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ICND1 100-105 v3.0
Total Videos: 78 Time: 20 hrs
Cisco Certified Network Associate Exam Details
Security (CCNA Security) Time allotted for exam: 1.5 hours (90 minutes)
The Cisco Certified Entry level Network Technician — Routing and Switching (CCENT) Number of questions: 50-60 questions
certification is, as the name implies, designed for entry-level IT networking Passing score: Cisco does not publish the passing score for its exams.
professionals. It is the first step toward earning several Associate-level certifications Question types: Multiple choice/single answer; Multiple choice/multiple
from Cisco, the most popular of which is the Cisco Certified Network Associate – answer; Drag and drop; Fill-in-the-blank; Simulation; Testlet; Simlet
Routing and Switching (CCNA R&S). The CCENT is made up of just one exam, which is Exam registration: Pearson VUE
covered by CBT Nuggets training: Exam cost: $150 (USD) *Learn more about exam fees from Pearson VUE

Exam topics: Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 (100-105)

(free resource)
• Cisco CCENT/CCNA ICND1 100-105

The CCENT is designed to validate your skills for network support roles and ensures

you have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to install, operate, and troubleshoot

small enterprise branch networks. The CCENT includes topics such as the operation

of IP data networks, LAN switching technologies, IPv6, IP routing technologies, IP Roadmap to Success: CCNA
services (DHCP, NAT, ACLs), network device security, and basic troubleshooting. Learn more about the CCNA certification from the CBT Nuggets blog.
The Roadmap to Success: CCNA R&S is part of a series of blog posts
designed to help learners better understand certification pathways,
career opportunities associated with those certifications, and next steps
beyond certification.

Learners use a great variety of strategies to attack their CBT Nuggets offers practice exams as part of your
training. Here are some options you can choose from to subscription. You can take the practice exams as many
get the most out of your training experience: times as you like! Here are some tips to help you take
full advantage of this excellent resource:
Proceed through all CBT Nuggets video training on double-
speed to develop a strong overview of the material; Then
proceed through all the training for a second time, taking good
notes and focusing on deeper learning. PLAN TO TAKE THE PRACTICE EXAM 3 TIMES
Proceed through all CBT Nuggets video training, taking good FIRST EXAM
notes and focusing on deep learning on the first pass; Then
Create a baseline against Identify areas of weakness in
proceed back through all training a second time, using double- which you can measure your order to direct your training
speed when appropriate. progress with future exams. as you move forward.

Supplement all video training with book study and practical

application of knowledge.
Measure your progress since your first The results from your
practice exam! Ask yourself: Are you second practice exam
Develop a virtual environment or home lab where skills can be retaining the information and material experience should help you
practiced. you learned at the beginning of your identify areas where you
training? Are there areas to which may need to spend extra
you should return now to ensure effort and energy in the
Use the embedded quiz questions throughout the course to your understanding before moving training ahead.
help ensure you have a firm grasp of the material before moving forward?
on to the next video.
Measure your progress Allow the results from your
against your first two practice exam to direct

Learn more about how to get all you can

practice exams! Ask your review ahead of your
yourself: Are you certification exam. Ask

out of your practice exam experience scoring 90% by now? If

so, you might be ready
yourself: Are you retaining
all the material? And are you
from a quick video by Keith Barker for the real thing! understanding it well?

7. Network EXTRA
The number and title for each video
Fundamentals: MILE The Extra Mile section of your study plan challenges you
corresponds to the number and title
Firewall and IPS to dig a little deeper with your training. The Extra Mile
you will find on the Cisco CCENT/
CCNA ICND1 100-105 Exam Prep might be a textbook recommendation, supplemental
course page online (and on your materials downloads, or other resources to help you
mobile device). take your training to the next level. Nothing in the Extra

7 min. Mile is required, but it is here to help you learn.

The duration of the video.

Cisco CCENT/CCNA ICND1 100-105

1. Welcome to 2. Big Picture: 3. Big Picture: 4. Big Picture: 5. Network 6. Network 7. Network

ICND1! Network Understanding Cisco Building a Cisco Lab Fundamentals: Fundamentals: Fundamentals:
Administration and Certification Switches and Routers Wireless Access Points Firewall and IPS

8 min. 11 min. 17 min. 14 min. 16 min. 11 min. 7 min.

8. Network 9. Network EXTRA

Fundamentals: Fundamentals: MILE Explore the Cisco Consider purchasing a textbook to supplement your training.
website to learn more
Speed, Data Size, and Cabling — Tips and CCENT/CCNA ICND1 100-105 Official Cert Guide
Diagrams Terms
about the CCENT exam,
its requirements, and CCENT ICND1 Study Guide: Exam 100-105
available resources. CCNA Routing and Switching Complete Study Guide: Exam

18 min. 15 min.

10. Network 11. IP 12. IP 13. IP 14. IP 15. IP 16. IP

Fundamentals: Fundamentals: Fundamentals: Fundamentals: Fundamentals: Fundamentals: Fundamentals:

Stars, Mesh, and IP Communication Defining a Network Public and Private Gluing IP IP Protocols and TCP Completing the End-
Hybrid Types (Part 1) Addressing (Part 2) Communication to-End Story
Together (Part 3)

7 min. 11 min. 14 min. 13 min. 16 min. 17 min. 24 min.

17. IP 18. Core EXTRA

Fundamentals: Network MILE Create flashcards to quiz Join the CBT Nuggets Learners Community on Slack! Join
yourself on the content other CBT Nuggets learners in a community where you
Tools You Can’t Live Models: from your training! Or, use can post questions, share study resources, and connect
Without Cisco Three-Tier existing flashcard resources with IT experts from all over the world.
such as! *Please allow 48 hours for your request to join the community to be processed.

15 min. 16 min.

19. Cisco 20. Cisco 21. Cisco 22. Cisco 23. IOS 24. IOS 25. IOS

Network Network Network Network Fundamentals: Fundamentals: Fundamentals:

Models: Models: Models: Models: Defining the Purpose Enabling a Console IOS Modes and
Introduction to OSI Practical OSI The TCP/IP Model Encapsulation, of IOS Port Connection Navigation
(“Speaking OSI”) Communication Frame Format, and

7 min. 18 min. 3 min. 12 min. 12 min. 10 min. 17 min.


Fundamentals: Fundamentals: MILE Take the Practice Exams! Use the results to drive your Learn while you play!
Context Sensitive IOS Navigation Lab
review and practice ahead of your certification exam*. Explore the games available
Help and Keyboard Transcender Cisco Cert-100-105 on the Cisco Learning
Shortcuts Network that are designed
*Keep in mind that you’ve not completed the training yet so you probably won’t ace the
exam. This helps you assess how well you are retaining the material you’ve learned so far! to help you learn to master
critical skills for your CCENT.
14 min. 2 min.

28. IOS 29. IOS 30. IOS 31. IOS 32. IOS 33. IOS 34. IOS

Fundamentals: Fundamentals: Fundamentals: Fundamentals: Fundamentals: Fundamentals: Fundamentals:

The File System of Configuration The Best Base Preparing a Device for Enabling SSH on a Understanding Lab
Cisco IOS Management Configuration Ever Remote Management Cisco Device Interface Syntax

16 min. 14 min. 28 min. 14 min. 11 min. 14 min. 2 min.

35 Switching 36. Switching EXTRA

Fundamentals: Fundamentals: MILE Visit the CBT Nuggets blog Learn a bit more about how to
to learn more about how be successful on your exam by
How Network Switches Finding Network
to get the most out of your reading Anthony Sequeira’s article,
Work Devices
practice exam experience! “CCENT/CCNA Exam Strategies for
Practice, practice, practice! Success” on

16 min. 11 min.

37. Switching 38. Switching 39. Switching 40. Switching 41. Switching 42. Switching 43. Switching

Fundamentals: Fundamentals: Day-to-Day: Day-to-Day: Day-to-Day: Day-to-Day: VLANs:

Configuring the Speed and Duplex Understanding Port Configuring Port Handling the Issue, Key Interface The Concept that
Switch Management IP Security Security “The Network is Slow!” Counters Changed the
Address Networking World

8 min. 10 min. 8 min. 18 min. 17 min. 13 min. 13 min.

44. Switching 45. Switching EXTRA

VLANs: VLANs: MILE Learn what to expect from the exam by reading Practice your skills using
Anthony Sequeira’s Exam Profile: Cisco 100-105 your home lab or in your
Routing Between Trunking VLANs to
VLANs Other Switches
ICND1 v3.0 article from Pearson. virtual environment! Practice
makes perfect!

16 min. 17 min.

46. Switching 47. Switching 48. Switching 49. Switch 50. Routing 51. Routing 52. Routing

VLANs: VLANs: VLANs: Troubleshooting: Fundamentals: Fundamentals: Fundamentals:

The Weird and Scary Configuring and Configuring Trunking Where to Look How Routing Works Using Static Routes Routing Between
World of VTP Testing VLANs and VTP VLANs

16 min. 19 min. 22 min. 25 min. 18 min. 31 min. 15 min.

53. Routing 54. Routing EXTRA

Fundamentals: Fundamentals: MILE Schedule your Retake the Practice Exams! Use the results to drive your
certification exam with an review and practice ahead of your certification exam*.
L3 Switching DHCP in a Routed
approved testing site. Transcender Cisco Cert-100-105
*As a good rule of thumb, you should be scoring about 90% on your practice
exam if you expect to pass your certification exam.

11 min. 13 min.

55. Routing 56. Routing 57. Routing 58. Routing 59. Routing 60. IPV4 61. IPV4

Fundamentals: Protocols: Protocols: Fundamentals: Protocols: Subnetting: Subnetting:

Configuring DHCP What are Routing Pick Your Flavor! Understanding RIPv2 Configuring RIPv2 Why Are We Doing Binary Conversion
Protocols? This?

19 min. 13 min. 15 min. 12 min. 18 min. 12 min. 14 min.

62. IPV4 63. IPV4 EXTRA

Subnetting: Subnetting: MILE OPTIONAL SUPPLEMENTAL LEARNING: Practice your subnetting skills with
IPv4 Subnetting: The Ultimate Guide with some subnetting practice questions
Subnetting Based on Subnetting Based on
Network Requirements Host Requirements
trainer Keith Barker. Consider watching this from!
16-video course to learn more about IPv4.

32 min. 21 min.

64. IPV4 65. IPV4 66. Access Lists: 67. Access Lists: 68. Network 69. Network 70. Network

Subnetting: Subnetting: Understanding Configuring Standard Address Address Address

Standard Access Control Lists
Reverse Engineering Variable Length Subnet
Control Lists
Translation: Translation: Translation:
a Subnet Problem Mask (VLSM) Technology Overview Configuring NAT Configuring Static NAT

10 min. 11 min. 18 min. 26 min. 12 min. 26 min. 11 min.

71. IPV6: 72. IPV6: EXTRA

Welcome to the New New Communication MILE OPTIONAL SUPPLEMENTAL LEARNING: Retake the Practice Exams! Use the results to drive your
Addressing World and Address Types IPv6 - Concepts, implementation and review and practice ahead of your certification exam*.
verification of IPv6 with trainer Keith Transcender Cisco Cert-100-105
Barker. Consider watching this course to
*You should be scoring around 90% or better on your practice exam(s) if you
deepen your understanding of IPv6. expect to be successful in passing your exam and earning your certification.

8 min. 22 min.

73. IPv6: 74. IPv6: 75. Device 76. Device 77. Device 78. Device CRAM

Client Addressing Interface Configuration Management: Management: Management: Management: SESSIONS!

and Static Routing Logging via Syslog Backing Up and The Network Time Password Recovery Review training
Restoring the IOS and Protocol (NTP) Nuggets where
Configuration on a you might need to
Cisco Device brush up

16 min. 24 min. 16 min. 16 min. 12 min. 14 min. 3-5 hrs.

Exam Walkthrough: Cisco ICND1/CCENT 100-101 with trainers conditions and understand
Keith Barker and Anthony Sequeira. Consider watching this what to expect from the
13-video course be fully prepared for the exam experience. experience!
Please note that this course addresses ICND1 v2.0, but still
retains value and some truly excellent tips for exam success!


Take the certification exam. The Next Step

Get a good night’s sleep ahead
Congratulations! Once you’ve earned your CCENT, you’re ready for the next step.
of your exam!
The CCENT certification is a building block that enables learners to earn a variety of
certifications from Cisco. After earning the CCENT, most learners take the next step
by earning the CCNA - Routing and Switching certification or choose another CCNA

Among CBT Nuggets learners who have earned the CCENT, the most highly sought-
after CCNA certifications are (in order of popularity):
1. CCNA Routing and Switching (made up of just one additional exam:
ICND2 200-105)
2. CCNA Security (made up of just one additional exam: 210-260 IINS)
3. CCNA Wireless (made up of just one additional exam: 200-355 WIFUND)

The CCENT puts you on the path to a career in networking, but also opens up other
pathways as well, including virtualization, cloud computing, system administration,
Brag about it! Tweet and more. Consider these pathways as you move beyond your CCENT.

us or let us know how

your exam went and
what you’re doing to
celebrate your success!



Cisco CCNA Juniper Cisco CCNP Juniper Palo Alto Cisco CCIE
Routing and JNCIA-Junos Routing and JNCIS-ENT Networks Routing and
Switching Switching Firewall Switching


CompTIA Cisco CCNA Cisco CCNP EC-Council Penetration (ISC)2

Security+ Security Security Certified Ethical Testing with CISSP 2015
Hacker Linux Tools


Cisco CCNA VMware Cisco CCNP Cisco Data Citrix NetScaler VMware
Data Center VCA-DCV Data Center Center Unified 10.5 1YO-253 VCP6-DCV
Fabric Support


AWS: Technical Google Cloud AWS: Certified AWS: Certified

Essentials Platform Solutions SysOps Admin
Fundamentals Architect - Associate
CP100A Associate


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Windows Foundations Office 365 Infrastructure
Server 2012 2012