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My computer is Pentium 4. its colour is gray. It’s made in IBM USA. It is a device that
automatically performs calculation, sort, file, or processes information. Physically, it contains yhe
Central Processing Unit or CPU, keyboard, and the monitor.
The most important part of my computer is CPU. Its shape is cuboids. The front side contains
a power, disk space, and compact disk space. It performs arithmetical and logical operations. It also
controls and coordinates the function of all the other parts by sending electric signals to the over various
The second part of my computer is a keyboard. Its shape is a quardrilateral. The fron side
contains symbols of letters, numbers, and instructions. It is used for typing letters, words, or the text.
The text then, can be edited-word can be changed. Misspelling can be corrected, deleted and other can
be made-using the keyboard with certain instruction.
The third part of my computer is a monitor. Its front shape is a cube. It works to display both
textual matter and graphics (drawing). Earch character appears on the monitor as it typed or drawn by
means of various command typed by operator.
My computer clearly makes it possible to process information and great speed, accuracy, and
reliability. It does this by systematically performing calculation, storing vast quantities of data, sorting,
manipulating, and otherwise transforming data into meaningful forms.

Exam Tests Final semester (Yes/No Question)

1. is your computer pentium 4?
2. your computer is pentium 4?
3. is your computer color its gray?
4. What is IBM USA making your computer?
5. Your computer is IBM brand?
6. is your computer made by IBM USA?
7. can the computer do the calculations?
8. does the computer sort the data?
9. does the computer do the information process?
10. does the computer contain three parts?
11. is the keyboard part of the Computer?
12. is the CPU part of the Computer?
13. does the CPU stand for Central Prosessing Unit?
14. is monitor part of Computer?
15. is cpu the most important part of the computer?
16. is cpu a cube?
17. does the front of the CPU have three parts?
18. is the Power CPU part on the front side?
19. is the DiskSpace part of the CPU on the front side?
20. is the Compat Disk CPU space on the front?
21. does the CPU do the arithmetic process?
22. does the CPU do the Logic process?
23. is compact disk space used to play CDs?
24. does the CPU work to control all parts of the computer?
25. does the CPU also serve to transmit electrical signals of all parts of the computer?
26. are there any computer parts that do not require power from the CPU?
27. is the second part of the computer keyboard?
STMIK ERESHA 161021450178

28. is the shape of the keyboard quardrilateral?

29. does the keyboard consist of letter symbols?
30. are the numbers, and instructions on the keyboard?
31. is the keyboard used for typing?
32. Is the keyboard only used for typing letters?
33. Is the keyboard used for editing, fixing and deleting text?
34. Is the monitor a cube?
35. Is the monitor just a cube?
36. Does the monitor display text only?
37. does the monitor display the image?
38. Does the monitor show multiple characters?
39. Are characters displayed on a typed monitor using the keyboard?
40. Are the commands displayed on the monitor typed by the operator?
41. Is your computer able to process information?
42. Can the computer process information quickly and accurately?
43. Does the computer count systematically?
44. Is your computer capable of storing large data?
45. Is your computer able to manipulate the data and turn it into the desired shape?