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Dr. Shahab Alam

Ali Javaid
Atif Hussain Shah
Bakhtawar Hayat
Table Of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Analysis
3. Findings
4. Conclusion in the light of TQM
5. Recommendation
6. Bibliography

Holy Family Hospital is one of the biggest hospitals in Pakistan and the largest institute
for the training of doctors and nurses. The Holy Family Foundation is a nonprofit
corporation established in 1979 to provide financial support for Holy Family Hospital.
The Holy Family Hospital is governed by Government of Pakistan. The hospital we are
going to discuss is located in Rawalpindi. As Pakistan is a developing country and a lot
of things have to be taken into consideration for its development. Let us give a look at the
hospital system of Pakistan by analyzing the facts and findings of HOLY FAMILY

The Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi is located in satellite town E block near Saidpur
road. The hospital has:

 Two thousand doctors including house job doctors.

 20 registered visiting doctors.
 four thousand nurses
 6 operation theaters
 two delivery rooms
 8 ambulances
 two blocks old and new both for admitted patients, each have 15 to 18 rooms
 one big generator

The present situation of Hospital is not satisfactory. The hospital facilities are not aligned
with its mission statement. There is no proper system of check and balance and because
of this the condition of hospital is worsened. No department is working accurately and
the administration has no check on departments and the management. These are the major
problems faced by the patients at Holy Family Hospital.

• The behavior of the doctors, nurses and other staff with the patients is not good.
• There is less availability of qualified and specialized doctors. Mostly doctors with
simple MBBS degree or doctors doing house job deals with the patients.
• Time management system is not followed. The duty time for the staff is 8am till 2pm
in morning and evening time is 3pm till 9pm. However the doctors and other staff
does not follow time and remain absent for days without informing.
• The machinery and medicines are not available properly.
• There is no system of CITI SCAN and the damaged machineries are not replaced or
repaired such as the BP operators.
• The emergency ward is usually out of beds. Two patients are sharing one bed which
makes the patient uncomfortable and most of them leave because of this.
• Although free treatment for the poor patients is done but on a very minor level. The
expensive medicines are not provided in the free treatment for the patients and mostly
people use references for the treatment.
• Medicines above the price of Rs.5 are not available in the hospital.
• There is only 1generator used in the entire hospital which supports the admin block
and emergency ward only during electricity breakdown.
• There is a major problem of clean water in the hospital which is not sufficient for the
drinking purpose or any other use.
• Any construction or plumber work done in the hospital remains pending for a long
time and if done, quality material is not utilized by the constructors.
• Only 8 ambulances are available with the hospital which is quite a less quantity for
such a huge hospital.
Conclusion In The Light Of TQM:

Keeping in mind the techniques and methods studied in total quality management,
following are the suggested measures to improve the standard of the hospital:

• The staff should be trained and an eye should be kept on their performance.
• More qualified doctors should be appointed and they should be provided with all the
available resources.
• The higher authorities should strictly make the staff follow the duty time and no leave
or holiday should be allowed without legal formalities and informing.
• The machinery and equipment should be replaced or repaired on the 1st formal request
• CITI SCAN should be introduced in the hospital for the convenience of the patients.
• Quality and expensive Medicines should be available in the hospital so that the
patients can easily access to the medicines especially in the case of emergency.
• The expensive medicines should be charged to the poor free of cost. However, if
charged, then should be less than the market price or the price affordable for the poor
• More BP operators should be introduced and the old ones should be replaced
• The number of ambulances working in the hospital should be increased from 8 to
maximum available.
• The beds should be provided in large quantity especially in the case of emergency so
that the patients do not get disturbed.
• More generators should be planted for power generation in the case of electricity
break down, as Pakistan today is facing this problem of load shading.
• Filtration plant must be planted in the hospital so that clean water should be provided
enabling patients recover quickly and save themselves from various other diseases.
• Material used in the construction of any department should be affiliated with the
quality standard.

To maintain the standard and quality of the hospital the above mentioned things should
be taken into consider. By doing this not only the hospital will be improved but also the
patients will gain a trust and relay on the ethical behavior and efficient treatment of the
hospital. Thus, more patients will turn into normal healthy persons.

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