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As the Body of Christ we partner with other to mentor youth

Timoteo Year-End Review 2017

Our Mission
As the Body of Christ we partner with others to mentor youth.

Our Vision
Timoteo seeks to impact the hearts of youth to bring transformation to our

“You then, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.” 2 Timothy 2:1
Timoteo Football ~ 511 W. Courtland St 2nd Floor. Philadelphia, PA 19140 (267)-972-2389
As the Body of Christ we partner with other to mentor youth

Timoteo Year-End Review

2017 has been an exciting time for Timoteo as it has been a year of growth numerically and in
depth of service. This year we had 849 youth and young adults from our community on our
active rosters. We had 250 in our spring flag football league, 207 in our summer camp, 211 in
our basketball program, 73 in our youth flag football fall league, 20 youth in our run club and 20
youth in our female basketball league. We employed 8 youth this fall in partnership with
Workready and had over 60 youth participate in the “Player’s Huddle,” a bible study done in
partnership with FCA and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Impact Story: Jahsun Patton (Jahsun memorial video):

In 2017 there were 314 people killed
in Philadelphia at the hands of
stats) and there were 12,912 violent
crimes (including homicide, rape,
robbery and assault)
( On
November 24, 2017 we lost one of our
players, Jahsun Patton, to violence.
He was shot nine times during his visit
with his sister over the holiday. Jahsun was a senior in high school with a 3.5 GPA and he had
just received his acceptance letter into college. Jahsun was hired this past summer as a Timoteo
youth coach, where he learned leadership skills as he helped run a summer camp for children in
the neighborhood. Some may say that Jahsun’s untimely death was a real loss of potential, but we
see things differently. We were able to see Jahsun living out his potential as a youth as he
coached and mentored children at camp. Jah wasn’t just a potential leader, he was a leader and
Timoteo was one of the platforms he was able to use to live out his potential. This is one of the
unique characteristic of Timoteo is that we create a platform for youth to realize and live out their
potential and in the process they bring about transformation in our community.

Mentoring the Whole Person

The heart of what we do is mentoring. Unlike many national mentoring programs, our mentors
often live in the same neighborhoods as the mentees, and thus are able to interact on a regular
basis, walking with them through life’s many situations. Our hope is that each youth that
becomes part of the Timoteo community will experience mentoring in a holistic manner,
including mentoring at a personal and social level.

Personal mentoring through sports is not just about competition. Through the training we give
our mentor coaches, sports becomes a vehicle for building emotional support, contributing to a
player’s value as a human, a since of belonging, empathy, encouragement, trust, love, self-
confidence, physical health, spiritual instruction, and even financial assistance (affordable
league, game day jobs). When the focus is more about “the team,” than it is “the game,”
mentoring can occur at a deep level and will build a foundation within our youth to transform
“You then, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.” 2 Timothy 2:1
Timoteo Football ~ 511 W. Courtland St 2nd Floor. Philadelphia, PA 19140 (267)-972-2389
As the Body of Christ we partner with other to mentor youth

their city. It is often by building a relationship with the players on the field that mentoring begins
to occur off the field in everyday life.

Social mentoring also occurs in our relationship with the players. Our hope is that our players
are personally transformed, so they can bring about transformation in the city. In the context of a
team, players learn to work with others, to control their anger, to find alternative ways to violence
to settle conflict, they learn to be good followers and good leaders. Through Timoteo we seek to
connect youth to a larger community of partners that help us train youth in writing resumes,
conducting interview skills, visiting colleges. We also have a summer camp each year were we
hire several youth to be leaders and learn to coach and be a peer mentors.

2017 Timoteo Programs:

The Locker Room

In 2016 we developed a training series for our
players called: “The Locker Room.” The Locker
Room consisted of the following trainings: Job
Readiness, Making a Resume, Creating a Cover
Letter, and the Art of Interviewing. Through these
trainings we equipped the youth attending with the
skills to job search. From among this attending
group we also hired youth for our summer camp
staff. In 2017 we partnered with Vocatio, a local
partner that was already providing these services to
youth. Through the partnership we were able to
take our players to their facility and they received
the support they needed to complete resumes.

The Coaches Huddle

The Huddle is an intensive training we hold for our coaches consisting of three parts: Mentoring,
Coaching 101, and the Spirituality and Philosophy of what we do. Our hope with the trainings is
to help our coaches/ mentors to grow in depth in terms of ministry and mentoring our youth. Here
is a link to some of our trainings:

Each year we select a theme for our game

day verses and coaches trainings. This past
year we had the help of one of our partners,
ODAAP, in putting together a curriculum
dealing with the issue of domestic violence.
We even had “Ms. V,” the director of
ODAAP adopt one of our teams and meet
with them on several occasions talking
about these issues.

“You then, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.” 2 Timothy 2:1
Timoteo Football ~ 511 W. Courtland St 2nd Floor. Philadelphia, PA 19140 (267)-972-2389
As the Body of Christ we partner with other to mentor youth

The Players Huddle

In 2017 we partnered with FCA and the Philadelphia Eagles and held weekly Bible Studies during
the spring at Esperanza High School. Each week the
players would share a passage of Scripture and then
lead our youth in conversations around the theme of
the night. Through the Player’s Huddle we met wide
receiver Marcus Johnson who took interest in
Timoteo and has been actively involved with us
throughout the fall and winter months. We were
able to match Marcus with one of our youth and the
Timoteo coach and they have been developing a
relationship. Marcus even had some customized
Timoteo cleats made up for the “customize cleats week” in the NFL. Marcus also spoke at our
year-end banquet called the “JEEP Awards.”

Ruth League (female basketball league)

Starting in September of 2016, we started holding open
gym nights for females on Wednesday nights. Through
these open gyms, relationships are being built, and the
foundation is being set for the Ruth League. Our hope is
to develop female leaders and to expand our mentoring
efforts among the females of our community. In 2017 we
re-booted the Ruth, which continues to meet on the
weekly basis at Esperanza Health Center.

Some stats:
- 49% of the league is Hispanic, 44 % is black/African America
- There are 38 zip codes in Philly represented at Timoteo; therefore we are making impact
on several communities.
- There are 73 local schools represented in Timoteo.
- 93% of our league has never been expelled from school and 89% said they are rarely late
at all. Discipline and excellence on the football field often translates into other areas of
- 90% of our league desire to go to college. 65% of our youth complete their homework on
time. This is a gap that we hope to address in the upcoming year. We often talk about it
not being enough to just want something, but rather that we must learn and execute the
steps to make our dreams a reality.
- 89% of our players have never been arrested. Every year we have players tell us they are
thankful for Timoteo because it keeps them off the streets.
- Though only 36% of our players live with their dads, 70% said that their dad was actively
involved in their lives. One thing we have noticed over the past couple years is that more
fathers are getting involved with their kids through Timoteo. Any stereotype of the city
being full of nothing but deadbeat dads is simply wrong!
- 63% of our league stated they have been in a fight at some point in their life. We live in a
violent culture, and Timoteo seeks to create a non-violent culture where everyone is
“You then, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.” 2 Timothy 2:1
Timoteo Football ~ 511 W. Courtland St 2nd Floor. Philadelphia, PA 19140 (267)-972-2389
As the Body of Christ we partner with other to mentor youth

accepted and included as part of the family.

- Only 23% of our players attend church on a regular basis. Our hope is that more church
members will find the value of investing in our youth. We believe we need to expand the
sanctuary to the field, for it is often on the field where our players see the reality of God.
32% of the league said they would like to go to church or a Bible study, and 27% said they
would like more info.
- 66% of our league said they did not have a job but they would like one. One thing we try
to do is create work for our youth, through game days jobs and through our summer camp

Timoteo Flag Football (male ages 13-18)

This year we had 256 youth sign up and 50 adult coaches. Many teams start practicing for the
season as early as January (weather permitting). The youth often talk about Timoteo as if it is a
family, and we have developed a unique culture of
brotherhood among the teams. During the games we
have created opportunities for youth to work through
“game day jobs.” Game day jobs include taking
stats, concession, clean up crew, media, and
yardsticks. This has been a great way for us to keep
kids accountable and hold them to a high standard
when working. The youth football league is where it
all began for Timoteo and is still the heart of all that
we do. Every year we hear from participants how
Timoteo has changed their lives. We also match
coaches with three youth and they have the expectation to connect with that youth for four hours a
month throughout the entire year. We actively track this interaction and encourage the
relationship throughout the year.

Fall Youth League/ PAL (male ages 13-18)

One of our core values in Timoteo is partnership. One of our partnerships has led us to the Police
Athletic League. Through the PAL we have been able to run a smaller flag football league in the
fall with 70 youth, with 53 of them coming from our main spring league. Though small, the PAL
allows us to continue to work with our youth and give opportunity for some of them to act in
leadership roles on the field.

Summer Camp/ PAL (male and female

ages 8-18)
June and August are exciting times for
Timoteo as we hold a summer flag football
camp for youth ages 10-15 years old. The
camp is developmental in nature to help
younger youth that need to improve on their
football skills. In the midst of their training
they receive more than football! One of the
things that makes the summer camp unique is that we hired 12 coaches ages 16-17 that we have
“You then, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.” 2 Timothy 2:1
Timoteo Football ~ 511 W. Courtland St 2nd Floor. Philadelphia, PA 19140 (267)-972-2389
As the Body of Christ we partner with other to mentor youth

identified as peer leaders. Summer camp was a six-week intensive leadership training for these
youth. Throughout the summer camp we meet five days a week and we worked closely with the
PAL. Our hope in partnering with PAL is that healthy relations will occur between the police and
our youth. Topics we discuss during summer camp include, leadership, peer mentorship,
spirituality, budgeting, going to college, dealing with violence, drugs, and many other topics.
This year we developed our peer-mentoring program as we matched our summer coaches with
younger mentees. Coaches made the commitment to stay connected with their mentee for an
entire year. Here are some videos from summer camp that are a good reflection of what we
accomplish in both youth camp coaches and youth participants.

Making Leaders Video:

Timoteo Spirituality Video:

Basketball (ages 13-25)

This year basketball had 211 participants with more each
week asking if they can join! We have been amazed at the
turn out and can only imagine how far and wide Timoteo
Basketball will go into the future. This year we made Eric
Moore the commissioner of basketball and he has put
together a staff that will help us continue to develop the
league with the same excellence we have come to know
with football.

Run Club with Esperanza Health

Timoteo started the Run Club in partnership with Esperanza
Health Center at the end of 2017. The Run Club is unique in that it is open to all people, no matter
the age or athletic ability.
Timoteo Run Club is structured to
include runners of all levels, whether a
beginner or a marathon runner, the Run
Club allows each runner to customize
and run plan. The Run Club has also
become a place to hang out and build
friendships as well.
Timoteo Run Club is also going to
formulate “Run Teams” to enter local
races, the Broad Street 10 mile run will
be the first in 2018!

J.E.E.P. Awards
“You then, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.” 2 Timothy 2:1
Timoteo Football ~ 511 W. Courtland St 2nd Floor. Philadelphia, PA 19140 (267)-972-2389
As the Body of Christ we partner with other to mentor youth

On December 15 Timoteo had their first ever

“J.E.E.P. Awards.” JEEP is an acronym for our
Timoteo philosophy of: Jesus, Excellence,
Empowerment, and Partnership. The Awards
ceremony was a formal affair and told the story of
Timoteo through a variety of J.E.E.P Awards (14
of them). Here are the JEEP Award Videos:

10:12 Sports (Baltimore) and Beyond

One highlight for us in 2016 was the immergence of 10:12 Sports, a ministry in Baltimore, MD
modeled after Timoteo. In 2015 we consulted with each other and we helped them launch their
own Timoteo-style flag football league. As we visited Baltimore and traveled with the founder of
10:12 Sports, Jeff Thompson, and shared with community leaders about the mission and work of
Timoteo and we heard on several occasion, “we need Timoteo in Baltimore.” This year we
discovered that we are more than a sports league, we are a movement of change! Half of
Baltimore’s recreation centers have closed, and 10:12 Sports is now a positive option for the
youth of Baltimore. They serve well over 200 youth and this year they also included basketball
into their programs.

In 2017 we also connected with a group in Charleston, WV. We had staff share with them about
Timoteo and they ended up bringing several youth to Philly to meet with 10:12 Sports and our
players week one for a little tournament. It was great for the youth to meet each other and for our
youth to see that something bigger is happening outside of the city!

“You then, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.” 2 Timothy 2:1
Timoteo Football ~ 511 W. Courtland St 2nd Floor. Philadelphia, PA 19140 (267)-972-2389