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The only two (2) bitcoin sites approved by Central Bank of the Philippines (BSP) as of Dec 18,


1. – All in One

2. Satoshi Citadel Industries is a pioneer blockchain company in the Philippines. It operates

the following products:

A. – Bitcoin buy and sell site

B. Bitbit – Bitcoin Wallet

C. Rebit – Remit money to the Philippines using bitcoin

 Also function as e-wallet for Bitcoin.

 Easiest user interface
 accredited by the Central Bank of the Philippines (Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas).

To buy bitcoin- “Cash In” option on the app and then pick which way you want to load it up. Here
are the current available options on the app:

 7-11-most convenient
 Cebuana Lhuillier
 M Lhuillier
 UnionBank- No fees
 Gcash
 Online Bank Transfer (BPI, Security Bank, UnionBank)
 Over the Counter Bank (Chinabank, UnionBank, BPI)
 Remittance Center (Bayad Center, Cebuna Lhullier, LBC Bills Xpress, M Lhuillier E Pay)
 Malls (Robinson’s and SM Business Centers via DragonPay)

After loading with pesos, convert them to Bitcoin. The app will show the Peso Value of the
Bitcoin almost in real time.

Withdraw my Bitcoin into Cash?

Just tap the Cash Out option and you can “withdraw” cash via Cebuana Lhuillier, Security Bank,
GCash, Banks, and Cash Cards. There’s also an option for Cash Pickup via Remittance Centers and
even Door-to-Door Delivery.

Accept Bitcoin as Payment (Companies)

Enjoy the convenience of cashless payments. Here’s how it works:

1. Customer places an order

2. They scan your QR code and enter the amount to pay

3. Customer completes the transaction and you get an SMS confirming payment. Funds appear in
your Coins wallet instantly.



 The oldest Bitcoin platform and exchange in the Philippines, over three years

 Its simplicity and minimalistic user interface has enabled the company to keep a loyal
userbase for over three years.

 operates without Know-Your-Customer (KYC) regulations. That means users

don’t have to give up their credentials or sensitive information to buy or sell Bitcoin. This
feature of the exchange makes the most safe and reliable Bitcoin exchange to
use in the region.

The steps in purchasing or selling Bitcoin.

For buyers

 over-the-counter deposit to be submitted on the day of the order. Once the payment is made, sends the payment in a few hours. Again, the beauty of this platform is that all
that it required from buyers is an email address and, of course, the Bitcoin address for the

For sellers

 requires a bank account number and the holder’s name for the payment. Once the Bitcoin
payment is received by the payment is instantly sent to the bank account

 Most popular Bitcoin platforms in the Philippines

 Is a remittance and billing platform which consumers in the Philippines use to send both local
and international payments, and to also settle utility bills.

 it acquired Bill Ninja, a Philippine Bitcoin startup which allows users to settle any kind of bill
in the Philippines using Bitcoin.

 Users send Bitcoin payments to and the platform sends cash to remittance
outlets or banks in its supported countries list. Currently, it supports Australia, Canada, China,
Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, the Philippines, Qatar,
Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, the Emirates, the UK, the US, and Vietnam. It takes around two to
four days to send a cash payment to these countries using Bitcoin, with very low costs.

 It requires minimal user information and is very cost-effective.