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2 The Calvert County Times Thursday, January 18, 2018


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Thursday, January 18, 2018 The Calvert County Times Local News 3

Planners Shrink Huntingtown Village Size

More than 100 Comments Filed on Plan Update
By Dick Myers “The traffic impacts of the updated and traditions. Although the plan does developers and users and not the general
Editor land use patterns, and not include a heritage section, Willis public paying for it.
The treatment of appearance said the second draft will have one that The planning commission was expect-
Members of the Calvert County Plan- standards.” is being developed with the help of the ed to take one more crack at tweaking
ning Commission had some heavy Seneschal said, “The draft strives to county’s Historic District Planner Kirsti the first draft at their Jan. 17 meeting,
homework over the holidays. They had recognize existing development patterns Uumila. after which they will present the draft
more than 100 letters to read on more more accurately and to shift the loca- The implementation phase also will to the county commissioners at a joint
than 400 cumulative topics related to the tion of future residential units from rural come in the second draft. However, the meeting in February. That will begin the
first draft of the update of the county’s areas into consultant process of creating the second draft that
Comprehensive Plan, according to con- Town Cen- points out. will go to public hearing sometime this
sultant Jacquelyn Seneschal. ters without “It is worth coming summer.
“It’s really inspiring to see so many a signifi- noting that One of the unresolved issues to be
people take the time to make detailed cant change the Com- discussed with the commissioners is
comments,” Long-Range Planner Jenny in the over- prehensive whether a detailed Transportation Plan
Plummer-Welker told the planning com- all capac- Plan is a should be either done now, as part of
mission at the Jan. 10 meeting to review ity for new h igh-level the Comprehensive Plan update, or after
them. residential policy doc- It’s completed. Such a plan has not been
One of the hottest issues from the let- units.” ument that done since the 1990’s and some letter
ter writers was the size of the proposed So, the guides a writers called its lack a deficiency.
new Huntingtown Village. The draft expa nsion number of Willis noted that state law only re-
extended the former town center across of the Prince Frederick Town enter is not other county-wide and small area plans quired one public hearing for the en-
Routes 2/4 to include properties on Cox intended to increase population density. and regulations.” tire process. “We don’t believe in that,”
Road and the Huntingtown High School. Rather, “Land uses such as the College Letter writers were concerned about he said and insisted that comments can
As vivid proof that the planners were of Southern Maryland, the detention language in the plan for extending pub- continue to be received up until the final
taking the contents to heart, they re- center, schools, existing residential sub- lic, developer-funded public and com- vote by the commissioners.
sponded to the requests by shrinking the divisions, and employment centers add munity sewer projects. Willis said per-
village’s size. significant acreage but do not add resi- haps the distinctions should be better ex-
The commission, by a 4-2 vote, elimi- dential development potential,” she said. plained, but in any case, all would be the
nated the properties along Cox Road The existing Comprehensive Plan has
from the village. Residents had feared a goal of limiting population to 37,000
that would create additional traffic on
Cox Road and at its intersection with
Routes 2/4. The commission did, how-
households. Planning Commission
member Steve Jones wanted to know,
“Will that change because of what we
Bowen's Grocery
ever, leave Huntingtown High School are doing?” Family Owned & Operated Since 1929
within the village boundaries. The draft does not include a popula- The Charm and Quality of the Past with the Convenience and Variety of Today
Plummer-Welker explained that hav- tion goal, but could, and should accord-
ing the school in a State Priority Funding ing to some letter writers. “We truly in USDA Choice Beef • Cut to Order!
Area, which the village would be, would this draft are not changing the vision of
open it up for additional state funding the previous plan,” insisted Director of “Our Own” Freshly Ground Chuck
for a future renovation or expansion. The Planning and Zoning Mark Willis in re- “Our Own” Frozen Hamburger Patties
school was built where it is with a waiver sponse to Jones’ question.
of those requirements. But, Plummer- But, Seneschal points out: “The 2017 Steaks • Roasting Pigs
Welker said it would be easier to secure Maryland Department of Planning
the funding without the burden of going (MDP) analysis of development capac- Fresh Local Oysters BOARS HEAD
through a waiver. ity, based on current zoning, indicates a Pints • Quarts DELI MEATS • CHEESES
The concerns about the Huntingtown capacity for about 9,000 additional resi-
village were a subset of larger concerns dential units without TDRs (Transfer of
about the expansion of the town centers, Development Rights) and 15,000 units Fresh Salmon
particularly Prince Frederick. Other if TDRs are used, for a total of 44,000
"Our Own" Homemade
concerns raised in the letters, accord- units without use of TDRs and 49,000
ing to a report presented to the planning
commission by Seneschal, were:
dwelling units using TDRs.”
“Dunkirk is a special case,”
Country Sausage
Loose • Links
“Completeness of the document, with said Seneschal. “There are few, if any, Southern MD Stuffed Ham
particular concern for two topics: histor- residential units within the boundaries Stuffed Pork Chops Fully Cooked Boneless
ic preservation and government, which of the Dunkirk Town Center. Dunkirk’s With our Homemade Stuffing 4lb Bags • Halves • By the Pound
appear in the 2010 Comprehensive Plan Town Center boundaries stay the same
but are not elements required by state in the draft Land Use Plan. The sur- Jake & Amos Products Berger Cookies
law. rounding associated proposed residen-
“The Implementation Element was not
included in the October draft.
tial area is larger than the current one- Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer Bulk Candy & Snack Mixes
mile radius area. Nevertheless, the new Over 100 Choices!
“The effects of the plan updates, es- proposed residential area has a higher Bragg Organic
pecially the proposed Town Center ex- existing density than the current one- Nuts • Dried Fruits
pansions, on the county’s development
capacity, and the status of the previously-
mile radius area, because it recognizes
the existing residential subdivisions and
Apple Cider Vinegar PACKAGED & READY TO GO
adopted growth target of 37,000 dwell- excludes some undeveloped areas.” FULL SERVICE DELI
ing units. Planning Commission member Rob-
“Policies on the provision of sewer ert Reed said he had been hearing com- 4300 Hunting Creek Rd • Huntingtown, Maryland
service outside the Town Centers and plaints about the lack of a section in the 410-535-1304 follow us on facebook 410-257-2222
proposed Villages. plan dealing with the county’s history MON-FRI 6 AM - 9 PM • SAT-SUN 7 AM - 9 PM
4 Local News The Calvert County Times Thursday, January 18, 2018

Café Owner Critical of Polar Bear Food Truck

By Dick Myers was ready to warm then up with coffee, hot chocolate view with The County Times the next day, Frazier said
Editor and breakfast sandwiches at his quaint shop just a block he was the one who made the decision and he stands
away at 7th St. by it. He said he knew the weather would be cold and it
John Diiorio showed up at the crack of dawn to open While Diiorio and his wife Megan were getting ready would be a convenience for the plungers to have a food
his cafe on New Year’s Day. Sweet Sues Bake Shop and for the chilled customers, a food truck was pulling into truck close by instead of having to walk the extra block.
Coffee Bar had done a good business the year before the town parking lot. It too was preparing coffee, hot Frazier at the town meeting said he would stop by
from participants in North Beach’s annual Polar Bear chocolate and breakfast sandwiches. The food truck and talk to Diiorio the next day, but by Saturday the
Plunge. He was expecting comparable results this year. put a major dent into the anticipated business at Sweet shop owner said no one from the town had contacted
The free Polar Bear Plunge is a fundraiser put on Sue’s. His take was $1,000 less than last year, a signifi- him. He said he was disappointed that he had not re-
by the Town of cant amount for a small business that struggles in North ceived an explanation.
North Beach to Beach in the dead of winter, according to Diiorio. Several council members also apologized to Diiorio.
raise money for Diiorio took his complaints to the Jan. 11 meeting of “It was one of those unintended consequences that can
a charity des- the North Beach Town Council. Diiorio told the council happen,” said Councilwoman Gwen Schiada. She said
ignated by the that to add insult to injury he had shelled out $325 to be the council was committed to economic development.
town. This year a sponsor for the event and have Sweet Sue’s name em- She pointed out the closing of Chesapeake Bounty,
the Chesapeake blazoned on the tee-shirts handed out to the Polar Bear which is scheduled to reopen soon.
Bay waters were Plunge participants. The food truck was not a sponsor Sweet Sue’s has been open for 12 years. It was named
in the 20s when and in fact was from Anne Arundel County. for its original owner. The Diiorios have operated it
hundreds of dedi- He said the council should have had more consider- since 2012. The shop is open during the winter from
cated, but slightly ation for existing “brick-and-mortar” businesses. For 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and 9
crazy partici- other events he feels the town should not allow outside a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sundays.
pants, plunged vendors that compete with existing town businesses.
into the frigid “My apologies for something we should not have
waters. Diiorio done,” Mayor Mark Frazer told Diiorio. But in an inter-

Community Invited to Continue Conversation on Race

By Dick Myers this year’s Big Conversation concluded ers telling their stories and then the event to racial discussions.
Editor its three-part series. But, the organiz- broke up into a dozen split-out sessions One of the organizers, Malcolm Funn,
ers, and more than 150 participants con- for those stories to continue with the aid told a personal story of meeting with a
This is the sixth year that Middleham cluded at the end of the day that the con- of facilitators. friend for dinner and that white friend
and St Peter’s Episcopal Parish in Lusby versation on race needed to continue. To Calvert County NAACP President Mi- telling him he was a supporter of state’s
has held a “Big Conversation.” This year that end the parish is holding a Pot Luck chael Kent told the story of his family, rights. Funn, who is black, informed him
the organizers say was different. They Supper on Feb. 25 and inviting the com- descendants of a slave and a white sla- that when he heard the term state’s rights
tackled an admittedly difficult subject -- munity in to continue the dialogue. veowner. Sone of his family were light- that meant “denial of rights to me.” He
racism. To prepare for the conversation, The experience of one participant in skinned, but they had to move anyway said, eating dinner at that Chesapeake
the organizers took more time, brought the break-out sessions stated an experi- from the county and pass for white in Beach restaurant, that when he was
in outside community members to help ence heard repeatedly. The white man order to find success. growing up, “I couldn’t be in Chesa-
and enlisted the aid of seven community said where he worked and went to church, “The school system ended in the sev- peake Beach after sundown.”
organizations. the two places he most often meets peo- enth grade,” he said and black children After the breakout sessions, facilita-
During the weekend for the celebration ple, were largely white. A black woman had to go to Baltimore to continue their tors from the Community Mediation
of the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. told him she education. Centers of Calvert and St. Mary’s report-
meets a lot of Calvert County Historic Preservation ed back on some of the findings. They
people in Wal Planner Kirsti Uumila said, “People like included:
Mart. Another Michael and their stories are my job for “Relationships are built one at a time.”
suggested go- Calvert County.” However, those stories “Love each other more”
ing to events are not relayed in the previous histories “Leadership needs to be inclusive”
at the library of the county, she said “Come together with a common value
that attract a Dr. Carmen Phelps is the new head of system”
diverse group. the College of Southern Maryland’s In- “Engage young people”
In other stitutional Equity and Diversity Office. “There hasn’t been a change of heart”
words, find in- “We have a story at the center of it all. “There’s a lot of backsliding. Things
dividual ways It’s all about storytelling,” she said. are getting more stagnant”
to keep the Beach Elementary School Princi- “You need to be proactive in changing
conversation pal Dr. Mike Shisler said his school is the system”
gong. 31 percent minority yet there are only “Begin to speak to people as people”
The theme a handful of black teachers and admin- “Personally, we can make a difference
of the Feb. istrators. The maintenance staff, how- every day”
14 event was ever, are all black. He said the question “Be comfortable with being
“stories,” the needed to be asked: “Are all levels of our uncomfortable”
telling of in- schools inclusive?” Partners for this year’s Big Conver-
dividual ex- Former NAACP president Joyce Free- sation were the Community Media-
periences that land captivated the audience with stories tion Centers of Calvert and St. Mary’s,
h igh lighted of growing up on a Calvert County farm. College of Southern Maryland, Calvert
the race ex- She said her sister wanted to participate ad St. Mary’s branches of the NAACP,
perience for in the fair queen contest, but instead of Calvert Library and Concerned Black
both blacks confronting the race issue, the contest Women of Calvert County.
and whites. was not held that year.
The afternoon Sandy Walker, the school system’s di-
Facilitators presented the findings of the Big Conversation break-out began with six versity director, said It’s “the impact on
sessions. guest speak- the students that matters,” when it comes
Thursday, January 18, 2018 The Calvert County Times Local News 5

Let CSM Help You Get Fit for the New Year
By Casey Bacon ments for teenagers.
Contributing Writer For those with children interested in
or already active on swim teams, the col-
As the new year rolls around, the in- lege’s competitive swim program offers
evitable convention of resolutions to bet- beginner-to-advanced-level classes for
ter one’s self comes with it. Though well- those looking to develop or maintain a
intentioned, within a few weeks most are competitive edge in swimming.
abandoned for the old habits of the past, Courses aren’t just for personal en-
with getting into shape being one of the richment, however: the college offers
most-popular—and most failed—annual Red Cross-certified lifeguard training,
goals. classes to certify owners of pools and
The benefits from a regular 30 min- spas, and even licenses students to teach
utes of exercise a day are abundant and water-safety courses themselves. Leon-
familiar, from weight control to disease ardtown’s campus also operates a shal-
prevention to mood improvement and low therapy pool, opening up courses
more, but many find that they don’t have like “aquatic reconditioning” and “se-
the time or resources to dedicate to daily nior aquatic wellness” for those with
workouts. disabilities or pain to improve their flex-
Though they can’t dedicate the time ibility, strength, and endurance skills in
for you, the wellness, fitness, and aquat- a controlled, beneficial way. The gyms at all three CSM campuses offer members a variety of resources to reach all their
ics (WFA) centers at the College of For those looking for a more tradi- fitness goals. Photo courtesy of the College of Southern Maryland.
Southern Maryland’s campuses provide tional approach to exercise, the college’s
convenient, clean, and convivial environ- La Plata, Leonardtown, and Prince Fred- Encore Membership.” and reopened for the 2018 year on Jan.
ments to get and stay in shape, whether erick campuses all hold fitness centers Daily visit punch passes are available 2. Hours of operation are dependent on
you’re committed to serious daily work- with gyms, exercise studios, and class- to the more occasional visitor, which al- the campus location and the day of the
outs in the new year or looking for more rooms to meet the needs of its members. lows access to the college’s pool and fit- week; see the wellness center page of the
casual visits for your own pleasure. Yoga, Zumba, and Tai Chi offer the ness centers for the day. college’s website to track your nearest
“CSM prides itself on being more than typical fitness class experience, while For students enrolled at the college, all campus’s accessibility.
just a ‘gym,’” WFA Assistant Director courses like “5K training for beginning wellness facilities are free; for those who For more information about the cours-
Kyle Kebaugh explains. “We prefer to runners” and “resistance training for are not, membership fees of some kind es offered and membership options,
define our facilities as an educational women” present more goal-specific ac- will be due on a quarterly basis. check out, call the noncredit
and recreational resource” to both stu- tivities to students. The wellness facilities are open in information line at 301-539-4760, or
dents and the community, and “aim to Should a student’s fitness interests be accordance with the semester calendar, email
promote physical, social, and emotional more diverse, the college’s GroupEX
health and wellness.” Passport program allows members to
With both fitness and aquatic centers cross-train with a varied, daily course
across their campuses, the spread of the list to create an exclusive exercise bill of
college across Southern Maryland allows their own.
membership for all area residents. Both Membership is required to access any
La Plata and Leonardtown feature the of the college’s wellness centers, but
latter, each boasting “state-of-the-art,” many options exist. Individual member-
25-yard pools at their facilities where ship, valid at Leonardtown and La Plata
members can enjoy a variety of classes campuses, allows access to open hours
for an even broader array of interests and in the fitness center and pools, a monthly
skill levels. Adult aquatics classes of- wellness program, and to all GroupEx
fered range from the very basics in “be- classes; the Passport program can be
ginning swimming” to “aquatic Zumba,” used only at the campus it’s purchased.
a “fun, low-impact” version of traditional Additional members of your household
Zumba classes, while the youth aquatics may be added to your subscription to en-
program offers “Red Cross-level” swim- joy the same privileges at a reduced cost,
ming courses for those as young as six and there are exclusive memberships of-
months and through to skills improve- fered to those over 50 with “Plus Fifty

Bridal Open House

Take a tour of the house, stroll along our large private beach, or
walk and enjoy our yard. Light refreshments will be served. Start planning
your special day. Let us make your day in an unforgettable way!
January 21st 12:30 to 3:30 pm
Search for Ocean Hall Events on for more information.

36889 Bushwood Wharf Road • Bushwood, MD 20618

The La Plata and Leonardtown (pictured) campuses give members a fun yet energizing
alternative to the traditional gym workout. Photo courtesy of the College of Southern • 240-925-2163
6 Local News The Calvert County Times Thursday, January 18, 2018

North Beach Selects Fierce Winter Storms

New Attorney Won’t Stop Calvert Cliffs
As Winter Storm Grayson pounded Exelon Generation’s nuclear fleet oper-
By Dick Myers the East Coast with high winds, bone- ated at 95 percent capacity.
Editor chilling temperatures and historic “Our performance this past week
power demands, Exelon Generation’s helps demonstrate nuclear power’s re-
The Town of North Beach has selected a Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant op- liability and resiliency nationally,”
new attorney, someone familiar to neighbor- erated at 100 percent power, delivering said Chief Nuclear Officer Bryan Han-
ing Chesapeake Beach. The town council at a critical electricity to nearly two million son. “Millions of people count on the
Jan. 11 executive session selected Elissa Le- homes during two of the highest daily electricity our nuclear facilities pro-
van, who is currently also Chesapeake Beach’s peak demand periods ever recorded. vide, in homes, businesses, schools
town attorney During the same period, Exelon Gen- and hospitals, so we prepare for win-
Levin is a member of the Funk & Bolton, eration’s five other nuclear facilities in ter all year long to meet our reliability
P.A. firm’s Baltimore office in their Local the region also operated at nearly 100 commitments.”
Government Practice area. She has been rep- percent power as arctic temperatures All 14 Exelon Generation nuclear fa-
resenting governmental clients since 1992, In gripped the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. cilities operate more than 90 percent of
addition to Chesapeake Beach, she represents Similar to the Polar Vortex, Winter the time, even though the reactors are
the cities of Bowie and Westminster and the Storm Grayson caused massive spikes in taken offline for refueling outages ev-
town of Church Hill on the Eastern Shore. electricity demand. According to PJM ery 18 to 24 months. With on-site fuel
Levin will succeed another member of the Interconnection, the regional grid op- and 18- to 24-month operating cycles,
Funk and Bolton firm, Karen Ruff, who an- erator, the storm generated the region’s Exelon Generation’s nuclear plants
nounced to the town last year that she was highest winter electricity demand since don’t face fuel availability or delivery
leaving the law firm to go to work for another 2014, resulting in two of PJM’s all-time problems in inclement weather.
town. She however agreed to stay on until the top 10 winter peak demands: 136,125
New North Beach Town Attorney town completed its search. That search in- megawatts on Jan. 3 and 136,206 on Press release by Calvert Cliffs Nuclear
Elissa Levan cluded personal appearances before the town Jan. 5. During the Polar Vortex of 2014, Power Plant.
council for interviews of four candidates and their associates over three months of

Calvert County Tourism

regular meetings that concluded with two interviews at the Jan. 11 meeting.
Ruff had agreed to fill in after the death of the town attorney of 25 years, John
Shay, 61, of Dunkirk, who passed away June 6, 2017, after bravely battling cancer for
three years. He was a member of the Brennan, McKenna, Manzi & Shay law firm.

Industry Posts Gains

Levan, in addition to her municipal work, has also provided general representation
to private sector businesses, including several not-for-profit entities, such as the Cor-
ridor Transportation Corporation.
According to her bio on the Funk & Bolton website: “Levan has been active for
many years in the Maryland Municipal Attorney’s Association and served, among It seems the word is out
other capacities, for several years as its liaison to the Maryland Municipal League’s about the pristine water-
Legislative Committee. She has also been a member of both the Maryland State ways, natural parks, and
Bar Association’s Local Government and Administrative Law Sections, for both of unique attractions that make
which sections she has served on the governing Councils. She is a Fellow of the Calvert County a favorite
Maryland Bar Foundation. “ destination. A study on the
impact of tourism, released in December by the Mary-
land Office of Tourism De-

What’s Coming to Calvert

velopment, shows an im-
pressive 5.6 percent increase
in visitors to the county in
2016. In addition, Calvert
The following list of pending site sales building into a joint use, conve- County tourism industry
plans was presented to the Calvert nience/liquor store, with gas pumps, re- sales grew by 3.5 percent to
County Planning Commission at their quired parking and utilities.  The proj- nearly $152 million, while
Jan. 17 meeting. That means that the ect is on private water & sewer. The tourism employment, labor
proposals are on the list for consider- submittal was accepted May 24, 2017.  income and tax receipts all
ation by the planning commission at a Agent: R.A. Barrett posted gains.
future meeting. 3.SPR-2017-266, Calvert Hills East Nearly 1,300 people are
1.SPR-16-537335, Scaggs Indus- Located on the west side of North directly employed through
trial Flex Space Prince Frederick Boulevard and Ra- the Calvert County tourism
Located at 7630 Meadow Run Lane, dio Road in Prince Frederick on five sector, representing $41.6
Meadow Run Industrial Park in Ow- (5) parcels consisting of 22.57 acres, million in labor income.
ings, on a 14.61 parcel, zoned I-1.  Pro- zoned PFTC, Village District. The Photo by Frank Marquart
Tourism tax receipts in 2016
posed two multi-tenant light industrial proposed five (5) new buildings con- – including federal, state,
buildings totalling 25,600 square feet. tain 96 apartments, a maintenance local and hotel taxes – totaled nearly $40 million, an increase of almost 5.8
The submittal was accepted Febru- building, required parking, utilities and percent over 2015.
ary 24, 2016 as a Category I project. recreation area. The project is on pub- “The county’s rich history, unique shopping, concerts, beaches, wineries,
Agent: Collinson Oliff & Associates lic water & sewer. The submittal was breweries and dining experiences draw more and more visitors every year,”
2.SPR-2017-245, Huntingtown accepted September 27, 2017. Agent: said Calvert County Department of Economic Development Director Kelly
Fastop Bay Engineering Robertson-Slagle. “The economic impact numbers for 2016 reinforce the
Located at 3921 Old Town Road in fact that the tourism industry is a vital economic driver for the county; I
Huntingtown on a 1.01 parcel, zoned List supplied by the Calvert County fully expect more good news in our world of tourism next year.”
HTC, Mixed Use District.  Proposed Department of Planning and Zoning.
to re-purpose the existing automobile Press release by Calvert County News and Highlights.
Thursday, January 18, 2018 The Calvert County Times Local News 7

Preparing the Farm For the Next

Generation Succession Workshop
The Southern Maryland Agri- This workshop is designed to help tion remains stable and continues to, or
cultural Development Commis- farm families navigate the often thrive.  contact the Prince George’s County
sion (SMADC) is partnering with challenging and complex landscape This workshop is recommended UMD Extension Office at 301-868-
the University of Maryland, Mary- of ownership transition, by provid- for all types of farm enterprise; all 8780, or email
land Department of Agriculture, ing helpful tips and communication generations on the farm are encour-
Nationwide, and Alliance for the strategies to begin exploring mutual aged to attend. The workshop will Press release by SMADC.
Bay to host an intensive, one-day goals and objectives. be held on Jan. 18 from 8:30 a.m. to
workshop to assist farm owners Participants will walk away with 2 p.m. at the SMECO Auditorium,
and their families in planning for the tools they need to develop a 15035 Burnt Store Rd., Hughesville,
a smooth and secure transition of farm succession plan, prepare fam- MD. A workshop fee of $10 includes
their farms from one generation to ily members and engage them in the materials and lunch.
the next. process to ensure the farm opera- Register online at Succession-

And help us get an
early start on spring.

We’re looking for people to be part of our team this spring in seasonal
positions. It’s your chance to make a difference every day.

& Weddings
Share the love with a wedding or engagement announcement!

To place a FREE announcement: Visit for available positions

Email a brief description to or stop by customer service.
Job Fair at St. Mary’s Lowe’s
45075 Worth Ave, California, MD

County Times St. Mary’s County ● Calvert County

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 – 10am-4pm Lowe’s is an equal opportunity employer. ©2017 Lowe’s. LOWE’S and Gable Mansard Design are registered trademarks of LF, LLC.
8 Education The Calvert County Times Thursday, January 18, 2018

School Board Receives Equity Update

By Dick Myers ter down to the students, he said.
Editor Walker gave an example of an email
from a teacher doing a survey for the
The Calvert County Board of Education received a yearbook; she asked a question about
progress report on its Equity initiative at their Jan. 11 the students’ favorite shoes. At first,
meeting. Supervisor of Equity and School Improve- she listed shoes and asked the students
ment Sandy Walker has been in the position for a year to choose. She found the shoes she men-
and a half and is leading the initiative. tioned were higher priced and some of
Walker told the school board that equity teams the students weren’t familiar with them.
have been established in all the schools. Some schools She then added an option of the student
have the entire staff involved in the initiative. In oth- picking their favorite shoe. Walker said
ers Walker is starting with classroom teachers and the that was an example of empowering
administrators. students.
Walker said at each of his presentations he delivers Another success involving students
the same message about what equity is and is not in was the recent M.I.L.E. (Minority
hopes that people will internalize what he is saying. Leadership of Excellence Institute) at
Walker says Equity is not: the Prince Frederick College of South-
• Placing blame ern Maryland campus. The program
• Prompting pity was attended by 135 students from the
• Just about race four high schools and from three mid-
• A witch hunt dle schools.
• Avoiding race where it’s relevant Balinski said that the community was
• Just accomplished in the classroom also embracing what Walker is doing.
He says Equity is: “I think it is going to spread in Calvert
• Understanding and building awareness of per- County,” she said.
sonal bias Board member Pamela Cousins said
• Building relationships she talked to a community member
• Removing barriers to success Supervisor of Equity and School Improvement Sandy Walker at the Jan. 14 Community while on her way to the M.I.L.E. con-
Conversation of Racism at Middleham and St. Peter’s Episcopal Parish in Lusby.
• Flipping predictors of failure ference. She told that person what she
to predictors of success members. was doing and got the response: “In
• Cultural proficiency Board student member Thomas Ridenour observed Calvert County?” She said the initiative was an indica-
“We are changing heads and hearts, so we teach not the emphasis on teachers for the equity training and tion of progress.
preach.” The teaching involves several one-hour equity wanted to know how that would filter down to students. Walker concluded by saying what he was doing was
sessions for each of the school system’s employees. In Walker said Calvert and Huntingtown high schools a process that would take a while.
response to a question from board Vice President Dawn do have student equity teams. “They are doing great
Balinski, Walker said those sessions will include board work,” he said. Empowering staff will allow that to fil-
Thursday, January 18, 2018 The Calvert County Times Education 9

CSM Announces Dean’s List for Fall 2017 Semester

The College of Southern Maryland
(CSM) has released its dean’s list for the
fall semester. Students who have earned
12 or more credits at CSM are eligible
to be considered for the dean’s list. At
the end of the fall, spring, and summer
sessions, full- and part-time students
who have completed at least six credits
during the semester and have earned a
cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or
better will be included on the dean’s list.

Broomes Island
Josephine Trahan

Chesapeake Beach
Ian Beard, Janelle Black, Lara Blaker,
Caroline Dabbs, Mandie Dietrich, Tara
Dillman, Pennod Dunlap, Patrick Fitz-
water, Haley Harford, Daniel Harting,
Taylor Heiston, Emma Hicks, Zachary
Krohn, Nicholas Lanthier, Haley Lea-
gan, Rose Lovecchio, Meredith Mancu-
so, Jacquelyn Mason-Cockrell, Katelyn
Mathieson, Marina McNamara, Anita
Misago, Rita Misago, Emily Mitchell,
Patricia Sloskey, Edwin Stewart, Alex-
andra St. Laurent, Madison Thorne, Sa-
matha Weedon, Muirgheal Wheeler
The College of Southern Maryland (CSM) has released its dean’s list for the fall semester. Students who have earned 12 or more credits at CSM are eligible
to be considered for the dean’s list. Shown here, CSM students head to class at the beginning of the fall semester. Photo courtesy of the College of Southern
Dunkirk Maryland.
Olivia Cochran, Harrison Colver, Ali-
sa Elsner, Nicole Fink, Lauren Fletcher, Parks, Tanesha Parran, Lucy Paskoff, St. Leonard nelly, Megan Doxzon, Audrey Evans,
Alyssa Gray, Alexa Harris, Derrick Jessica Schrader, Abigail Simmons, Erica Hammerquist, Samantha Hein- Paul Goldsmith, Abigail Kelley, Jewlia
Jackson, Kristin Jackson, Bradley Long- Janelle Stack, Micah Stahl, Emily tze, David Nehf Koehn, Jessica Loveless, Emily Mar-
sworth, Lindsay McKenzie, Kayla My- Turner, Michael Waby, Lily Winsted shall, Shannon McCartney, Cassidy Mc-
ers, Kathleen Phillips, Cheyenne Roach, Solomons Dowell, Anthony Meizel, Mary Moore,
Amy Trembly North Beach Anthony Campitelli, Amelia Dickson John Mulhern, Joshua Mulhern, Kim-
Brittany Arthur, Desirae Dennis, Ja- berleigh Nicholas
Huntingtown son Pigford, Brendan Smith St. Leonard
Jefferson Bauckman, Spencer Beahm, Nicole Altomare, Alexis Barbieri, Sunderland
Lonnie Bowen, Patrick Brogan, Charles Owings Kimberly Barchers, Andrea Block, Tina Ivy Fortner, Christopher Mansfield,
Brown, Conor Cassidy, Adriana Collins, Alexys Adams, Johnny Arens, Jessica Clarke, Alyssa Dawkins, Keegan Don- Hannah Romanowski
Megan Ford, Alexander Frye, Timothy Bly, Amanda Cole, Chad Cox, Matthew

Board of Education
Hemmer, Tyler Higgs, Kaitlyn Hilgen- Disharoon, Joshua Griffith, Brittany
berg, Christopher Hogue, Josef Horak, Kaleda, Cory Kelly, Phillip Means, Ra-
Taesha Johnson, Alexis Lauer, Allison chael Mehls, Michael Miranda, Thomas
Munley, Brandon Nieves, Ryan Pur-

Modifies Calendar
Mattera, Kristina McKeaver, John Mur-
ray, Christopher Nguyen, Sarah Noble, cell, Andrew Reggettz, Travis Ropel,
Jamie Ourand, Timothy Pawlowski, Re- Cody Schultz, Stephen Walton, Brian
becca Posner, Bailey Scott, Emily Settle, Whitworth
Allison Shoemaker, Ian Siders, Jeremi-
ah Suburu, Rebecca Suburu, Raymond Port Republic The Board of Education of Calvert Thursday, March 29, 2018 becomes
Waldron Kelsey Cox, Kendall Edge, Simon County Public Schools on Jan. 11 af- a school day with a two-hour early dis-
French, Shannon Gray, Kenneth Hin- firmed the Superintendent’s recommen- missal for students and teacher work
Lusby kle, Kayla James, Jacob Kolenda, Jason dation to modify the school calendar to time. (Make-up day #2 for students)
Cameron Allen, Elizabeth Blasy, Lopynski, Victoria Popp, Shannon Rob- make up three snow days. The proposed Friday, June 8, 2018 becomes a full
Crystal Bowen, Amber Buckler, James erts, Miranda Shaw calendar changes follow the inclement day for students and staff. This was orig-
Busey, Stevia Cammack, Amanda Col- weather contingencies that were pub- inally a two-hour early dismissal day.
ee, Claudia Cormier, Elizabeth Duncan, Prince Frederick lished on the 2017-2018 school calen- Monday, June 11, 2018 becomes a
Abbie Everly, Jasmine Ford, Brody Fry, Rodrigo Arce Palomino, Angela May- dar that was approved by the Board last school day with a two-hour early dis-
Tabbatha Gantt, Felicia Hall, James belle Irene Belisario, Gabriele Braman, January. missal for students and teacher work
Hammons, Thomas Harrison, Timothy Rebecca Brown, Amy Chaffee, Cari El- Monday, February 19, 2018 (Presi- time. (Make-up day #3 for students)
Herten, Cari Hopson, Jenny Horling, liot, Claire Ellison, Adam Foster, Renee dents Day) becomes a professional de- Tuesday, June 12, 2018 becomes the
Dominique Jenkins, Oluwaseyi Kin- Guy, Nicholas Haydin, Lawrence Horse- velopment day for staff. Schools are last day for 10-month employees.
tunde, Calvin Klapper, Kerry Lane, man, Allison Kingston, Lisa Malecki, closed for students. If more student days are missed due
Bethany Lauman, Alondra Lopez-Perez, Joy Marsiglia, Billie Jo Maule, Maura Tuesday, February 20, 2018 becomes a to inclement weather or emergency clos-
John McCaffery, Matthew McCloskey, Mullaney, Faith Norton, Mark Nyman, school day for students and staff. (Make- ings, these days will be made up begin-
Patrick McCloskey, Caitlyn McCollam, Lilia Petropol, Timothy Rawlings, Sally up day #1 for students) ning on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 and on
Hannah Miller, Tyson Minix, Chan- Sinclair, Barbara Sheldon, Surechha Wednesday, March 28, 2018 becomes consecutive days thereafter.
dler Moore, Victoria Moreland, Sierra Shrestha, Ashley Smith, Cara Smith- a full day for students and staff. This was
Mundey, Luciana Naegele, Amanda burger, Maxwell Van Rees, Hannah originally a two-hour early dismissal Press Release from Calvert County
Newcome, Nicole Nichols, Terrence Westman day. Public Schools.
10 Education The Calvert County Times Thursday, January 18, 2018

School Board Reaches Tentative

Agreement with Union
Board of Education
The Board of Educa-
tion of Calvert County and
Elects Officers
the Calvert Association of
Supervisors and Adminis- T h e Cousins has served as president for
trators (CASA) reached a Board of the past two years. According to Cath-
tentative negotiated agree- Educa- erine Page, school system spokesper-
ment for the period 2018- tion of son, there is no specific policy on ro-
2019 through 2020-2021. Calver t tating the presidency although that has
The collaborative effort County generally been the practice in recent
between the parties result- Public years.
ed in an agreement that in- Schools McGuire said she is pleased to serve
cludes language regarding on Jan. 11 as the Board President. “I look for-
performance evaluation, elected ward,” she said, “to continuing the
leave, wellness, and com- Tracy H. good work and the good path that Ms.
pensation. Eligible admin- McGuire Cousins has put us on for the past two
istrators and supervisors as Presi- years. My goal is making sure our
are slated to receive a step dent and decision making is deliberative and
increase and restoration
New Calvert County Board Dawn C. aligned with the strategic plan.”
step in 2018-2019, a step
of Education President Tracy Ba l i n sk i
increase and 1% COLA in 2019-2020, and a step increase and restoration step for as Vice By Dick Myers and Press Release
2020-2021. President. Also serving on the Board from Calvert County Public Schools.
Items in the new agreement that require fiscal support shall be valid and binding are Pamela L. Cousins, Kelly D. Mc-
to the extent that sufficient funds are guaranteed and/or made available by fiscal Conkey, and William J. Phalen, Sr.
authorities to fully implement said items. Thomas S. Ridenour of Northern High
CASA and the Board must now ratify the agreement. is the Student Member of the Board.

Joint Press Release of the Board of Education of Calvert County and the Calvert

PAX Naval Air

Association of Supervisors and Administrators

Join us for Museum to Host

Calvert County and the
Opioid Epidemic The Patuxent River Naval Air Muse-
um (PRNAM) is pleased to announce
Erik Hildebrant and Liz Walter, St.
Mary’s Arts Council, Annmarie Gar-
the first annual Science, Technology, den, the Calvert Marine Museum, the
Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) NAWCAD Educational Outreach Of-
January 31, 2018 Day for the Community, to be held at fice, and more.
the museum on Feb. 10 th. “We really believe that kids learn
6:30 to 8:30 p.m. “This event is the first of its kind best when they have a chance to see
Northeast Community Center here at the museum,” noted Dan Bra- the applications of what they’re learn-
mos, Vice President of Activities for ing,” Bramos said. “And that’s why it
4075 Gordon Stinnett Avenue the museum. “We are eager to wel- is great when local experts are will-
come the community to explore our ing to come out and share what they
Chesapeake Beach, Maryland newly re-opened exhibits, to learn do, letting kids get their hands on the
about the intersections of art and sci- tools and technology, and see how
The evening’s program includes the ence in aviation, and to have dedicated what they learn can fit into the world
sponsors on hand to demonstrate how around them.”
following discussions and training: that technology is being used in the In addition to hands-on exhibits,
world today.” there will be food and drinks available
 Signs and Symptoms of Opioid Abuse Staff from local companies and or- for purchase, a “selfie station” for pic-
ganizations will be on hand all day tures and appearances by Oscar Falco,
 Calvert County Emerging Drug Trends to welcome visitors and children, and the museum mascot.
to assist with a variety of hands-on The event will be open from 10
 Substance Abuse and the Family demos. Sponsors that have affirmed a.m. to 5 p.m., and will take place in
their involvement include ABSI De- both buildings and on the flight line,
 Naloxone Training fense, Pax Space, NASA Goddard weather permitting. Regular museum
Sponsored by:
Space Flight Center, Northrop Grum- admission prices apply for the event.
man, the Build a Hero Mobile STEAM
Calvert Alliance Against Substance Abuse, Inc.
Bus, Usborne Books, Mathnasium, Press Release by PAX River Naval Air
Prescription Drug Abuse Abatement Council the NAWCAD Mobile Fan Lab, the Museum.
Twin Beach Opioid Abuse Awareness Committee NARHAMS Model Rocket Club, art-
For more information call 410-535-3733 ist Hank Caruso, aerial photographers
Thursday, January 18, 2018 The Calvert County Times Cops & Courts 11

Detectives Still Seeking Police: Calvert Man Had

Store Bandits Sex with Minor Over
By Guy Leonard
Staff Writer
Three Years
Sheriff Mike Evans said Monday By Guy Leonard she was 12 years old.
that his detectives are still looking for Staff Writer Court papers showed that Leymeister
two African American males who used allegedly videotaped the sex acts with
a handgun to rob the Safeway grocery A Prince Frederick man had sex with the victim “and they viewed their sexual
store in Prince Frederick on Dec. 23. a young girl in his custody and care, intercourse on several occasions.”
Evans told The County Times that the sometimes against her will, more than When the victim told Leymeister she
suspects in the case have not been com- 100 times over a three year period, Cal- might have become pregnant, he gave
pletely identified. vert County Circuit Court indictments her very large doses of Vitamin C in or-
Sheriff’s office representatives have and charging documents allege. der to try and end the pregnancy, court
said the robbery was probably an at- tomer as they left. Curtis Andrew Leymeister, II was papers stated.
tempt to steal pharmaceuticals from the The two suspects then ran into the formally indicted last month after be- When interviewed, Leymeister said:
store — likely opioids. woods behind the store. ing arrested and charged with numerous “We did it all,” regarding the types of
Police said the two perpetrators en- Evans said there might have been counts divided mostly between charges sexual acts with the victim.
tered the store and waited next to the more than two perpetrators involved in of second-degree rape and sexual abuse “I hate myself so much,” Leymeister
pharmacy counter several minutes be- the robbery. of a minor, court records show. was reported to have said.
fore jumping the counter and pushing an “It’s very possible there was a getaway Those same records show that the il- The victim said that on several occa-
employee out of the way in an attempt to car,” Evans said. licit sexual deeds began in July of 2014 sions Leymeister held her down by her
grab drugs. The sheriff’s office is asking anyone and continued through July of last year. arms or shoulders to have sex with her;
Sometime during the altercation one with any information about the robbery Leymeister’s alleged sexual miscon- there were times she tried to fight him
of the suspects produced a handgun or the identity of these two individuals duct was first reported to police in Cal- off, she said, but eventually succumbed
and brandished it; video images of the to contact Detective Justin Livingston at vert County by Child Protective Servic- because he was bigger and stronger.
incident show one of the perpetrators at- 410-535-2800 ext. 2596, or Justin.Liv- es workers. Leymeister is set for trial in Circuit
tempting to place the handgun back in The investigation found that Leymeis- Court in April.
his waistband. ter had engaged in numerous types of
The two suspects then fled the store, sex acts with the juvenile victim since
police said, knocking over a female cus-

Calvert County Sheriff’s Office Crime Report

January 16, 2018
During the week of January 8-14 responded to Hall Court, Owings and later identi- the cell later identified as Brian Hill
deputies of the Calvert County Sher- for the report of damaged property. fied as Joseph (37) of Benedict had torn apart his
iff’s Office responded to 1,214 calls The victim stated that an unknown Bateman (41) mattress. Hill was charged with Mali-
for service throughout the community. suspect(s) had entered his backyard of Charlotte cious Destruction of Property/ Value
and knocked over several of their Hall and Tay- less $1,000.
Burglary: 18-1790 Christmas lights. lor Schreiber
On January 12, 2018 Deputy R. Ev- (23) of Lovetts- On January 14, 2018 Deputy Wil-
ans responded to Long Beach Road, Theft: 18-1448 ville, Virginia. liamson was on routine patrol in the
Saint Leonard for the report of a bur- On January 10, 2018 Deputy Cal- A search of the area of N Solomons Island Road and
glary. The victim stated that some- lison responded to the Country Plaza vehicle was con- Dalrymple Road when he observed a
time between January 5th at 12:00pm Liquor Store, Dunkirk for the report ducted resulting vehicle that failed to stop at the red
and January 12th at 11:00am an un- of a theft. The victim stated sometime in narcotics and light. Deputy Williamson conducted a
known suspect(s) gained entry into between January 9 th at 9:00pm and p a r a p h e r n a l ia. traffic stop on
the residence by breaking the lock January 10 th at 8:45am an unknown Both Bateman and Schreiber were the vehicle and
box from the door. The victim also suspect(s) stole the rear registration placed under arrest and transported to made contact
noticed the wooden trim to the door plate from their vehicle. The value of the Calvert County Detention Center with the driver
frame to be damaged. It was deter- the stolen property is $150. and charged with CDS: Possession- later identified
mined there was no items stolen from not marijuana (crack cocaine) and as Brittany
inside the residence. The total value Arrests: CDS: Possession of Paraphernalia. Rainbolt (30)
of stolen and damaged property is On January 9, 2018 Deputy Mohler of Owings. A
$550. responded to the Walmart, Prince On January 10, 2018 Deputy Ridge- K9 sniff was
Frederick for the report of a CDS vio- ly responded to the Calvert County conducted on
Burglary: 18-2193 lation. Upon arrival to the Walmart, Detention Center for the report of the vehicle re-
On January 14, 2018 Deputy Wood Deputy Mohler located the vehicle damaged property. Deputy Ridgely sulting in a
responded to Deer Trail Drive, matching the description given by made contact positive alert. A search of the vehicle
Dunkirk for the report of a burglary. Emergency with the Cor- was performed resulting in narcot-
The victim stated that sometime be- Communica- rectional Offi- ics and paraphernalia. Rainbolt was
tween 3:30pm and 4:30pm on Janu- tions. Deputy cer who advised placed under arrest and transported
ary 14th an unknown suspect(s) stole Mohler entered they noticed a to the Calvert County Detention Cen-
their black and lime green Mongoose Walmart to at- foam object ap- ter where she was charged with CDS:
mountain bike from their garage. The tempt to locate pear from under Possession-Not Marijuana (Oxyco-
value of the stolen property is $120. the subjects the the cell. After done Hydrochloride, Oxymorphone
vehicle belonged investigation it Hydochloride) and CDS: Posses
Damaged Property: 18-2181 too. The subjects was determined
On January 14, 2018 Deputy Locke were located the inmate in
12 Feature The Calvert County Times Thursday, January 18, 2018

David Raley: Carrying on the Family Furniture Tradition

By Dick Myers is the former local chain’s original loca-
Editor tion on Great Mills Road in Lexington
Park. That store, opened by Bill
Raley in 1958 spawned other sib-
lings in Leonardtown, Charlotte
Hall, Waldorf and Clinton. There
also was a Raley’s in Prince Fred-
erick, operated by Bill Raley’s
cousin, L.G. Raley.
The Furniture Gallery in Prince
Frederick is the descendant of
that Raley’s store and in the same
location. And, it is being operated
today by the only Raley remain-
ing in the furniture business in
Southern Maryland, David Raley,
Bill’s son.
Here’s how the history goes
according to a bio written by
Bill Raley about himself in 1972
and supplied by his widow, Julia
“Judy” Raley. Bill was born Nov.
24, 1927 in Scotland, MD to J.
David Raley outside the Furniture Gallery of Prince
Frank Raley, Sr. and Ruth Zim-
merman Raley. He was the broth-
er of the late J. Frank Raley, Jr., a
There’s only one furniture store in former state senator.
Calvert County. It’s called Furniture Raley graduated from St. Michael’s
Gallery of Prince Frederick, located in School and served two years in the U.S
the Fox Run Shopping Center. The lone Marine Corps (1946 to 1948). He mar-
independent furniture business in Cal- ried Judy in 1949 after they met at a
vert is surrounded in the rest of South- baptism. At the time they had another
ern Maryland largely by chain stores, boyfriend and girlfriend. Bill asked
most of which are in Waldorf. Judy to come along on a date with his
The other major local furniture retail- girlfriend. She declined but later called
er, Raley’s Sales Center, was purchased him asking advice about her boyfriend
last year by Regency Furniture, which and from that they started dating and
in addition to its warehouses in Bran- married six months later.
dywine and elsewhere the DC region, After leaving University of Maryland
owns a dozen Ashley Home Stores and (he went three years but never earned
Marlo Furniture. Regency is advertising his degree) he was working for Parlett Bill Raley and Tom Ostertag during an expansion of the Lexington Park store.
the closing of the Raley’s Waldorf store. Gas when he met legendary Lexing-
Informed sources say that will be con- ton Park businessman Jack Daugherty, Lexington Park store’s existing location. her daughter, Terri.
verted eventually to a Marlo store. founder of Maryland Bank and Trust. Raley partnered with Jack Aud for a L.G. opened a store in Prince Fred-
The only other Raley’s Home Fur- He worked five years at Daugherty’s furniture store on Route 235 in Lexing- erick in 1994 and called it Raley’s but
nishings left after the Waldorf closing Merchandise Mart, which was at the ton Park near the old Belvedere motel it was not part of the other stores in the
and restaurant. That partnership dis- family business. That Calvert County
solved and in May of 1958 he purchased business was sold 10 years later to a
the Merchandise Mart and started Ral- company that eventually went belly up.
ey’s Home Furnishings.
Bill Raley expanded his furniture
business to Leonardtown, Waldorf and
Clinton and also owned and operated
Southridge Restaurant and motel in
Ridge. His son David would eventu-
ally become manager of the restaurant.
David, like many of the other family
members, would work at the Lexington
Park store. He remembers installing TV
antennas all over Southern Maryland.
Bill Raley died unexpectedly on Sep-
tember 5. 1984 at the age of 56. His
widow remembers a man always on the
go. He had been on his farm tractor a
short time before he died. “Customer
service and quality furniture,” was what
he believed in, Mrs. Raley said.
With her husband’s passing, Judy
Raley began a three-year tenure at the
store, helping the family transition first
from Bill’s cousin L.G. and then to her
son Mike, who later suffered a stroke David Raley and Carolyn Parker at the
and was unable to continue, and then to Furniture Gallery of Prince Frederick.
Bill and L.G. Raley on a trip to Pittsburgh on the Broyhill jet.
Thursday, January 18, 2018 The Calvert County Times Feature 13

David Raley eyed the store and decided space and established the new Furni-
he would rather run a furniture business ture Gallery. Now he is carrying on
than a restaurant. He attempted to pur- the banner of the same business that
chase it before it went out of business. was started 60 years ago by his father.
Ten years ago, he moved into the vacant Now firmly ensconced in a suc-
cessful small business, Da-
vid said he has applied what
he learned from his father:
“Take care of your custom-
ers and they will take care
of you.”
“I try not to sell what oth-
er businesses do. Quality is
something that is very im-
portant to me.” When asked
if that means he just deals
in high-end merchandise, he
said he has a range for indi-
vidual customer needs.
Raley attends the furni- The original Raley’s Home Furnishings Waldorf store.
ture markets twice a year
in North Carolina, just as his busiest times are September through since its inception, including Carolyn
father and mother did, to keep November, when people start moving Parker, who worked for L.G Raley 20
up with what’s new. His lines indoors from outside activities and no- years ago.
include Flex Steel, Rowe, En- tice more what they need in the house. And as for that remaining Raley’s in
glewood and Best. Although his roots are in St. Mary’s Lexington Park, everyone, including
This is a good time to be County, David Raley has enjoyed hav- the members of the Raley family are
buying furniture. Many stores ing a business in Prince Frederick, “I waiting to see what will happen next
have sales, including the going have enjoyed Calvert County immense- and whether the Raley’s name will sur-
out of business sale at Raley’s ly. They are the nicest people.” vive. An inquiry to Regency Furniture
in Waldorf, and Furniture Gal- Raley contracts out his delivery ser- about that and the reasons for the Wal-
lery is no exception. They have vice and usually can get an item to the dorf store closing were unreturned as of
20 percent off the first item, customer in 4-6 weeks, although some press time.
15 percent off additional items floor models can be hauled away di-
and instant bonuses through rectly. He has four full-time employees,
Judy Raley in front of the Lexington Park Raley’s Sales
Jan. 21. He said his store’s several who have been with the store

PRINT County Times

W W W. C O U N T Y T
13, 2017






Ch es ap ea ke B ea ch
Wat er Pa rk :
St ill M ak in g A Sp la
Photo by Frank Marquart sh


AL DAILEY • 410-980-1446
14 Feature The Calvert County Times Thursday, January 18, 2018


The Apple Basket Are you running out of storage space?

MON. - SAT. 10AM - 6PM • SUN. 11AM - 6PM
Wine Tasting OF OUR
12 TO 5 PM
Quality Furniture, Dining Room Tables,
Hutches, Bedroom Sets & more!
Mon - Sat: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
301-932-4164 |
27056 MT ZION CHURCH RD. • MECHANICSVILLE, MD 20659 • (301) 884-8118 Sun: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. 1/2 Mile North of Hughesville Bypass | 7700 Leonardtown Road | Hughesville, MD 20637

Wild Birds Unlimited

seed is blended for
the backyard birds
in Southern Maryland
and contains no fillers!
To advertise on
this page contact
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Offer expires 1/31/2018. stmaryscounty
Thursday, January 18, 2018 The Calvert County Times In Our Community 15

Statewide Collaboration to Adults-Only Fun at the

PROTECT Elderly Marylanders Annmarie After Hours
The average victim of elder financial President and CEO of Guidewell Finan-
abuse loses upwards of $120,000. Rec- cial Solutions Helene Raynaud. “When Solomans’ Annma-
ognizing financial abuse—defined as it comes to assisting older adults with rie Sculpture Garden &
the improper or illegal use of an older finances, our job is to act as a financial Arts Center will host
adult’s property or money— as the most advocate and partner. We’re committed a special adults-only
common type of elder abuse, and ac- to reporting suspected financial exploi- event, Annmarie Af-
cepting responsibility as a first-line tation of older Marylanders, so we’re on ter Hours, in their gi-
defense, Maryland nonprofit financial the first line of defense. Raising aware- ant communal coloring
counseling agency, Guidewell Finan- ness about the prevalence of this issue tent on Friday, Jan. 19,
cial Solutions is leading a statewide is imperative to prevention.” 5-8pm.
campaign in partnership with Mary-   Prevention and early detection of Whether you like to
land Attorney General Brian Frosh and elder financial exploitation is key to color or not, you will
Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot maintaining the financial health of old- love hanging out in the
to “Protect Older Americans from Fi- er Marylanders, fueling the mission of fabulous indoor tent
nancial Exploitation” — declared PRO- PROTECT Week to raise awareness of of many colors. With
TECT Week. the issue and give the tools to intervene couches, pillows, tables,
During PROTECT Week, Jan. 8-12, early when an older adult is in danger. chairs, and more, the
Marylanders will have an opportunity The weeklong campaign will feature tent is a cozy place to
to learn about the many forms of abuse four main events where older Mary- relax and hang out with
of older adults via the resources of more landers and their trusted advocates can a friend!
than a dozen local and national partners learn more about the pitfalls and risks Unwind with deli-
including the Maryland Office of the of elder financial abuse, from identi- cious appetizers by Blue
Attorney General, the Maryland Office fying the warning signs of fraud and Wind Gourmet, live mu- be 21. For additional information, call
of the Comptroller, Guidewell Finan- understanding financial abuse to learn- sic, and a drink from the cash bar. For 410-326-4640 or visit www.annmarie-
cial Solutions, EverSafe, AARP Mary- ing common scam techniques and safe- those who like to color, there will be lots
land and AARP Fraud Watch Network, guarding financial well-being. of books, pages, and supplies or bring
Maryland Department of Aging, Mary- If you suspect an older adult is be- your favorites. The cash bar will have Press release by Annmarie Garden.
land Department of Veterans Affairs, ing mistreated or could be a victim with wine, beer, and soft drinks.
Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service, of financial exploitation, contact a lo- Admission is $5 for the public, but
Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition, cal Long-Term Care Ombudsman like members can enjoy the fun for free;
Wells Fargo, the Montgomery County those at the Maryland Department of reservations are NOT required. Must
Office of Consumer Protection, and Aging, or call the police.
The CASH Campaign of Maryland. For more information and the full

Pet of the Week

“There are huge risks that older vic- schedule of events for the week, visit
tims of financial exploitation can face in
terms of their personal financial health
and overall economic well-being,” said

What about Bob?

Solomons Information Center Hi, my name is Bob and I found myself without
a family as a young kitten. I was


ALONE for weeks when a nice
family decided to give me food.
Sadly, I couldn’t stay inside
The Calvert County Depart- tion Center is currently open for with them because their kids
ment of Economic Development its fall/winter hours: Friday, Sat- were allergic. Once the
announces the Solomons Visitor urday and Sunday from 10 a.m. weather started getting
Information Center has opened a to 5 p.m. It is located at 14175 colder they decided they
unique retail store offering local Solomons Island Road South in should turn me into the
and regional gift items, including Solomons, across from the Cal- shelter so I could find
Taste of the Beaches cookbooks, vert Marine Museum.  a family that would
handmade blue crab pottery, Cal- For more information about keep me inside and treat
me like king. I’m only
vert crab artistic renderings and the Department of Economic 10 MONTHS OLD and
much, much more. Development, county sites and I’m very FRIENDLY and
“We are very excited to offer local attractions, call 410-535- PLAYFUL! I dream of a
visitors and our neighbors, one- 4583 or 301-855-1880, send an home filled with love, toys, and
of-kind gifts and keepsakes that email to, or a soft warm place to sleep. If
highlight our area’s heritage and visit online at www.chosecal- you have a place in your heart and
pride,” said Tourism Specialist and don’t forget to your home, come ADOPT ME FOR
Katie Brittain. “And while you’re like Calvert County Government ONLY $20.18! PLEASE CHOOSE ME!
shopping, we hope you take some on Facebook for further updates And remember, if there is room in the heart,
time to talk with our knowledge- and events happening around the there is room in the house!
able staff to learn information county. Come meet me and the wonderful gang at Tri-County Animal
about the county’s many local at- Shelter (6707 Animal Shelter Road, Hughesville) or call 301-
tractions, hotels, restaurants and Press release by Calvert County 932-1713 for more information. To see more of my amazing
events.” News. friends available for adoption, “like” us on Facebook @ Tri-
The Solomons Visitor Informa- County Animal Shelter Southern MD.
16 Obituaries The Calvert County Times Thursday, January 18, 2018

In Remembrance
The Calvert County Times runs complimentary obituaries as submitted by funeral homes
and readers. We run them in the order we receive them. Any submissions that come to after noon on Mondays may run in the following week’s edition.

Karen Ann Etzel tian bands throughout his life. More re-
cently he played in a band that traveled
Funeral arrangements were by Rausch
Funeral Homes.
Karen Ann Etzel, 59, of St. Leonard, to nursing homes playing big band mu-
MD passed away on January 14, 2018 in sic. He was a very religious person who
enjoyed reading his Bible. John had a
James Lee ‘Moe’
St. Leonard, MD.
Visitatiob will be Friday, January 20, love for kids and dressed up as Santa for Marosy
2018, 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at Rausch the Ronald McDonald House. John will
Funeral Home - Port Republic 4405 be remembered for his great sense of hu-
Broomes Island Road, Port Republic mor and storytelling ability.
MD 20676. Memorial Service will fol- John is survived by his children Judi
low at 1:30 p., at the funeral home. Inter- Bast, Ann Marie “Sissy” Bast and Chris
ment will be private. Lauber and his wife Tina, all of Freder-
Memorial contributions may be made icksburg, VA and Kenny Bast of Shady
to American Cancer Society, 7500 Gre- Side, grandchildren Jonathan and Haley
enway Center Drive Suite 300, Greenbelt Bast and McKennah and McKenzie
MD 20770; Phone: 301-982-2161; web- Lauber, brothers Raymond, Bobby and
site: Eddie Bast and sister Elaine Catterton.
He was preceded in death by his brother
John Edward Bast Walter Bast.
Visitation will be Thurs-
in 1962. After high school, she attended
trade school in Staten Island, NY to learn
day, January 18, 2018, 6-8p.m. at how to operate a keypunch machine. She
Rausch Funeral Home - Owings received a certificate of achievement for
8325 Mount Harmony Lane, Owings completion of the program.
MD 20736. Judy worked for a local bank as a key-
Funeral Service will be Fri- punch operator for several years until
day, Jan. 19 at 11 a.m. at Cente- she married Albert (Al) Richard Gulizia
nary United Methodist Church in 1967 in Staten Island, NY. The couple
6248 Shady Side Road, Shady Side MD moved to Brick, New Jersey shortly af-
20764. James Lee ‘Moe’ Marosy, 79 of St.
ter their marriage and raised two chil-
Burial will be at Woodfield Cemetery, Leonard, MD passed away suddenly on
dren. They were happily married for 50
Galesville MD 20765. January 10, 2018 at his home (in his fa-
years. Judy enjoyed helping others and
Memorial contributions may be vorite chair). He was born to Helen and
volunteered at a local nursing home for
made to Ronald McDonald House Edward Marosy on January 6, 1939 in
many years. She loved making home-
Charities of Washington, DC, Washington, DC. Moe grew up in Up-
made crafts and had an amazing tal-
3727 14th Street NE, Washington per Marlboro, MD where he graduated
ent for making something beautiful out
DC 20017; Phone: 202-529-8204; from Frederick Sasscer High School. He
of the most modest supplies. She had a
website: worked for the Post Office before joining
wonderful sense of humor and was often
the Army National Guard from 1960 to
quoting funny lines from movies in her
John Edward Bast, 76, of Fredericks- Judith “Judy” Ethel daily conversations. Judy and Al moved
1967, also working for NCR from 1959 to
1974 before starting his own Lawn Care
burg, VA and formerly of Shady Side
passed away January 13, 2018. He was
Gulizia to St. Leonard, MD when Al retired in
2000 to be closer to their children and
business National Turf that his son Dan-
iel still runs today. Moe married Peggy
born October 9, 1941 in Annapolis to grandchildren.
Judith “Judy” Ethel Gulizia, 72, of St. Hugya in 1962 and had 3 boys, James
Edward Leo and Laura Jeannette (Lee) Judy was preceded in death
Leonard, MD passed away on January 13, Michael, Michael Edward, and Daniel
Bast. John was raised in Shady Side and by her parents, Henry and Ves-
2018 in Prince Frederick, MD. She was Lee who were raised in the Kettering
attended Southern High School. He was ta and her nephew, Joel Frey.
born on March 30th, 1945 in Brooklyn, subdivision of Upper Marlboro. With the
employed as a carpenter building hous- Judy is survived by her husband, Al of
NY to Henry and Vesta (Honoré) Frey. boys grown up and marrying off, Moe
es, office buildings and gas stations for St. Leonard, MD, her daughter, Christine
Judy moved to Staten Island with her and Peggy moved to St. Leonard, MD in
many years. John had three passions in (John) Roberts of Huntingtown, MD,
parents and brother, Neal when she was 1999. He belonged to Holy Family Cath-
life: faith, family and music. He started her son, Brian (Lea) Gulizia of Manas-
10 years old. She graduated from Totten- olic Church in Mitchellville, MD, for 50
playing the drums when he was 15 and sas, VA, four grandchildren, Nicholas,
ville High School in Staten Island, NY years, becoming a 3rd degree charter
played in many rock, country and Chris- Michael, Sara and Emily, brother Neal
member of the Knights of Columbus -
(Connie) Frey of Huntington Station,
The Father Michael C. Kidd Chapter in
NY, Uncle Frank (Maureen) Honoré of
2008. Moe enjoyed hunting, fishing, trips
Virginia Beach, VA and brother-in law
to the cabin he built in Fulton County,
Charles (Regina) Gulizia of Forked Riv-
Now Offering... PA and spending time with his sons and
er, NJ. Judy is also survived by her niece
their families. He is survived by his wife
Heather, nephew Charlie, many cousins
RAUSCH CREMATORY P.A. and her lifelong friends Carol (Harry)
of 55 1/2 years, Peggy (Hugya) Marosy;
his sons James Marosy (Tina), Michael
Calvert County’s Knutsen and Rona Mininni.
Marosy (Beth), Daniel Marosy (Debi);
The family will receive relatives and
his grandchildren Bryann Marosy (Rich-
ONLY On-site Crematory friends on Monday, January 15th, 2018
ard), Amanda Marosy (Grace), Madison
from 4pm to 6pm with a service to fol-
Marosy, Benjamin Marosy and Delila
low at 6 PM at Rausch Funeral Home at
celebrated. Marosy; his great grandson Richard Je-
4405 Brooms Island Road, Port Repub-
Where Heritage and Life are
rome ‘RJ’ King V. He is also survived
lic, MD 20676. Interment will be private.
Serving Calvert, Anne Arundel, St. Mary’s, and Prince George’s Counties by sisters in-law; Betsy Hugya, Connie
In memory of Judy the family requests
Hugya and niece Carmen Milligan.
memorial donations be made to Calvert
Lusby Owings Port Republic Funeral arrangement entrusted to the
Hospice, 238 Merrimac Court, Prince
20 American Ln. 8325 Mount Harmony Ln. 4405 Broomes Island Rd. Rausch Funeral Home of Port Republic,
Frederick, MD 20678. Condolences may
410-326-9400 410-257-6181 410-586-0520 be left on the Rausch Funeral Home on-
Memorial Contributions may be made
line guest book at www.rauschfuneral- to Holy Family Catholic Church, 12010 .
Thursday, January 18, 2018 The Calvert County Times Obituaries 17

Woodmore Rd., Bowie MD 20721; Zackary of Union Grove, NC. He is also run his medical practice, serving as his
Phone: 301-249-2266. survived by his brother Charles G. Mill- secretary for many years. Evelyn moved
er and wife Diane of Leesburg, FL. to St. Petersburg, FL in 1970 and again
Andrew Pickens A memorial service will be held at
2:00 pm on Friday, January 19th, 2018
helped Earl run his medical practice. Ev-
elyn has resided in Greenspring Village
Miller, Jr. at the Great Hall of Middleham & St in Springfield, VA for the past 15 years.
Peter’s Parish at 10210 H.G. Trueman Evelyn belonged to many ladies groups
Road, Lusby, MD 20657, with the Fr. and enjoyed attending events with them
David Showers presiding. His final place in her spare time.
of rest will be at the Zion Baptist Church Evelyn was preceded in death by her
cemetery, 714 Union Grove Road, Union husband Dr. Earl Paul in 1979 and son
Grove, NC 28689, at 2:00 pm on Satur- Earl R. Paul, Jr. She is survived by her
day, February 17th, 2018. daughter Dianne Whiteside and her hus-
In lieu of flowers, memorial gifts in band Kenneth of Fairfax, VA, grandchil-
Mr. Miller’s memory can be made to the dren Greg Whiteside and Wendy Whi-
Multiple Myeloma Research Founda- teside, both of VA, Earl R. Paul III of
tion, 383 Main Avenue, 5th Floor, Nor- Minot, ND, Amy Martin of Waynesboro,
walk, CT 06851 (online at https://www. PA and Allen Paul of San Francisco, –or– via CA, great-grandchildren Aspen, Korbin,
donations to the “Building Fund” for Eden, Ireland, Troy, Trey, Christopher,
the preservation of the historic St Peter’s Justin, Alayla and Cophia and daughter-
Chapel built in 1889 on Solomons Island, in-law Judy Paul of Cresaptown, MD.
MD (http://www.middlehamandstpeters. nie Mae (Johnson) Bowen. Evelyn was Visitation will e Saturday,
org). born and raised in Calvert County and January 27, 2018, 10-11 a.m at
Funeral arrangements were by Rausch graduated from Western Maryland Col- Rausch Funeral Home - Owings
Funeral Homes. lege. After college Evelyn was employed 8325 Mount Harmony Lane, Owings
as a typing teacher at a high school in MD 20736. Funeral service will follow
Evelyn Mae Bowen Baltimore. She married Dr. Earl Paul
in 1944 and they lived in many places
at 11 a.m. at the funeral home.
Burial will be at Huntingtown UMC,
Paul while Earl was in the Navy. Following 4020 Hunting Creek Road, Huntingtown
Earl’s military discharge and comple- MD 20639.
Evelyn Mae Bowen Paul, 96, of tion of medical school, they settled in Memorial contributions may be made
Springfield, VA passed away January Cumberland, MD in 1958. Evelyn was to Cancer Research Organization of
Andrew Pickens Miller, Jr was born 6, 2018. She was born April 24, 1921 primarily a homemaker and helped Earl One’s Choice.
on July 23, 1938 and passed away peace- in Maryland to Allen Soper and An-
fully on January 9, 2018. He was the el-
dest son of Andrew and Gertrude Miller
from Leesburg, Florida. While both
studying at Emory University, he met his
wife to be, Betty Jean Myers.
Andrew graduated from Emory Uni-
A Tribute to the Loved
versity with a BS in Physics and a MBA.
He began his Navy career in 1962, and
was a member of the very first A-6A In-
One Whose Memory Honor the memory of your cherished
one by sharing the story of their life with
friends, neighbors and associates here
truder aircraft squadron, VA-75 “Sunday
Punchers”, as a bombardier/navigator.
Lives in the community.

He deployed with VA-75 on the carrier

USS Independence during the Vietnam
War when they were the first squadron
On Forever in
to utilize the A-6 Intruder in combat. He
then graduated from United States Navy Your Heart
Test Pilot School Class 48 and com-
pleted a 24-year long career full of as-
signments to both testing & operational
squadrons at NAS Patuxent River, NAS
Oceana, and Naval Air Weapons Station
China Lake employing all models of the
A-6 and other aircraft, and a return to
the USS Independence for a ship’s com-
pany tour. He is a graduate of the Naval
War College. Upon his military retire-
ment, he then worked in the civil service
for Naval Air Systems Command for 30
years until his passing.
Andrew was a passionate lifelong sail
boater, deeply interested in United States
and world history, and a generous sup-
porter of the arts. He served for nearly
eight years on the vestry of Middleham
& St. Peter’s Parish of the Episcopal Di-
ocese of Maryland.
Andrew is survived by his wife of 57 Remembrances For details and to place your notice of
remembrance, call 301.373.4125 for assistance.
years, Betty Myers Miller, along with In Print & Online From
two sons, James Ross and wife Jennifer
of Union Grove, NC, and Andrew Peter
and wife Gosia Nowakowska-Miller of
Washington, DC, and two grandchil-
The County Times 301.373.4125
dren, Alexandrea of Richmond, VA, and
18 Calendars The Calvert County Times Thursday, January 18, 2018

Community Calendar the Floating Theater to conduct the

To submit your event listing to go in our Community Calendar, please email timescalendar@county- with the listing details by 12 p.m. on the Monday prior to our Thursday publication.

virtuosic instrumentals with lush 3-part tion -all in a party atmosphere. You will
Thursday, January 18 research that would form the basis of vocal harmonies to create new interpre- be shown modifications to meet your
Showboat, her most famous novel (later tations of traditional tunes. Lulu’s Fate specific needs or limitations. While this
Our Lady Star of the Sea School turned into a musical and three movies). is based in the Washington DC metro is a lover intensity workout, it will leave
Kindergarten Information Day Samford is currently the director of the area. you high in energy. If you love to dance,
Our Lady Star of the Sea School 90 Maryland Archaeological Conservation this is the fitness class for you. All fit-
Alexander Lane Solomons, MD Laboratory at Jefferson Patterson Park Saturday, January 20 ness levels are welcome and no experi-
8:30 AM-10:30 AM and Museum, and is an archaeologist ence is necessary.
Our Lady Star of the Sea School will by training. She received her Ph.D. in NORTHERN HIGH SCHOOL Drop in price is $5.00. Ask me about
hold a Kindergarten Information Day. Anthropology from the University of POM & DANCE CLINIC discounts on multi-class passes. ALL
Administration and teachers will be on North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has NORTHERN HIGH SCHOOL ACTIVE DUTY FIRST RESPOND-
hand to answer questions and provide formerly worked as an archaeologist for GYM ERS WILL ALWAYS BE FREE.
information for interested families. Our the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. 9:00 AM-3:00 PM
Lady Star of the Sea School offers full Learn what it takes to be a NHS Pom! Tuesday, January 23
day and half day Preschool and full day Grades 4-8 are invited to participate.
academics for Kindergarten through Friday, January 19 Instruction will be provided by mem-  Zumba Toning Tuesday
8th grade. The school provides students bers of the NHS Pom squad and coach- Mt. Hope Community Center., 104
and families with small class sizes, Tent of Many Colors! es. Participants will perform 2/7 during Pushaw Station Rd, Sunderland, MD
outstanding academics with a non- Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Varsity Basketball game with current 20689
common core curriculum, leadership Center members. 7:00 PM-8:00 PM
development, and involvement in team 10:00 AM-5:00 PM Eat breakfast before hand. Bring a If you love to dance, this is the fit-
building and STEM activities with ad- Join us in our Tent of Many Colors, a lunch & plenty of water ness class for you. All fitness levels are
ditional focus being placed on the arts colorful indoor tent, where everyone is welcome and no experience is neces-
and religion. Afterschool activities, be- welcome to relax, talk, and color! TEXAS HOLD ‘EM AND CASH sary. This is an all Toning Zumba class
fore and after care, and transportation Whether you like to color or not, you GAMES where light weights are used for the
are available. Tuition assistance may be will love hanging out in our fabulous in- Julie Rogers Studio of Dance 4120 entire class; thus a slightly amplified
available. Guided tours of the campus door tent of many colors. With couches, Old town Rd Huntingtown MD 20639 workout. The music is mostly World
will begin at the main building of the pillows, tables, chairs, and more, the 7:00 PM-11:00 PM and Latin rhythms with top 40 sprin-
school located at 90 Alexander Street in tent is a peaceful place to relax and hang TEXAS HOLDEM and CASH kled in. I guaranteed you will love it.
beautiful Solomons Island. out with a friend! For those who like to GAMES to benefit the Patricia Leone If you have any concerns/questions or
color, there will be lots of books, pages, Rogers Educational Scholarship Fund. want to know how you can try a class
1st Annual Superintendent’s Lun- and supplies or bring your favorites. Doors open at 6pm and game starts at for FREE, please call 410-535-7080 or
cheon in Calvert 7 pm. Buy in is $80 gets you $12,000 message me on Facebook.
Career and Technology Academy, Smile Senior Day in chips and blinds are 20 minutes each
330 Dorsey Rd, Prince Frederick, MD 10290 H Trueman Road, Lusby, Md and start at 25-50. Early registration
20678 20657 before 6:45 gets you an extra $1000 in Thursday, January 25
12 Noon-2:00 PM 11:00 AM-3:00 PM chips. $10 50/50 gets you an additional
Dr. Daniel D. Curry, Superintendent Seniors 55 and over receive 50% off $3000 in chips. Re-buys up until the  Little Minnows
of Calvert County Public Schools, cor- clothing for themselves (excludes purs- FIRST BREAK!! Food, beer and sodas Calvert Marine Museum
dially invites members of the commu- es and shoes). Senior card must be pre- included! 10:00 AM-11:00 AM
nity to the 1st Annual Superintendent’s sented. Cards available on site. Come Children ages 3 to 5 years old and
Luncheon. The event will be held on shop with us! Sunday, January 21 their caregivers are invited. This
January 18, 2018 at the Calvert High month’s theme is Hungry Bear, Sleepy
School Atrium from noon until 2:00 Fried Chicken Dinner Night Auditions—Barefoot in the Park— Bear!
p.m. and will feature a Tex-Mex meal American Legion Post 206, 3330 Twin Beach Players
catered by the culinary arts students at Chesapeake Beach Rd, Chesapeake 9021 Dayton Ave, North Beach, MD Gills Club
the Career and Technology Academy. Beach 20732 20714 Calvert Marine Museum
Check-in will begin at 11:30. 5:30 PM-7:00 PM 6:30 PM-8:30 PM 5:30 PM-7:00 PM
Famous Fried Chicken (Yum) is the Twin Beach Players presents Barefoot FREE program designed for girls
Lecture Series main focus of this informal dinner host- in the Park by Neil Simon, Directed by ages 7—12 interested in learning more
Calvert Marine Museum, 14200 Sol- ed by the American Legion Stallings- Cathy Diggle. about sharks. Gills Club is a STEM-fo-
omons Island Rd. S, Solomons, MD Williams Post 206 from 5:30 to 7:00 Auditions are at the Boys and Girls cused program from the Atlantic White
7:00 PM- 9:00 PM p.m. Come to the lower level dining Club, 9021 Dayton Ave, North Beach Shark Conservancy. Preregistration is
Dr. Patricia Samford will present room for a meal you won’t soon forget. MD 20714 on Jan 21 & 22 6:30-9:30pm required. Register now at
“The Happiest of All Showboat Stories: Cost is $12 including side, salad, and Please bring a head shot and current GillsClubRegistration.
The James Adams Floating Theatre” in beverage. calendar with lists of conflicts. Rehears-
the Harms Gallery. In the days before als start on February 1st.  TBT Zumba Gold-Toning
television, computers, and the internet  LULU’S FATE Mon,Thur and Sun 6:30-9:00 Sunderland Elemenetary School,
captured imaginations and free time, Calvert Marine Museum Sunderland, MD
residents of coastal Maryland, Virginia 7:00 PM-9:00 PM Monday, January 22 7:00 PM-8:00 PM
and North Carolina impatiently awaited The Maritime Performance Series If you love to dance, this is the fitness
the arrival of the best entertainment: the presents LULU’S FATE in the Harms   DUNKIRK Firehouse Zumba class for you. All fitness levels welcome
James Adams Floating Theatre. In op- Gallery. Doors open at 6 pm with beer Gold-Toning and no experience is necessary.
eration from 1914 to 1941, the showboat and wine for sale. Lulu’s Fate performs Dunkirk Firehouse, Ward Road, Zumba Gold-Toning is the Zumba
was an opportunity for an evening of a mix of music from the Appalachian, Dunkirk, MD party that you love at your own pace
diverting musical and theatrical enter- southern string band, and country blues 7:00 PM-8:00 PM with a total body workout using light
tainment. Patricia Samford first became traditions, as well as early swing, gos- Zumba Gold-Toning is the Zumba weights to shake up those muscles. The
interested in the James Adams Float- pel, original tunes and covers ranging party that you love at your own pace class will focus on muscle conditioning,
ing Theater while serving as director from Hank Williams to Tom Waits. with a total body workout using light balance, range of motion and coordina-
of Historic Bath, the first incorporated Comprised of Tom Espinola on man- weights to shake up those muscles. The tion-all in a party atmosphere. While
town in North Carolina. This little town dolin & guitar, Kristen Jones on cello, class will focus on muscle conditioning, this is a lower intensity workout, it will
is where novelist Edna Ferber boarded and singer Kara Bolling, the trio blends balance, range of motion and coordina- leave you high in energy.
Thursday, January 18, 2018 The Calvert County Times Calendars 19

Thursday, January 18:

T.A.C.O.S. Meeting. 5:00-6:00pm.
T.A.C.O.S. (Teen Advisory Council of
Students) meeting for teens, Calvert Li-
math (STEAM). Ages 4-8. Registration
is required and opens one month before
each event. Calvert Library Prince Fred-
erick, 850 Costley Way, 410-535-0291
or 301-855-1862.  http://CalvertLibrary.
YoungatHeart By Office of Aging Staff
brary needs your help planning events info.  
and making sure your library has every- Tuesday, January 23, 10 a.m. One
thing you need. Help make Calvert Li- Calvert Eats Local Potluck. 7:00- Friends of Calvert
item is allowed per person. Pre-
brary awesome! Free food (and service 8:30pm. Join Calvert Eats Local in a gi- County Seniors Punch register by January 18.
learning hours) at every meeting!  Cal- ant members’ potluck celebrating local & Paint Fundraiser Hand strength is an important
vert Library Prince Frederick, 850 food. Bragging rights to those who bring Bring a friend, paint, and enjoy part of our everyday lives. Join us
Costley Way, 410-535-0291 or 301-855- the dishes with the lowest # of “food refreshments while supporting a for Get a Grip, Friday, January 26,
1862.   miles.” Bring your plate, utensils, cup worthy cause, assisting seniors in 11 a.m. and build muscle to im-
  and napkin for a truly green experience! our community, Wednesday Janu- prove your grip.
Kids Just Want to Have Fun. 6:30- Please register.  Calvert Library Prince ary 24, 2018, 6 – 8 p.m. (Snow
Frederick, 850 Costley Way,  410-535-
7:30pm. Kids in kindergarten through date: January 31 Fee is $25 per
3rd grade are invited to this series of 0291 or 301-855-1862.  http://CalvertLi- North Beach Senior
person, seating is limited. Ages
exciting events exploring topics from art   10 and up are welcome. For more Center (NBSC)
to history to science. Each month will    information, contact Liz Young- Exercise training with a gym
include fun activities, crafts and a snack!
This month’s topic: Louis Braille. Please
Tuesday, January 22: blood at the Office on Aging, ball is a great way to improve bal-
ance and posture. Join us Thurs-
Flying Needles. 6:00-9:00pm. Knit- 410-535-4606.
register.   Calvert Library Twin Beaches day, January 25, 8:30 a.m. for Sta-
Branch, 3819 Harbor Road, Chesapeake ting, crocheting and portable crafting bility Ball Class.
Beach, 410-257-2411. http://CalvertLi- group open to anyone wanting to join Office on Aging Snow Join a free beginner’s Sewing   in and share talents, crafting time or Policy 101 class and learn the basics and
  learn a new skill. No registration. Cal- If the Calvert County Court- how to make several projects in a
Family Night. 7:00-8:00pm. Kids and vert Library Southern Branch, 13920 H. house is open, the Office on Ag-
G. Trueman Road, Solomons, 410-326- fun atmosphere Thursday, Janu-
their parents build with curving shapes ing (OOA) will be open. You may ary 25, 10:30 a.m. All supplies are
to make everything from a car to a 5289.
  also check the Calvert County provided but space is limited. Call
boat or whatever they dream up! Please Government website to see if to pre-register.
register.   Calvert Library Fairview
Branch, Rt. 4 and Chaneyville Road,
Wednesday, January 23:  county government offices are
Owings, 410-257-2101. http://CalvertLi-  Brain Games: Mahjongg, Scrabble open. Some class Southern Pines Senior   & More. 10:00-1:00pm. Want to learn instructors have their own snow
Mahjongg? Hope to make your Scrabble policy, so please check with them Center (SPSC)
    The loss of a loved one is always
skills killer? Games are a great way to to find out about their snow poli-
Friday, January 19:  keep your brain sharp while having fun! cy. If Calvert County schools are difficult to cope with. Please join
Join us! Please register. Calvert Library closed or the Calvert County Gov- us Tuesday, January 23, 1 p.m. for
On Pins & Needles. 1:00-4:00pm.
Prince Frederick, 850 Costley Way, 410- ernment is delayed, staff prepared Grief and Loss Support Group.
Bring your quilting, needlework, knit-
ting, crocheting, or other project for an 535-0291 or 301-855-1862.  http://Cal- meals will be served. If schools Put on those dancing shoes and
afternoon of conversation and shared   have a delayed opening, the ad- join us to Celebrate Elvis’ Birth-
creativity.  Calvert Library Prince Fred- vertised meal on the menu will be day with Jed Duvall, Wednesday,
erick, 850 Costley Way, 410-535-0291 Happy Crafternoon! 1:00-1:45pm. January 24 at 1 p.m. This event
served. was scheduled for January 5, but
or 301-855-1862.  http://CalvertLibrary. Children enjoy books and language
info.  through short stories and create fun art has been postponed until January
  projects using a variety of techniques Calvert Pines Senior 24.
and mediums. For 3 to 5 year-olds. Chil- Center (CPSC)
Saturday, January 20: dren must be accompanied by an adult. Register to have your cane or
Garden Smarter: Annual Seed Ex- Please register.  Calvert Library Prince walker cleaned up and tuned up
change. 10:00-11:30am. Winter is a great Frederick, 850 Costley Way, 410-535- with our Cane and Walker Clinic,
time to plan for spring! Bring unused 0291 or 301-855-1862.  http://CalvertLi-
seeds (2013-2017) or seeds saved from 
the garden and join the fun. No PVP,
GMO, or chemically treated seeds. Reg-
Thursday, January 24: 

Eating Together Menu

istration starts at 9:30  Calvert Library Shake It Out. 10:30-11:00am. Shake It
Prince Frederick, 850 Costley Way, 410- Out Music and Movement will create a
535-0291 or 301-855-1862.  http://Cal- rich environment that promotes social,   emotional and physical skills. Come join Cheese, Marinated Cucumbers &
us for some shake’n fun. Please register. Monday, January 22 Onions,Peaches, Oatmeal Cookie
Garden Smarter: Annual Seed Ex- Calvert Library Southern Branch, 13920 Lemon Pepper Fish, O’Brien Po-
change. 10:00-11:30am. Winter is a great H. G. Trueman Road, Solomons, 410- tatoes, Seasoned Spinach, Dinner
time to plan for spring! Bring unused 326-5289.  Roll, Peach Crisp Thursday, January 25
seeds (2013-2017) or seeds saved from Roast Turkey, Gravy, Stuffing, Broc-
the garden and join the fun. No PVP, JobSource Mobile Career Cen- Tuesday, January 23 coli, Cauliflower, Applesauce,
GMO, or chemically treated seeds. Reg- ter. 1:00-3:00pm. Stop by to visit the Hamburger on a Bun, Lettuce/ Chocolate Cake
istration starts at 9:30  Calvert Library JobSource Mobile Career Center for Tomato/Onion, 3-Bean Salad, Cole
Prince Frederick, 850 Costley Way, 410- your job search needs! Get job counsel-
Slaw, Mandarin Oranges Friday, January 26
535-0291 or 301-855-1862.  http://Cal- ing and résumé help, search for jobs and Turkey & Swiss Cheese Sandwich,   connect with Southern Maryland Job- Lettuce & Tomato Slices, Navy
  Source. No registration. Calvert Library Wednesday, January 24 Bean Soup, Carrot/Pineapple Slaw,
Southern Branch, 13920 H. G. Trueman Chicken Salad Sandwich, Cottage
Monday, January 21: Road, Solomons, 410-326-5289.  http://
Full STEAM Ahead - Making Ice   Lunches are served to seniors, aged 60-plus, and their spouses through Title
Cream. 6:30-7:30pm. Adult and child IIIC of the Older Americans Act. Suggested donation is $3. To make or cancel
will interact with books, crafts and ex- a reservation call: Calvert Pines Senior Center at 410-535-4606, North Beach
periments while exploring the skills of Senior Center at 410-257-2549, or Southern Pines Senior Center at 410-586-2748.
Lunches are subject to change.
science, technology, engineering, art and
20 Sports The Calvert County Times Thursday, January 18, 2018


 Former St. Mary’s

5th Annual Lacrosse Star Headed
into U.S. Lacrosse
Hall of Fame
Though her days of running around in assists (112), third in points (255), and
on the lacrosse field at St. Mary’s are tied for fifth in goals (143), and eighth in
past, the memory won’t soon be forgot- ground balls (196). Hatton still holds the
ten: Carol (Schmoeller) Hatton ‘04 (Bal- single-season record for assists with 50
timore, Md./Catonsville) has been in- in 2003 as well as the single-game re-
ducted, as part of the Greater Baltimore cord with eight assists against Goucher
Chapter, to the U.S. Lacrosse Hall of College on April 9, 2003.


Fame. The ceremony-- taking place AS A COACH
Jan. 13 at the Hillendale Country Club Hatton returned to her alma mater
in Phoenix, MD— inducted Hatton and as the head women’s lacrosse coach in
Doors open at 4 p.m. | Dinner 5:30 p.m. nine others: Henry Ciccarone, Jr., Me-
gan Huether Nicotra, Tiffany Schummer
2006, posting a two-year mark of 23-14
(10-4 CAC) and leading the Seahawks
Hoffman, Frank Kelly, III, Jaqueline Mi- back to the NCAA tournament in 2008
lani, Garett H. Seivold, Kristen Waagbo after a four-year absence. She mentored

MECHANICSVILLE SOCIAL HALL Skiera, David H. Tickner, and Charles

(Chooch) Turner, Jr.
“I credit my experience at St. Mary’s
two All-Americans, nine all-region
picks, and nine All-CAC selections as
well as the 2008 CAC Rookie of the
28165 Hills Club Rd. both academically and athletically as
life changing. I am truly humbled by this
Year. Hatton became the first person in
the history of Capital Athletic Confer-
Mechanicsville, MD 20659 recognition and  [the ceremony] will be
a celebration of my coaches, teammates
ence women’s lacrosse to be named both
the CAC Player of the Year (2004) and
and the class of 2004.  I am incredibly the CAC Coach of the Year (2008).
grateful for the educational, personal Hatton also spent two seasons as the

  and professional opportunities and re-
lationships that the sport of lacrosse has
head women’s lacrosse coach at Dick-
inson College (2010-13) and left fourth
      provided me. I am proud to continue to
have a strong connection to the women’s
all-time with 30 career wins. She guided
the Red Devils to a first-round appear-
lacrosse program and the College,” ex- ance in the 2010 Centennial Conference
pressed Hatton. tournament.
• Gibson box call Hatton is already a member of the St. Erin McDonnell, the head women’s
• Boat floor lamp with hand-painted shade Mary’s College of Maryland Athletics lacrosse coach at St. Mary’s since Au-
Hall of Fame, having been inducted on gust 2015, proclaimed, “Words cannot
• Pub table with NWTF logo October 1, 2010. Although she was a express how excited I am for Carol, and
talented two-sport athlete at St. Mary’s, how proud I am to call her a women’s la-
• Three walking turkeys copper weather vane excelling in both volleyball and lacrosse, crosse alumna. The legacy she has left at
Hatton is being recognized this week- St. Mary’s, not only with her own team
• “Riding the Wind” by Robert Hautman end for her achievements in the lacrosse as a player and then as a coach, but also
world as a player and coach. with our current team is exceptional. She
• “Spring Suitors” turkey sculpture St. Mary’s will be doubly represented is an alumna that a coach can only hope
at the ceremony as former Seahawk head to have in their corner. She offers endless
• “King of His Domain” elk sculpture field hockey (2003-07) and women’s la- motivation and support to the girls, as
• MANY OTHER UNIQUE ITEMS AND ART crosse coach (2004-06), Megan Block, well as advice and support to me person-
will be Hatton’s presenter. ally. We can’t wait to watch the impact
AS A PLAYER she has had in the athletic world grow
She shined on the field as a Seahawk through her students at Roland Park
midfielder, garnering Capital Athletic [Country School]. St. Mary’s is proud to
Conference Player of the Year honors in call her our own!”
2004 and leading St. Mary’s to four con- Since 2013, Hatton has served as the
secutive NCAA Division III Women’s Director of Athletics at Roland Park
Lacrosse Championship Tournament ap- Country School in Baltimore. She grad-
pearances.  Hatton was a two-time first uated from St. Mary’s in 2004 with a
team All-American (2003 and 2004), a bachelor’s in human studies and then
three-time first team All-CAC selection, pursued a master’s in exercise science
and a two-year team captain. In January from McDaniel College in 2006. 
2015, she was named to the CAC Wom- Facebook: StMarysAthletics
en’s Lacrosse Silver Anniversary Team. Twitter: @smcseahawks,
She led the Seahawks to a four-year @SMCMWLAX
       overall record of 57-14 (16-4 CAC), Instagram: @smcse-
four NCAA tournament appearances, ahawks, @smcmwlax
 •  -­€‚‚ and the 2002 CAC championship title. Hashtags: #SweepTheSheds, #GoHawks
Hatton was a three-time first team all-
Purchase your banquet tickets online! conference pick at two different posi- Press release from SMCM.
Go to tions – twice at midfield and once at
defense. She is currently second all-time
Fu n
In Our Community
Thursday, January 18, 2018 The Calvert County Times 21


Rearrange the letters to spell
something pertaining to winter recreation.


CLUES ACROSS 38. Freshwater fish of N. 9. Slowly drinks

America 10. Line where edges meet
1. Methaqualone pill 39. Laments 11. Offices of the pope
(slang) 41. “Girls” creator Dunham 12. Dry or withered
5. Religious service 43. Indian title of respect 14. “__ the Man” Musical
9. Woodland gods (Greek 44. Cocoa plum 15. Difficult situations
myth.) 46. Network of nerve cells 18 Greek goddess of
11. “Where Is My Mind?” 48. Link together in a discord

Kid'S Corner
rockers chain 20. Marked by smartness
13. Deliberately contrary 52. Cool 70s crew “The __ in dress and manners
states of affairs Squad” 24. Habitat
15. Inflection of the voice 53. Persons engaging in 26. Annoy constantly
16. “Great Expectations” energetic pursuits 28. Full of life
character 54. Accumulation of 30. Great energy
17. Becomes a butterfly glacial debris 32. BBQ and soy are two
19. Spoke 56. Fastened 34. Virtuous
21. Tennis player 57. A cotton fabric with a 35. Not fatty
Sharapova satiny finish 37. Foes
22. Midway between 58. Whiskey and bread 38. Merchandiser
northeast and east are two 40. Dishonest scheme
23. Afrikaans 59. Scottish tax 42. Repents
25. No instruction set 43. Protective crust
computing CLUES DOWN 45. Native American
26. Pacific Standard Time people
27. Relaxing places 1. Rope used to lasso 47. Any place of bliss or
29. Confiscates 2. Idyllic places delight
31. Gladys Knight’s fellow 3. Field force unit 49. Bring up
performers 4. Guitar great Clapton 50. Birds
33. Witnesses 5. Slang for type of skirt 51. Geological times
34. Taking place in a 6. Figure skating jump 55. Consumed
series 7. Innocent
36. Satisfy 8. Mathematical ratio
Puzzle Solutions
Last Week’s

Word Scramble: SKIING

22 Entertainment The Calvert County Times Thursday, January 18, 2018

Showcase Your Home

Brew in Scorpion
Brewing Co. Competition Going On
Scorpion Brewing Co. is excited
In Entertainment
to invite the public to enter in an 9:00 PM
AHA (American Homebrewers
Thursday, Jan 18
Association) sanctioned Home Run Catch Rain with Rusty
Brew Competition. Home-brewed Williams Tuesday, Jan 23
beer will be accepted from Jan. 11- The Ruddy Duck, Solomons
Mar. 31 and live judging of “Best in 7:30 PM Ben Connelly
Show” will take place on Saturday, Anglers Seafood Bar & Grill,
Apr. 7 at 2:30pm at the Scorpion Solomons
Brewing Co. Tap Room, located 6:00 - 9:00 PM
at 929 Skinners Turn Road in Ow- Friday, Jan 19
ings, Maryland. The Best in Show Karaoke
judging event is free and open to Trio Taco Tuesday
Anglers Seafood Bar & Grill, The Ruddy Duck, Solomons
the public. Solomons
For more information about the 4:00 PM
9:00 PM - 1:00 AM
2017 Scorpion Brewing Co. Home
Brew Competition, including how Team Feud
to enter home-brewed beer or vol- The Ruddy Duck, Solomons
The Johanssens
unteer as a judge or steward (as- 7:30 PM
The Ruddy Duck, Solomons
sistant to judges) positions, please
7:30 PM
visit: http://scorpion.brewcompeti- Wednesday, Jan 24
Scorpion Brewing Co. is a Mi- Entertainment
crobrewery located in the heart of The Brass Rail Sports Bar, Great Wild Card Trivia
Photo courtesy of Scorpion Brewing Co. beautiful Calvert County in South- Mills Anglers Seafood Bar & Grill,
ern Maryland. We pride ourselves 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM Solomons
on producing beer made with local ingredients and embrace the flexibility, adaptabil- DJ RAY in the House 7:00 - 9:00 PM
ity and experimentation a small microbrewery allows, releasing a Small Batch Lim- Anthony’s Bar & Grill, Dunkirk
ited Edition beer every week. We brew on premises and our emphasis is on quality,
flavor and brewing technique.
For more information, please contact Hilary Dailey, Scorpion Brewing Co. Mar-
keting at or 301-855-4028 (text or call).

Press release from Scorpion Brewing Co.

A Message from the Sheriff

To the Editor: and civilian men and women of the Sher- our deputies and troopers.  The public is crime before it occurs.
On behalf of the Calvert County Sher- iff’s Office and Detention Center, whose a very important part of case closures.   I receive phone calls about traffic on
iff’s Office I would like to wish each efforts are endless in the pursuit of pub- Without the vigilance of you, the citizens Route 4 on a regular basis. Aggressive
citizen of Calvert County a very happy lic service.   of Calvert County, providing informa- driving is a threat to public safety that
and prosperous 2018!  I can begin the  Although we have lowered the crime tion to our office and the Crime Solvers we can all do something about. Please be
new- year with good news. While violent rate here at home, it is reasonably un- Hotline, our jobs would be far more dif- courteous on our county roads.  A bad
crimes rose just over 4% nationally, they avoidable that crimes will occur.  In ficult and perhaps our efforts not as suc- day for one person does not have to be-
are down by almost 20% here in Calvert most instances, new cases are quickly cessful! This partnership is what makes come a bad day for you.  Think before
County. As your Sheriff, I am extremely closed. This fact is due in no small part us a great community. you react.  I ask each citizen to consider
proud of the efforts of both our sworn to the experience and determination of  Currently, as a state and a nation, we while driving the fact that each of us
are facing an opioid crisis.  To maximize owns part of the road.  Please use your

our success in taking more drugs off blinkers, give enough space between
our streets the Sheriff’s Office is work- cars, and allow others to merge in ahead
Thursday Mornings ing with many county and state agen- of you.  Be the driver you want the car
cies.  Through our partnership with the next to you to be!
Must be reliable, Health Department, Board of Education, I ask each citizen to wear your seat

professional and Calvert Hospital Medical Center, De- belt and make sure the occupants of your
partment of Social Services, the court vehicle are doing the same. Never text
own a vehicle system, State’s Attorney’s Office and the while driving, obey the speed limit, nev-
To Apply: Maryland State Police, we are achieving er drive impaired and always move into
Send resume to success, but the problem is still ongo- the far lane when passing a police car

Wanted ing.  I cannot emphasize enough, “If You that has someone pulled over.  If we each
301.373.4125 See Something, Say Something”.  What do these things, we can expect 2018 to might seem trivial or inconsequential be a safe and remarkable year. My door

County Times St. Mary’s County l Calvert County

could be just the information needed
to keep drugs out of our county, lead us
to the arrest of a criminal, or prevent a
is always open for you.

Sheriff Mike Evans

Thursday, January 18, 2018 The Calvert County Times
BusinessDIRECTORY 23

Mike Batson Photography

Freelance Photographers 46924 Shangri-La Drive • Lexington Park, MD
Events Let
Weddings plan
Family Portraits your
301-938-3692 SHOP LOCAL!


301-884-5904 Do you
Fax 301-884-2884 need lower
office over-
AND ASSOCIATES, INC. Flexible lease terms to work with your contract schedule
Full service terms including electric and janitorial expenses
Serving The Community Since 1994 Only 3 miles from Gate 2
Only .03 miles from Gate 3
Group Health Insurance - Individual Market Health Insurance, Lovely, quiet campus setting
Dental - Vision- AFLAC
Life Insurance - Short & Long Term Disability,
Payroll Services 1200 to 6,000 sq ft available
including lab/conference space
Julie E. Wynkoop John F. Wood, Jr. Katie L. St. Clair
President Vice President Customer Service Mgr.
Barbara Svenson 48015 Pine Hill Run Road,
301.884.5900 - 301.934.4680 - Fax 301.884.0398- (301) 502 -7876 Lexington Park. MD 20653

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Zach Hill
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County Times
Casey Bacon
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Contributing Writers Calvert County Times cannot guarantee that every letter or photo(s) submitted will be
Laura Joyce, Ron Guy, Linda Reno, Shelbey Opperman, Doug Watson published, due to time or space constraints.
24 The Calvert County Times Thursday, January 18, 2018


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