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 What is a composite material?

A composite material is made from two or more components materials with significant different physical or chemical
properties. When combined, it creates a material with characteristics different from the individual components. The
individual components remain separate within the finished structure.

 What are the benefits of using composites in Oil & Gas industry?

3X ENGINEERING has been using composites solutions for over 25 years. Initially introduced in the aerospace industry,
their efficiency has been proved in various markets including Oil & Gas. The main advantages offered by the
composites are their mechanical properties. Depending on their application, composites are able to offer a robust
solution with a guarantee of up to 20 years. Moreover, their relative low cost enables online repair instead of
replacement, which allows clients to save money.

 What is the difference between « pre-preg » and « wet lay-up »?

Pre-preg PU water activated system is a quick and ready-to-use solution. Fabrics are already pre-impregnated with the
resin. The user does not have to mix the resin and apply it to the fabric on jobsite. It has been originally designed for
medical use for broken arms or legs. This technology has been adapted 10 years ago for pipeline industry because of
fast implementation.

Wet lay-up system means that the user has to mix the resins and apply it to the fabric on site. This operation can be
done by hand or by an impregnating machine (at 3X ENGINEERING we have developed the BOBiPREG machine to
perform a quick impregnation of the fabric with the resin before application around the pipe). Even if this system is
time consuming, it is very beneficial in case of specific or difficult application because the installer can pre-cut and
position the dry fabric optimally on the pipe. Moreover the final composite installed by experienced applicators is a
better quality product.

 Is the company ISO 9001 certified?

Yes, 3X ENGINEERING operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001
(2008). Have a look to our website for certificate.

 Who is able to install 3X products? Do you train and certify the users or does 3X have field technicians to install

Only certified applicators can install 3X products efficiently and thus guarantee the long term of the repair.

3X ENGINEERING is providing a technical training to its distributors in order to rise the quality of the repair to the
highest level. We can also arranged training session for clients on request. Individual certificates are provided at the
end of the training, based on applicator’s ability.

Thanks to our large distributor’s network, we have certified applicators situated around the world able to apply 3X
products. If not, our dedicated technical team based in Monaco can be deployed on-site to perform the installation.

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 What are the main operators using 3X composite products?

The following list is non exhaustive but we are used to working for the main operators in Oil & Gas industry across the

 In which countries are you operating?

Our head offices with our specialized technical team are located in Monaco.
Thanks to our large network of distributors around the world we are able to answer very quickly to local requests. All
our distributors have an emergency stock of 3X products and are trained and certified to install them.
If your area is not covered by one of our distributor, our Logistic Department will organize fast shipment of 3X
materials and our Technical Team based in Monaco will be deployed very quickly to perform the repair.

To date, we are represented by about 35 distributors all around the world (please have a look to our website for latest
update of 3X representatives). And we are always looking for new partners to enlarge this network and expand our
presence worldwide.

 Do you have experience in offshore and subsea repairs?

Yes, our range of services also includes offshore and subsea services. We have developed a complete range of
products dedicated to this specific application (REINFORCEKiT 4D SUBSEA, STOPKiT SUBSEA, ROLLERKiT SUBSEA and
specific tools).

To apply this range of products our technicians and engineers are trained and certified to work offshore.

3X ENGINEERING is used to work offshore and has performed several risers repairs and reinforcements in various
countries. In the last few years, our experience in subsea repair (including deepwater) has been multiplicated thanks
to subsea projects performed successfully in India, Vietnam and Colombia. Applying 3X products in deep water is very
sensitive and needs to be performed with high-qualified staff and high-performance equipments.

 What is the origin of 3X products?

3X products origin: European Community.

 Compared to other systems, why is 3X range of composite solutions so effective?

3X range of product has been go through rigorous qualification and testing programs to ensure they are in accordance
with international standards. All our products capabilities are certified by third party testing and approvals from
certifying bodies like ABS, Bureau Veritas, TUV … All the successful customer qualifications also demonstrate the
quality of our products and our capacity to adapt to specific and internal requirements of our clients.

Because our main values are « Innovation » and « Quality », we use an important part of our budget in Research &
Development. 3X R&D team keeps exploring new technologies in order to continuously improve the quality of our
products, technical services and develop new repair solutions.

 What is the guarantee policy of 3X ENGINEERING?

3X ENGINEERING guarantees all branded products to be free from defects in material for a period of five (5) years
from date of delivery to the customer. The guarantee is limited to the replacement of defective materials.

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This guarantee does not cover any repair or application services.

3X ENGINEERING only guarantees its products’ lifetime if the application has been done by a 3X ENGINEERING trained
and certified applicator and under some exclusions (case of evolution of internal defects or any damage caused by
accident, alteration or modification by the purchaser or any other party…)

(For more information, please refer to 3X Warranty Policy document – ref. DOC FAB004-A).

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Brief Product Presentation

Composite repair for pipe reinforcement and damaged pipe

suffering from internal and external corrosion, dents, weld
defects, mechanical damages ….
Wet lay-up system wrapped helicoidally around the pipe in
order to bring the mechanical resistance to the damaged pipe
Composite sleeve made of Kevlar® tape and 3X specific epoxy

 Why do you use Kevlar® tape for reinforcement?

Because Kevlar® tape has lots of advantages compared to carbon fiber or fiberglass:
- Strong but not rigid
- Non-conductive
- Abrasion resistant
- No galvanic effect or cathodic protection issue
- High mechanical properties
- Non-hazardous for users (it can be handled without any risk for the applicator)
- High strain at failure allows the composite sleeve deformation according to pipe elongation
- Large range of application (applicable on welds, oval pipes …) and available in various width sizes (25,50, 100
& 300mm)

 To what standards do your composite solution complies with?

Our composite products have been designed according to international standards ISO/TS 24-817 and ASMEE PCC-2.

 What is the performance range of REINFORCEKiT® 4D products?

REINFORCEKiT® 4D (R4D) range of product can be used for unlimited pressure and temperatures ranging from -50°C to
+150°C (-58°F to +302°F). A specific one is dedicated to subsea application (R4D-S).

 What kind of pipe can R4D repair?

REINFORCEKiT® 4D is a very versatile product and can be installed on all kind of pipe geometry (straight, oval, elbow,
tee) also including weld, dent or leaking defect and transporting most common fluids (oil, water) and gas.

REINFORCEKiT® 4D can be installed on all pipe diameters and all environments (onshore, offshore and subsea).

 Is surface preparation necessary? If yes, what standard should be followed?

Yes, a good surface preparation is essential to get optimal resin bonding and guarantee the sustainability of the repair.
The prepared surface should match with Sa2½ or ST3 standards and roughness reaches at least 60 microns (Rz). It can
be done using sandblasting (Bristle Blaster® technology distributed in France by 3X ENGINEERING).

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 Can R4D be applied online?

Yes, R4D technology can be applied without shutdown except if through wall defect. It is one of the main benefits of
this technology because it avoids costly shutdown and production loss. In case of leakage, the process must be
temporarily decreased or stopped.

 How long will the repair last with R4D?

If the product has been applied by 3X specialists or certified applicators with a prior good surface preparation, the
repair is designed for a lifetime of 20 years. This cannot be guaranteed in case of internal defect because it is
impossible to plan the evolution of the defect.

 How long does it take for R4D to cure?

No heating or post-curing is required. The curing will be done naturally at ambient temperature. However curing time
can be shorten if needed (please refer to the Technical Data Sheet for values).

 How many layers of R4D must be installed?

The number of layers depends on several parameters (defect type, kind of pipe, original diameter, wall thickness,
design pressure, temperature, environment …).

3X ENGINEERING has developed its own software called REINFORCEKiT ENGINEERING ANALYSIS (R.E.A) to design the
composite repair and define the number of layers and material requirements in accordance with existing international
standards. In case of dent or specific requirements, 3X can provide Finite Element Analysis (F.E.A) simulation to design
the repair or to comply with clients’ own standards.

 What are the main features & advantages of R4D in few words?


No shutdown required for R4D repair.


R4D repairs internal and external corrosion, weld defects, leaks, dents, mechanical damages…
R4D repairs all pipe diameters with no pressure restriction.
R4D repairs all pipe geometries (straight, oval, elbow, tee …) and various fluids and gases transportation.
R4D repairs pipe operating up to 150°C (302°F).
R4D repairs pipe in onshore, offshore or subsea environments.


Light product, no overload on corroded pipelines.

No heating or post-curing required.
Fiber not hazardous for user.

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Brief Product Presentation

Emergency pipe repair system (EPRS) for online leak sealing.

The system operates by centering the stress & temperature
resistant strap on the pipe and concentrating the rubber patch
effort on the leak by tightening the screws.
Available under several models depending on pipe diameter
(range from 4” to 56”), hole size (STOPKiT 50 and STOPKiT 10)
and for various environments (onshore, offshore & subsea).

 What is the performance range of STOPKiT® products?

We have 2 models called STOPKiT® 50 and STOPKiT® 100.

The STOPKiT® 50 can fix a leakage of maximum 10mm size and up to 80 bars (1160 psi) and STOPKiT® 100 can fix a
leakage of maximum 50mm size and up to 30 bars (435 psi), both with temperatures ranging from -20°C to +80°C (-4°F
to +176°F).

 What kind of pipe can STOPKiT® be used on?

STOPKiT® can be installed on several pipe geometries (straight, oval, elbow also including weld), and is recommended
to stop various type of leaks (oil, gas, water and many other aggressive fluids).

Different sizes of STOPKiT® are available to be suitable with pipe diameters from 4’’ to 56’’ and applicable to onshore,
offshore and subsea environments. Each STOPKiT® reference is dedicated to one single diameter.

 Is surface preparation necessary?

No, surface preparation is not required. The pipe only needs to be cleaned with acetone and the external surface must
be free of sharp edge.

 Can STOPKiT® be applied online?

Yes, STOPKiT® products can be applied under pressure. It is the only efficient repair in the world able to seal a leak
online in few minutes.

 How long will the repair last with STOPKiT®?

STOPKiT® is an emergency repair system and must not be used more than few weeks. It is difficult to exactly evaluate
how long it will be efficient as it depends on several parameters (hole diameter, pressure, environment …).

STOPKiT® is made of rubber patch, belt(s) (number of belts depends on pipe diameter), stainless steel bars, bolts &
screws and STOPKiT® Positioner.

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 What are the main advantages of STOPKiT® compared to other systems?


(compared to pre-preg bandage i.e. Furmanite, Pipe Wrap or Rapp-it)

STOPKiT® is an emergency stop leak solution for pipe applicable without shutdown or de-pressurization.


(compared to clamp systems i .e. Plidco or NRI Composite Clamp)

STOPKiT® can stop leakage online up to 10mm hole diameter and 80 bars (1160 psi).
STOPKiT® can stop leakage online up to 50mm hole diameter and 30 bars (435 psi).
STOPKiT® can be applicated on pipe operating up to 80°C (176°F).
STOPKiT® can be applicated on pipe diameters from 4’’ to 56’’.
STOPKiT® can be applicated onshore, offshore and also underwater.


Easy to store and light product.

Quick and easy installation (about 5mn).

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Brief Product Presentation

Composite repair for pipe and support protection from corrosion.

Preventive and curative repair system for corrosion under support
Product made of 86 PPS pads thermo welded on glass fiber fabric and
epoxy resin.

 What is the performance range of ROLLERKiT® products?

ROLLERKiT® is designed to protect support area of pipes operating between -30°C and +150°C (-22°F and +302°F).

 Where can ROLLERKiT® be installed on?

ROLLERKiT® can be installed both on pipe and on support.

Depending on the level of corrosion, ROLLERKiT® can directly be applied on the pipe for superficial corrosion or on the
composite repair (R4D) in case of severe corrosion.

Two references are available (ROL-28 & ROL-56) to be installed on pipe diameters from 4’’ to 56’’ for onshore,
offshore or subsea installations.

 Is surface preparation necessary?

Yes, a surface preparation is needed to ensure the adhesion of the ROLLERKiT®. The surface must present a Sa2½ and
a minimum roughness of 60µm.

 How many pads of ROLLERKiT® must be installed?

One single kit allows 17 to 28 repairs according to pipe diameter.

To determine the number of pads needed by pipe OD, please refer to the ROLLERKiT® Technical Data Sheet.

 Why corrosion is developed on pipe supports?

A crack/crevice between pipe and support traps water. Water cannot evacuate and creates corrosion that quickly
causes wall loss.

 What are the ROLLERKiT® components? How does ROLLERKiT® work?

ROLLERKiT® is made of techno polymer PPS pads thermo welded on glass fiber fabric and epoxy resin. Pads are
designed to support the weight of the pipe and glass fiber fabric ensures the pads assembly. All these components are
applied with the resin on a corroded surface, and that will stop the corrosion.

 How long will ROLLERKiT® last?

ROLLERKiT® has a long-term service lifetime (estimated at 20 years). It may vary depending on conditions.

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 What are the main advantages of ROLLERKiT® compared to other systems?


(compared to I-ROD / SYNTHO-SUPPORT which are only preventive systems)

ROLLERKiT® is not only a preventive system against corrosion that protects pipe support against corrosion. It will also
repair the pipe support thanks to the combination of the 3 components (pad, fiberglass and epoxy resin). The
application of the epoxy resin will stop the corrosion development and will prevent from further corrosion.


ROLLERKiT® can be installed both on support (any kind of support) and pipe diameters from 4’’ to 56’’.
ROLLERKiT® can be installed on onshore, offshore or subsea environments.
ROLLERKiT® can be installed on pipe operating up to +150°C (+302°F).

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Brief Product Presentation

TANKiT® and REINFORCEKiT® PATCH are 2 different composite

repair systems for damaged tanks suffering from internal or external
TANKiT® is an emergency and temporary reinforcement solution
ready to be used in specific cases.
REINFORCEKiT® PATCH is the solution for a lasting tank
reinforcement and can be applicated whatever the conditions are
after engineering and calculations.

 What kind of tank can these products repair?

TANKiT® can be used on various tank designs with a diameter not exceeding 20m.

REINFORCEKiT® PATCH is applicable on all tank designs and sizes (no limitation).

Both of them are compatible with most common fluids and gas.

 To what standards do your composite solutions comply with?

TANKiT® is compliant with no standard but has been deeply tested and approved by 3X R&D Department.

REINFORCEKiT® PATCH is designed according to international standards ISO/TS 24-817 & ASMEE PCC-2.

 What are the main technical differences between TANKiT® and REINFORCEKiT PATCH®?


Temperature +10°C / +60°C (+50°F / +140°F) -50°C / +150°C (-58°F / +302°F)
Max. tank diameter Up to 20m No limitation
Max. defect size Up to 100mm No limitation
Max. pressure Depends on tank & defect diameter No limitation
Sustainability Temporary Permanent (up to 20 years for external defect)

 What are the components of these products?

TANKiT® is sold in ready-to-use kit (including steel plate, filler, resin, 5 Kevlar® patches, cover plate and set of
accessories)  1 TANKiT = 1 REPAIR.

REINFORCEKiT® PATCH is tailor made for each repair. It is made of Kevlar® patches and 3X bi-component epoxy resin.
The dimensions & number of patch and the quantity of resin will depend on the defect.

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 What are the main advantages of these products in few points?


Ready-to-use No tank & defect size limitation
Cold welding system No pressure limitation
Quick installation High temperature (up to 150°C / 302°F)
Easy to store Permanent repair (for external defect)

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