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November 2015 Neighborhoods First

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November 2015

Welcome to the November Issue of Mike Bonin's "Neighborhoods First


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IN THIS ISSUE: We meet two new members of the CD11 team, take a look at Contact Our Office

proposed parking ticket reform, find out more about how you can report
annoying helicopter noise to the FAA and take a look at legislation Mike has
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authored to protect the Santa Monica Bay... b u t f i r s t , please read this month's
Neighborhoods First Profile, about a Mar Vista resident who is being recognized
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Mar Vista's Molly Davies Honored for Helping Fight Domestic Violence
Later in Life

October is "Domestic Violence Awareness Month" in Los Angeles, and as the

Council's liaison to the City's Domestic Violence Task Force, Mike hosted a special
Council Presentation on October 13 to recognize some inspiring individuals
working to protect people from domestic violence.

This year, the presentation focused on raising awareness about the complex and
specific social issues that occur
when older adults are victims
Tweets by ​@MikeBoninLA
of domestic violence, and Mar
Mike Bonin
Vista resident Molly Davies was @MikeBoninLA
honored with the 2015 Marjorie Proud to have worked with @givingspirit &
M. Braude Award. Molly, a Mar assembled winter kits for homeless residents. Sign
Vista resident, is the Vice up for the 2018 Homeless Count because every

President of Elder Abuse and resident, no matter where they live, matters
Ombudsman Services at WISE &
Healthy Aging and she
answered some questions for us
about her work and the nexus
between domestic violence and
elder abuse. Please find the full
interview below.
Please tell us about the City and County of Los Angeles Long-Term Care
They Count Will You?
Ombudsman Program and the City and County of Los Angeles Elder Abuse
The 2018 Greater Los Angeles Homeless …
Prevention Program.

The Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program is a state and federally mandated

program that WISE & Healthy Aging administers for the City and County of Los
Angeles. The Ombudsman Program seeks to identify and investigate complaints Embed View on Twitter
made by or on behalf of residents in nursing homes, assisted living, and board
and care facilities. Additional responsibilities include conducting unannounced
visits to facilities, witnesses advance health care directives, and receiving and
investigating mandatory reports of elder abuse and neglect in facility settings.
The Ombudsman is the voice of residents in long-term care and works to
preserve the civil rights of those living in facilities. To reach an ombudsman for
a confidential consultation on residents’ rights, to find placement options, to
make a complaint, or become a volunteer, contact 310-899-1483.

The Elder Abuse Prevention Program provides education to professionals in the

elder abuse intervention network, like law enforcement, medical personnel, and
adult protective services on how to identify, investigate and intervene in elder
and dependent adult abuse situations. The program also provides education and
outreach to older adults and their caregivers about how to identify and prevent
abuse, but also what to do if someone becomes a victim.

How did you get into this line of work? Who inspired you throughout your

My grandmother has been my point of inspiration. It was through my

relationship with her that I knew I wanted to dedicate my career to working with
elders. Shortly after she died I was looking for a volunteer position and found the
Ombudsman Program. I volunteered for several years and was then hired on and
worked through various positions in the organization. I am a problem solver by
nature so I am very inspired by the challenges inherent in broken systems and
finding creative solutions.

You were recently honored with the Marjorie M. Braude Award during the
Council's Domestic Violence Awareness Presentation - what do most people
not know about the nexus between domestic violence and elder abuse that
they should?

Elder abuse whether it is financial exploitation, gross neglect, physical or sexual

abuse is always about power and control just like in domestic violence situations.
Sometimes the abusers are different. In domestic violence it is generally an
intimate partner and in most elder abuse cases the family or caregiver is the
abuser. Although now that I think about it this is also a similarity in that a
familial or caregiving relationship is also an intimate one.

What can people do to get involved in the work you do at WISE & Healthy

There are several ways that the community can get involved with WISE & Healthy
Aging. Become a volunteer; join us on social media; tell someone about our
services; or consider a donation. 310-394-9871

Potrero Gate Helps Protect Canyon

When the Potrero Canyon park is completed, it is going to be an amazing open

space resource, and people in Pacific Palisades are getting excited about it. But in
the meantime, residents have been upset that construction trucks and dirt bikes
have been using the canyon and causing and major nuisance. Mike recently
helped solve a problem in the Pacific Palisades that had residents frustrated with
how people were using the canyon. During the last few months, people had been
driving construction trucks and dirt bikes into Potrero Canyon, causing a
nuisance for neighbors. Mike's office’s stepped in, worked with the Department
of Recreation and Parks, the Bureau of Engineering and Caltrans to have a gate
installed and signs posted that restrict vehicle entry to the canyon.

Pop-Up Office Hours and Community Camaraderie at Del Rey Day Festival

Del Rey Day was hosted at Glen Alla Park on October 18, and the event was a
terrific community celebration! Families and neighbors had a great time
celebrating Del Rey and Mike hosted "Pop Up Office Hours" to talk with neighbors
at the festival about making our neighborhood a better place to live. Del Rey
helps celebrates a great and growing neighborhood, nestled between Mar Vista,
Playa Vista, Culver City, and Marina del Rey. If you are a Del Rey resident and
want to get more involved in your community, check out the Del Rey
Neighborhood Council .

Mike Stops By Marquez Avenue Elementary on Walk to School Day

On October 7, Mike greeted students at Marquez Avenue Elementary School in the

Pacific Palisades as they arrived at school on International Walk to School Day.
The international event helps highlight the benefits of walking to school each
day, promoting fitness and protecting the environment through good, healthy

Freshly-Paved Streets in West LA

The Bureau of Street Services was working throughout the Westside in the past
month, repaving a series of streets including Beloit Avenue (pictured above),
Pontius Avenue, Massachusetts Avenue, McCune Avenue and Stoner Avenue in
West LA, and Michael Lane and Charing Cross Road in the Pacific Palisades.

The freshly-paved streets are a big improvement from the potholes that
previously plagued residents and we appreciate the hard work of the City crew to
put neighborhoods first on the Westside!

Third Annual La Tijera Cleanup a Tremendous Success

On a warm Saturday morning on October 24, more than 120 neighbors and
volunteers filled up more than 300 garbage bags with debris from the sidewalks
along La Tijera Boulevard in Westchester during Mike's third annual La Tijera
Community Cleanup.

Special thanks go to our event co-sponsors: Westchester Rotary, Citizens of the

World Charter School, Westchester Secondary Charter School, G/S Game Sports
Bar Restaurant & Lounge, Los Angeles Bureau Of Sanitation Clean & Green,
students and faculty from Loyola Marymount University, McDonalds, and
Sterling Education West.

Sawtelle Parking Study Update

As the Sawtelle-Japantown area of West LA continues to grow into a thriving

corridor for restaurants and culture, there continue to be issues with parking in
the neighborhood that affect local residents. Mike's office is working with the LA
Department of Transportation to study the issue and make options available that
will address neighbor's concerns about parking on residential streets near
Sawtelle. A traffic consultant is currently studying parking in the area and will
have a report ready in about a month. From there, Mike will host a conversation
about the topic in the City Council's Transportation Committee to talk about
solutions that protect neighbors and allow businesses in the area to continue to

Pop Up Office Hours and Acknowledging Neighborhood Heroes at Mar Vista

Fall Festival
On October 17, the Mar Vista Community Council held its annual Mar Vista Fall
Festival and it may have been the best yet! Not only did event chair Albert Olson
and the MVCC put on a great community celebration, but they made sure to
acknowledge everyday neighborhood heroes in the annual awards presentation.
Mike hosted "Pop Up Office Hours" at the event and additionally helped present
certificates and awards to local heroes. See a full list of the neighborhood heroes
who were celebrated at the Festival

New Trash Cans on Abbot Kinney

On October 1, Mike joined Venice neighbors and business leaders at the corner of
Abbot Kinney and Venice to celebrate the first in a series of new trashcans being
placed throughout neighborhoods in our city.

Los Angeles Sanitation will be installing hundreds of new trash cans throughout
the city as part of an initiative launched by Mayor Eric Garcetti. Though the full
program won’t begin for several weeks, Mike has received requests for new trash
cans in the Abbot Kinney corridor, and he was able to rush the first five cans for
Abbot Kinney and get them installed early. Look for more cans to show up in
Westside neighborhoods in the coming weeks.

Barrington Park Remains Open With Help From Senator Feinstein

In early October, Mike's office learned that Barrington Park, which sits on
federally-owned Veterans Administration property, was had been suddenly
closed. He quickly got in touch with federal representatives to look for a solution
that protected access to the park as the West LA VA Master Plan is being finalized.
Thankfully, Senator Dianne Feinstein and her awesome staff heard the
community and stepped in to keep the park open while the City and the VA work
together to re-envision a veterans-focused but publicly accessible park managed
by the City.

Mike Joins St. Mark School Students for Tree Planting Event

Some great things are happening at St. Mark's School in Venice, where students,
faculty, parents and alums have been participating in a major project to green
the campus. It culminated on October 17 with the Major Greening and Water
Reclamation Project's “Tree Fest 2015."

Mike joined them to plant trees at the Saturday event, the last stage of a seven-
week project that includes a cutting-edge water infiltration system, more open
space and the addition of new drought-tolerant landscaping and a community

The project boasts a host of environmental benefits, including the ability to

collect 3,200 gallons of water at one time in newly installed refillable cisterns –
diverting it from the local watershed – and capture an additional 12,000 gallons
in an underground water infiltration system carved out near the school’s lunch
tables. In addition, the school removed 15,000 square feet of asphalt and replaced
it with decomposed granite, permeable pavers, mulch and sand, helping to
address drainage problems facing the 1950s-era site for years.

Rotary Club of Playa Venice Sunrise Celebrates in "Return to Italy" in Playa

The Rotary Club of Playa Venice Sunrise held their annual Cultural Dinner at the
CenterPointe Club in Playa Vista on October 15, 2015. This year's theme was
"Return to Italy" in honor of Tony Palermo who received the Rotary's highest
honor, the Sunrise Community Service Award. The Club also recognized Venice
resident Ty Pennington, who has transformed the lives of hundreds on the
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

The Cultural Dinner is the Rotary of Playa Venice Sunrise's largest fundraiser of
the year and helps the club fund many philanthropic projects such as the Holiday
Adopt-A-Family program, homeless feedings, Teacher Mini-Grants, scholarships
and local firefighter support. The evening was filled with joy, terrific music,
delicious food donated by Cantalini's Salerno Beach Restaurant and CD11
residents dedicated to service.

Annoying Helicopter Overhead? There's an App for That!

Far too often, Westside neighbors are awoken by loud hovering helicopters.
Sometimes these are LAPD aircraft that are needed to help officers on the
ground, but sometimes they are private helicopters that unnecessarily annoy
residents. Thanks to the release of a new smartphone app called "HeliTracker,"
residents will now have the ability to easily submit helicopter noise complaints
that then get forwarded directly to the FAA. The App is very easy to use and can
be purchased for .99 cents via the link below. All profit generated from the App
will go to Tree People - a non-profit organization committed to growing a green
and climate resilient Los Angeles.

Get HeliTracker for Apple devices

and click here to see it in the Andriod
Mike Honors LMU Water Polo Star at Latina in Sports Council Presentation

October is "Honoring Latino Heritage" month in Los Angeles, and each year,
Councilmember Nury Martinez hosts a presentation to recognize the
contributions local Latinas make to their communities. This year, each
Councilmember was given an opportunity to honor a Latina athlete in their
district. Mike was very happy to recognize Ivana Castro at the event - a star water
polo player who has led the Loyloa Marymount University Lions to back-to-back
conference championships.

Pacific Palisades Residents Get Helpful Traffic Relief After Neighborhood


Earlier this year, Pacific Palisades residents living on Castellemmare Drive wrote
Mike and the LA Department of Transportation to suggest a simple roadway
improvement that would help improve their daily lives. With traffic on
westbound Sunset Boulevard sometimes making it difficult to turn onto
Castellemmare, the residents requested a "Right-Turn Only Pocket" lane, which
would allow for neighbors to get home without waiting with the cars backed up
from the turn onto Pacific Coast Highway. The upgrade was recently completed,
and Castellemmare resident Judi Watson was very appreciative, writing, "I think
it is a big improvement and am very pleased with the results!"

Thank you to the neighbors who made the suggestion and the hard-working men
and women of LADOT for making it happen!

West LA VA Campus Releases Draft Master Plan

The VA Campus in West LA is currently undergoing a major redesign effort that
seeks to better use the property for veterans. The VA recently released a draft
Master Plan for the campus, which launched a 45-day public comment period.
Please visit to share your thoughts on the
draft plan.

Mike Recognizes Domestic Violence Awareness Month in LA

October is "Domestic Violence Awareness Month" in Los Angeles, and as the

Council's liaison to the City's Domestic Violence Task Force, Mike hosted a special
Council Presentation on October 13 to recognize some inspiring individuals
working to protect people from domestic violence. This year, the presentation
focused on raising awareness about the complex and specific social issues that
occur when older adults are victims of domestic violence. Find out more about
the nexus between elder abuse and domestic violence in this month's
Neighborhoods First Profile of Molly Davies, above.

Beached Boat Removal Continues in Playa del Rey

A long-developing project to remove a beached vessel from beneath the sand in

Playa del Rey was finally finished near the end of October, with contractors
digging the hull of "The Angelique." The 72-foot steel boat shipwrecked in
February of 2014 and although it was a popular site with visitors, the buried hull
became increasingly unsafe and needed to be removed. The last remnants of the
hull will be hauled away in the first few days of November - thank you for your
patience as the work is completed.

Special thanks to the City Department of Sanitation, County Beaches and

Harbors, County Sheriff's department, as well as Senator Ben Allen's office &
Global Diving and Salvage for the assistance with this removal project.

Meet Omar Pulido and Thuy Hua

Two new staffers joined the CD11 team in October, as Thuy Hua began working as
Senior Planner and Omar Pulido was named LAX-Community Liaison. Thuy and
Omar are each exceptionally qualified and terrific additions to team Mike has put
together to put neighborhoods first on the Westside.

Find out more about Omar here , and click here to learn more about Thuy .

Permanent Supportive Housing Opens on Westside

On October 8, Mike participated in the official opening of 23 units of permanent

supportive housing in Del Rey. PATH Ventures, with the support of the
community and tons of government and philanthropic agencies, is helping
people who used to live on the streets of the Westside turn their lives around.

"I was honored to be there, thrilled to meet the new tenants, and pleased that
PATH decided to name the new building a 'Bill Rosendahl' community," Mike said
about the event. "In recent years, Del Rey has really demonstrated its
commitment to being a forward-thinking neighborhood committed to being part
of the solution to our homelessness crisis."

Homeless Court Clinic Helps Remove Roadblocks to Housing for Homeless

On October 20, more than 200 people attended a "Homeless Court Clinic" in
Venice hosted by Mike, City Attorney Mike Feuer and County Supervisor Sheila
Kuehl. At the clinic, city attorneys helped offer legal guidance to people who are
living on the street to resolve legal issues and additionally connected people with
service agencies that can help connect them with housing opportunities.

"Often, a ticket or an unresolved legal issue can force someone living on the
streets into form of economic prison, locking them into a life on the streets,"
Mike said. "This clinic will help remove one of the roadblocks that keeps people
from moving from the streets to homes. I thank City Attorney Mike Feuer, his
hard-working staff and all of the partners who are making this clinic possible."

Mike and Colleagues Meet with HUD Secretary Julian Castro

On October 20, Mike, Mayor Garcetti, the full LA County Board of Supervisors,
and some of Mike's council colleagues met with HUD Secretary Julian Castro to
ask for his assistance for joint city-county efforts to combat homelessness.

"I am grateful the Mayor invited him to meet with us so he can hear the urgency
and understand the need we have here in LA," Mike said after the meeting.

County, City Both Renew Focus on Affordable Housing

Angelenos desperately need more affordable housing and one of the causes of the
homelessness crisis is the lack of affordable housing options in LA. Last month,
the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, led by Supervisors Sheila Kuehl and
Mark Ridley-Thomas, voted to establish a $100 million affordable housing fund to
build and maintain affordable housing in LA.

The County also took action to prevent people from becoming chronically
homeless, investing $15 million in a program to rapidly rehouse people who
recently started living on the street.

Winter Shelter Opens Early

With El Nino coming, Mike proposed legislation to open the City's emergency
winter shelter program early - in November instead of December. Thanks to
Mike's legislation, which was approved unanimously by the City Council, shelters
opened on November 1, they will stay open until the end of the wet weather
season, and shelters will be kept open 24-7 when it is raining.

Beautifying Bundy - Update on the Expo Bundy Station "First/Last Mile" Street
Improvement Project
As the Westside prepares to finally get connected to Metro rail via the Expo Line
early next year, Mike's office is working to make sure the area around new Expo
stations is scenic and inviting.

Last month, Mike's office and city departments began previewing plans for
the Expo/Bundy Transportation Improvement Project. Thanks to a $3.5 million
grant from the Active Transportation Program, the City will plant 160 trees,
install bike racks, create 24 curb extensions for pedestrians, repair sidewalk,
create a pocket park and install curb ramps near the Expo/Bundy station. This
work is part of the first mile/last mile improvements near transit stations that
will improve pedestrian safety and promote walking and biking to the station.

More presentations will be made to West LA neighborhood organizations and

stakeholders in the coming weeks.

Parking Reform Proposals Move Forward in Transportation Committee

Mike and his colleagues are working to make parking in LA smarter and more

On October 28, Mike chaired a Transportation Committee meeting where a report

from the Parking Reform Working Group convened by Mayor Eric Garcetti was
heard. Mike made a series of requests and recommendations at the meeting to
advance most of the reforms being suggested by the working group, including
dedicating parking revenue for mobility and parking purposes only, changing
the zoning code to address problems created by minimum parking requirements
and ending handicap placard abuse.

Find out more about the meeting and proposals in Los Angeles Streetsblog's
coverage here:
October Small Business Spotlights
Local small businesses provide more than jobs for people on the Westside - they
are part of what makes neighborhoods great. Each week, Mike chooses one local
Mom and Pop business to feature on social media in his " Small Business
Spotlight ."
Do you have a favorite business you want to nominate to be featured in Mike's
Small Business Spotlight? You can make a nomination for the “Small Business
Spotlight” at this link.

Find Out More About the City Council's Work to Put Neighborhoods First

Mike Takes Action to Protect Bay After "Disgusting, Unfortunate" Trash Spill
Mike proposed legislative action last month aimed at protecting public health
and the environment in the Santa Monica Bay from events like the recent
sewage-related trash discharge in the Bay.

On September 23, 2015, personal hygiene and medial products, including needles,
tampon applicators and condoms began to wash ashore beaches in Santa Monica
Bay, prompting the closure of Dockweiler State Beach and other beaches ranging
from Manhattan Beach to Marina Del Rey. The cause of the sewage-related trash
spill is still being investigated by the Bureau of Sanitation, but the working
theory is that a heavy and sudden rainstorm may have played a role in the
discharge, possibly flushing out trapped debris in the auxiliary outfall pipe at the
Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant.

"What happened at Hyperion was disgusting and unfortunate and I want to make
sure we are doing everything in our power to make sure it never happens again,"
Bonin said. "We have a lot of heavy rain storms coming soon once El Nino arrives,
and we need to know if this was an isolated and unfortunate incident, or if there
is an issue at Hyperion that must be fixed before El Nino arrives."

Bonin appeared at a press conference to discuss his legislation on Tuesday with

Heal the Bay CEO Alix Hobbs and Heal the Bay Science and Policy Director Rita

“We’re glad to see City Council take up this issue to ensure accountability for
damage to our Bay, and we were also really excited that the motion encourages
proactive steps going forward like better education and water recycling, which
will make our City a better place to live,” said Kampalath.

Click here to read more.

City Prepares for Coming Storms Thanks to Mike's El Nino Motion

On October 7, the Public Safety Committee discussed motions introduced by me,
Paul Koretz and David Ryu, instructing city departments to prepare for the
coming El Nino storms.

The motions are making sure our storm drains, gutters, debris basins, public
utilities, and other parts of our infrastructure are ready to handle increased
stormwater runoff and that we are prepared to capture as much of the water as
possible to help alleviate the drought. It is also crucial that we prepare and
educate residents in low-lying coastal communities, as well as the hillside and
recent burn areas, on how to ensure public safety and protect property from
storm-related damage.

One quick and easy thing you can do right now is sign up for NotifyLA, our
emergency alert system:

You can also get more tips about how you can prepare your home or business for
El Nino at

Protecting Neighborhoods From Unwanted Drones

Remote-controllers aircraft such as drones can be dangerous if they are not used
property, and thanks to legislation authored by Mike's colleagues Mitch
Englander, Nury Martinez and Herb Wesson, unsafe operation of a drone will
soon come with hefty penalties. On October 14, Mike and his colleagues
unanimously voted to approve an ordinance that mirrors the Federal Aviation
Administration’s civilian drone regulations and makes it a misdemeanor to
violate them.

A violation, which includes flying more than 500 feet above the ground, within
five miles of an airport without permission or within 25 feet of another person,
could be punished with up to $1,000 in fines and six months in jail, according to
the city’s municipal code.

"Drones have been a huge nuisance in our neighborhoods and they can be
incredibly unsafe," Mike said of the legislation. "These simple regulations will
protect neighborhoods and public safety."

Landmark Earthquake Retrofit Legislation Approved

The City Council and Mayor Garcetti have worked together to prepare Los Angeles
for potentially catastrophic earthquakes, and in early October, the Council
approved the most sweeping seismic regulations in the nation. The ordinance,
which was signed by Mayor Garcetti on the same day it was unanimously
approved by the City Council, requires an estimated 15,000 buildings be
retrofitted so they can better withstand violent shaking.

Council Continues Work to Control Guns in LA

On October 27, the City Council unanimously passed strong new gun control
measures, which require all gun owners to keep firearms secured with trigger
locks or in lockboxes when they aren't being used or close enough to be readily
accessible. This legislation was authored by Councilmember Paul Krekorian and
is the second common sense gun control measure passed by the Council this year.
The Council previously outlawed the possession of high-capacity ammunition

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Community Calendar

Find out what's happening in your neighborhood!

Veteran Stand Down

What: VA Greater LA Healthcare System Will Offer Services to Veterans,
Service Members and their families.
When : November 4 and 5
More Information : Contact Melinda Estes or Johnny Zamora at 310-478-
3711 x48325

Hike with Mike

When: November 7, 9am - 12pm
Where: Will Rogers Inspiration Point

Make It Mar Vista: Small Business Saturday

When: Saturday November 28th, 11 am - 4 pm
Where: The Venice Blvd Great Street (Venice Blvd between Beethoven and

Have an event you would like listed? Email to

submit events.
Mike has been on KPCC (89.3FM) and the local public affairs show Take Two many
times, discussing transportation, homelessness, and many other subjects. On
October 5, he was on to talk about something a bit different -- superhero action

Take Two host A Martinez stopped by Mike's office to visit his large and growing
collection of DC Comics superhero action figures. Mainly, characters from
the Justice Society of America, (who, Mike will tell you if you ask, was the original
superhero team, formed in the Golden Age of Comics in the 1940s, with a legacy
that spans decades). Mike has been collecting JSA comic books and memorabilia
(action figures, posters, mugs, postcards, t-shirts, and more) for about five years
now. The interview (and some video footage of the collection) was posted to
KPCC's website and you can check them out

Thank you for reading the November issue of Mike Bonin's

Neighborhoods First Newsletter.

For more about Mike and Council District 11, please

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