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Uses Examples

-Used with direct and indirect -She said that it was my last chance.
speech -He said “Good morning”
-And I say to all the people of this
-Say is most used without a great country …
Say personal object
If we want to put a personal object
after say, we use to.

-Used with direct and indirect - She told me that she would be
speech after tell, we usually say late.
who is told, i.e., tell someone
- She told me that was my last
- only used to mean “instruct” or chance.
“inform” - I don't want to tell you again
Tell - tell is used to tell someone to do
to get your homework done.
- tell is not used before objects
like a word, a name, a sentence, a

- There is not very much difference - When she walked into the room
between speak and talk. everybody stopped talking.
- talk is the more usual word to
refer to conversational exchanges
Talk and informal situations
Is often used for one-way - I'll have to speak to that boy- he's
communication and for exchanges in getting really lazy.
more serious or formal situations. - After she had finished reading the
- Speak is the usual word to refer letter, nobody spoke.
knowledge and use of languages. - She speaks three languages fluently.
Complete the sentences with: To tell, to say, to speak, to talk in the correct

a) I don't want to ___________ about this.

b) ________ her that I’m coming tomorrow.

c) What did you __________ to her?

d) I __________ my mom that I planned to come home for Christmas.

e) We have to ___________ that we plan to launch the new product this


f) We have to ____________ them that we plan to launch the new product

this week.

g) What did your boss _________ to you about.

h) We __________ about a lot of different topics.

i) He __________ that he was satisfied with my work.

j) Why didn't you ___________ me?


a) talk b) tell c) say d) told e) say f) tell g) talk h) spoke i) said j) tell