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Sunrise Beach Square

Designed by Jen Tyler

February 2017

Cape Town, South Africa

Some Useful Info!
A Vintage-look, super versatile, decorative floral square with rich texture and enough “lacy”
bits to give it a vintage feel. Perfect to use for an afghan, or repeats in a special bespoke baby
blanket, a cushion cover, a single or full sized blanket, or a country style throw over any old
couch that needs a loving touch! This square ends in a row of single crochets which makes it
easy to add more rounds to increase the size.
Crochet Terms: US
Skill Level: Advanced Beginner-Intermediate.
Yarn used: Stylecraft Special DK, Elle Yarns Pure Gold 4-PLY, Elle Yarns Batik Range DK
Hook size: 4mm
Special Stitches: Front and Back Post stitches, Clusters, Back Loop Stitches.
Square size after blocking: 7 1/2” x 7 1/2”

Vanilla, Stone, Tequila, Bellflower, Russet, Aran, Soft Moss
1) Begin with 8 x mini-Puffs into a Magic Ring. Mini-Puffs = y/o x 3 rather than y/o x 5. Slip
stitch to close into the small hole at the top of your first mini-Puff. Fasten off.
2) Begin this round with a sc into any space between Puffs. Ch1, then 1sc into next space be-
tween Puffs, ch1...continue this sequence until you have 8 x sc and 8 x ch1 spaces. Fasten
3) Begin this round with 2ch = 1hdc, then another 1hdc into any ch1 space from previous
round. Ch1 and into the next ch1 space, 1hdcm 2hdc, ch1..continue this sequence until
you have 8 x sets of 2hds’s (=16 in all ) and 8 x ch1 spaces. Slip stitch into beginning chains
and fasten off.
4) Start in any ch1 space between hdc’s. Ch4 (=1 treble). Then do a 5trcluster into same ch1
space. This = 1 x tr6cluster. Ch6. Then into the next ch1 space, 1 x tr6cluster, ch6 and con-
tinue with this sequence until you have 8 x tr6clusters, and 8 x ch6 spaces. Slip stitch into
the top of your 1st Cluster, to close. Fasten off. At this point Clusters will “cup” but this will
straighten out in the next round.
Optional: add some bling by threading your tails between the Puffs!
5) You’ll be working in the back of your piece in this round. Behind the ch6’s. Begin with ch3
( =1dc) into the space between 2hdc from round 3. In the same stich: ch1,
another dc, ch1, dc ( basically 2 V-stitches ). Then make 1hdcfrontpost
around the top of the tr6cluster, then 1dc, 1ch, 1dc, 1ch, 1dc between the next two hdc from
round 3. Do this in each of the hdc’s from round 3. This = 8 x 3dc’s + 16 x ch1 spaces + 8 x

To close, slip stitch into the first ch3 and fasten off.
6) In this round you’ll be working in front of the ch6, pulling your V’s to the front. Begin with
ch2 (=1hdc) into the ch1 space of the 1st V, then do 2 x hdc’s in this same space. Make
3xhdc’s into the next ch1 space of the 2nd V. Ch1 and sc into the base of the hdcfp, ch1 and
then pull the V’s through from under the ch6. 3hdc’s into 1st V. 3hdc’s into second V. Ch1, 1sc
into base of the hdcfp, ch1. Continue the sequence . This round = 16 x 3hdc “sets”, 16 x ch1
space, 8 x 1sc ( into hdcfp ). Slip stitch into first chains to close. Fasten off.
Note: the ch6’s will now be behind the hdc’s.
7) Begin this round with 2sc into a ch1 space (before the sc into the hdcfront post). Ch3 over
the sc, then 2sc into the ch1 space. Then ch2 over the 3hdc’s, 2sc into the space between
the 3hdc’s, ch2 over the next 3hdc, 2sc into ch1 space, ch3 over the sc, 2sc into the next
ch1 space . Ch2 over the 3hdc’s… continue this sequence. Slip stitch into 1st sc. Do not
fasten off. = 8 ch3sp’s + 16 x ch2sp’s + 48sc ( or 24 x 2sc’s ). See image for clarification.
8) Squaring off.
This round is basically a continuation from round 7. You ended the last round with a slip stitch
into the 1st sc before a ch3. Now slip stitch into the ch3 space and ch3, then 3dctog. This = 1x
dc4cluster. Ch4 and make a dc4cluster into this same ch3 space. Ch4, 1sc into 2sc’s from previ-
ous round. Ch4, 1 x dc4cluster into next ch3 space, ch4, 1sc into 2sc’s from previous round,
ch4 and 1x dc4cluster, ch3 and another dc4cluster into the same ch3 space. Ch4, 1sc into
2sc’s, ch4, 1 x dc4cluster, ch4, 1sc into 2sc...continue the sequence. = 4sets of 2x dc4clusters +
4xdc4cluster + 20 ch4’s + 8sc’s.
To end this round, slip stitch into 1st cluster, fasten off.
9)Begin with a sc into a ch4 space BEFORE a SINGLE cluster. Then, into same ch4 space, 1hdc,
1dc, 1tr. Skip over the single dc4cluster and into the next ch4 space, 1tr, 1dc, 1hdc, 1sc.
This part is a bit tricky! Make a dc3tog around 3 strands of a 2sc from round 7. In fact there
are 4 strands here, but use the 1st one, then the middle two, and then the last one to make
the dc3tog. Then 1scfp around the sc, then another dc3tog around the next 2sc’s. See image
for clarification. Then make 5sc’s around 4ch’s. 1scfront post around the top of the next Clus-
ter, then 3 x mini-Puffs into the ch3 between the Clusters, then 1scfront post around the next
Cluster, 5sc’s around the 4chains, 1 x dc3tog into the 2sc strands.
9) Continued.
Basically there are four corners that have Puffs and four corners that have sc, hdc, dc, and tr’s.
The image shows that the dc3togs are in the 2 sets of 2sc’s on either side of the sc above the
6trclusters. To end this tricky round, slip stitch into beginning sc. Fasten off and check your
work before working in tails. Stitch check: 4 sets of “ 1sc, 1hdc, 1dc, 1tr, 1tr, 1dc, 1hdc, 1sc” +
4 sets of “5sc’s, 1scfp, 3mini-puffs, 1scfp, 5sc” + 16 dc3togs + 8scfp ( between the togs).
10) Working in the Back Loops. Begin this round with a sc into the BL of the 1st sc you made
of the *1sc, 1hdc, 1dc, 1tr* set. Then 1sc into BL of the next 4 stitches. Ch1, and 1sc into
same BL ( creating the “point “ ). Then 1sc into the next 4 stitches, ending with a sc into the
ch space at the back of your work. This will be into the ch4’s from round 8, that will be peeking out! Ch4, then
do a sc back post around 1st Puff, ch1, scbp around 2nd Puff, ch1,
scbp around 3rd Puff. Ch4 and sc into chains at the back, then 1sc into BL of the next 5
stitches, ch1 and sc into same BL ( making the “point” ), then 1sc into BL of next 4 stitches,
sc into back chain space, ch4 and continue this sequence. You should end with 4 x BL
“corners” =11 stitches in total for each “corner” + 8 x ch4’s + 4 sets of 3 x scbp’s + 8 x ch1’s.
11) Now for some easy rounds! Yay!! Begin this super easy round in the 1st ch1 space after
a scbp. Ch3 (=1dc) then do 2dc’s into the same ch1 space. Ch3 over the 2nd scbp, and do
3dc’s into the next ch1 space. Then 4dc over the ch4’s. Ch3 and 1sc into two strands behind
the trebles of round 9.Ch3 and 4dc’s into 4chsp. Then 3dc’s into ch1sp, ch3 over the scbp,
and another 3dc’s into the next ch1sp. Then 4dc’s into the ch4sp and continue the sequence
= 56dc’s + 12 x ch3sp’s + 4sc’s. Slip stitch to close into 1st chains. Fasten off after checking
12) Begin this round with ch3 ( =1dc) into any corner ch3 space, then 1dc into same space,
ch2 and 2dc’s into same ch3 space. 1dc into next 7 stitches. Then 3dc into ch3 space = 12dc’s.
Now make 1sc into a “back strand” from the trebles in round 9. This is an anchoring stitch.
Then 3dc’s into ch3 sp, and 1dc into next 7 stitches, 2dc’s into ch3sp, ch2 and 2dc’s into same
ch3sp. Continue the sequence = 48dc’s + 8ch2sp, + 8sc’s. Slip stitch to close into 1st chains,
check stitches, fasten off.

13) Begin in any ch2 corner space, 5sc’s into this ch2sp. Then 1sc into next 13 stitches, 1slip
stitch into the top of the “point”, and 1sc into next 13 stitches. 5sc into corner ch2sp.NOTE:
the last sc is technically in the 1st chain of the corner. Continue the sequence, slip stitch in be-
ginning sc to close = 104sc’s + 4slipst + 4 x 5sc corners.
Optional Bling Round.
Make a chain approximately 120 chains. Work this chain “snake” through your last dc round.

PLEASE FEEL FREE to contact me on my Blog, FB page or email, if you need help, or if you encounter any mistakes in
this pattern.

Copyright : Jen Tyler Designs, Cape Town, South Africa 2017