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Top Notch 2 SE - Basic 12 –Unit 10 – Lesson 3: Express personal values

Aims: By the end of the lesson, SS will be able to give their opinion and express
personal values using some new vocabulary
Topic: Ethics and Values
Situation: Express personal values
Lexical items: old-fashiones, double standard, sexist, modesty
Materials: ppt,

Activity Procedure Time

HW review T reviews homework 10’
SS check their answers in pairs
T elicits answers from volunteers.
Listening Pre-task: 20’
Have SS pay attention to the 3 pictures of the book. (getting a
tattoo, getting a piercing, dying your hair)
Explain activity carefully. SS work in groups of 3.
SS should talk about if the 3 previous actions are OK for their
parents, grandparents or their children(siblings)
Have one student read the example.
Encourage SS to explain their opinion.
Monitor and help as needed.
Elicit answers.
1st listening: Books closed. Have SS listen to the conversations
and take notes
Have SS discuss in pairs what they conversations are about.
Elicit answers
2nd listening: Books open: SS listen for the main ideas and do
activity Ex A.
They compare answers.
T elicits answers.
Ex B: If necessary have SS listen again.
Have them choose the correct answer according to the context.
Have them compare answers in pairs.
Elicit answers.
Ex C: show SS some pictures for each of the expressions.
SS will think about one example for each situation and in pairs,
they will compare their examples.
Elicit examples from SS.
T monitors and help as needed.
Ex D:
With help of SS describe what’s happening in the picture.
Have volunteers work in pairs again and use the vocabulary to
discuss the picture.
Have a student read the example out loud.
Have some SS share their ideas.
Now you can Exercise A 10’
Individually, SS will complete the self-test.
Encourage SS to give examples.
Then, in pairs they’ll compare their answers and see if they have
the same values.
Elicit answers from volunteers.

Exercise B 15’
Individually, SS will answer each question and explain their
Make sure SS understand the questions and the task.

Exercise C
SS will work in groups of 4 and they’ll discuss each question
expressing their own personal values. 10’
Mention that they can agree or disagree.
Have they notice the language recycle box so they can use it
while discussing.
Have volunteers share their opinion with all the class.