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Self Service Procurement Punchout Checklist/Diagnostic For Customers (Doc ID


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Troubleshooting Steps


Oracle Fusion Self Service Procurement Cloud Service - Version and later
Oracle Fusion Self Service Procurement - Version and later
Information in this document applies to any platform.


This note was created to help Customers to diagnose what the underlying punchout issue might be in a
customer environment.


Please always run the Punchout Diagnostic Test (What Diagnostic Tests Are Available For Fusion Procurement
(Doc ID 1331902.1) ) , provide results and collect Appslogger log if an SR is necessary after you read this

Below are the main things in the Appslogger log that will help us diagnose the issue. See end of page for an
example of what we are looking for in Appslogger log.

1. Any unexpected exception when we call

2. The content of login request XML we send to supplier.
3. The content of response XML we get from the supplier.
4. Proxy host and port used during

Note: Even though Punchout Diagnostic test might pass, it doesn't mean punchout will work. Our Punchout
Diagnostic test only tests the Login Request and Response part. Getting a status code 200 only means we can
communicate with the supplier successfully. However, if there are other issues like authentication issue, actual
punchout will still fail.

Issue Appslogger Solution

TrustStore file doesn't
exist or its location Possible exceptions: Make sure the truststore file
doesn't match what's (fusion_trust.jks) exists. Find out where it is located and
stored in the java.lang.RuntimeException: Unexpected error: make sure the  the
  3/8/2017