sentences.
One of the first newspapers I _ __ _ _ __ The Nobel Committee gives Nobel Prizes.
(produce) during the times of Julius Caesar. Nobel Prizes are <;;liven by the Nobel
The Acta Diurna (Events of the Day) was a Committee.
newsletter which 2 (write) Herta Miiller won the Nobel Prize for
by hand and then put up in important places in Literature in 2009.
In 2009, the Nobel Prize for Literature _ _
Newspapers 3 (print) since by Herta Miiller.
the beginning of the seventeenth century. 2 Four Polish writers have won the Nobel Prize
At first , they 4 (publish) for Literature .
in Northern Germany but soon the idea The Nobel Prize for Literature _ _ by four
5 (copy) in other countries . Polish writers.
These early newspapers usually had only one 3 The committee has given J .M. Coetzee two
page and there were no pictures, advertising or literature prizes.
even headlines.
J. M. Coetzee _ _ two literature prizes.
The oldest daily newspaper in the UK which 4 Joseph Pulitzer started the Pulitzer Prize to
6 (print) today is The encourage good writing.
Times . It 7 (publish) since The Pulitzer Prize _ _ by Joseph Pulitzer
1785. to encourage good writing.
Today more than 18,000 different newspapers 5 Each year, a journalist wins the Pulitzer Prize
8 (sell) around the world. for Reporting.
Each year, the Pultizer Prize for Reporting
_ _ by a journalist.
6 Has an American president ever won the
Pulitzer Prize?
Has the Pulitizer Prize ever _ _ by an
American president?
(Yes, President John Kennedy was given
the 1957 biography prize for Profiles in
Courage .)

1 Read the article. What is it about?
a television programmes
b radio broadcasts
c radio and television
d TV presenters

2 ID Read the article and complete the gaps with

sentences A-D. Then listen to check.
A In addition to news, the World Service
broadcasts drama, sports and educational
8 In countries around the world where the
news is tightly controlled or censored
C The BBC is known all over the world for its
fair and informative reporting.
D World Service radio programmes are
broadcast twenty-four hours a day, seven
days a week.

3 Match the verbs 1-4 in the article with the correct 1 __ . In the UK, BBC radio and 1V is paid for
definition (a-e). There is one extra definition. from the listeners' and viewers' licence fees .
However, the World Service, which is
1 fund D broadcast to almost every country in the world
2 ban D is funded by a government department called
3 evacuate D the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
4 extend D Despite this, the World Service has editorial
independence which means the government
a to officially say something can't happen can't control what is broadcast.
b to make longer 2 __ . The programmes are in more than forty
c to give information languages including Arabic , Greek, Mandarin
d to give money Chinese, Polish, Romanian and Spanish and
e to move people from danger to safety they are listened to by about 150 million
people. The only time that the service has
4: Read the text again. Are the sentences true (T), false stopped was in 1985 when BBC workers went
(F) or is there no information (NI)?
on strike. The strike was because the British
1 The BBC is famous for its independent government had wanted to ban a documentary
news programmes. D which included an interview with a member of
2 In Britain, BBC radio and TV is paid for Sinn Fein (the political party which wants to
by advertising. D unite Ireland).
3 The World Service is paid for by the 3 __ , the BBC is trusted to be honest and
British government. D truthful. Some governments try to stop their
4 World Service programmes are controlled people listening by either blocking the radio
by an international committee. D signals or the BBC website.
5 You can only hear the World Service in
Europe. D 4 __ . It is also used to send emergency
6 BBC staff stopped working in 1985 because messages to British people overseas. For
they disagreed with the government. D example, in 1970, a message told British
7 Some governments don't allow their listeners in Jordan to evacuate the country
citizens to listen to the BBC. immediately. More recently, when the tsunami
8 A play is broadcast every day at four hit Asia on 26 th December 2004, programmes
o'clock. were extended to bring the latest news to the
people in the disaster areas. Within hours of
9 The World Service has been used to
send information to British people away the tragedy, online sites were giving information
from home. to the victims and their families and the
10 After the tsunami, a few people looked message boards were looked at by more than
for information on the BBC website. two million people.

What's on?

1 Complete the conversation between Jan the
DJ and a caller, lan.
Jan Hi, Ian! What do you want to say?
lan 1 Well, y_ _ s_ _ , the thing is, it
seems to me that some newspapers
are getting worse.
Jan 2 I'm n _ _ s _ _ I understand.
S What d_ _ y _ _ m_ _ ?

lan I mean that the quality of the

reporting is terrible!
Jan 4 That's v_ _ i_ _ but why is it
lan All the stories are about soap opera
stars or Hollywood superstars - the
journalists don't write about real
news and .. .
Jan 5 E_ _ me, c_ _ I j_ _ say
that millions of people read these
stories. It seems to me that they 1 ID Listen to the programme and choose the correct
can't all be wrong. answers: a, b, c or d.
lan 6 Well, y_ _ , s_ _ , the t _ _
This is a radio
is, lots of people smoke too but it a documentary. c phone-in.
isn't a good idea.
Jan 7 I'm s_ _ , but I don't understand
b news programme. d drama.
your argument. You can't die from 2 The first caller wants to talk about
reading a gossip column. a the educational value of TV.
lan 8 L_ _ me t _ _ ... what I mean b using the TV as a babysitter.
is, although the celebrity gossip c how much TV children watch.
is popular, the serious papers are d the power of TV advertisements.
more educational.
Jan I'm sorry, I didn't 9C_ _ what you 3 The caller buys things for her children because she
s_ _ . 10 C_ _ you r_ _ it, a believes the information in the advertisements.
please? b has got lots of money.
lan Yes, I said that the better papers c wants her children to have the same as their
educate people. classmates.
Jan Don't be silly! People don't read d knows they need them.
to be educated! They want to be 4 Jan Turner, the DJ, thinks the woman
entertained by what they read. a has a difficult problem.
Let's have some music. b is right to buy what her children ask for.
c isn't behaving like a good parent.
d needs to throw out the TV.
5 The second caller, Rupert, _ _ with the first caller.
a agrees C argues
b disagrees d fights
6 Rupert thinks TV advertisements are good because
a he's a teacher.
b he works in advertising.
c children learn from them.
d parents use them for information.
7 Jan Turner thinks the second caller
a makes a good point.
b is defending his job.
c is more sensible than the woman.
d wants to help children.

The media plot
advert (psychological) thriller 1 Complete the table.
broadcast (v) remake (v)
cartoon review (n) Noun Verb
cartoon strip role 1 access
celebrity (romantic) comedy 2 broadcaster
column scene 3 connection
comedy series science fiction 4 director
contest soundtrack
5 gossip
contestant special effects
crossword star (n, v) 6 photograph
daily/weekly/monthly stunt 7 star
The Internet 2 label the film posters.
documentary access the Internet
entertainment guide blog
fashion tips download
game/quiz show connect (to)
gossip (n) online (adj, adv)
journalist search engine
local news social networking site
music video upload
news channel virus
news programme website
newspaper Other
paper version amusing
performance arrest (v)
phone-in award (n)
ballet dancer
presenter board game
radio drama
radio station break (n)
readers' letters
reality show
car crash
section cash (n)
send out commercial
soap opera disappear
sports news disorienting
sports page drama school
sports programme eccentric (adj)
talent show enthusiastic
talk show fancy
travel report friendship
TV channel get a divorce
TV guide glamorous 2 _ _ _ __ 5 _ _ _ __
world news graduate (v)
Films informative
action film introduce
adaptation major (adj)
box office hit memorable
cartoon memory
character modest
cinema ordinary
critic praise (v)
dialogue scary
direct (v) scissors
fantasy status
happy ending suburban
(historical) drama superstar
horror take sb seriously
lead role teen idol 3
part (n) unknown
What's on?

3 Put the words in the box in the correct columns. Extend your vocabulary
(anti) virus blog box office hit cinema 1 Study the phrasal verbs with come. Then use them in
download online plot scenes web site the correct form to complete sentences 1-6.
search engine social networking sites
soundtrack special effects stunts upload
come across to find something by chance
The Internet The film industry come back to return to a place
come off to be removed
come out to be published
come round to visit someone in their home
come up to happen unexpectedly
4 Complete the TV guide with the correct words.
1 The Sunday newspapers usually ___ late on
Tonight on C h ann ell 2 Saturday night.
~6.00 The News at Six 2 I _ _ myoId school photographs last week.
National news followed by 1_ _ _ news, travel report and the 3 We love having our holidays here so we _ __
weather forecast. every year.
• 6.30 Our World 4 I can't drive the car - the wheel has
Another 2 in the weekly series about life in modern Britain. 5 Would you like to _ _ for dinner next
This week, journalists ask, our hospitals good enough?' Sunday?
• 7.00 Chatterbox 6 I'm afraid I can't see you tomorrow -
The popular 3 . This evening's conversation is something ___ at work and we've all got to
with football superstar Pedro Sanchez, soap opera star Leanne Hepple work late.
and celebrity cook Nigel Ralph .
• 7.30 Back to School
Avery funny remake of the 1990s 4 starring
Rowena Holmes and H.H. Kumar. Be ready to laugh! Don't believe everything
you read in the
• 8.00 Jungle Star
Programme ten of the popular 5 . In tonight's
news / gossip columns,
programme the contestants have to complete more challenges to see Jade.
who will be sent home.
• 9.00 Simply the Best
Anew 6_ _ _ _ _ _ to find the best singers and dancers
in the country.

5 Choose the correct answers.

This says
I love documentaries / game shows.

This is the last time I work

rm looking on a reality / quiz show.
forward to
FcltChing this
thriller /

• .... ........ .. . .. . . . ... ...... ........ .. not«-s
A/cce, .... .. ...... ... .

WRITING I Notes and messages • A/?a cS ie-l-lc/?i -Icck,e-lS For

c nc/dre /?'s }(mas Snow - 11,(1) or
2;SI Dec. lNa/?-I -10 iO.? Ca/? Yot(
~ NEW MESSAGE • e mac/ ner?
Be/? .(
To: (Ben Cutler <bencut@aol,com> 1
From: (Ana Santos <a.santos@mhsl,com> 1
Subject: ( :-) 1 To: (Ana Santos <a.santos@mhsl,com>
Message: From: [ Alice Cutler <alicut@aol,com>
Hi Subject: [
We're booking seats for the children's Christmas show at the
Royal Theatre on either 14th or 21 st December. Do you want to
come with us? Hi Ana
If yes, email and let me know, please. Thanks! We'd love to and can do either date. Let us know
Love : which you go for and I'll put it in my diary!
Ana Hope to see you soon,
Alice x

1 Read the messages and the note. Choose the correct

answers. 3 You've arranged to go to a club with your friend next
door. Write a short message to:
1 The messages are allformal/ i'Yljormal.
2 The emails are between people at work / • apologise,
friends. • explain why you can't go (you've got to
3 The texts are short because the people babysit your younger sister),
are rude / know each other well. • suggest doing something later in the week.

2 Read the information and write the notes.

1 You want to go to the cinema with a friend.
Write an email suggesting a film, date and


To: [i ) I'
From: [ )
r Subject: [ )


4 Read this email from a friend and write a reply.

• accept the invitation
• ask if the party is for a special occasion
• offer to bring some food

My brother and I are having a party next Saturday. Please come
f SEND : at B.OO and bring a friend!
Hope you can come!
Love, Chloe xx
r SEND )


3 Complete the text with one word in each gap. (6 pOints)

Chris is a student at Oxford University.
1 Match the words in the box with the definitions. However, he's not a normal student because he
There are four extra words. (6 pOints) is only 14 years old. He's been at university for
channel documentary gossip six months and he is enjoying it. What's more,
journalist review adaptation scene he ' _ _ passed his first exams with the highest
remake soap opera publication marks in his group. His parents 2_ _ known
talent show that their son is special 3_ _ he was 2 years
old when they discovered that he could read.
channel BBC, MTV and CNN are all examples Chris 4_ _ interviewed by a local journalist
of this last week but they didn't find out much. He is
1 : a television series, usually about happy to be at the university but, when they
relationships and problems asked what he plans to do when he leaves
2 : a programme which gives detailed university, he said that he is still only 14 and he
information about something true has 5 decided 6 _ _ . A very sensible
3 : a competition programme where
the public performs, e.g. singing, dancing 4: Put the verbs in capitals into the correct form.
4 : a person who writes news reports (6 points)
for newspapers, television, magazines etc.
My uncle is a great traveller. He often
5 : a part of a play, drama or film
tells us stories of his journeys.
which happens in the same time and place
Last week, he told us about his TELL
6 : a report on a programme, book, adventures in America. He ' _ _ _ __ BE
film etc. which gives the writer's opinion to America many times in his life and he
2 everything there is to see. SEE
2 Complete the sentences with one word from
We love listening to him.
each box in the correct form. (6 points)
He 3 the most amazing DO
split fall get go get look fall things and we never get tired of hearing
about them. He 4 famous MEET
out on out after up ffi married film stars in Hollywood, he 5 _ _ _ __ EAT
dinner at the White House with the
The minute I saw her, I fell in love with her.
President. The last time he 6 _ _ _ __ GO
1 I'm sorry, I can't go to the cinema with you. was in 1998 but he wants to go back again
I'm _ _ _ _ with a girl from school. next year.
2 I can't come out tonight. I have to _ _
_ _ _ my younger brother. S Complete each sentence in the Passive
3 I don't _ _ _ _ with my sister. We argue so that it means the same as the sentence
all the time. above it. (6 points)
4 Sara and Karen _ _ _ _ because they Sony invented the Walkman.
both liked the same boy. The Walkman was invented by 50ny.
5 Jackie _ _ _ _ with Dave last month. Doyle didn't write the James Bond stories.
She misses him, I think. The James Bond stories _ _ _ _ _ __
6 My parents _ _ _ _ in 1981 - the same
2 The BBC has broadcast this soap opera since
year as Charles and Diana.
This soap opera _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
3 People all over the world saw the film.
Thefilm _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___
4 Millions of people watch CS!.
CSI _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
5 Do the Japanese make the best reality shows
in the world?
_ _ _ the best reality shows in the world
------------------ ?
6 They haven't reviewed our school play in the
local newspaper yet.
Our school play _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _
6 ID Listen to six people speaking on a phone-in show about 8 Choose the correct answers
relationships. Match the speakers to the headings. There is one extra to complete the conversation.
heading. (6 points) (6 points)
1 Jenny 0 A Hard work A[In my opinion) I
2 Daria 0 8 You live and learn Personally, the newspaper
3 Stuart 0 C Why did it happen? article about our group was
completely unfair.
4 Emily D O lt wasn't my fault
8 l You can't be serious. I
5 Ed 0 E Try to understand
I totally agree. We should
6 Sam 0 F Our secret do something about it. We
G What can I say? should go to the police.
A 2 Don't you think I
Do you mean that's a bit
READING SKILLS dramatic? The police can't
7 Read about how film stars are fighting back against the paparazzi. do anything.
Are sentences 1-8 true (T) or false (F)? (8 marks) 8 3 Of course not. I
Personally, I think they
1 When paparazzi photographers take someone's picture, can. Newspapers can't lie
the person always knows . 0 about people.
2 Paparazzi photographers don't take pictures when the A 4 It seems to me I That 's
stars are angry. 0 true but I don't think the
3 Princess Diana was with a paparazzi photographer when police will be interested.
she died. 0 8 5 I see what you mean. I
4 George Clooney refused to do interviews because Excuse me. You're saying
the magazines didn't pay him enough. 0 that they've got a lot more
5 At the opening of The Peacemaker, the photographers important things to do than
didn't take pictures of George Clooney. 0 to worry about us.
6 The Personal Privacy Bill stopped photographers following A 6 That 's right. I Don't you
stars. 0 think?
7 After 1998, paparazzi photographers could use zoom lenses. 0
8 Stars have got less protection now than they had in the past. Total / 50

Stars against the Paparazzi

The paparazzi are photographers who take photographs of the
rich and famous, often from a long way away so that the person
who they are photographing doesn't know about it. When they
are close to the people they are taking pictures of, they often do
or say things to make them act in a way that makes a good
photograph. They shout things to make them angry, the person
turns round and, click, a nice photo to sell to the newspapers.
1997 changed everything as Princess Diana was killed in a car
crash, trying to escape from paparazzi photographers with her
boyfriend , Dodi Fayed. Since then , stars have started to fight
In 1998 a new law was introduced in America, the Personal
George Clooney refused to do interviews with the magazines Privacy Bill. Under this law, paparazzi could still take photos of
Entertainment Tonight and Hard Copy because they used stars and sell them to the newspapers but the photographers
paparazzi photographs of him and his girlfriend. Clooney felt that couldn 't follow stars or use zoom lenses to look into gardens,
magazines like these should take some of the responsibility for bedrooms or other private places. Zoom lenses could still be
the death of Princess Diana because they pay a lot of money for used if the stars weren't in a private place so, if they are on a
these photos. When the film The Peacemaker opened in New beach which they think is empty, there may be someone ready to
York, the paparazzi photographers refused to take photos of take a photo at any time. In 1999, the law was made stronger
Clooney which shows that, although film stars hate the and people can't be photographed if they are at a private event,
paparazzi, they also need to have their photographs in the such as a wedding.
newspapers to give them and their films publicity. The difference
is that the stars would like to see only 'nice' photos in the papers The stars are still photographed, but they have got a little more
but often the paparazzi photos are more interesting and more protection than they had in the past.
It's criminal!

The Past Perfect The Past Perfect is formed with had and the past participle.
We use the Past Perfect to talk about what happened before
Affirmative Negative another event in the past. It is used with the Past Simple.
I/You/He/She/ had Cd) lost had not (hadn't)
ItlWefThey the luggage. lost the luggage. At the airport I realised that I had left my passport at home.
(I left my passport at home before I went to the airport.)
I/you Mind the trap!
Had he/she/it lost the luggage?
we/they When we got to the station, the train left.
Short answers (We were at the station and then the train left.)
Yes, I/you/he/she/itlwe/they had. When we got to the station, the train had left.
No, I/you/he/she/itlwe/they hadn't. (We arrived at the station after the train had left.)

1 Choose the correct answers. 2 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the
verbs in brackets.
We had seen each other several times before
we She went (go) to prison because the police
a speak. b spoke. c had spoken. had caueht (catch) her.
2 I had to walk home because I the last bus. 1 The police _ _ (arrest) the criminal after
a 'm missing b miss c had missed they _ _ (watch) the house for a month.
2 He _ _ (steal) five computers from his
3 I couldn't get into my house because I _ my
office before his boss _ _ (know).
3 The detectives _ _ (be) pleased because
a 've lost b had lost c have lost
the thieves _ _ (leave) fingerprints
4 Had you looked at a lot of police photographs everywhere.
before you _ the robber? 4 The criminal _ _ (spend) most of his life
a recognised in prison before he _ _ (decide) to get an
b didn't recognise education.
c had recognised 5 The guard _ _ (left) his job in a women's
5 I couldn't ring the police because the mugger prison because he _ _ (fall) in love with
_ my mobile phone. a prisoner.
a can take 6 The burglar _ _ (throw) his clothes in the
river because he _ _ (get) blood on them.
b hadn't taken
7 The young man _ _ (give) a good reason
c had taken
for having €2,OOO in his pocket so the police
6 the two men a lot of crimes before _ _ (allow) him to go home.
the police arrested them? 8 The police _ _ (not recognise) the man
a Have / committed because in the past he _ _ ( wear) glasses
b Had / committed and his hair _ _ (be) a different colour.
c Are / committing 9 I _ _ (not know) it was my car because
the thief _ _ (paint) it red.


Direct and Reported Speech

Direct Speech Reported Speech
Present Simple ---. Past Simple
'Sam doesn't like History.' Pete said (that) Sam didn't like History.
Present Continuous ---. Past Continuous
'Leo is having a great time in New York.' Pete said (that) Leo was having a great time in New York.
Present Perfect ---. Past Perfect
'The Polish swimmer has won the race.' Pete said (that) the Polish swimmer had won the race.
Past Simple ---. Past Perfect
'My homework didn't take much time. ' Pete said (that) his homework hadn't taken much time.
will ---. would
'Everybody will have to take the exam.' Pete said (that) everybody would have to take the exam.
1 Direct speech 2 Reported speech
We use direct speech to repeat exactly what the We use reported speech to repeat what was said in our speech.
person said. We use Quotation marks (U " or ' ') " am sorry.' ---. She said (that) she was sorry.
to show direct speech.
" am sorry.
I Changes to possessive adjectives and pronouns:
She said; "am sorry. I
'It's my camera. ' ---. She said (that) it was her camera.
'That camera's mine.' ---. She said (that) the camera was hers.
" saw her last week, he said. ---. He said (that) he had seen her

the week before.

1 Write the short conversations as indirect speech.

3 Frankie The judge has sent the robbers to

Gina He sentenced them to four years.
Frankie said _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
Gina said _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
4 Jake You know a lot about the law.
Lucy Both my grandfathers were in the
Jake said _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
Lucy told _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
5 Nina The police haven't finished their
Anna I like crime films. Poppy It will take a long time.
Ben I prefer thrillers. Nina told _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
Anna said she liked crime films. Poppysrud _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ____
Ben told her that he preferred thrillers.
6 Rufus The suspect won't answer the police
lOan I am reading the news about the murder. officer's questions.
Clara I read it earlier. Tim I think she has to.
Dan told Clara that _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Rufus said _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
Clara said _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Tiro said _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

2 Sally The burglars didn't take anything 7 Jack The journalist wrote a book about the
valuable of mine. crime.
Eva You were lucky. They took my computer. Alex I'm reading it at the moment.
SaUysrud _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___ Jack told _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
Eva told her that _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Alex told _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

_I t_'s
_ C_nmID
_ _ ! -cU:rJ1~
_O _al

2 Read the messages left on a police telephone 3 Write the famous lines in direct speech.
helpline. Write them as reported speech.
She said that tomorrow was another day.
'Tomorrow is another day. '
(film Gone With the Wind)
My name's Mrs Grant. I'm sure I know 1 He said that he loved the smell of napalm in
-- the man whose picture was on TV. He
was my neighbour two years ago.
the morning.

(film Apocalypse Now)

Mrs Grant said that she was sure she knew
2 He said that he would make him an offer
the man whose picture had been on TV. He
that he couldn't refuse.
had been her neif;3hbour two years before.

(film The Godfather)

'I don't want to give my name. I 3 She said that she had had a farm in Africa.
think the woman you are looking
for bought a ticket to New York last (film Out of Africa)
week.' 4 He said that he had travelled each and every
The caller said that he _ _ _ _ _ highway .

(song My Way)
5 He said that his mother had been a tailor
'I'm Billy Davies. I have seen two men and that she had sewn his new blue jeans.

--- looking at cars in the station car park.

I think they are planning to steal one.' (song House of the Rising Sun)
BillyDavies ______ 6 He said that he should have known better
than to cheat a friend.

3 (song Careless Whisper)

'I heard two women talking outside 7 Dorothy said that there was no place like
the Southland Bank earlier today. I home.
think there will be a robbery later
this week. My name's Mr James.'
(film The Wizard of Oz)
8 Rick told Louie that he thought that it was
the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

(film Casablanca)
'Diana Harris here. I saw a man
9 He said that he liked work and that it
climbing through a window about
fascinated him. He could sit and watch it for
- - - five minutes ago. He's wearing a
black T-shirt and jeans.'
(novel Three Men in a Boat)
10 The man said that he had fought the law
and the law had won.
5 'Clara Hernandez speaking. I'm
phoning about the jewellery shown (song by The Clash)
on TV's Crime Stoppers last week.
11 She told us that the man bought a gun, stole
I think the necklace is mine. How
a car.
can I get it back?'
(song In The Ghetto)
12 He said that crime didn't pay.

'I heard the news report at lunchtime (traditional saying)

today. The person you are looking 13 He said that he thought crime paid, the
- - - for has changed their appearance. hours were good and you met interesting
They've now got short, dark hair.' people.

(Woody Alien, comedian, actor and film


Andrew Cooper stayed at the world's
most expensive hotels, fl ew f irst class
all over the world and bought the best
clothes money can buy. However,
yesterday Cooper exchanged hi s f ive-
star hotel room for a cell after he was
sentenced to six months in prison.
Unemployed Cooper, 23, froin Cardiff
in south Wales, had conned twenty-five
credit card companies and banks before
he was caught last December. He had
used stolen account numbers to buy
des igner clothes, j ewe ls and plane
tickets on the Internet. When he was Andrew Cooper leaves court after today's judgement.
arrested, po lice fo und a £ 12,000 watch
which he had bought only a week before. The court heard that Cooper had 'a long Cooper's legal representative said, 'At
history of dishonesty': he was asked to the time of the crimes my client was an
Cooper's life of crime f inally came to an leave school because he had stolen and immature person. He lived in a fantasy
end when he was caught by detective sold exam papers. When he was twenty, world and he thought that he could buy
Wendy Abbott. She had f irst investigated he had deceived several wealthy peop le frie nds. But, of course, he didn 't make
him four years ago when he was us ing into giving money to a non-existent any true friends. Today, he is a lonely
the name Mr Conway. After yesterday's charity for sick children. However, the and rather unhappy young man. I think
trial, Ms Abbott said 'It was a difficult judge explained why she had decided to he has learned hi s lesson.'
investigation because a lot of hi s crimes give him a short sentence. 'You are a
were committed on the Internet. He gill After the judge had sentenced Mr '
young man and I want to give you a
away with his crimes for a long time Cooper, his parents said, 'Andrew is a
second chance. I hope that your time in
because he used f ive di fferent names good son. He has done some silly things
prison will be a short. sharp shock and
and was always travelling.' but he isn't violent. He's learned the
that you will change your behaviour,'
hard way that he must be honest.'
she said.

READING 4 Read the article and choose the correct

t ID Read the article quickly and choose the best title. The judge sent Andrew Cooper to
a International businessman in prison prison for
b Mr Conway arrested a staying in hotels.
c Con artist goes to prison b buying expensive clothes.
d Burglar sentenced to six months c using the Internet.
d stealing money.
2 Put the sentences about Andrew Cooper's life in order.
2 Ms Abbott caught Cooper
A He was given a prison sentence. D a after a long time.
B He bought an expensive watch. D b because he had stolen exam papers.
C He tricked people into giving money to a fictional c because he used lots of names.
charity. D d when he used the Internet.
0 The police arrested him for using stolen credit cards . D 3 Cooper had been dishonest since he
E He was taken to court. D a was a teenager.
F He sold exam papers . D b worked for a charity.
3 Match the words and phrases (1-6) with the definitions (a-f). c got a computer.
d passed his exams.
1 cell D
4 The judge gave him a short sentence
2 to get away with something D because
3 to give someone a second chance D a his crimes weren't serious.
4 a short, sharp shock D b he was an immature person.
5 to learn your lesson D c she knew he wouldn't commit
6 to learn the hard way D more crimes.
a to help someone who has made a mistake d she wanted to help him.
b to understand what you did was wrong and change your
5 Mr and Mrs Cooper say their son's
behaviour was
c a room in a prison
a clever. c sociable.
d to learn something through a bad experience
b innocent. d stupid.
e to not be caught or punished for doing something wrong
f a punishment that is quick and effective

1 Put the words in order to make short conversations. Crime vandalise
accomplice vandalism
A you I last night? I that I see I horror film I accuse (of) violence
on TV I Did arrest (v)
B I've I my I Yes! I been I frightened I so / in I break into Other
life! I never break the law account
A burglar alarm (n)
B burglary bet (v)
burgle boredom
2 A I I I I today's / badly I in I test. I think I did call the police brick
B end I worry, I it's / world. / the / the I of / cheat cable
not I Don't commit a crime cash point
A computer hacking cheer up
B con (trick) climb through
con artist Congratulations!
3 A matter? I the I What's copy (v)
B I'm scared. I someone I There's I the I crime
criminal (n, adj) crowd
window. / outside dead
A worry I nothing / to / There's I about. I only detective deposit (v)
/ It's I the I wind. escape (v) deserve
A evidence die
B fare dodging dishonest
A fingerprints drug (n)
gang face down
4 A wrong? / What's
graffiti frustration
B miss / I I we're / to / going I the / plane. I glove
think guilty
gun guard (n)
A will / Don't / be / all / Everything / right. I hamster
worry. gunshot
handgun hard up
A illegal hurt
B innocent immediately
A investigate immoral
judge (n) inherit
2 Complete the conversations with the correct phrases jewel
from the box. kill
motive lie (v)
Don't panic. I don't believe it! mug love affair
There's probably a simple explanation. mugger make (n)
What's the matter? You're kidding! mugging mask
murder (n, v) model (n)
A I've got 100% in Maths! murderer No way!
B1 You're usually terrible piracy observe
at Maths! police panic (v)
pOlice officer personal assistant
2 A2 prison playing card
prisoner recognise
B I think my married brother has got recording
a girlfriend. I saw him in a cafe with punish
rob reward (n)
a young woman - it definitely wasn't my risk (v)
sister-in-law. robber
robbery run away
A3 Perhaps she's a colleague. safety deposit box
sentence (to)
shoot scream (v)
3 A 4 My bag's been stolen! It's Take it easy!
got everything in it ... my money, phone '" shoplifter transfer (v)
B5 Are you sure it's been shoplifting valuable
stolen? silencer vanish
A Yes, I am. I put it down a minute ago and speeding wealthy
it's gone! steal What's the matter?
suspect (n) What's wrong?
theft You're kidding!
trick (v)
VOCABULARY Extend your vocabulary
1 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the 1 Study the phrases with break. Then use them in the
words in the box. correct form to complete sentences 1-6.
accusation burglary guilt innocence
judgement pirate prisoner theft break the law: to do something illegal
vandalise break a journey: to stop somewhere for a short time
during a long journey
1 The girl was sent to a criminal psychologist break a record: to do something faster or better
when she was found _ _ of twenty than it has been done before
robberies. break someone's heart: to make someone very
2 _ _ , for example, copying computer unhappy; usually by ending a relationship with
programmes and designer clothes, is illegal. them
3 Don't leave anything valuable in your desk. break the ice: to help people who have not met
There is a in the office. before feel relaxed
break the news: to tell someone something new
4 The gang had _ _ fifteen houses before (usually bad news)
the police arrested them.
5 The police _ _ the boy of shoplifting.
6 _ _ got into the school and sprayed paint 1 They went to prison because they _ _ __
in the classrooms. 2 We introduced ourselves to the new students
7 The police investigated the family but andit _ _ __
decided they were all _ _ of the 3 Tim has had a terrible accident. Who is going
grandmother's murder. to to his wife?
8 There was a demonstration outside the court 4 If you finish the race in less than a minute,
when the decided to let the violent you'll _ _ __
mugger go home. 5 Joe Zara's when he said he
9 Some people think that _ _ are schools for didn't love her any more.
criminals. 6 It was a ten hour drive so we our
2 Choose the odd-one-out. in Leeds.

1 cheat trick explain deceive

2 rob mug steal punish
3 speeding recording computer hacking
fare dodging
4 graffiti crowd vandalism robbery
5 arrest accuse reduce sentence
6 explain escape run away leave
3 Complete the article with the correct words. The first
letter of each word is given.

A shop selling locks, cameras, alarms and The police 5 0 who investigated the
other security equipment was broken into crime told our reporter that the burglar was the
last month. The robber climbed in through most stupid he'd ever arrested , 'When I showed
a window that had been left open by his him the 6 e against him, he immediately
1 a who worked in the shop. admitted he was 7 g, _ __
Mr Gates, the shop owner, said, 'I have eighteen The judge didn't 8 s the young men to
security cameras in the shop and he wasn 't prison because neither had 9 c a crime
wearing a 2 m to hide his face so I had before.
hundreds of photos of him. He wasn't wearing
gloves either so he left 3 f everywhere.
He was carrying a 4 g which he used to
shoot open the box where we lock the money
overnight. There was only $50 in it.'

Fit and well

Modal verbs should

must and have to We use should and shouldn'tto give advice, make
suggestions and to say what is right or wrong.
1 must and have to modify the main verb to mean that
something is necessary. They should work less and rest more. (it's a good idea to
balance work and relaxation)
We use mustwhen the obligation comes from the
speaker: I must talk to Jim today. (it's important for me You shouldn't eat so many sweets. (a suggestion that it
to talk to Jim) isn't healthy to eat a lot of sugar)
We use have to/have got to when the obligation comes
from another person: We have to write an essay every Mind the trap!
week. (it's my teacher's rule)
To say something isn't allowed, use mustn't
2 mustn'tmeans that something isn't allowed. not don't have to.
We use it for rules: You mustn't bring your mobile phone You mustn't walk on the grass.
into an exam. NOT You oofl'thBve to W8lk fJfl the gF8Ss.

1 Choose the correct alternative. 2 Complete the sentences with should/shouldn't or

A I've got a headache.
B You(shouldy mustn't take an aspirin. I think everyone should go to the dentist
A I think she's broken her leg so we should twice a year.
move her. 1 I _ _ ring the doctor - the baby's
B No! Don't be stupid! We must / don't have to temperature is very high.
wait for the ambulance to arrive . 2 You _ _ eat anything on the day of your
2 A I never go to the dentist but I don't have operation. It's dangerous.
any problems with my teeth. 3 The sign says that patients _ _ report to
B That's not a good idea. You should / the receptionist first.
have to see a dentist twice a year. 4 You've got a bad cold. I think you _ _ stay
3 A Why aren't you going to school tomorrow? in bed today.
B I must / have to be at the hospital at 9.00
3 Rewrite the sentences using the words given.
for a minor operation.
4 A I feel great now. I'll stop taking these It's a good idea for everyone to exercise.
antibiotics. should Everyone should exercise.
B You don't have to / mustn't do that. You 1 It isn't necessary to take vitamins if you have
have to take all of them. a healthy diet.
5 A I've got a cold. I think I'll go and see a don't have to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
doctor. 2 It's dangerous to take a lot of painkillers.
B You shouldn't / should go and see a doctor mustn't
with a cold! It's a waste of time.
3 It's important that I lose weight.
6 A Can I buy some aspirin at the supermarket?
B Yes, you can. You don't have to / mustn't
4 It isn't a good idea to move someone with
go to a chemist's for them.
a broken leg.
7 A Shouldn't you be at the doctor's now?
B No, I'm going later. I don't have to /
5 Is it important to make an appointment?
have to be there until midday.
have to
6 You're stupid to ignore the doctor's advice.

READING 2 ID Put the three paragraphs, A, Band C in the
correct order. Then listen to check.

a man who lives in a religious group/

monk (n) 1 A
This level of difficulty means that only thirty

spiritual (~dj) related to your religious th
and feelmgs
oug s
I monks completed the challenge in the whole
of the twentieth century. In previous centuries,
men died and their graves are along the
route of the race. For the monks who enter
the race, there is no room for failure: if they
1 Below are the first and last paragraphs of an article. don't complete the course, they have to kill
Read them and complete the sentence. themselves (although there haven't been any
suicides since the nineteenth century).
I think the missing paragraphs will be about B
a the New York Marathon. For the first three years of training, the monks
b Greek history and legends. run 40 kilometres a day for 100 days. In years
c religious men in Japan. four and five, they have to run the same
d keeping fit. distance but for 200 days. In the last two years
of training, things get even more arduous. By
the sixth year, they have enough stamina to
run 60 kilometr es a day for 100 days and this is
increased to 84 kilometres - or two marathons
a day - in the seventh year. To add to the
difficulty of the test, they must stop and pray at
260 temples on the route which means the run
can take 20 hours so they have very little time
for sleep.
These Japanese m onks complete a challenge
in which they run two marathons, every day
for one hundred days. They do this incredible
test of strength to increase their spiritual
knowledge. To have the right level of fitness for
this extraordinary challenge, they have to train
for seven years.
3 Match the underlined words in the article to the
_ _ (v ) to promise something
2 _ _ (adj) needing a lot of hard work
3 _ _ (n) the physical or mental strength to
do something for a long time
4 _ _ (n) the place in the ground where a
dead body is put
d f the first marathon: a man
o We all ~ow the lefe~ ~arathon to Athens to bring
ran 42 kilometres ~o . tory Nowadays marathon
Are the sentences true (T) or false (F)?
news of the army s VIC. th . both am~teurs and 1 The city of Marathon was named after
races are popular w~ fun health or to raise the race. D
professionals wh.o r~ :;ver in Japan there's a 2 People run marathons for different
money for charItY. .0 . 'munity who make reasons.
group of men in a rel1glOt~~~O~unners look like D
the world's top mar a 3 The Japanese monks run for the same
beginners. reason as top athletes. D
eo 4 The monks don't do much special training.
5 The monks are very healthy so the

eo challenge is easy for them.

6 In the twentieth century, thirty monks
0 0 killed themselves because they didn't
o . new meaning to the
The m~ratho~ ~onks ,gl:~da 'disciplined' . If they
words brave , strongthon they would beat most
7 The monks sometimes enter normal

were to enter a mar.a 0;

international runners, marathons. D
other ru~ners. LUC~~g ~ecause they vow to stay on 8 The monks run for pleasure. D
they won t be compe 1 ars For the monks, the
a m?un~ain. for tW eltv~h~~ b~lief, not to be a top
motlvatlOn IS to t es
Fit and well ~


Second Conditional
Condition Result Wh- questions
If + Past Simple would + infinitive without to Where would you live if you could live
If the weather was good, we would ('d) go swimming. anywhere?
If you didn't watch so much TV, you would ('d) have more time for sport.
If you were an Olympic athlete, what sport
If they trained more, they wouldn't lose so many games.
would you do?
Yes/No questions Short answers
Would you run a marathon if Yes, I would'/No, I wouldn't.
Mind the trap!
you had the chance? With the verb bel we use was in
If you wanted to be fitter, Yes, I would'/No, I wouldn't. informal speech and writing but
would you join a gym? were in formal speaking
and writing.
We use the Second Conditional for: For example, student
Jane says:
• unlikely or impossible situations in the present:
If they were taller, they would play in the basketball team.
If I wM
""ore co.refLAI , I
• unlikely or impossible situations in the future: WOLAld" 't ""o.\:.e $0
If London got the 2020 Olympic Games I would be very surprised.
""o."y ""i$to.\:.e$ .

• to give advice:
If I were YOUI fd tell my parents the truth. Her teacher writes:
In a conditional sentence, the two parts of the sentence can be in any
order. We use a comma when the ifclause is first. If J"""were MOre carep"l,
she 1NW.1cJ.~ 't """"'e
If you exercised more you Id feel healthier.
so """-"1 "",sta.kes

=You'd feel healthier if you exercised more.

1 Choose the correct answers to form Second 2 Complete the Second Conditional sentences with the
Conditional sentences. correct form of the verbs in brackets.
1 I'd go / went skiing if it be / were less I'd help (help) you if I had (have) the time.
expensive. 1 If it _ _ (be) windy, we _ _ (go) sailing.
2 If I meet / met a successful sportsperson, 2 If you _ _ (do) an extreme sport, which
I'd ask / 'll ask them about their training one _ _ it _ _ (be)?
programme. 3 I _ _ (go) surfing every day if
3 We wouldn 't lose / won't lose so many I _ _ (live) in California.
matches if we train / trained more. 4 If you _ _ (be) better at judo, you _ _
4 If we didn't enjoy / don't enjoy volleyball, (have) a black belt.
we won't play / wouldn't play it. 5 If I _ _ (run) a kilometre, it _ _ (kill)
5 I'd go / went horse-riding if horses are / me!
were smaller and slower. 6 If! _ _ (not live) so far from the
6 They will go / would go cycling today if the mountains, I _ _ (go) skiing more often.
weather is / was better. 7 Which martial art _ _ you _ _ (do) if
7 If you was / were an international you _ _ (have) the time?
footballer, which team will you play / 8 How _ _ you _ _ (feel) if you _ _
would you play for? (win) an Olympic medal?
9 If I _ _ (be) a tennis champion,
I _ _ (play) at Wimbledon.
10 I _ _ (relax) more if I _ _ (be) you.
11 She _ _ (do) aerobics if it _ _ (not be)
so boring.

1 Ii1iI Listen and match the conversations 1 Put the words in order and complete the conversations.
(1-4) with the situations (A- E). There is one
extra situation.
Conversation 1 0
Conversation 2 0
Conversation 3 0
Conversation 4 0


A in a chemist's shop 1 about I ideas I you I Have I any I how

I I you / If I were
A to get fit?

I~ B , I'd do a little exercise every day.

2 me I some I you I advice? / Could I give
think / don't / should / I I you
B What about?
B at a doctor's surgery A I fell over and hurt my leg badly playing volleyball.
B play again until it's better.
3 how / on / you I tips / to / Have / any I got
don't / Why I you
A relax?
B listen to some quiet music?
4 do I I I should I What
to / better I It's I not
A I've got a terrible headache and sore throat.
C inagym
B _ _ _ _ _ go out in the cold. Stay at home
and keep warm.

2 Complete the conversation with the phrases in the box.

Have you any ideas about how to
I don't think you should If I were you
why don't you You should
A I haven't got enough money, what should I do?
B I , I'd get a weekend job.

A That's a good idea. I saw an ad for a job in an

D in a school office all-night cafe.
B2 work all night. You'll be too tired to
A You're right. Perhaps I should get a job in a shop.
3 find one?
B 4 ~_ _ _ look in the local newspaper.
Or 5 telephone your favourite shops and
ask them?
A That sounds easier - I'll phone them this afternoon.
B Good luck!
E at home

__it_ a_n_d_ w_e_ll__~


Health beat (v) 1 Match the two parts of the sentences.
ambulance bowling
antibiotic boxing
1 Before you go scuba diving in the sea, 0
aspirin bungee jumping 2 Footballers shouldn't 0
asthma commentator 3 In a boxing match, 0
backache cycle (v) 4 In basketball, 0
bandage exercise (n, v) 5 When you go skateboarding, 0
broken extreme sport 6 You don't have to have a check-up 0
cancer fit 7 You have to train for 0
check-up football 8 You have to wear 0
chemist's football fan
chest football player 9 To get fit , you 0
cold (n) football shirt 10 It's a team rule that all players have to 0
deafness football team
get some exercise a before you run in a marathon but it's a good
goal idea.
flu go for a run b extreme sports.
forehead golf C shout at the referee.
get better gym d trainers in the gym.
get ill hiking e you mustn't kick the ball.
give up (smoking) hockey t don't have to go to the gym every day.
hay fever horse-riding g wear tracksuit trousers for training.
headache kick (v) h you should wear a helmet.
heart attack kick boxing
hospital marathon you mustn't kick your opponent.
hypochondriac match (n) j you should train in a swimming pool.
ill mountain biking
indigestion player 2 Label the pictures with the correct words.
injection professional (adj) baseball golf hockey horse-riding
leg referee snowboarding windsurfing bowling
lie down sailing
lose weight score (n) 1 5 _ _ __
make an appointment score (v) 2 6 _ __
medical encyclopedia scuba diving 3 7 _ _ __
mental problems season 4
operation skateboarding
pain skiing
painkiller snowboarding
patient (n) sporty
phone/call for a doctor/ stadium
an ambulance surfing
prescription swim (v)
see a doctor (swimming) pool
sore thin
stay in bed tracksuit
stomachache train (for)
stressed out trainers
suffer (from) training
take windsurfing
temperature World Cup
throat 3 Complete the paragraph with the correct words.
toothache Other
alcohol I'm not very sporty. I don't like playing games
treat (v) and I've never been for a 1 _ _ ! However,
unhealthy brave
clumsy I recently decided to get some 2 _ _ and
virus I went away on an activity weekend. On the
vitamin fill in
torm (n) Saturday morning, we all put on our walking
weight boots and went 3 _ _ in the hills. In the
have no head for
Sports and fitness sb is (not) allowed to afternoon, we went 4 _ _ in small boats on
aerobics signature a lake near the campsite. I really enjoyed it! The
sympathetic next day, some people did an 5 _ _ class but
basketball unwilling I borrowed a bike and 6 _ _ to the nearest
cafe for a nice big breakfast!
4, Write the names of the parts of the body that are Extend your vocabulary
affected by illnesses 1-8.
1 Study the phrases with stay, then complete sentences
1 asthma 1--6 with the correct prepositions.
2 backache
3 broken leg
4 headache
stay away: to not go near someone or something
5 heart attack
6 indigestion
7 sore throat
stay behind· to sta ' 1
8 toothache have left . YIn a p ace after the other people

S Choose the odd-one-out.

1 bandage antibiotics asprrffi painkiller stay in: to stay in your home and not go out
2 dentist patient flu chemist
3 asthma ambulance virus fever
stay on: to stay to do a job or study after the other peop!!
4 hockey golf aerobics team have finished
5 chest vitamin throat stomach
6 referee score conunentator fan

6 Complete the sentences with the correct words.

1 If I wanted to lose weight, I'd _ _ up stay up: to not go to bed at the normal time
chocolate, cakes and sweets.
2 Stay in bed and rest or you won't _ __
better. stay With: to visit s
3 I've got a terrible headache. I think I'll take an omeone for a period of time
aspirin and _ __ down on the sofa for
an hour.
4 My dad has _ _ from asthma all his life.
5 It looks like a serious accident. You must 1 Her parents were very worried when she
for an ambulance. stayed _ _ all night.
6 You have to _ __ in this form before you 2 I'm going to stay _ _ late to watch the end
see the doctor. of the film.
7 If you want to see a doctor, you must _ __ 3 This is my niece. She's staying _ _ _ me for
an appointment first. the holidays.
4 My mother didn't stay _ _ at school
7 Complete the entry from a hypochondriac's diary. The because she had to leave and get a job.
first letter of each word is given. 5 Stay _ _ from my sister! She doesn't like
6 The weather's terrible! Let's stay _ __ and
I ~oke vp this mornin9 ~ith a terrible keep warm.
headache. I took two 1 a _ _ and decided to
2 in b_ _ . A bit laterl I 90t very hot
s__ 3 f' I
d then cold - I had a _ _ . ~as
very ~orrred. Perhaps I had a 4v__ .' I sat
an .
thinkin9 abovt all the terrible illne55e~ I had
read abovt in my medical encyclopedIa and I
became very ~orried and 5 d _ _ . My father
came home at six olclock and I told him; had
black death orl possiblYI cancer. /"le ~aSn t
ver kind or 6 S_ _ - he told me to get vp
anI do somethin9 vsefvl. When I s:ood VPI .
I fell over my medical encyclopedIa and hIt
my head on the door. ~ ~oke vp in hospital
~earin9 a large ~h ite ( b__ arovnd my
head. Before I left the hospital l the ~ octor
~rote a 8 p__ for some very stron9 p_ _ s.

__it_a_n_d_w __ ~
_ ell

WRITING I Opening paragraph 3 Complete the opening paragraphs with the best

o• ........... ...
Hi ~in
o It W0..5 reat to heOJ" f rom ~ou ,
.... .... .......

af-in '. I am Impre55ed trot ~ou ve

remembered Ilm dOin~ a marathon
next month. I Know \:t0u 're ver~ notes

5pOrt~ 50 can ~ou looK at ~ • .... ... ........ .................. ...... .. ... ...........
Hp-ve _ _ _ _ _ _ __ fha] Awlf
trainin~ proramme I plea5e
7 Emmp- had iUl !l.Ccidenf iUld broke her

• fell


~ To: [Kathy ) I'm so you've got ajob. You must be very pleased!
From: (Jon )
Subject: (Exams!!!!!!!! )
Message: _ _ _ on passing your driving test!
Hi Kathy
Congratulations on passing all your exams! I'm really pleased
that you have done so well. Why don't we get together to
celebrate? " Read the email and follow the instructions.

~ ~-
To: (Alex )
~ NEW MESSAGE From: (DaiSY 1

«t To: (Beth ) Subject: (gap year )

(Liz Message:
From: )
Subject: (feeding my cat Hi Alex
1 This is a quick note to tell you that I'm going on a gap year!
Message: I know you spent a year travelling in South America so could you
give me some advice? What should I do and where should I go?
Dear Beth Love
Thanks for agreeing to feed the cat while we are on holiday. It's Daisy x
nice to know Tom will be well looked after! I'll bring a key to
you on Friday but here's what you need to know.

r SEND ) You are Alex. Reply to Daisy's email.

Paragraph 1: show interest in her message and
1 Read the opening paragraphs (1-3) and match them lead into the second paragraph.
with the topics (A-C). Paragraph 2: give her advice about planning a gap
A to say 'well done' o year. You can use the notes below and/or your
B to say 'thank you for helping' o own ideas .
C to say 'thanks for writing to me' o I~ J {'.d lA A,
., tI Cl if I I' lJ I~
2 Which opening paragraph leads into a second
paragraph with:
Sdp ~edr
• instructions? o • thil1k c.aref'ull\, be f'
" Tore ~u dec,'de
• information? o w he re to go

• an invitation? o • ~o lot s of' researc.h

lIbrar ies - 0f11i11e ,
• talk to people who have do"
~ar e a gap


VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR 4 Complete the sentences with must, mustn't,

have to or don't have to. (6 points)
1 Put the words in capitals in the correct The doctor said that I have to take this medicine
form. (6 points) for five days.
I was attacked in the street by 1 1\vo hours of training is enough, so you
a muaaer. MUG _________ do the evening practice.
1 How terrible. have 2 You need to go on a low-calorie diet - you
painted graffiti on the bus stop. VANDALISE ________ eat more than a slice of bread for
2 1\vo broke into our breakfast.
house yesterday. BURGLE 3 I want to run in a marathon one day so
3 A is someone who I start training soon.
kills someone else. MURDER 4 You bring sports equipment to
4 The judge can't send an _ __ the camp - a tracksuit is enough.
person to prison. INNOCENCE 5 My football coach says I rest
5 Don't download that! Software more before matches.
_ _ _ _ is wrong. PIRATE 6 Children go cycling without
6 The police have to _ __ helmets because it can be dangerous.
criminal activities. INVESTIGATION
:. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar
2 Complete the names of the sports activities. (6 pOints) meaning as the first one. (6 pOints)
kI ~ k- b Q ~ ing I don't feel ill so I'm not going to go to the
1 b_____ L_ping doctor.
If I felt ill, I would ao to the doctor.
2 ae _____ s
3 sc _ _ _ d__ ing 1 I'm not a politician so I can't spend more money
4 s____b____ing on hospitals.
If ____________________________
5 w___ s___ing
2 I can't swim so I'm not going sailing.
6 h____ - c _ ing I would ___________________________
3 Read what the actress said and then 3 Joe hasn't got walking boots so he can't go
report it. (6 pOints) hiking.
IfJoe _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
The actress Charlotte Connery arrived in the 4 You're not ill so I'm not worried about you .
UK yesterday. This is what she said at the If __________________________
5 I don't have to stay in bed so I'm not bored.
'I am very happy to be here. I have never been I would __________________________
to the UK before. I'm going to be here for
three weeks. I'm making a new film. I'm sure 6 The nurse is not here, so she can't help us.
it will be a great experience. I've worked with If the nurse ________________________
the same director twice already. The last film
he made was brilliant.'
The actress Charlotte Connery said that she 6 EllI Listen to a doctor being interviewed.
was very happy to be there. Are the sentences T (true) or F (false)? (7 points)
1 The doctor
2 1 is there to give health advice for travellers. 0
2 thinks travel insurance is a waste of money. 0
4 ______ __ __ _ _ _ _ _ ___ 3 says that some travellers have to have
injections. 0
5 4 warns that too much bottled water can
6 cause stomachache. 0
5 says that there is less skin cancer now. 0
6 thinks children should use sun hats and
sun screens. 0
7 wants all travellers to buy a first-aid kit. 0

Butch Cassidy and

the Sundance Kid
O ne of the best films about criminals
ever made was the 1969 story of
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
nobody heard of Butch Cassidy and
the Sundance Kid again so everybody
thinks they were the robbers but
them die. The film was very successful.
7_ _ The two actors joined up with
the same director in 1973 for The Sting,
1_ _ There is a story that Butch nobody really knows. another comedy-crime film .
Cassidy's first crime was to steal some
clothes . He had gone to town to buy The film starred Paul Newman and
a suit but, when he got there, the shop Robert Redford. Paul Newman was
was shut. 2_ _ This story may not already very famous but Robert
be true but it shows that he was a Redford was almost unknown. 5_ _
'gentleman criminal' who liked stealing He thought about Marlon Brando or
money but tried not to hurt anybody. Steve McQueen. In the end, Robert
Redford was perfect.
He and his gang robbed banks and
trains and, in 1900, he met up with The director was George Roy Hill. He
Harry Longabaugh, alias the Sun dance made the film so that the two criminals
Kid. They kept on robbing trains. In one were the heroes. 6_ _ One famous
robbery, they killed someone who part is when Butch Cassidy rides a
worked on the railway. 3_ _ For a bicycle while the song 'Raindrops Keep
few years they lived normal lives but Falling on my Head' plays on the
then they started robbing banks again. soundtrack and, in parts, it is almost a
Nobody knows why. 4_ _ ln 1908, comedy with some clever dialogue. The
there was a bank robbery in Bolivia and film is also famous for its ending where,
the police shot the two men who had as the two criminals are dead , the film
committed the crime. After that, stops so that you don't actually see


"1 Read about the story of Butch Cassidy and the 8 Put the phrases from the box into the gaps to
Sundance Kid. Put sentences A-H in the correct compete the conversation. (6 pOints)
places in the text. There is one extra sentence.
I'm terrified! Don't panic.
(7 points)
If I were you, I'd tell him. What's wrong?
A He did this by making it clear that they didn't There's probably a simple explanation.
want to hurt anybody and showing what their Well, it's not the end of the world.
life was away from crime. I don't believe it!
B It won four Oscars and made Redford a star.
A I don't believe It!
C He broke in and stole the clothes he wanted B 1 _ _ _ _ __
but he left a note to say that he would come
and pay for them the next day. A My bike's gone.
B 2 _ _ _ _ __
o After this they left America with the
Sundance Kid's girlfriend and they went to
live in Buenos Aires in Argentina. A Yes, there is! Someone's stolen it!
E Maybe they needed the money or maybe they B 4 It's only a bike.
were bored. A What will my dad say?
F They were real people who lived in the late B You're not worried about your dad, are you?
1800s. A Worried! 5 He'll go mad!
G Nobody is sure how they met. B 6 I'm sure he'll
H At first the director wanted a more famous understand.
actor to play with Paul Newman.


t: Exam Vocabulary
:= inunature disappointed
Man intelligent
knowledgeable about
Personal information
o laid-back fascinated
> be in someone's teens!twenties!
born loud glad
elderly mature interested
nationality mean intrigued
w surname modest irritated
optimistic miserable
Appearance organised pleased
outgoing relaxed
clothes passionate satisfied
fashionable pessimistic scared
glove pleasant shocked
jewellery polite sleepy
make-up popular stressed
piercing pride surprised
slim proud sympathetic
spot punctual terrified
sweater quiet tired
tattoo reserved uncomfortable
wear responsible upset
wig romantic
Personality self-belief
big-headed sense of humour
boring sentimental Location
bossy serious
brave shy
careless silly
caring sociable
housing estate
cheerful sophisticated
clever spontaneous
clumsy strange
confidence strict
confident stupid
creative talkative Types and parts of houses
cruel tolerant
unfair apartment
dominating Feelings and emotions basement
extrovert amazed
friendly annoyed
block of flats
funny anxious
generous be lucky!unlucky
hard-working bored
helpful calm
conference room
honest delighted
imagination depressed
detached house
dining room room tasteful
vacuum cleaner
front door
washbasin School >
washing machine :E
Renting a flat
Stages of education
higher education
lavatory available nursery school/playgroup
lawn flatmate pre-school education
living room for sale primary school/education
loft move school leaving age
mansion neighbour secondary school/education
porch owner university
roof renovate
semi-detached house rent Cn)
skylight rent Cv) Places, people and
stairs resident subjects
study sell
terraced house be in the same year as
share a flat
view bell
wall Chemistry
window Describing houses class
attractive classroom
Furniture and equipment bright form tutor
cheap genius
appliance cheerful hall of residence
armchair comfortable Maths
back door cosy Physical Education/PE
bed elegant playground
blinds enormous pupil
bookshelf expensive school assembly
carpet friendly school club
chest of drawers horrible school gate
cupboard inconvenient school holidays
curtain inexpensive school society
decoration inhabited subject
desk lovely term
dishwasher marvellous timetable
doorbell modern
DVD player modest
freezer nice School things
fridge noisy
furniture calculator
games console dictionary
kettle pen
key pencil case
letterbox ruler
microwave school uniform
mirror scissors
picture textbook
~ Learning, homework and director Looking for a job
::5 exams doctor

attend school
corporal punishment
estate agent
fashion designer
apply for (a job)
detention Formula 1 driver be fluent in
0 do homework games tester be the centre of attention
> do well (at school) gardener candidate
:rE drop out of (school)
insurance agent
careers guidance
covering letter
essay lawyer current
fail an exam librarian currently
fair/unfair marketing manager CV
gap year model deal with
graduate (from) musician dream job
learn by heart nanny enclose
lines nurse essential
mark personal assistant experience
memorise pilot involve
mistake police officer job interview
mock exam politician knowledge (of sth)
optional priest leader
participate psychologist motivated
pass an exam receptionist organiser
practise (v) reporter proficient (in)
revise salesperson qualification
school-leaving exam scientist working conditions
school report taster
skill teacher
specialise in
At work
spell tour guide babysit
startlleave school translator benefit
test TV presenter boss
vet break
waiter/waitress career
Work writer commute to work
driving licence
Jobs Describing work employer
accountant badly-paid manage
actor full-time multi-tasking
anthropologist hard retired
architect part-time routine
artist permanent salary
banker physical staff
biologist stressful uniform
businessmanlbusinesswoman temporary wage
caretaker well-paid work from home
charity worker work on your own
company director
computer programmer
delivery driver

get angry (with) Free time and celebrations
Familyand get in touch with
social life get married
get on (with)
get to know
board game
Housework girlfriend boredom CC
go out (with) busy
clear the table
do the vacuuming
do the washing-up
goocllbad relationship
grown-up celebrate a birthday >
make the bed hate
have a good talk (with)
chill out
set the table
have sth in common Christmas
tidy one's room
hold hands competition
hugs and kisses
Love and relationships unpress decorate
independent do puzzles
accept draw
admiration enjoy
advice entertaining
alone fancy
apology fascinate
jealous (of)
argue hang out (with)
laugh out loud
argument have a picnic
avoid have no head for
back seat driver horoscope
be comfortable (with) invite
be fed up join in
look after
be fond of joke (v)
love affair
be homesick joke (n)
love at first sight
be the best of friends loyal keen on
be to blame late
make friends
be wrong look forward to
make up (with)
blind date marry mad about
borrow make clothes
boyfriend paint
bring together pass the time
call/phone back praise play board/computer/role games
change one's mind playing cards
promise (n)
chat promise (v) read
colleague relax
commitment relaxing
contact stay up
control take a break
couple ring take photos
date take place
diary visitor
say goodbye (to)
die sb is (not) allowed to
spend time together
encourage split up with
fall in love (with)
stand by
fall out
take care of
take sb seriously
fun wedding
get a divorce

~ ketchup recipe
:J Food lamb packed lunch

Food and drink
mashed potato mix

Describing food
apple mayonnaise bitter
0 apple pie
> avocado
:E bacon
milk fresh

milks hake freshness
beans mineral water frozen
W beef muesli greasy
beer mushroom inedible
biscuit noodle low-fat
bread nut mild
breakfast cereal oil nutritious
broccoli olive oil packaged
brussels sprout olive spicy
burger onion stale
butter orange suitable for
cabbage pasta sweet
cake pineapple tasteless
cappuccino pizza tasty
carrot pork tinned
cereal potato
cheese powdered milk
chewing gum prawn Containers
chicken curry red pepper
chicken rice
chips salad
chocolate sandwich
chocolate bar sausage
cocoa seafood
coffee spaghetti Bolognese
cream steak
crisps strawberry Eating out
croissant sugar
dairy products sweets bill
dried soup tea cafe
egg tomato canteen
fish oil tomato sauce dessert
fish tomato soup eat out
fizzy drink tortilla chips fast food restaurant
flour tuna main course
fruit turkey menu
fruit juice vegetable order Cv)
garlic bread watermelon order Cn)
goulash wine pizzeria
grapes yoghurt serve
green beans service
ham starter
hotdog Preparing meals waiter/waitress
ice cream ingredient
jam mash
kebab peel

Travelling and Accommodation
Shol?ping and :5
SerVICeS tourism book
(breakfast) included :::::»
camping trip m
In a shop Journey campsite
double room ~
advert aeroplane
guesthouse 0
apply for (a visa)
hotel >
hotel reception
customer arrive
fashionable bag
stay (at a youth hostel/with
groceries busy a friend)
inexpensive by plane/train/coach youth hostel
make cancelled
market catch a train/plane
out-of-date charter plane Activities
product come home
quality country
queue (n) cycle climbing
queue (v) delayed (for an hour) clubbing
receipt destination
second-hand shop distance
sell escalator
sell-by date fare
ferry sailing
shopping mall
flight sightseeing
fly skiing
leave for (the station/airport)
Money line
lost property office visiting museums
banknote motorbike
cash on foot Equipment
cashpoint pack
passenger adaptor plug
deposit passport anti-sickness tablets
platform battery charger
safety-deposit box
(rail) pass camera
rail timetable guidebook
railway holiday brochure
rush medicine
Complaining rush hour money belt
security check penknife
compensation playing cards
complaint single ticket
station rucksack
letter of complaint shampoo
refund stressful
ticket sleeping bag
track suitcase
travel agent's suntan lotion
travel to surfboard
trip tent
tunnel toothbrush
waterproof jacket

cc: On holiday critic key
=:5 feel inspired melodic

art gallery
arts centre
have a good idea
musical instrument
(..) capital inspiring music festival
castle limit piano
0 cathedral
> church
play (the guitar/piano/violin)
play live
:E cinema prize playllisten to music

city centre
concert hall
record (n)
record (v)
recording studio
exhibition Literature sing
fascinating author single
hill bestseller soul
hire classic novel techno
island crime novel tour
lake fantasy novel violin
lively ghost
monastery horror
library Art
Nobel prize arts festival
palace novel
peace and quiet exhibition
novelist logo
seat poem
shopping centre painting
poet photography
surfer poetry
stadium replica
romantic sculpture
street market science fiction novel
suntanned short story
theatre writer Film and theatre
tourist attraction act
tourist information office Music action film
tropical actor
visit band adaptation
ballet dancer appear
bass box office
classical music
Culture compose
composer cinema
General impression composition computer-generated
concert dance
audience drum solo dialogue
award drummer direct
brainstorming drums drama school
clap folk fantasy
come up with guitar happy ending
commercial success hip-hop (historical) drama
concentrate hit historical film
create indie horror
creative jamming lead role
creativity jazz location

movie readers'letters Doing sports
musical reality show
send out
soap opera
sports news
athletic track
bungee jump
(psychological) thriller sports page commentator
cycle 0
sports programme
talent show exercise (n) >
(romantic) comedy talk show exercise (v)
scene the media
science fiction film travel report football fan
soundtrack TV channel football manager
football player
special effects TV guide
spectator weather forecast football shirt
stage world news football team
star (n) get some exercise
star (v) go for a run
stunt Sport go to the gym
teen idol golf buggy
western Types of sport gym
keep fit
TV, radio and newspapers baseball marathon
basketball match
advert bowling
broadcast national team
boxing Olympics/Olympic Games
caller bungee jumping
cartoon Paralympic Games
cricket play sports
celebrity extreme sport
column player
football professional
comedy series golf
contest referee
contestant scarf
hockey score (n)
crossword horse racing
daily/weekly/monthly publication score (v)
debate season
kick boxing snorkel
documentary programme mountain biking
edition spectator
entertainment sports facility
sailing sporty
entertainment guide scuba diving
fashion tips stadium
game/quiz show swim
gossip (swimming) pool
journalist thin
local news tracksuit
surfing train (for)
music video table tennis
news channel trainers
water sports
news programme training
newspaper win
winter sports winner
paper version
performance World Cup
radio drama
radio station
cc hypochondriac vegetarianism
:5 Health ignore the problem vitamin

The human body
lie down

Q bone
make an appointment Science and
> brain waves
medical encyclopedia
mental problems technology
:E chest
Technology and inventions
forehead pain
gut painkiller 3-D
leg patient aeroplane
mind peppermint tea astrology
molar phone/call for a doctor/an artificial
muscle ambulance atomic
stomach prescription brick
throat see a doctor cable
sign discover
sore DVD player
Diseases and treatment stay in bed electricity
accident stomachache energy
ambulance stressed out engine
antibiotic suffer (from) explore
aspirin take fabric
asthma temperature factory
backache therapy future
bandage toothache gadget
blind treat hybrid
broken virus industrial
cancer wheelchair industry
catch innovative
check-up invention
Diet and lifestyle inventor
cold balanced laser
cure cigar maker
deafness convenience food man-made
dentist cut down on missile
disability fast food mobile phone
disabled fat motor
dyslexia fit plug in
faint give up (smoking) power
feel ill goodlbad for you radar
feel sick have a sweet tooth remote control
fever healthy research scientist
first aid lifestyle robot
flu lose weight satellite
genetic munch science
get better on a diet scientist
get ill processed food signal
hay fever protein steel
headache smoke supersonic
health supplement technological
heart attack unhealthy television set
hospital vegetarian (adj) video recorder
hyperventilation vegetarian (n) wheel

Mobile phones, computers rocky Hindi
and the Internet root Holland
access the Internet
bad language
chat online Swedish
check your email Environment and ecology 0
computer acid rain
connect to
bottle banks National and social ::E
climate identity
Internet cafe climate change
messenger destroy association W
onIine (adj) domestic waste belong to
onIine (adv) dry bilingual
programme electricity cut border
search engine fire club
social networking site hurricane community
text nuclear die out
text message petrol difference
upload pollution division
virus power station emigrate (to)
website protect equality
public transport flag
recycle foreign
The natural recycling plant foreigner
world renewable energy
rubbish mixed nationality
Animals, plants sea level multilingual
and landscape solar panel nation
solar power national anthem
air sort nationality
aquarium native speaker
temperature neighbourhood
cloud throw out religion
cloudy wave power share
come up
continent wind farm
dawn wind power
Economy, history
Earth and politics
forest ancestor
giraffe State and army
grass society beg
hamster bomb
horse Countries, nationalities century
insect and languages civilisation
mainland company
Aborigine date from
mineral Arabic
Moon defence
Belgium democrat
mouse/mice Brazil
ostrich dominate
Colombian economical
parrot Croatia
planet elite
The Czech Republic enemy
rock Germany
a: finance catch suspect
=:5 freedom cheat terrorist

commit a crime
computer hacking

head of a government
con (trick)
con artist
independent crime vandalise
0 invest (in) criminal (n) vandalism
> liberal criminal (adj) violence
:E life expectancy
movement escape speaking
opportunity evidence countries
opposition execute
panel fare dodging 10 Downing Street
party fingerprints A-levels/Advanced level
percentage gang Aborigine
politics graffiti Acton
poor guilty Afflecks
population gun Atlantic Ocean
prehistoric gunshot Australia
president handgun Bachelor's degree
prime minister hurt the BBC
produce illegal Ben Lawers
progress innocent Big Brother
publicity investigate Brighton
responsibility judge Britain's Got Talent
revolution kill British Museum
shelter motive Cardiff
slave mug Central Line
social mugger Chinatown
society mugging CNNCNN,
spending murder (v) College of Further Education
statistics murder (n) comprehensive school
tax murderer Cornwall
the poor piracy Coronation Street
the rich police officer Edinburgh
tradition police Edinburgh castle
unemployment prison Eisteddfod
vote prisoner England
war punish English
wealthy punishment (for) English Premier League
responsible for Fistral Beach
rob Formula 1
Crime robber Fox
robbery GCSE/General Certificate
accomplice of Secondary Education
accuse (of) run away
sentence (to) global language
alarm Globe Theatre
arrest shoot
shoplift Great Barrier Reef
break into groundlings
break the law shoplifter
shoplifting Hampshire
burglar Hawaii
burglary silencer
speeding Home and Away
burgle India
call the police steal

Kansas City
King George II
Lake District
London Tube/Underground
the Lowry
Manchester United
Metropolitan Line
Mind the gap!
Museum of Science and Industry
New York
Niagara Falls
North Sea
Rhapsody in Blue
Royal Ascot
Strictly Come Dancing
The Guardian
The Simpsons
Tower of London
Wembley Stadium
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
William Shakespeare
Windsor castle

1 Complete with words from the box. 2 Complete with adjectives derived from the
words in the box.
boring bossy brave careless caring cheerful
eccentric creative energetic generous lazy emotion friend honest fascinate
hard-working helpful irresponsible confident irritate passion stress surprise
loyal modest optimistic outgoing romantic
selfish proud talkative unambitious I think your friend is a dishonest
person: first he took the money for this work

and then he didn't finish it!
You are full of energy. enerfJetic
But you never feel like working. 1_ _ _ __ 1 I always eat chocolate when I'm _ _ _ _
- it helps me to relax.

• You will leave a young child alone near a swimming

pool. 2_ _ _ __
But when the child falls into the water you will
rescue him. 3_ _ _ __

You are always smiling and happy. 4

2 She thought they were just friends but his
_ _ _ _ _ kiss told her something
3 I couldn't answer three of the questions ,
so I was really
the exam.
when I passed

• uill' You love to chat for hours on the phone. 5_ _ _ __

4 I just think you're too _ _ _ __

- you can't cry because I tell you to wash up!
You never cheat a friend or go against them.
5 He was absolutely by the game
and didn't notice me sitting next to him.
But they sometimes think your behaviour is strange
and unusual . 7_ _ _ __ 6 I was afraid because I was new in the office,
but everybody was and helped

• You like to tell other people what to do. 8_ _ _ __

For you the glass is always half-full. 9_ _ __ _

You take warm soup to your grandmother when it's

cold. 10_ _ _ __
You never lose your self-belief. 11 _ _ _ __
me a lot.
7 I was really because people
kept asking me really stupid questions.

Circle the correct answer.

Your boyfriend promised you a diamond ring

• You are always ready to help your friends.

But you won't look for a better job for yourself.
- -- - -

You don't take a break until the job is finished.

and he bought you a kettle. You feel
a terrified. @) disappointed. c pleased.
He is a very rude man.
a he has got good manners
b he has got no manners
c he is helpful
I 14
• ----- 2 When a child is young, he asks you hundreds
You never forget or forgive someone who hurts you.
of questions: you must be really _ _ to
- ---- answer them.

a patient b proud c polite
You always buy great birthday presents. 16_ _ _ __
But you never pay enough attention to what you're 3 Which of these are positive?
doing. 17_ _ __ _ a cruel and modest
b bossy and helpful

• You like meeting and talking to new people .

A love poem in your sandwich would make you very
happy. 19_ _ _ __
c generous and caring
4 Which of these are negative?
a miserable and frightened
b impressed and amazed

c pleased and bored
You think about yourself but not about how other
people feel. 20_ __ _ _ 5 Your friend invites you to a restaurant for
dinner and then tells you he doesn't have
You also talk about the same things over and over
again. 2 1_ _ _ __ any money. How do you feel?
a glad b fascinated c embarassed
You can make a wonderful meal out of the last three 6 I didn't understand the instructions and I felt
things in the fridge . 22_ _ _ __ a confused . b shocked. c intrigued.
But you won't make a big noise about it. 23_ _ _ __
1 Match the types of houses with their definitions. 3 Complete the text with the missing names of
furniture and equipment.
block of flats ~ 4 skyscraper 0 De.clr --r1'1OMO..S,
1 cottage 0 5 semi-detached house 0 ~ 1=' S love.l<tj ~u e. ~vc OleL Roet.s --r\'1 e. ho(,cse. is r e.clll~
l?e.o..v..-tit(,cl Ztvcd., ~ f\\ S(,cre. ~e. ~Ill l?e. vU<tj W::lpPlfr ~u e.
2 detached house 0 6 terraced house 0 ~ O'(,cs-t vcucL -to l?(,c't) a, tw -t~i~ -to f\\a,t.e. if f\\ore.
3 farmhouse 0 7 apartment 0 c,of\\tOr-ta.l?le. tor !ffO(,c ~~e.V\. !ffO(,c c,of\\e. l?a,a. Le.1=' S .
Sta,r-t ~it~ -t~e. livi~ rOOf\\ : ~e. vcucL -t~ a, rmchalrs
a a house in a line of houses joined together t o Sit c,of\\tOrta.l?l't) a,vccL SOf\\e. Il? tor o(,cr
b the main house on a farm
l?oot.s ~' eL lit.e. -to ~ SOf\\e. vci(',e, 2p ovc
-t~e. ~a,llS -too O~, a,vccL Ot c,o(,crse. ~ f\\(,cs-tvc' -t torqre.-t
c (US) a set of rooms for living in
t~e. 3 S ! ~ t f\\(,cS-t l?e. l?iqr a,vccL soH, SO -tW::lt
d a small house in the country
!ffO(,c C,M lie. M~VC ~it~ <t)O(,cr VCWspa,pu ~~e.V\. <t)O(,c're.
e a large building with separate homes on different tird tOr t~e. l?droof\\ , ~e. vcucL a, l?lqr 4~,_ _ __
flo ors t or Oll o(,cr c,lot~e.s a,vccL Olso a, c,~e.s-t Ot 5eL,_ _ __
f a house joined to another house on one side tor soc,t.S a,vccL (,cvccLe.r~e.clr . ~vc -t~e. t.i-tc,~e.V\. ~ vcucL
9 a very tall city building a, vcw 6S t o ~a,s~ (,cP ivc - -t~e. oleL ovce. is t OO
h a house which is not joined to another house S~l a,vccL, a,t-tu Oll, ~e. a,re. tJVi~ t o ht::lve. a, l?iqr
t~il<tjl We. Md a, 7 t (tor <t)O(,cr l?u r') a,vccL
2 Complete with words from the box. a, 8t (tor f\\<tj ic,e,c,r~ ) WW::l-t a.l?o(,ct
l?(,c~~ a, ruc,e., f\\okrvc 9t. t o ~e. t e.a.?
attractive cosy original expeflsive ~ ve. l?o~t SOf\\e. pla,-te.S, c,(,cPS a,vccL f\\WOS, a,vccL
modern noisy ugly tasteless spacious SOf\\e. Ot~U t.i-tc,~e.V\. -t~iNf" l?(,ct -t~ue. a,re.V\. -t M<tj
uncomfortable l0c,_____ , SO ~ MVC t t.V\.O~ ~~ue. -to P(,ct t~e.f\\
:(' ve. Se,e,V\. SOf\\e. l?e.o..v..tit(,cl ovce.S ivc a, c,Q.,-tOloVJ1"e.,
SO SW::lll :( oreLu -t~e.f\\? --r\'1e.V\. t~ue.' S -t~e. l?a,-t~roof\\
I was looking for a house to buy, and I needed help. In the - re.f\\e.f\\l?u t~e. 11 S ? :(1=' S re.clll<tj oleL a,vccL
offices of Grabbit and Sly, Miss Tracy looked intelligent and Me.SVC' t ~rt. VU<tJ ~e.ll , SO ~ vcucL a, vcw ovce. ~
experienced. I answered a lot of questions about the house of t~iV\.t., a,vccL S ple.V\.t<tj Ot rOOf\\ t or Cl; 1 2~,_ _ __
my dreams, but made the point that I really didn 't want it to be f\\ -to ~a,sh O(,cr C,lot~e.S t OO :(-t s VU<tj c,oleL
expensive . The next day she called me, sounding excited. 'I've ivc the. l?a,throof\\ , So ~e. vcucL SOf\\e. 13h IVC
got something for you! Nobody has lived there for ages. It's an thue. AvccL t~e.I'\. thue.' S <t)O(,cr St~ --r\'1e. oleL
old house. You'll love it, I'm sure. Very romantic.' 14eL_____ ivc t~ue. is ivc poor c,oNti-tiovc, Ifrl(,c re.clll<tj
When she took me to see the house, I couldn't believe my eyes!
vcucL a, vcw OM t Or !ffO(,cr c,of\\p(,cte.r ? h, :(" VCe.clrl<tj
On the floor there were lots of old newspapers and drink cans.
tor~ the. la,s-t li-t{;\e. thiVVO- Whe.V\. ~ f\\ (,cP -tCUrs,
'It just needs some cleaning, she said. 'It is not very
~ c,a,vc' t ~e.clr ~~e.V\. SOf\\e.l?O~ t.V\.OCt.s a,t -t~e. Mor,
I " I said. In fact, it looked smaller than my flat.
SO ~ vcucL a, vcw 15eL .
'Well, it's not a big house, but you'll find it's very warm and
2 in the winter,' she said. 'And look at these lovely --rloa,{;' S, ~ -t~iV\.t. :('f\\ S(,cre. it ~vc' t l?e.
wooden stairs - they're 3 , you know.'
-too e.xpe,vcsive., cLa,rli~ Whe.V\. a,re. ~(,c C,0f\\1Vlq) l?a,c,t.?
We went into the kitchen. There was only a dirty sink in Love.,
there and two broken cupboards. Miss Tracy saw the look on my ~ sa.l?e.lle.
face. 'Well, of course this isn't a 4 kitchen,' she said
quickly 'but you wanted an old house, didn 't you?'
In the living room I noticed the plastic decorations and 4: Circle the correct answer.
cheap, 5 pictures on the wall. The only piece of
The place in the house which is below ground level
furniture was an old sofa left behind by the last owner - it
is called alan
looked very hard and 6 • But the worst was yet to
come. Suddenly the air fi lled with loud voices, shouting and a attic. @ basement. c study.
laughter. I was terrified. 'Why is it so 7 ?' I shouted. 1 A porch is a place under a small roof
'They're just school children, they're only playing around a on the top floor of a building.
outside - and you said you liked kids. ' b under the stairs. C outside the front or back door.
Finally, I had to ask her, 'Why did you want to sell me this
horrible, 8 house?' 2 A hedge is made of
She looked offended. 'Because it's one of the most 9_ _ _ __ a plants. b metal. c plastic.
houses that we have on offer at the price, Mr Smith.' 'Well,' 3 A skylight is a kind of
I thought, 'I'll cross that one off my list.'
a lamp. b window. c floor.
4 You use a vacuum cleaner to clean
a the dishes. b the carpet. c the windows.
1 Match the words to form expressions. 3 Tick (.r) true and cross (X) false.
Correct false sentences.
attend [£] a homework
You get a degree before studying
use 0 b good grades
at university. 0
2 study 0 c school You ~et a de~ree after
3 drop out 0 d from university studxin~ at universitx.

i~ = 4 graduate
5 get
6 learn
e a mistake
f a dictionary
9 an exam
1 You attend a nursery school when
you are a young mother. 0


7 make 0 h at university 2 Learning by heart means

;• m 0 0
8 pass i of school memorising.

CC 9 do 0 j by heart
• c.:»
g 2 Complete with the expressions in the box.
classmates tutor school assembly library
3 Playground is a kind of school
for very young children. 0
fftttf'k8 timetables school clubs school report
school uniform
4 TImetable is a list of the times
when classes in school happen. 0
5 Gap year is a break between
primary school and secondary
school. 0

6 You can get a bachelor's degree

in a comprehensive school. 0
This School Survival Guide tells you everything
you need to know about surviving school. Just
remember these simple rules:
marks - Remember the good ones, forget about the
bad ones. 4: Circle the correct answer.
_ _ _ - Always stand at the front - everybody will
notice you and they will think you must be a good The school year consists of two or
student. three
2 - You'd prefer to wear jeans but wear it with a rules. @ terms. c timetables.
style and make sure you wash it regularly - first 1 If a subj ect is compulsory, it means
impressions are everything .
a you can't do it.
3 - Make sure you always have this with you,
so you know where you have to be and when. You b you have to do it.
can always draw on it in boring lessons! c you don't have to do it.
4 - Have their telephone numbers. You never 2 I am good _ _ Biology.
know when you're going to need them and you need a of b at c in
a social life outside school too.
5 - If it is bad , the best idea is to lose it before 3 A nursery school is a part of
you get home . If it is good, hang it on the wall! a pre-school education.
6 - Belong to as many as you can - the best b higher education.
place to meet a boyfriend or a girlfriend and start an c primary education.
interesting hobby.
4 She was a very bad student and
7 - Remember that you don't have to buy finally she _ _ out of school.
books if you use it, and you can save a lot of money
to spend on something nice. a left b turned c dropped
8 - She or he should be your friend, so find 5 A mark is
something that you have in common. If you both are a a magazine.
fans of Almod6var films, you are saved forever! b a grade.
_______ ~ ~- -""'"'"" .-r ../
c a book.
1 Name the jobs. 3 Match the words with the definitions.
'I love this job! I love talking to people, asking permanent job @]
questions. There's always something new and
interesting going on!' r § t2 Q r t § r
1 full-time job o
'I take care of a large building. It's hard when
2 temporary job o
I have to do all the necessary repairs. Besides, 3 multitasking o
nobody notices when I do the clearung, but they
will always complain when I don't.
4 pay rise o
c _______ r 5 benefit o
2 'What I like is giving advice to people about
6 staff o
books. I just know what they will like, and it's 7 employer o
very nice when they come and say it was one
of the best books they have ever read .'
8 part-time job o
1 _______ _ 9 interview o
3 'I love nature. I enjoy growing flowers and plants
and working outside.' g ______ _ a a job for a long time
b a p erson who gives you a job
4 'Some people think it's an unimportant job, but in
e all p eople working in one place
my case it's just the opposite - it seems I'm
d a meeting with your future employer
responsible for everything - phone calls, emails,
my boss's coffee and even Christmas presents for e a job for some time only
his wife .. .' s _______ _ f a situation in which you do more than one thing
at a time
5 'I really love working with languages although
9 a job that takes you the hours usual for people in
sometimes it is difficult. To get the message
your country
across, you not only n eed to use dictionaries but
also know the subject well and interpret other h a job that takes you fewer hours than usual for
people's ideas. And you usually have just a few people in your country
days to complete the task.' t ________ _ a situation when you start getting more money
from your employer
6 'People think I do it for money but I'm proud
extra money or other advantages that you get as
I can help people with their problems. A doctor
part of your job
uses drugs and I'm using the law.' I ____ _
7 'I've always been good at numbers , but it is not
4: Circle the correct answer.
what people think: it's not that you only have to
count in this job. Calculators count but we use When you turn up late, you
intelligen ce to make good business decisions.' @arrive late.
a ________ _
b leave late .
8 'It is difficult, it really is. Especially when you c arrive early.
have to carry ten plates of spagh etti and keep
smiling at the same time.' w ______ _ 1 When you apply for a job, it means that
a you don't need a job.
9 'Everybody knows it is dangerous. But once
b you are interested in getting a new job.
I saved a little child from a burrung house and
there is nothing I can compare to that feeling.' c you start your own business.
f ___ - ______ _ 2 I got the job because my English was
a liquid.
2 Write the words and expressions in the box next b runIting.
to the verbs. You can use some of them more than e flu ent.
3 When you retire, it means
money a salary an expert paid a you continue to work.
a message from home people b you stop working because you are old.
retired a driving licence a wage e you will be better paid.

1 deal with 4 Which of these jobs is not connected with selling?

2 get a checkout assistant
b shop assistant
3 work
c scientist
4 earn
5 become
Family and social life
1 Match the words and complete the texts. 2 Complete the letter with the correct prepositions.
Heart on Fire - Ep isode 145 Dear Cosmo,
A I've got a problem and I don't know what to do. All my
friends are crazy about boys. They aren't keen 1_ __
fall ~ a an argument
anything else. When t hey start going 2_ _ with
1 start 0 b a family somebody, I know all the detai ls. When they fa ll 3_ _ with
2 hold 0 c a diary their boyfriends, they come and I have to sta nd 4_ _
them. Wel l, it's not t hat nobody is interested 5_ _ _ me -
3 break 0 d in love
I'm quite attractive. I j ust don't believe in love 6_ _ first
4 keep 0 e hands
sight . I'm fed up 7_ _ all t hese fi lms and books about
5 have 0 a promise love.
But don't say that when I am older, I will be like everybody
Susan sees Jack at the swimming
else. I don't wa nt to be like t hat, I don't want to be a
pool and she suddenly falls in love.
grown- 8_ _ whose only interest is watc hing 'Heart on
Michael doesn't know about this, but
Fire' on television. Please, help!
he sees them in Anne's restaurant.
They are sitting very close to each ~m~ ~
other and I . Michael goes to

see Susan. She is not at home. 3 Put the events in chronological order.
Michael sees a notebook on her desk
and discovers that Susan 2 . He a My grandmother went on a blind date and met my
starts reading. Suddenly Susan comes grandfather. 0
in. She is angry and they 3_ __ b They spent their honeymoon at the seaside. 0
Michael says that when they were
kids Susan promised she would marry c They started going out together. 0
him and now she 4 • Susan tells d They decided to start a family. 0
Michael she wants to 5 , but he
is too young to get married and have
e My grandparents had a very happy childhood. rn
kids, so they must split up. f When their kids were already adults, they had
an argument. o
Heart on Fire - Episode 146 9 They divorced. o
B h They got married again. o
6 blind 0 9 life i They got married. o
j They were very unhappy because they missed
7 love 0 h ring
each other. 0
8 wedding 0 schoolmate
k They had two children. 0
9 loyal 0 date
10 old 0 k affair 4: Circle the correct answer.
11 social 0 I friend
When something is not my cup of tea, it means
Michael is depressed after splitting a I don't mind doing it.
up with Susan. Fortunately, his sister ® I'm not interested in it.
appears to be a 6 . She tells
c I'm mad about it.
him that his girlfriend is having a
7 but he shouldn't worry. 1 When you keep in touch with somebody, it means that
He should think about his 8_ _ a you go out with him/her.
now: meet friends and go to parties. b you write or talk to him/her.
Michael's 9 calls him and c you have a good relationship with him/her.
invites him to a party. Michael 2 She _ _ about her husband because he didn't buy her
promises he will come. Susan is flowers .
looking at a catalogue of 10 but a missed b praised c complained
suddenly somebody rings the
doorbell. It is Natalie. Her mother 3 I _ _ the girl. She is so arrogant!
desperately wants her to get married, a am keen on b hate c am mad about
so she has organised a 11 for 4 Please, when I am away, _ _ care of Susan. I want to know
her. Natalie doesn't know if she that she's safe.
should go. a hold b give c take
Food, shopping and services
1 Complete the crossword.

r----- r-----
1 2
I-- I--

I-- I--
5 6 7
4 1
I--- I--
!--- f--

!--- f--
1 1
10 11

12 13
1 1
11 4
Across 1 Juliette Binoche sold this sweet substance in a film
4 cooked meat often used in sandwiches of the same title
6 you can pick them in a forest, often called fungi 2 smaller and more spicy than 9 across
9 when you slice this vegetable you often cry 3 green, flower-like and very heaJthy
10 a monkey's favourite snack 5 you can put it on bread, like butter
12 green or black in a Greek salad 7 a healthy drink provided by cows
13 you may take it to school to eat at lunch time 8 meat from a young sheep
14 a bird which is eaten on Thanksgiving Day 11 you can order it in a resturant to drink at dinner,
it can be white or red

2 Match the words and complete the 3 Circle the correct answer.
sentences. Which of these is 4 Which of these is 8 Which of these
an example of red not fruit? would you rather
mineral ~ a curry
meat? a grapes not have for
1 bitter 0 b pie
@)beef b beans breakfast?
2 stale 0 e chocolate b turkey e pineapples a cereals
e chicken b eggs
3 apple 0 d drink 5 What do you have
e potatoes
Which of these is when you like
4 spicy 0 e water
an example of sweets? 9 Which of these is
5 soft 0 f bread seafood? a a sweet mouth not a place?
Don't drink cola - mineral water a prawn b a sweet nose a meal
is much healthier. b garlic e a sweet tooth b cafe
e butter 6 How do you buy e chemist's
To make a good chocolate cake
you have to use 2 Which of these is chocolate? 10 Which adjective is
not a dish to be a in bars not used to
2 Can I have a ? I don't
eaten? describe bread?
b in cartons
drink alcohol.
a goulash e in cans a sour
3 I like Indian food - I can't imagine b leather b stale
7 Which of these
anything better than a e lasagne e tasty
are examples of
4 Let's go to a cafe. I fancy some 3 Where do people dairy products? 11 What do you need
sweet typically queue? a ham and turkey recipes for?
5 There was nothing for breakfast - a in cafes b cheese and milk a to order
I found only some in the b in shops c nuts and rice b to cook
bread bin. e in restaurants e to pay

Travelling and tourism
1 Complete the crossword with the
names of the places and things in
the pictures.
2 3

Q Cl
,,! !I! U

2 Match the words and complete the text. 3 Complete the holiday brochure.
sleeping m a group
1 large 0 b views Create ~our journelJ with
2 wet 0 C jackets Great Holidalj Travel ACJenclj1
3 waterproof 0 d weather We organise holidays to all the countries in
4 mountain 0 e church Europe.
Our l a,_ _ _ _ _ includes 21,_ _ _ _ _ hotels
5 wonderful 0 f bag
as well as cosy 3g•_ _ _ __
6 stone 0 9 boots Here is just a sample of experiences we can offer:
7 walking 0 h shelter • 48 on the beautiful sunny beaches
of Bulgaria,
• 5C._ _ _ _ _ in the Alps or the Carpathian
Taesda0 I S-f l1ae; Mountains,
• 6{._ _ _ _ _ in the rivers of Scotland,
So, f(/laI10 I'm here [/7 za40pa/le . Desp(-Ie
• 7V museums and 88 ,_ _ __
-Ihe wet weather, we're rea/le; hav(/lj .fa/ll
in the most beautiful cities,
'ieS-lerdae; we slep-l (/l a Small 1_ _ _---'
wh(ch was a .fa/l/le; eKpene/lce /Jecaase I
had/l' -I -Ia4e/l m e; 2 so I had -10 sleep
4: Circle the correct answer.
w(-Ih Joa/l/la a/ld she (s /lo-l So sl(m/
£vere;/Jode; here seems -10 have pro.fess(o/lal Which of these is not a kind of water transport?
etla(pme/l-l Thee; have 3 a/ld I have a ferry b cruise ship 0coach
-Ir aC/le;,rSj -Ihee;' ve jo-l 4 a/ld I am 1 Yesterday we arrived _ _ Peru,
comple-lele; we-l al'-ler -Iodae;'S ra(/l. EM (-I (-S a to b in c at
realle; /Jeaa-lc.fal herej -Ihere are 5_ _ __
2 I will arrive half an hour later because my flight is
evere;where 'ie-S-Ierdae; we .foa/ld a/l old
a cancelled. b missed, c delayed,
6 wc-I/J a woode/l roof; /Ja-l whe /l we
we/l-l (/l-Scde -Ihere wa-s a 7 o.f 3 You can find a platform
-Ioarc-S-I-S dc-SCa-S-S(/lj all -IhG -scalp-larG-s a/ld a in an airport, b in a station, c on a campsite.
pa(/l-l(/lj-Sj -So -IhGe; -spoc!-I -I/1G a-lmosphe re . 4 Which of these is not connected with walking?
Tomorrow we're JOC/lj -10 GcGWO/l-l a/ld I hope a snorkelling b hiking c trekking
-IhG wGa-lher wc!I /JG dre;l 5 What do people always have when they go
a gloves b rucksacks c sunglasses
1 Write the kind of movie for each of the titles. 3 Write the kind of programme the following extracts have
been taken from,
Marry Your Neighbour
romantic comedy 'Two people have died in a plane crash in the Peruvian
1 Sheriff's Revenge jungle.' world news
w_ _ _ _ _ 1 'Poland will face Portugal, Serbia, Belgium, Finland,
Armenia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan in Group A.'
2 I'll kill you before I die!
a,_ _ _ _ _ movie
s n _ __
2 'Jane is waiting to see her new face in the mirror. Her
3 Children from the Central Station
d,_ _ __ nose has been changed and she's got new teeth. Will she
be the one to win the main prize?' r _ _ _ s _ __
4 The Solar Effect
s f _____ fIlm 3 'Oaties. The best cereals you've ever eaten.' c_ __
4 'Today in 'Best Guest' we've got a very special guest.
5 The Mystery of th e Attic
t,_ _ _ __ You saw him on television as a child star. But he's now
famo us for being on th e other side of the camera.' t __
6 Giraffe Giselle s_ __
c _ _ _ __
5 'It will be cloudy during the day, followed by snow
7 Sylvia Plath: a troubled life showers and a strong wind this evening.' w f__
b _ _ _ __
6 'And a question for three pOints. Which actress won
an Oscar for a leading role in 1999?' g s _ __
2 Complete the reviews with the words in the box.
catchy ~ dialogues director .. Circle the correct answer,
entertaining boring novel plot
published soundtrack vision Which of these words is positive?
a boring @) imaginative c eccentric
1 Which of these words is not connected with the theatre?
a director b performance c cartoon
this week 2 You can find columns in
a a movie. b a newspaper. c a radio programme.
Brian Gobblin The Storm ** 3 The 'Mona Lisa' is a _ _ of art.
Brian Gobblin is famous for his series with
Susan MacKenzie, an architect whose hobby a work b job c thing
is solving mysteries. But this time wh at was 4 The new Harry Potter book will come _ _ in June.
supposed to be a classic thriller to be a off b up c out
admired by Gobblin's fans, unfortunately
5 A piano has
appeared to be terribly '_ _ .
a keys. b bars. c sticks.
Gobblin's book, 2 _ _ last week has already
got negative reviews. Its 3_ _ is simple and 6 A film review is
unimaginative and the 4_ _ seem to be a the first perfomance of a filin.
taken from a soap opera. It definitely won't b a description of a fllm in a n ewspaper.
be the 5_ _ of the year. c a list of those who have worked on the filin.
7 A TV guide
Marry Your Neighbour ***** a helps you to choose programmes.
I'm not a great fan of romantic comedies:
b is used to change channels.
I usually find them extremely boring, or at
best. rather silly. But MYN was completely c speaks on television.
different. The characters are intelligent as 8 In a phone-in there are always some
well as funny, and the story is highly 6_ _ . a callers. b episodes. c games.
Bruce Turning, the 7_ _ of the film , is
9 A soap opera is a kind of
definitely the discovery of the year. His
a opera. b TV programme. c theatre performance.
8_ _ of modern relationships is really
original. The 9_ _ had some great music 10 An audience is
but I particularly enjoyed the '0_ _ little a a radio programme.
theme/title song - I think we 'll be hearing b a group of people who watch a performance.
this a lot over the next few months. c a royal visit.
11 A composer is associated with
a graphic art. b the music industry. c the press. 117
Health and sport
1 Match the words and complete the text. 3 Complete the text.
lose OJ a fast food A dangerous virus
There aren't many differences between
1 follow 0 b your health being ill and being in love.
2 lie 0 c to the gym It might start very suddenly: you see
her and you can't stop looking, and you
3 look after 0 d smoking
can't move. It's as if you were
4 go 0 e fit paralysed . When she looks at you,
5 practise 0 f a balanced diet your lh starts beating faster.
Then you can feel your head is hot,
6 eat 0 9 a sport you must have a 2t,_ _ __
7 keep 0 h down When you can't see her, you get
even 3W . You've got a
8 give up 0 weight
4S , you cannot eat or sleep.
When she finally calls you, you are so
excited that you 5£ and fall
How to look after your heart down on the floor! You 6b _ _ __
your leg! You suffer because she
doesn't visit you in hospital. You
~ ~ 7t painkillers so your leg
Have you ever had problems with your heart? doesn't hurt, but there are no
If you have, you should start looking after it. This painkillers for love! You can't ask
is a list of what you should and what you must do. a doctor and get a Bp for
a medicine that could cure you. Being
V Are you slim or perhaps the opposite? You in love might be more 91LL1_ _ __
should definitely lose wei<;3ht . than fast food or cigarettes. Probably
V The best way to do it is to ' ____ : eat a lot it's the most dangerous virus in the
of vegetables and don't '_ _ __ world!
VYou should definitely move a lot. ;5 _ _ _ _ or
a fitness club nearby, or 4 , for example 4: Circle the correct answer.
swimming. People who ' , rarely have
heart problems. He was exhausted. He was
vNo Cigarettes! You must 6 - it kills you! @very tired. c very healthy.
V Learn the best ways to relax. When you feel b very ill.
tired after work, don't '7 - go for
1 I'm stressed _ _ and I must relax.
a walk. a off b up c out
V Remember ! It's time to 8 _ _ _ _ - now!
Later it may be too late! 2 I'm really fat . I must _ _ some
a make b take c give up
2 Complete the Sports 100 Channel TV guide with 3 I'd like to _ _ weight and be as slim as
the names of sports. a photo model.
a give up b lose c cancel
9:00 Football: famous goals in the Champions' 4 Convenience food is
League. a food that can be easily prepared.
10:00 15_ _ d _ _ with Mike Brown: b food that contains a lot of vitamins.
a chance to watch life underwater
c food that causes indigestion.
2C_ _ : see the world's fastest women
racers on their bikes. 5 _ _ this medicine. It will help you.
11 :30 Extreme sports: 3b _ _ i__ at Victoria a Suffer b Take c Treat
Falls 6 I've got some problems with my right
12:30 4$_ _ - better than skiing? knee, so I'm _ _ a bandage.
13:10 English sports: 5 r_ _ and 6C_ _ . a wearing b keeping c holding
15:00 Water sports paradise: 7S_ _ on
Prassonissi beach in Rhodos.
Team sports: BV_ _ .

Science and technology,
Nature and environment
1 Complete the text with the correct words. 3 Match the words with their
Mainland [g
Fucur-e gsdgecs
2 Ostrich
0 re
We can predict the future of gadgets by observing the current
trends. The gadgets of the future will be smaller and will have a 3 Dawn 0
very modern Id
. Most gadgets will have touch
and will use very small but ) P--:-----:----:_ _
chips. They will use green, eco- 4 f technologies to
save energy and protect the natural environment. Eve n
household appliances will use solar power instead of
4 Root
5 Seed
0 =

se from fossil fuels. There will be some devices
a a small object from which a new C.)
plant grows
which will help us 6 a the Internet from almost
everywhere. Every household will have a 3-D TV set. We won't
read paper books any longer as they will be replaced by
interactive 7 e ones. Kids will play with high-tech
b the time of the day when light first
appears >
c not an island
toys and students will learn from 8 i textbooks.
d you go on holiday there
The gadgets of the future will help us work more 9 e--:-----:---,-...,---_
and live more quickly. They will think for us and take decisions e it can run fast but it cannot fly
for us. But will they make us happier? _____-----..J f this part of a carrot is orange
2 Match the verbs with the nouns. Then complete the sentences 4 Circle the correct answer.
with the correct form of the expressions.
Which of these is not an invention?
cut down destroy increase protect recycle a brick
reduce (2x) replant @ wind
cut down c wheel
forests If something is artificial, it is
a made of natural things.
b real.
the environment
c made to be like a real thing.
2 A missile is not
domestic waste a a man-made thing.
b a kind of weapon.
c a search engine.
3 Can you _ _ the Internet?
a access
Cuttin<a down forests destroys the animals that live in b connect
them. c rescue
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is expensive: you have to plant 4 When you upload something, you
millions of trees. a move it from a computer
2 Using solar energy _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ of air and water. network to a small computer.
b search the Internet.
3 People to produce new things , for
example to make books from old paper. c move it from your computer to
someone else's computer or
4 Start to today: put these bottles in server.
the bottle bank.
5 Wildlife is
5 The government shouldn't plan new houses here - it will a plants but not animals.
b neither plants nor animals.
6 People nowadays have breathing problems because smoke c both plants and animals.
from factories _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
7 If we don't _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , we will live in a
completely dirty world.
State and society
1 Complete the headlines with the correct form of the 3 Circle the correct words.
verbs in the box.
' Dear citizens!
accuse attaek break into cheat escape I'm making this speech because I feel that
find shoot our country needs (radical)/ capital solutions.
The situation in our country is very bad.
The poor 'emigrate / leave from the country,
A 12-YEAR-OLD I whereas the rich earn more and more but
ATIACK5 A WOMAN IN THE STREET. ( hide their money and don't pay 2taxes /
borders. There are more and more 3social /
~~-------- democratic problems, including a growth
in 4crime / criminals and 5violent / charity

UNKNOWN MEN behaviour. There are problems with foreign
_ _ _ _ _ POP STAR'S HOUSE. ! 6communities / nationalities as the model of
'---------'"' ----------~ a multi cultural 7society / sociology is still not
understood. This speech is for you, dear
2 citizens. The coming 8choices / elections are
HE DIDN'T KILL HIS WIFE: our chance for a better country and a happier
Thomson ____ innocent. 9law / nation. If I IOwin / lose these elections,
I will become your president - the president of
-----------~,-------------~ 'lhom eless / disabled people who will finally
have a roof over their heads and the president
of the poor. Come on Sunday and 12sign / vote
for me: for your future president.'
__- -__.r-----______- <I
Circle the correct answer.
4 I am in favour _ _ the Green Party.
STUDENTS WHO _ _ _ _ IN CLASS ) a from
- . - - r - - - -_ _ _ _ _ __
5 1 A national anthem is
100 KM/H! \ a a formal song people of a country sing
A CRAZY DRIVER M~NAGED ~0..:====J on important occasions.
b a graphic symbol of a country.
c a leading group of a country.
____~ a bank. J
_o_c_a_s_h..... 2 They used to _ _ to this association.
a go
b win
2 Complete the table. c belong
3 I'd like to _ _ in this charity walk.
activity person verb
a take place
crime criminal commit a crime b take part
c take notice
1 burglar 4 The criminal has again _ _ the police.
a mugged
2 mug
b stole
3 murder c escaped
5 He was accused _ _ murder.
4 shoplifter a for
b of
5 vandalise
c the
6 theft steal

7 robber

English-speaking countries
1 Complete the crossword. 2 Match the words to make the names of places
and then match them with people's descriptions.
Lake ~ a Ascot
1 Metropolitan D b school
A L E 5 2 North D c Tube
3 comprehensive D d District
- - ~ 4 Edinburgh 0 e Line
- - - ~
5 London D f Sea
- - r-- 6 Royal D 9 castle

5 6 'The lakes were so beautiful! We went

1 I swimming and sailing. And those animals and
plants were just wonderful!'
- - - -
2 'The panorama from the top of it was fantastic
- and the museums were very interesting. No
t wonder it's one of the symbols of Scotland.'
- - 3 ' Some of my classmates like Maths, some
prefer Arts, some aren't interested in school at
all, which is typical of this kind of school.'
9 10 11 12 4 'I liked its stony beaches but the water was
I definitely too cold.'
- r-- f- - 5 It was fun taking the oldest line in London as it
went mainly overgound.
- - r--- -
, 6 'I loved it! It was fast, comfortable and clean!'
r--- - 7 'We had a great time! It was really fascinating to
f- -
l watch the races. And all the ladies were
wearing fantastic hats.'
r--- r--- -
r--- -
3 Circle the correct answer.
'-- -
A-levels are
@exams at end of secondary school or college.
ACROSS b exams after primary school.
2 a country west of England c exams in secondary school.
5 this is where the official houses of the British Prime 1 The castle dates _ _ the 9th century.
Minister are
a on b from c in
7 a big shopping mall in Manchester
8 ... the gap! 2 They presented the president _ _ an
9 two large waterfalls on the border between Canada
an the US a to b for c with
13 a county in southwest England 3 Who was _ _ power when the war started?
a with b on c in
1 the original language of Wales a an exam. b an organisation. c a place.
2 a famous castle on the River Thames 5 When the war finished, the country was ... into
3 an area in a city with Chinese restaurants and shops two parts.
4 the capital of Wales a disturbed b demolished c divided
6 In London, many important people were kept there
6 Whoopi Goldberg is famous _ _ her films .
as prisoners in the past.
a of b for c with
8 a city famous for its football clubs
10 the theatre where Shakespeare's plays were first 7 A city with a lot of factories is alan _ _ city.
performed a industrial b infamous c honourable
11 a beach in Cornwall
12 a country north of England