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CBS This Morning Airs Segment Highlighting Public Safety

Risks of Sunoco’s Proposed Hazardous, Highly Volatile Liquids
Export Pipeline
WEST WHITELAND TOWNSHIP, Pennsylvania, January 22, 2018—On Monday, CBS This
Morning aired a segment on Sunoco’s proposed Mariner East 2 pipeline project, with reporting
by Don Dahler. Sunoco’s project is proposed to transport ethane, propane and butane to
Marcus Hook, where they would be exported and used primarily for plastics production. If
released, these materials convert from liquid to heavier than air, colorless, odorless gas, which
is extremely flammable or explosive. Today’s report focused on the risks posed by the pipeline
and its proposed route through densely populated Philadelphia suburbs.

Three Chester County residents impacted by the pipeline—Virginia Marcille-Kerslake and David
Mano of West Whiteland Township, and Rebecca Britton of Uwchlan Township—explained their
concerns regarding the project. The residents spoke of the difficulty of leak detection (the gases
would be odorless and colorless and would remain close to the ground), the impossibility of
evacuation in case of a leak (running a half mile away, in time to avoid ignition of the
combustible vapor), and the extensive damage already done to local water supplies.

An independent, expert hazards assessment obtained by the Middletown Coalition for

Community Safety, a chapter of the larger Del-Chesco United for Pipeline Safety, was featured
in the segment. This assessment modeled the effects of a release near Glenwood Elementary
School, concluding that blast and thermal impacts could reach 1,800 feet in a three-minute
delayed ignition scenario. Glenwood Elementary is approximately 650 feet from the proposed
pipeline route.

State senator Andy Dinniman (D-19), who has been a vocal advocate for the safety of his
constituents, wrote in an e-mailed statement: “The CBS News story has further highlighted
concerns that residents impacted by the Mariner East pipelines have been living with for
months—serious concerns about the health and safety of their families, the volatility of the
natural gas liquids being transported, the proximity of the pipeline route to homes, schools,
parks, and senior centers, the inability to effectively respond in the case of an emergency, and
the lack of state government agencies and the current administration to adequately address and
resolve these issues. I will continue to work with impacted residents and members of local and
regional citizens groups to obtain an independent risk and safety assessment of the project. If
government either can’t or won’t do its job to ensure the health, safety, and well-being or our
communities, we have no choice but to move forward on our own.”

CBS This Morning interviewed state senator Tom McGarrigle (R-26), who was the chairman of
Delaware County Council in 2012, when Council commissioned an economic analysis for
repurposing the shuttered Sunoco refinery at Marcus Hook. This study, which considered only
options that involved transporting highly volatile liquids to the facility, did not quantify economic
downsides of the project such as impaired property values, nor did it examine its safety risks.
Del-Chesco United for Pipeline
Sen. McGarrigle offered an opinion that the pipeline was “safe,” but that he felt Sunoco had
failed to properly explain it to residents.

Tanner Rouse is a Democrat seeking to unseat Sen. McGarrigle in 2018. Responding to Sen.
McGarrigle’s remarks, Mr. Rouse said “Sunoco should have directly addressed and alleviated
the community's concerns about the pipeline from the start. The pipeline has already polluted
local water and the Department of Environmental Protection says the company has willfully
violated state laws. Why did Sen. McGarrigle wait until these damages had been done to ask for
these issues to be addressed?”

Added Delaware County Council member Brian Zidek, "I am not aware of any risk assessment
study of the Mariner East project performed on behalf of a governmental body, either federal,
state or local. While I am aware that Delaware County Council boasted of the study it
commissioned in 2012 that ultimately led to the initiation of Sunoco's Mariner East project, it
does not appear that County Council ever commissioned a study to examine the costs that the
pipeline project might force upon Delaware County's residents. As a matter of public safety,
Delaware County needs to commission a risk assessment study so that its citizens and first
responders can better understand the dangers that might be posed by the Mariner East project."

State Senator Tom Killion (R-9) and Representative Chris Quinn (R-168) have also joined a
chorus of elected officials expressing concerns for the public safety risks of Sunoco’s proposed

The segment reported on a statement from Gov. Tom Wolf’s office confirming that work on the
project had been suspended following repeated, willful and egregious violations of state law and
environmental permit conditions. CBS noted that Gov. Wolf has made no commitment to obtain
the risk assessment requested by Del-Chesco United and numerous members of
Pennsylvania’s General Assembly.

Sunoco has reported 296 leaks to the federal government from its pipeline systems since 2006,
more than any other operator. Sunoco also on January 11, 2018 received a Notice of Probable
Violation of federal safety rules with respect to its construction practices on Mariner East 2. The
Notice alleged that a Sunoco inspector failed to notice defects in bends and pipeline coatings on
segments being prepared for burial.

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Del-Chesco United for Pipeline Safety is a nonpartisan, fact-based, grassroots coalition of locally-based
safety groups, made up of concerned Pennsylvanians from across our Commonwealth. Our mission is to
unite people through education and to encourage our elected officials to make informed policy decisions
for the safety and well-being of our communities.