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INSTRUCTION: Select the best answer for each of the following questions. Mark only one answer for
each item by shading the box corresponding to the letter of your choice on the answer sheet
provided. STRICTLY NO ERASURES ALLOWED. Use pencil no. 2 only.

Notes: For the tables and other charts, kindly refer to your handouts given from your respective
review centers.

1. The maximum stresses that causes a failure of a cohesive soil specimen in a tri axial
test is equal to 220 kPa. The angle of friction is equal to 25°. If the deviator stress
at failure is equal to 140 kPa. Compute the cohesion of the soil.
a. 8.54 kPa b. 7.29 c. 5.64 d. 10.02

2. A conical having a radius of base equal to 35 cm and a height of 65 cm. has its base at
the bottom. Find the height of free surface if 0.025 m^3 of water is poured into a
conical tank.
a. 0.577 m b. 0.610 c. 0.814 d. 0.477

3. A sample of dry soil is uniformly mixed with 17% by mass of water and compacted in a
cylindrical mold. The volume of the wet soil is 1 x 10^-3 m^3 and its mass is 1.6 kg. If
the specific gravity of the soil particles is 2.70 and using unit weight of water = 9.81
kN/m^3. Find the void ratio.
a. 0.84 b. 0.90 c. 0.56 d. 0.97

4. Water is flowing at 2.2 m/sec in a cast iron with diameter of 600 mm and wall thickness
of 20 mm at 350 m long length and bulk modulus of water is 2.2 x 10^9 N/m^2 and modulus
of elasticity of steel is 1.4 x 10^11 N/m^2. Of what length of time should be allowed for
closing the valve to avoid water hammer pressure?
a. 0.57 sec ` b. 0.68 c. 0.95 d. 1.12

5. A rectangular channel 6 m wide has a constant specific energy of 2.2 m. Calculate the
critical depth.
a. 1.11 m b. 1.23 c. 1.47 d. 1.85

6. A 300 mm diameter well penetrates 27 m below the static water table. After 24 hours of
pumping at 69 L/s. The water level in an observation well at a distance of 95 m from the
test well is lowered 0.55 m and the other observation well at a distance of 1.10 m.
Compute the transmissibility of the aquifer in m^2/day.
a. 1977.5 m^2/day b. 2156.7 c. 2105.4 d. 2256.8

7. An open can of water is subjected to an upward acceleration of 4.5 m/s^2. What is the
pressure at a depth of 1.5 meters?
a. 24.6 kPa b. 26.3 c. 21.5 d. 25

8. The weight of water expressed as a percentage of the total dry weight of a soil material.
a. dry density b. natural moisture content
c. degree of saturation d. void ratio

9. From the given data, shows the sieve analysis of soil sample:


4 4.760 100
8 2.380 97
10 2.000 94
20 0.840 77
40 0.420 58
60 0.250 44
100 0.149 24
200 0.074 8

Classify the soil using AASHTO Soil Classification.

a. A-1-a b. A-1-b c. A-3(0) d. A-2

10. A stone weighs 468 N in air. When submerged in water if weighs 298 N. Find the volume of
the stone.
a. 0.0173 m^3 b. 0.0215 c. 0.0188 d. 0.0236
11. For a certain soil the cohesion c is 50 kPa, the unit weight is 19.2 kN/m^3. Assuming
local shear failure and the angle of friction is ϕ = 10°. Calculate the ultimate bearing
capacity for a strip footing of width = 1.25 m at a depth of 4.5 m using Terzaghi’s
ultimate bearing capacity.
a. 456.75 kPa b. 490.81 c. 477.25 d. 411.28

12. A square plate having one of its sides equal to 3 m is immerse in a water surface in a
vertical position such that two edges of the square would be horizontal in order that the
center of pressure shall be 8 cm from the center of gravity. What is the distance of the
center of pressure from water surface?
a. 9.207 m b. 9.315 c. 9.455 d. 9.176

13. A small orifice 0.0003 m^2 in area is in the vertical side of a rectangular tank. The
horizontal sectional area of the tank is 0.40 m^2. At a given instant the head of the
orifice is 1.2 m and 312 later it is 0.6 m. Using the coefficient of discharge of 0.60,
how long will it take to lower the water surface from 1.2 m to 0.8 m?
a. 201.70 sec b. 222.59 c. 237.54 d. 256.19

14. A jet of water 250 mm in diameter impinges normally on a steel plate. If the discharge is
0.491 m^3/s. Find the fore exerted by the jet on the stationary plate.
a. 2.79 kN b. 4.07 c. 3.56 d. 4.91

15. A thick layer of clay underlies a sand formation having a thickness of 5 m. The
groundwater is located 2 m below the ground surface. Specific gravity of sand and clay is
2.65 with sand having an average void ratio of 0.52. The clay has a water content of 42%.
Compute the effective stress at a depth of 10 m below the ground surface.
a. 177.9 kPa b. 153.5 c. 181.6 d. 190.5

SITUATION 1: A vertical circular gate in a tunnel 8 m in diameter has oil (s = 0.80) on one side
and air on the other side as shown in Figure FS - 001. If oil is 12 m above the the invert and
the air pressure is 40 kPa,

16. Compute distance the center of pressure from the top of the gate.
a. 4.7 m b. 4.9 c. 4.5 d. 5.3

17. Compute the force exerted by the air.

a. 2011 kN b. 2370 c. 2513 d. 2818

18. Where will a single support be located to hold the gate in position (above the invert of
the gate) ?
a. 1.36 m b. 1.84 c. 3.24 d. 2.62

SITUATION 2: From the Figure SM – 001,

19. Determine the total flow in ft^3/min

a. 2.755 x 10^-4 b. 2.964 x 10^-4 c. 2.823 x 10^-4 d. 2.429 x 10^-4

20. Find the equivalent value of the K1 for both sand and silt.
a. 1.36 x 10^-3 ft/min b. 1.77 x 10^-3 c. 1.36 x 10^-3 d. 1.29 x 10^-3

21. Find the volume of water which percolate after 30 mins in cm^3.
a. 229 b. 282 c. 218 d. 252

SITUATION 3: The soil under a dam has four layers of soil with different coefficients of


1 4 m 5 cm/hr
2 8 m 3 cm/hr
3 12 m 2 cm/hr
4 3 m 1 cm/hr

22. Compute the average vertical coefficient of permeability in meters/day.

a. 0.68 b. 0.52 c. 0.48 d. 0.40

23. Compute the transmissibility of the soil when the water surface is at the ground surface
in m^2/day.
a. 14.04 b. 13.93 c. 12.76 d. 15.44

24. Compute the interstitial velocity of water moving through the soil if it has the void
ratio of 0.60 and the hydraulic gradient of 0.0018 in cm/hr.
a. 0.0277 b. 0.0104 c. 0.0079 d. 0.0357

SITUATION 4: From the Figure FE – 001 shown, the soil has a unit weight of 17 kN/m^3 and
undrained shear strength cu = 20 kPa. The slope makes an angle of 60° with the horizontal. Assume
stability number ,m = 0.185.

25. Compute the stability factor.

a. 5.41 b. 6.36 c. 6.24 d. 5.19

26. Compute the maximum depth up to which the cut could be made.
a. 7.66 m b. 12.19 c. 5.79 d. 6.36

27. Compute the angle that the failure plane makes with the horizontal if BC = 8 m.
a. 22.19° b. 26.54° c. 34.19° d. 28.59°

SITUATION 5: Identify the following terms in water resources engineering.

28. A sewer intended to carry sanitary sewage.

a. Storm sewer b. Sanitary sewer c. Combined sewer d. Outfall sewer

29. Which method of irrigation has the best control of water supplied?
a. furrow b. sub irrigation c. flooding d. trickle irrigation

30. In wastewater treatment , the process of removing fine residual suspended solids is known
a. Aeration b. Filtration c. Soda ash d. Zeolite

SITUATION 6: Water is being pumped from reservoir A to reservoir B as shown in Figure HYD - 001.
The total length of pipe is 1090 m and the diameter of 600 mm. The rate of flow in the system is
0.65 m^3/s.

31. Compute the head loss of the pipe system if C = 120.

a. 7.67 b. 10.38 c. 8.96 d. 9.35

32. Compute the head added by the pump.

a. 19.47 m b. 12.38 c. 15.15 d. 18.64

SITUATION 7: From the given Figure SM – 002 , the total height of soil sample is 25 cm. The water
table is located 5 cm below E.

33. Compute the difference between the pressure heads C and D.

a. 4.5 cm b. 10.5 c. 12.5 d. 7.5

34. Compute the total head loss at C.

a. 50 cm b. 30 c. 40 d. 20

35. Compute the head loss at D.

a. 15 cm b. 20 c. 30 d. 10

SITUATION 8: The wet mass of a sample of saturated soil is 520 grams. The dry mass, after oven-
drying, is 400 grams.

36. Determine the water content.

a. 25% b. 30% c. 15% d. 45%

37. Determine the void ratio.

a. 0.81 b. 0.64 c. 0.90 d. 0.45

38. Determine the saturated unit weight.

a. 18.44 kN/m^3 b. 18.74 c. 19.00 d. 19.44

SITUATION 9: Refer to Figure FE – 002. Given that H = 3.5 m, q = 20 kPa, γ = 18.2 kN/m^3 , c’ = 0
ϕ’ = 35° and OCR = 1.5.

39. Determine the at-rest lateral earth force per meter length of the wall.
a. 88.48 kN/m b. 97.63 c. 105.79 d. 112.64

40. Find the location of the resultant.

a. 1.39 m b. 1.64 c. 1.95 d. 2.12
41. If the collapse potential of the foundation is 15% ,the severity of the problem in
foundation is:
a. Trouble b. No problem c. Moderate trouble d. Severe trouble

42. Two and a half cm of rain per over an area of 200 km^2 is equivalent to average rate of
input of how many cubic metres per second of water to that area?
a. 38.77 m^3/s b. 48.20 c. 57.87 d. 64.19

SITUATION 10: Following area the details for the backfill material used in a vibrofloation
D10 = ______
D20 = 0.52 mm
D50 = 1.42 mm
If the suitability number is 6.1,

43. Determine the rating of the suitability number.

a. Poor b. Good c. Moderate d. Excellent

44. Find the value of D10.

a. 0.36 mm b. 0.75 c. 0.64 d. 0.70

SITUATION 11: The breadth of a rectangular channel is twice its length. Assuming the Chezy
coefficient c to be 55 m^(1/2) /s , assuming that the discharge when flowing full should be 0.8
m^3/s and the velocity when flowing half full should be 0.6 m/s.

45. Determine the length of the channel.

a. 1.48 m b. 1.62 c. 2.12 d. 1.94

46. Determine the height of the rectangular channel.

a. 0.81 m b. 1.06 c. 0.74 d. 0.97

47. Determine the slope of the rectangular channel.

a. 0.00044 b. 0.00048 c. 0.00064 d. 0.00090

48. It is a study of liquids that are in motion with respect to both to the earth and their
a. Hydrostatics b. Hydrology c. Hydrokinetics d. Hydroponics

49. If the liquid limit of the soil is 60% and the plastic limit of the soil is 26%, assuming
that there is 23% of the soil is made of clay, determine the activity of the soil.
a. 1.5 b. 0.98 c. 0.75 d. 0.88

50. A circular area of diameter d is vertical and submerged in a liquid. Its upper edge is
coincident with the liquid surface. Compute the depth to its center of pressure in terms
of the diameter d.
a. 3d/4 b. 7d/8 c. 4d/9 d. 5d/8


Figure FS – 001

Figure SM – 001

Figure FE – 001
Figure HYD – 001

Figure FE – 002