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Lesson  41:  How  are  the  5  elements  

linked  to  the  5  senses?  
The five elements are related to human
through the senses also, to five actions
expressing the functions of the sensory
Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth - are related to
hearing, touch, vision, taste and smell,

We human beings cognize the physical world around us through our five organs of perception
and without them we would not be aware of the physical world. Our five senses of: Hearing,
touch, sight, taste, and smell. This fact is self-evident and most people are aware of it. What
is not so widely known, is that each of these senses is related to one of the five elements:
ether, air, fire, water, and earth.

Ether is the medium through which sound is transmitted thus; the ethereal element is related
to the hearing function. The ear, the organ of hearing, expresses action through the organ of
speech, which creates meaningful human sound.

Air is related to the sense of touch; the sensory organ of touch is the skin. The organ of
action for the sense of touch is the hand. The skin is especially sensitive and the hand is
responsible for the actions of holding, giving and receiving.

Fire manifests light, heat and color, is related to vision. The eye is the organ of sight,
governs the action of walking and is thus related to the feet. For example a blind man can
walk, but that walking has no definite direction. Eyes give direction to the action of walking. his
is energy, which is converted to colour and light by our eyes. So fire governs our eyes but
also gives us direction when we are walking or moving.

Water is related to the organ of taste, without water the tongue cannot taste. The tongue is
closely related in function to the action of the genitals.
Earth element is related to the sense of smell. The nose is the sensory organ of smell, is
related in function to the action of the anus, excretion. The person who has constipation or an
unclean colon demonstrates this relationship: he experiences bad breath and his sense of
smell becomes dull.

The ancient rishis perceived that these elements sprang from pure Cosmic Consciousness.

The senses are extremely important to us. We know they put us in touch with the world
around us but they also have the power to bring us into the present moment . Through any
one of these five senses we may come out of the fantasy world of our imaginings and come
into the real world and that precious moment the present. It is called a present as it is our past
actions that have brought us into this moment and what we do in the present moment will
determine our future. It is said that the present is the fruit of the past and the seed of the

It is also the elements that give us life. When we pollute any one of these we pollute the vary
essence of our home and that which sustains our life. For mankind to survive we must cease
the constant pollution of Ether, Air, Fire, water, and Earth.

The Five Subtle Elements form the basis for all things found in the material
creation, from a grain of sand to the complex physiology of every human being.
Balancing these Elements in just the right way for each unique individual is the
key to maintaining health and treating disease should it arise, whether it is
physical, mental, or spiritual..

Practices In The Five Elements

The Earth element is the most powerful of all the elements. The Earth is our source of
stability, yet a large Earthquake can destabilize us in a matter of seconds. The Earth gives
and takes away just like all the elements. If there is a positive, there is a negative - that is a
law of nature. However, we can align ourselves to focus on the positive qualities of each
element, optimizing their strengths.

Ø Attention to breathing, making sure our breathing is full and rooted in the belly
(stomach expands on in breath, contracts on out breath)
Ø Keeping well grounded - always feeling our feet on the ground, or our bottoms on
a chair
Ø Staying in touch with the physical experience of walking, standing, sitting
Ø Physical exercise - anything can be good if practiced as a means of connection
to our physicality. Disciplines such as yoga or any of the martial arts bring
additional benefit as they awaken our bodies at a deeper level, and also alter our
Ø Development of vocal capacity - range, openness and expressiveness
Ø Attention to the food we eat. Slow, conscious chewing.
Ø Physical nurture - relaxation, massage or equivalent treatments.

The Water element is a huge force of life. There are perfect cycles of Water flowing
throughout the planet. Water is of a nurturing energy, but when out of balance, tsunamis,
hurricanes, and floods can occur. When we take a bath, or go swimming, our body naturally
relaxes very quickly. Water pulls out negativity, balances our emotions, and makes our minds
calm and focused. Water easily holds energy. For example, if we recite the Water mantra
while drinking water, the water becomes charged with the highest healing vibrations. The
delicacy of nature can be observed through water’s sensitivity to people’s thoughts, feelings
and emotions. The Water element can be used for helping people with all types of psychiatric
problems, body pains and depression.

Ø Learning to be aware of and name our feelings as they occur.

Ø Learning to accept the full range of our feelings without labeling some as
good/positive, and some as bad/negative.
Ø Practicing a listening sensitivity to other people’s feelings.
Ø Practicing the honouring of others’ feelings without trying to fix them
Ø Consciously making simple empathetic/respectful rapport with different people
whose paths we cross in our daily lives.

The Air element is our most basic connection to life. Our body can only survive if we
breathe. Through the air, we can receive powerful cosmic energy. Wind can be soft and
gentle or wild and destructive. Generally, the winds in the high mountains are very powerful to
our soul, whereas the desert winds have a negative quality. If there is no plant life, the wind
can bring destructive energies. Where there is life, the winds can be healing, bringing angelic
energy and light, especially to those meditating in the nature. When we have the Air element
under our control, our minds are peaceful and controlled. By mastering the mind, we gain the
capacity to handle all the other elements and use those energies to the best advantage. In
this western world, controlling our thoughts is the most difficult thing, and yet the most
important, to our well being.
Ø Study of leadership theory
Ø Study of psychology
Ø Expansion of one’s knowledge in fields related to our profession
Ø Attention to the language we use in communication
Ø Rigorous analysis of one’s psychological drivers
Ø Keeping a journal
Ø Opening and enriching our minds study of the world

Fire - or the sun - is the great generator for all creation to happen. The early morning sun
can heal many diseases and depression. If you have east-facing windows in your home, open
them at sunrise, letting in as much of the early morning light as possible.

If the sunrise rays can touch your body, you are a very lucky person!

Witnessing a sacred Fire ceremony can also bring your soul huge blessings and protection.
When we chant the Fire mantra, we are purifying our body and soul from negative karmas.

Ø The Fire can bring the highest positive energy, prosperity and fulfill our heart’s
Ø Spending time with the literature/music/movies/images that inspire us, on a
regular basis
Ø Visiting the places that inspire us
Ø Making time to have the deeper conversations about purpose and inspiration
Ø Connecting to different sources of Beauty
Ø Writing or telling the story/narrative of our life
Ø Reading ‘big picture’ thinking
Ø Creative practices
Ø Feeding our imaginations

Ether or the universe - is unlimited. By chanting the universe mantra, we can develop our
6th sense, connect to the angels and receive the highest self-healing power.

Through the universe mantra, we can heal our addictions, heartbreak, and depression. We
can make our soul like a magnet to attract the highest healing vibrations. we can also connect
to all of Creation because it encompasses all.

Ø Commitment to regular practices of meditation and/or contemplation that facilitate

the experience of Emptiness and Silence
Ø Reading sacred literature
Ø Yoga or Tai Chi
Ø Mindfulness
Ø Immersion in Nature
Ø Visiting sacred sites
Ø Reading mystical literature/poetry

When the Five Elements are in balance, we are able to function at our highest level as human
beings. To create this balance, there are ancient Indian mantras - sacred vibrations - for each
element, as well as practical easy-to-use techniques that we can use daily. We can learn how
to build homes and create spaces in alignment with the Five Elements.

When we follow correct principles, we are living physically in harmony with nature and, in turn,
our lives will be filled with happiness and success. Knowledge of the Five Elements is
essential in order to lead happy and healthy lives. By understanding the positive and negative
aspects of each element, we can tune our minds, heart and souls to use each element in the
most effective way. The first rule of thumb is that we cannot dominate the Five Elements;
instead, we have to surrender to the elements and respect them.

Balancing of the elements comprising the human being at all levels is therefore extremely
important for progression, a fact that everyone should not only be fully aware of, but also to
integrate into ongoing life.

To stay balanced, it is important to spend some time every week with nature and maintain a
place of inner silence. We can use the power of our thoughts and minds to heal others and
ourselves. Chanting the sacred element mantras is like tuning into perfect radio frequencies,
purifying our souls and opening us up to the divine rhythm of nature.

Spreading Love & Light ~ Oshum Karam