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100 Great Words

19. deteriorate (v.) to become worse as time passes ; to make (something)

1. boisterous (adj.) very noisy and active in a lively way worse
2. ecstasy (n.) a state of very great happiness : extreme delight ; an illegal 20. wrath (n.) extreme anger
drug that is used to produce a feeling of excitement and pleasure 21. abundant (adj.) existing or occurring in large amounts
3. wither (v.) of a plant : to become dry and weak 22. fluent (adj.) able to speak a language easily and very well ; done in a
4. tranquil (adj.) quiet and peaceful smooth and easy way
5. protrude (v.) to stick out 23. culprit (n.) one accused of or charged with a crime ; one guilty of a crime
6. nimble (adj.) able to move quickly, easily, and lightly ; able to learn and or a fault ; the source or cause of a problem
understand things quickly and easily 24. melancholy (n.) a sad mood or feeling

7. futile (adj.) having no result or effect : pointless or useless 25. unprecedented (adj.) not done or experienced before
8. foliage (n.) the leaves of a plant or of many plants 26. synchronize (v.) to cause (things) to agree in time or to make (things)
9. *cherish (v.) to feel or show great love for (someone or something); to happen at the same time and speed ; to happen at the same time and
remember or hold (an idea, belief, etc.) in a deeply felt way speed
10. calamity (n.) an event that causes great harm and suffering 27. arrogant (adj.) having or showing the insulting attitude of people who
11. scrumptious (adj.) very pleasant to taste believe that they are better, smarter, or more important than other people :
12. utensil (n.) a simple and useful device that is used for doing tasks in a having or showing arrogance
person's home and especially in the kitchen 28. punctual (adj.) arriving or doing something at the expected or planned
29. industrious (adj.) working very hard : not lazy
13. wholesome (adj.) helping to keep your body healthy : good for your 30. consume (v.) to eat or drink (something) ; to use (fuel, time, resources,
health ; morally good ; suggesting good health or behavior etc.) ; to destroy (something) with fire
14. prosper (v.) to become very successful usually by making a lot of money ;
to become very active, healthy, or strong
15. stifle (v.) to not allow yourself to do or express (something) ; to stop 31. mediocre (adj.) not very good
(someone) from doing or expressing something ; to make (something) 32. desolate (adj.) lacking the people, plants, animals, etc., that make people
difficult or impossible feel welcome in a place ; very sad and lonely especially because
16. nostalgia (n.) pleasure and sadness that is caused by remembering someone you love has died or left
something from the past and wishing that you could experience it again 33. evade (v.) to stay away from (someone or something) : to avoid (someone
17. consensus (n.) a general agreement about something : an idea or or something) ; to avoid dealing with or facing (something) ; to avoid doing
opinion that is shared by all the people in a group (something required)
18. accelerate (v.) to move faster : to gain speed ; to cause (something) to 34. irate (adj.) very angry
happen sooner or more quickly 35. obstacle (n.) something that makes it difficult to do something ; an object
that you have to go around or over : something that blocks your path
36. revenue (n.) money that is made by or paid to a business or an
organization ; money that is collected for public use by a government
through taxes
37. phenomenon (n.) something (such as an interesting fact or event) that 55. *defy (v.) to refuse to obey (something or someone) ; to make
can be observed and studied and that typically is unusual or difficult to (something) very difficult or impossible ; to resist or fight (something)
understand or explain fully 56. frivolous (adj.) not important : not deserving serious attention ; silly and
38. *allege (v.) to state without definite proof that someone has done not serious
something wrong or illegal 57. obsolete (adj.) no longer used because something newer exists :
39. valiant (adj.) having or showing courage : very brave or courageous replaced by something newer ; no longer used by anyone
40. stamina (n.) great physical or mental strength that allows you to continue 58. *provoke (v.) to cause the occurrence of (a feeling or action) : to make
doing something for a long time (something) happen ; to cause (a person or animal) to become angry,
41. perishable (adj.) likely to spoil or decay quickly : not likely to stay fresh for violent, etc.
a long time if not eaten or used 59. zeal (n.) a strong feeling of interest and enthusiasm that makes someone
42. emphatic (adj.) said or done in a forceful or definite way ; speaking or very eager or determined to do something
acting in a forceful way 60. fluctuate (v.) to change level, strength, or value frequently

43. *devastate (v.) to destroy much or most of (something) : to cause great 61. hinder (v.) to make (something, such as a task or action) slow or difficult
damage or harm to (something) ; to cause (someone) to feel extreme 62. distort (v.) to change the natural, normal, or original shape, appearance,
emotional pain or sound of (something) in a way that is usually not attractive or pleasing ;
44. bias (n.) a tendency to believe that some people, ideas, etc., are better to change (something) so that it is no longer true or accurate
than others that usually results in treating some people unfairly; a strong 63. longevity (n.) long life : the fact of living for many years ; length of life ;
interest in something or ability to do something the length of time that something or someone lasts or continues
45. radiant (adj.) having or showing an attractive quality of happiness, love, 64. repulsive (adj.) causing strong dislike or disgust ; physics : of or relating
health, etc. ; bright and shining ; sent out from something in rays or waves to the force that pushes something away from something else
that you cannot see 65. undaunted (adj.) not afraid to continue doing something or trying to do
46. predicament (n.) a difficult or unpleasant situation something even though there are problems, dangers, etc.
47. *instigate (v.) to cause (something) to happen or begin 66. rivalry (n.) a state or situation in which people or groups are competing
48. *exasperate (v.) to make (someone) very angry or annoyed with each other

49. compassion (n.) a feeling of wanting to help someone who is sick, 67. indignant (adj.) feeling or showing anger because of something that is
hungry, in trouble, etc. unfair or wrong : very angry
50. hesitant (adj.) slow to act or speak especially because you are nervous or 68. crucial (adj.) extremely important
unsure about what to do : feeling or showing hesitation 69. lenient (adj.) allowing a lot of freedom and not punishing bad behavior in
51. nonchalant (adj.) relaxed and calm in a way that shows that you do not a strong way : not harsh, severe, or strict
care or are not worried about anything 70. haphazard (adj.) having no plan, order, or direction ; marked by lack of
52. *relinquish (v.) to give up (something) : to give (something, such as plan, order, or direction
power, control, or possession) to another person or group 71. sluggish (adj.) moving slowly or lazily
53. dynamic (adj.) always active or changing ; having or showing a lot of 72. *taunt (v.) to say insulting things to (someone) in order to make that
energy ; of or relating to energy, motion, or physical force person angry
54. *enhance (v.) to increase or improve (something)
73. substantial (adj.) large in amount, size, or number ; strongly made ; of 85. wily (adj.) full of clever tricks : very clever
food : enough to satisfy hunger 86. unwieldy (adj.) difficult to handle, control, or deal with because of being
74. wary (adj.) not having or showing complete trust in someone or something large, heavy, or complex
that could be dangerous or cause trouble 87. vigorous (adj.) healthy and strong ; done with great force and energy
75. chaos (n.) complete confusion and disorder : a state in which behavior 88. temperament (n.) the usual attitude, mood, or behavior of a person or
and events are not controlled by anything; the state of the universe before animal
there was any order and before stars and planets were formed 89. scrutinize (v.) to examine (something) carefully especially in a critical way
76. eloquent (adj.) having or showing the ability to use language clearly and 90. ruthless (adj.) having no pity : cruel or merciless
effectively ; clearly showing feeling or meaning
77. optimist (n.) one who feels or believes that good things will happen in the
future : one who feels or believes that what you hope for will happen 91. reluctant (adj.) feeling or showing doubt about doing something : not
78. shrewd (adj.) having or showing an ability to understand things and to willing or eager to do something
make good judgments : mentally sharp or clever 92. recuperate (v.) to return to normal health or strength after being sick,
injured, etc. ; to get back (money that has been spent, invested, lost, etc.)
93. compatible (adj.) able to exist together without trouble or conflict : going
79. persistent (adj.) continuing to do something or to try to do something together well ; of devices and especially computers : able to be used
even though it is difficult or other people want you to stop ; continuing together
beyond the usual, expected, or normal time : not stopping or going away 94. impetuous (adj.) acting or done quickly and without thought : controlled
80. tremor (n.) a shaking movement of the ground before or after an by emotion rather than thought
earthquake ; a slight shaking movement or sound that is caused 95. *intercept (v.) to stop and take someone or something that is going from
especially by nervousness, weakness, or illness one place to another place before that person or thing gets there
81. veto (n.) a decision by a person in authority to not allow or approve 96. insolent (adj.) rude or impolite : having or showing a lack of respect for
something (such as a new law) ; the right or power of a person in authority other people
to decide that something (such as a new law) will not be approved
82. presume (v.) to think that (something) is true without knowing that it is
true ; to accept legally or officially that something is true until it is proved 97. *confound (v.) to surprise and confuse (someone or something) ; to prove
not true ; to do (something) that you do not have the right or permission to (someone or something) wrong —used as an interjection to express anger
do or annoyance
83. formidable (adj.) very powerful or strong : deserving serious attention and 98. grapple (n.) the act or an instance of grappling ; a hand-to-hand struggle ;
respect ; very difficult to deal with ; large or impressive in size or amount a contest for superiority or mastery ; a bucket similar to a clamshell but
84. momentous (adj.) very important : having great or lasting importance usually having more jaws
99. obscure (adj.) not well-known : not known to most people ; difficult to
understand : likely to be understood by only a few people ; difficult or
impossible to know completely and with certainty
100. prudent (adj.) having or showing careful good judgment