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What is Information Transfer?

Ten questions will be asked based on a given stimulus, which can be in graphic or non-graphic form.
Students need to find the correct information from the stimulus.

How to answer?
1. Study the stimulus carefully – read everything printed.
 The stimulus can vary from advertisement, notice, brochure, movie/book review, news
report, catalogue, factual extract and so on.
2. Read/study the questions.
 Take note of the type of questions – whether a graphic organiser, a table, or short
responses like filling in the blanks or comprehension questions.
 Look for common vocabulary/ key words in the questions and stimulus (e.g. Venue,
Location, Author, Accommodation, Event and so on.)
3. Answers should be short and straight to the point.
 Transfer only what is needed.
 Do not write in full sentence.
 Do not use your own words.
4. Spell your words correctly.
5. Use the correct grammar form.
 Look at the word before the blank space – this should give a clue on the subject or verb

Remember to…

1. Give only ONE answer per question.

2. Do not lift parts of the stimulus that do not answer the question.


Figs Milk Olive Oil

This nourishing fruit is a cure Drinking milk is the best Olive oil is an excellent
for piles and helps those who prevention for osteoporosis as it treatment for skin and hair
have gout. Fresh figs are strengthens the bones. Apart problems. It also delays old age
preferred to dried ones. from that, it helps to renew and treats inflammation of the
vision and drives away stomach.
Barley Honey
This cereal is recommended for Melon It is considered as the best
cough and fever. Barley is remedy for diarrhoea when
soaked in water, and then drunk Melon purifies the bladder and mixed with hot water. Other
for coughs and sore throats. A the stomach, and improves the uses involve creating appetite,
soup made from barley is good spinal fluid and eyesight. strengthening the stomach,
for those suffering from fever. Melons should not be eaten first eliminating phlegm; as a meat
in a meal. preservative, hair conditioner
and mouthwash.


Remedies for
Your Sickness

Figs 1 Barley____ 2 Honey_______

Benefit: Benefit: Benefit:

3 Cures piles and Helps to cure fever Stops phlegm
gout_______ _

Question Type TABLE


Sean suffers from sore throat and coughs. 1 Barley__________

Lily’s hair breaks when she combs it. 2 Olive oil_________

Maria cannot read well in low lights. 3 Melon___________


1. If you have stomach problems, you can drink honey mixed with hot water.
2. Milk makes the bones stronger, thus preventing osteoporosis.
3. Those who have fever can drink soup made from barley.



1. How do you treat coughs and sore throats?

You soak barley in water, then drink the water.
2. Which two types of food help improve your eyesight?
Milk and melon

Practice 1
Questions 1 – 10
Read the following advertisement and complete the graphic organiser that follows.

The Breast Cancer Awareness Month which falls in October is an annual

campaign to increase awareness of the disease. While most people are aware of
breast cancer, many forget to take the steps to have a plan to detect the disease in
its early stages and encourage others to do the same.
One Utama Plaza is proud to hold a Pink Roses Charity Sale event in
conjunction with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It aims to show support for
breast cancer and raise funds for breast cancer research. Two thousand roses will
be sold for charity at the foyer of the plaza from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sunday, 1
October 2015.
The roses will be sold at RM5 each. Every buyer will be given a pink
ribbon to show their support for breast cancer. Proceeds from the sale will be
donated to Malaysian Breast Cancer Association.

Questions 1 – 10
Use the information from the advertisement given and complete the graphic organiser below.

Event :

1 ______________________________________

Organiser : Aims :

2 __________________________ 3 ______________________________

__________________________ _____________________________
4 ______________________________

Date :

5 _____________________
Number of roses for sale :

7 _____________________

Venue :

6 __________________________ Price per flower :

8 _____________________

Proceeds donated to : Free gifts :

10 _____________________________________
9 _____________________

Practice 2
Questions 1 – 10
Read the following article and complete the graphic organiser that follows.


Air pollution is the introduction of harmful materials into the Earth's atmosphere. There are
various types of air pollution but the most common are haze, smog and industrial or sewage odours.
The harmful materials are called air pollutants. They can be produced through human
activities like burning practices, factory and power plant production and driving vehicles. Some
pollutants are released into the air through natural sources such as dust storms, methane emission
from animal digestion and volcanic eruptions.
Air pollution can cause respiratory diseases which result in breathing difficulties. Other
known effects include skin problems and damage to other living organisms such as plants and
animals. It can also cause harm to the natural or built environment especially through acid rain.
Solution efforts on pollution are always a big problem. This is why prevention is a better way
to control air pollution. The prevention methods can either come from the government through stricter
law implementation or by individual actions. As individuals, we can start by recycling and re-using

Adapted from Wikipedia


Questions 1 – 10
Use the information from the article given and complete the graphic organiser below.

Causes Effects

Human Activities: 7 ___________________

1 ___________________ ___________________

___________________ ___________________

2 ___________________
8 ___________________
3 ___________________
9 ___________________
Natural Sources:
4 ___________________ ___________________
5 ___________________
10 __________________
6 ___________________

Practice 3
Questions 1 – 10
Read the following brochure and complete the graphic organiser that follows.

Night Safari at Taiping Zoo

Jalan Taman Tasik Taiping,
34000 Taiping,
Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia.

Tel: 605 - 8086577

Fax: 605 - 806 6025
Information :

Experience The Night Safari

The Taiping Night Safari is a unique tourism product where animals which are active at night
are displayed using special lighting similar to moonlight. Visitors will be able to experience this
environment, similar to wildlife habitats, where the sounds made by numerous creatures can be heard.
To fully appreciate this experience, visitors are required to minimize all sounds, even speech so that
the sounds of the night creatures can be heard. Reduced noise will also help to maintain the peaceful
atmosphere of the Night Safari. Torch lights and flash cameras are not allowed to be used in the Night
Safari as these will disturb the animals on display.

Entrance Fee Visiting Hours

Adults………………………...RM20.00 8.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m
Children (3 – 12 years)….....RM10.00 Open every night including public holidays
Video camera………………..Free of charge
Night Safari Mini Train…….. Free of charge 8.00 p.m. to 12.00 a.m
On Saturday nights and eve of public holidays.

Questions 1 – 10
Use the information from the brochure given and complete the graphic organiser below.

Activity :
1 ______________________________

Location :
2 ______________________________

Fees :
Adults : 3 _______________________
Children : 4 _____________________

Visiting Hours :
Normal days : 5 ____________________________________
Saturdays and Public Holidays : 6 _____________________

Equipment :
Allowed : 7 _______________________________________
Not allowed : 8 ___________________________________
9 ___________________________________

For further information, go online at

10 _________________________________________________

Practice 4
Questions 1 – 10
Read the following book review and complete the questions that follow.

Do you or your mum love to cook? Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we have a
suggestion on how both you and mum can bond together in the kitchen. Try out new recipes or go get
the ingredients together and cook up a meal this Mother’s Day. After all, mums love it when they get
to spend quality time with the kids.
Malaysia’s Culinary Ambassador and Asia’s most notable chef, Chef Wan shares 138 of his
favourite Asian recipes in his latest book, The Best of Chef Wan: A Taste of Malaysia. The recipes
include home-cooked favourites, as well as popular street food. The book is split into 6 food sections
– Meat, Poultry, Fish & Seafood, Salads & Vegetables, Rice & Noodles and Soups. This book is set to
be Chef Wan’s best cookbook yet. Written in an easy-to-follow format and accompanied by a
glossary that highlights the unique ingredients found in the Asian kitchen, it is the definitive
cookbook for home cooks and food lovers alike who wish to learn more about Asian cuisine.
The Best of Chef Wan: A Taste of Malaysia, published by Marshall Cavendish and
available in both Bahasa Melayu and English, is priced at RM99.90 for hardback and RM79.90 for
paperback, and is available at all leading bookstores.

Questions 1 – 10
Using the information from the book review, write short answers in the space provided.

Title : 1 ____________________________________________________

Author : 2 ____________________________________________________

Publisher : 3 ____________________________________________________

Price : 4 ____________________________________________________
5 ____________________________________________________

Languages : 6 ____________________________________________________
7 ____________________________________________________

About the book:

The celebrity chef, Chef Wan contributes 8 _______________________________ of Asian food

which include home-cooked and popular 9 _________________________________. It is divided
into six food sections which are easy to understand. The book also includes a 10
__________________________________ that explains the unique ingredients used in Malaysian

Practice 5
Questions 1 – 10
Read the following information and complete the questions that follow.

The Malay Chronicles: Bloodlines is an epic film produced by KRU Studios. It will be
marketed internationally with the aim of introducing the history and culture of the Malay world. The
film is adapted from the prose, Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa which narrates the history of the
earliest state of Kedah.

The film directed by Yusry Abdul Halim was shown in Malaysian cinemas starting from
March 10, 2013, with Stephen Rahman Hughes as the character Merong Mahawangsa, accompanied
by a large cast of local and foreign actors, especially Dato’ Haji Rahim Razali, Ummi Nazeera, Khir
Rahman, Jehan Miskin, Umie Aida and Maya Karin.

In the year 120, the Roman Empire at that time was under the reign of Hadrian, while in
China, the Han dynasty was a powerful empire and had expanded its rule to the Central Asian
countries. As the Roman fleet carried out their repairs and traded in Goa, they asked Merong
Mahawangsa to escort a Roman prince to Southeast Asia, to wed a beautiful Chinese princess from
the Han Dynasty, Princess Meng Li Hua. The Chinese princess and the Roman prince were supposed
to meet halfway and be married on neutral grounds. However, pirates of the Garuda clan had a
different design. They kidnapped the princess and made her a hostage. Thus, it was the duty of
Merong Mahawangsa to rescue the Princess of China and bring her back to the Prince of Rome in a
marriage of two great civilizations of East and West.

Adapted from :

Questions 1 – 4
Use the information from above and complete the table below.

1 Movie Title : ____________________________________________________

2 Date of release : ____________________________________________________

3 Director : ____________________________________________________

4 Producer : ____________________________________________________

Questions 5 – 10
Complete the sentences below with suitable words or phrases from the text.

5 In this film, Stephen Hughes acted as ____________________________________.

6 This epic was adapted from an old prose of the history of early _________________.

7 Merong Mahawangsa was instructed to accompany the _______________________

to meet his betrothed Chinese princess.

8 The Han Princess was on her way to Southeast Asia when she was kidnapped by

9 The grand wedding of the Princess of China and the Prince of Rome was a marriage
of _________________________________________________________________.

10 The film involved many local and __________________________________ actors.

Practice 6
Questions 1 – 10
Read the following article and complete the table that follows.

Chimpanzees are primates that are closely related to

humans, sharing more than 98 percent of human genetic
Chimpanzees live in social communities of several
dozen animals, and can habituate themselves to African rain
forests, woodlands, and grasslands.
Although they normally walk on all fours, chimpanzees
can stand and walk upright. By swinging
from branch to branch, they can also move quite efficiently in the trees, where they do most of their
eating. Chimpanzees usually sleep in the trees as well, employing nests of leaves.
Chimps are generally fruit and plant eaters, but they also consume insects, eggs, and meat,
including carrion. They have a tremendously varied diet that includes hundreds of known foods.
Chimpanzees are one of the few animal species that employ tools. They shape and use sticks
to retrieve insects from their nests or dig grubs out of logs. They also use stones to smash open tasty
nuts and employ leaves as sponges to soak up drinking water. Chimpanzees can even be taught to use
some basic human sign language.
Females can give birth at any time of the year, typically to a single infant that clings to its
mother's fur and later rides on her back until the age of two. Females reach reproductive age at 13,
while males are not considered adults until they are 16 years old.
Although chimps and humans are closely related, the apes have suffered much at human
hands. These great apes are endangered and still threatened by hunters and habitat destruction.
Adapted from National Geographic

Questions 1 – 10
Use the information from the article given and complete the table below.

Animal type : 1 _____________________________________________

Habitats : 2 _____________________________________________

3 _____________________________________________

4 _____________________________________________

Tools used : 5 _____________________________________________

6 _____________________________________________

7 _____________________________________________

Status : 8 _____________________________________________

Threats : 9 _____________________________________________

10 _____________________________________________

Practice 7
Questions 1 – 10
Read the following poster and complete the graphic organiser that follows.

Are you tired of going to the same old haunts? Well, here is your opportunity to try out a
new vacation spot!
Masmerah Resort at Temerloh is an ideal place for family holidays, for school camping trips
or even corporate motivational courses. Surrounded by lush green tropical rainforest, its peaceful
and serene environment is just what you need to get away from the hustle of city life. It is easily
accessible via the Karak Highway.
Set up in 2010, we have kampong style chalets for those who want the comforts of home,
and camping grounds for those who wish to spend time in the midst of nature. We also have
dormitories furnished with double-decker beds. These are ideal for schools on a limited budget.
Camping grounds are available. Tents and other camping equipment can be rented at reasonable
We offer various obstacle challenges such as jungle-trekking, rock-climbing and flying fox.
For those who want some fun activities, try our Go Go Buggies Course. We offer two types of
racing tracks. ‘Fast and Fury-Yes’ is an obstacle-laden track suitable for those with adventurous
souls. ‘Nature Hide-and-Seek’ is tailor-made for nature lovers who want to experience a cooling
ride through the jungle.
The river flowing through the resort is suitable for a variety of activities. Swimming in the
stream is not to be missed. Fishing enthusiasts will not be disappointed by the variety of river fish
they might catch.

Call us at 04-2244 6688 or visit our website:

for further information.

Questions 1 – 10
Use the information from the poster given and complete the graphic organiser below.

Location Suitable for Accommodation

 Camping trips  Kampung-style chalets

1 ____________________
2 ___________________  Tents
3 ___________________ 4 ____________________


Obstacle Challenges Water Activities

5 ___________________________ 8 ___________________________
6 ___________________________ 9 ___________________________
7 ___________________________

Go Go Buggies Course

 Fast and Fury-Yes

10 _________________________

Practice 8
Questions 1 – 10
Read the following poster and answer the questions that follow.

We have exciting workshops lined up for you!

Keep your children occupied during the holidays.
Be the first 20 participants to make payment and get RM 20 rebate.

Date : 14 & 15 December 2015 Age : 10 - 12 years old
Fees : RM 180 Time : 10am – 5pm
Learning is fast, easy and fun! Boost your self-confidence and solve
problems creatively. Learn the theory of super memory, mind mapping,
self-motivation, goal setting and power reading.

Date : 16 & 17 December 2015 Age : 13 - 16 years old
Fees : RM 120 Time : 10am – 5pm
Learn how to write different types of essays and get a head start to ace
your written exams.


Date : 18 & 19 December 2015 Age : 10 - 12 years old
Fees : RM 180 Time : 10am – 5pm
Make your own stethoscope and create a mini ecosystem. Learn all about
the system that keeps us ticking.

Date : 20 & 21 December 2015 Age : 10 - 12 years old
Fees : RM 150 Time : 10am – 5pm
Experience language in a host of creative ways and improve your written
and oral communication skills.

For enquiries or registration please call NST EDU Unit at (03) 288 544 644 from 9am – 6 pm
(Monday to Friday only) or contact Sumitha.
Payment to confirm registration must be made 5 days before the programme. All postal orders are
to be made to: The New Sun Times Press (M) Bhd.

Questions 1 – 6
Use the information from above and complete the table below.

Organiser 1 _________________________________________________

Number of workshops 2 _________________________________________________

Participants’ age groups 3 _________________________________________________

4 _________________________________________________

Mode of payment 5 _________________________________________________

Contact person 6 _________________________________________________

Questions 7 – 10
Complete the sentences below with suitable words or phrases from the text.

7 The first twenty participants to confirm registration will get _____________________


8 A suitable workshop for secondary school students is ________________________


9 If you are concerned about the environment, you should attend ________________

10 The workshops are held during the school holidays to ________________________


Practice 9
Questions 1 – 10
Read the following information and complete the questions that follow.

As teenagers, you may sometimes face problems with friends or schoolwork. Here are some groups of
people you can turn to for help.

Parents are the people who are closest to you. So, when you face problems, you should pour your
hearts out to your parents. You should tell your parents what is troubling you. Your parents can offer
advice, provide support and show their understanding based on their own experiences.

There are counsellors in every school. Ccounsellors are trained to help students overcome their fears,
anxieties and worries. They are qualified to give professional help to students to deal with personal
and social problems. They can even help students with problems related to schoolwork. Sometimes
they offer students career guidance by helping them identify their personalities and attributes. This
can help students choose the right career path.

In school, there are peer facilitators who assist the counsellors. These facilitators are selected by other
students and they are interested in helping their fellow students. They are given training on how to be
good listeners. Some students find it easier to talk to someone of their own age group. They think that
peers understand them better than adults, especially when it comes to issues such as peer pressure,
schoolwork and the challenges of being a teenager today.


There are many volunteers who work at help centres. They are trained to talk to troubled students
through phone calls. Some students prefer to talk about their problems to someone they do not see

Questions 1 – 4
Use the information from above and complete the table below.

Teenager with problem People who can help

Leila does not wish to talk about her problem face-to-

face. 1 ____________________________

David prefers to talk to someone of the same age. 2 ____________________________

Rajan needs guidance on which career to choose. 3 ____________________________

Mei Ling has a problem with friends which she cannot

discuss with anyone in school. 4 ____________________________

Questions 5 – 10
Complete the sentences below with suitable words from the text.

5 If you have problems related to _____________________________, you can talk to a school

counsellor or a peer facilitator.

6 Peer facilitators are _________________________ who help the school counsellors.

7 Our parents can give advice based on their own ____________________________.

8 To be a good peer facilitator, you have to be a good _________________________.

9 The right career for us is usually based on our __________________________ and attributes.

10 Volunteers at help centres provide their service through ______________________.

Practice 10
Questions 1 – 10
Read the following article and complete the questions that follow.


The Malays are the largest ethnic group in Malaysia, accounting for over half the population.
With the indigenous people, they form a group called Bumiputera, which translates as ‘sons’ or
‘princes of the soil’. The Malays loved the earth, so most of them were padi farmers. Traditional
Malay culture centres around the kampong or village, though today we are likely to find a lot of
Malays in the cities.
The Chinese people traded with Malaya for centuries and many settled here in large numbers
during the nineteenth century. The Chinese are currently regarded as Malaysia’s businessmen, having
succeeded in many different industries. When they first arrived, however, the Chinese carried out the
most gruelling jobs like tin mining. Today they form about thirty percent of the population.
Indians had been visiting Malaya for over 2000 years but did not settle here until the
nineteenth century. Most came from South India, to flee from a poor economy. On arriving, many
worked as labourers, tapping rubber in rubber estates. Today, ten percent of Malaysians are Indians.
Their cuisine and colourful garments are visible throughout the land.
The oldest inhabitants of Malaysia are its tribal people. They account for two percent of the
total population. In Peninsular Malaysia, these people are generally known as the Orang Asli or
‘Original People’. They are given special status and there is an organisation to care for their
development. Most of them are farmers and hunters and often move from place to place.
Another group of tribal people who account for four percent of the population comes from
East Malaysia. In Sarawak, the dominant tribal group are the Dayaks, who were warriors living in
longhouses. In Sabah, most of the tribal people fall under the term ‘Kadazan’. Although the people
here are now involved in different types of work, in the past, most of them were involved in farming
and fishing.

Questions 1 – 4
Use the information from above and complete the table below.

Description People

They are the largest ethnic group in Malaysia. 1 __________________________________

They were traditionally involved in tin mining. 2 __________________________________

They make up 10% of the population. 3 __________________________________

They were known as the warriors of Sarawak. 4 __________________________________

In the past, this tribe was mostly made up of

farmers and fishermen. 5 __________________________________

Questions 5 – 10
Complete the sentences below with suitable words or phrases from the text.

6 The Malays were called the ‘princes of the soil’ because they __________________

7 The Chinese are regarded as Malaysia’s businessmen because they have _______

8 The main reason many Indians came to Malaya was to _______________________


9 The Orang Asli are the oldest ___________________________________________


10 The organisation set up for the Orang Asli is to _____________________________