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International Journal of Innovation in Enterprise System, Volume x, Issue x, month x 20xx, pp.


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International Journal of Innovation in Enterprise System, Volume x, Issue x, month x 20xx, pp. xx-yy
Abstract—These use either the Microsoft IV. HELPFUL HINTS section in a book, please
instructions give you Equation Editor or the 4.1.Figures and Tables give the relevant page
guidelines for preparing MathType add-on numbers [2]. In
papers for conferences. Use Large figures and sentences, refer simply to
this document as a template tables may span both
m) for equations in your the reference number, as
if you are using Microsoft columns. Place figure
Word. Otherwise, use this paper (Insert | Object | in [3]. Do not use “Ref.
captions below the
document as an instruction Create New | Microsoft [3]” or “reference [3]”.
figures; place table titles Please note that the
set. Define all symbols used Equation or MathType
in the abstract. Do not cite above the tables. If your
Equation). “Float over references at the end of
references in the abstract. figure has two parts, this document are in the
text” should not be
Abstract uses Times New include the labels “(a)”
selected. preferred referencing
Roman with size 10 pt. and “(b)” as part of the style. Give all authors’
Page margins are 1.78 cm artwork. Please verify
top and down; 2.00 cm left III. UNITS names; do not use “et
that the figures and al.” unless there are six
and 1.65 cm right. Each Use either SI (MKS) tables you mention in the
column width is 8.42 cm or CGS as primary units. authors or more. Use a
and the separation between text actually exist. Please space after authors'
(SI units are strongly do not include captions
the columns is 0,5 cm. initials. Papers that have
encouraged.) English as part of the figures.
Keywords—About four not been published
key words or phrases in units may be used as Do not put captions in
alphabetical order, secondary units (in should be cited as
“text boxes” linked to “unpublished” [4].
separated by commas. parentheses). This the figures. Do not put
applies to papers in Papers that have been
borders around the submitted for publication
I.INTRODUCTION data storage. For outside of your figures.
This document is a example, write “15 should be cited as
Use the abbreviation “submitted for
template for Word (doc) Gb/cm2 (100 Gb/in2).” “Fig.” even at the
versions. This section An exception is when publication” [5]. Papers
beginning of a sentence. that have been accepted
and other next sections English units are used as Do not abbreviate for
use Times New Roman identifiers in trade, such for publication, but not
“Table”. yet specified for an issue
with size 11pt. Do not as “3½ in disk drive.” The paper is only
insert page number in the Avoid combining SI and should be cited as “to be
printed in black-white published” [6]. Please
document. If you are CGS units, such as color. Figure labels
reading a paper version current in amperes and give affiliations and
should be legible, addresses for private
of this document, so you magnetic field in approximately 9 point
can use it to prepare your oersteds. This often leads communications [7].
type, center alignment. Capitalize only the first
manuscript. to confusion because
Do not change the equations do not balance word in a paper title,
font sizes or line dimensionally. If you except for proper nouns
spacing to squeeze must use mixed units, and element symbols.
more text into a limited clearly state the units for For papers published in
number of pages. Use each quantity in an translation journals,
italics for emphasis; do equation. please give the English
not underline. The SI unit for citation first, followed by
Fig. 3 Mapping nonlinear data
To insert images in magnetic field strength to a higher dimensional feature
the original foreign-
Word, position the cursor H is A/m. However, if space language citation [8].
at the insertion point and you wish to use units of
either use Insert | Picture T, either refer to 4.2.References UNITS FOR MAGNETIC PROPERTIES
| From File or copy the magnetic flux density B Convers
Number citations Symbol Quantity
image to the Windows or magnetic field
consecutively in square  magnetic flux 1 Mx  10
clipboard and then Edit | strength symbolized as
brackets [1]. The
Paste Special | Picture µ0H. Use the center dot B magnetic flux density, 1 G  104
sentence punctuation
(with “Float over text” to separate compound
follows the brackets [2]. magnetic induction
unchecked). units, e.g., “A·m2.”
Multiple references [2],
[3] are each numbered H magnetic field 1 Oe  103
II. MATH strength
with separate brackets
If you are using Word, [1]–[3]. When citing a N, D demagnetizing factor 1  1/(4)

© Copyright by Directorate of Research and Community Service, Telkom University

International Journal of Innovation in Enterprise System, Volume x, Issue x, month x 20xx, pp. xx-yy
symbols in your equation elaborate on the [7] C. J. Kaufman, Rocky
have been defined before importance of the work Mountain Research
the equation appears or or suggest applications Lab., Boulder, CO,
No vertical lines in private communication,
immediately following. and extensions.
Table 1. Statements that May 1995.
Italicize symbols (T [8] Y. Yorozu, M. Hirano,
serve as captions for the ACKNOWLEDGMENT
might refer to K. Oka, and Y. Tagawa,
entire table do not need
temperature, but T is the Avoid expressions “Electron spectroscopy
footnote letters.
unit tesla). Refer to such as “One of us would studies on magneto-
“(1),” not “Eq. (1)” or optical media and
4.3.Abbreviations and like to thank ... .”
“equation (1),” except at plastic substrate
Acronyms Instead, write “Author interfaces (Translation
Define abbreviations the beginning of a thanks ... .” Sponsor and Journals style)”, IEEE
and acronyms the first sentence: “Equation (1) financial support Transl. J. Magn.Jpn.,
time they are used in the is .....” acknowledgments are vol. 2, Aug. 2007, pp.
text, even after they have written here. 740–741.
already been defined in [9] M. Young, The
Recommendations Techincal Writers
the abstract. REFERENCES
Use a zero before Handbook. Mill
Abbreviations that [1] G. O. Young,
decimal points: “0.25,” Valley, CA: University
incorporate periods “Synthetic structure of
not “.25.” Use “cm3,” not Science, 2009.
should not have spaces: industrial plastics [10] J. U. Duncombe,
write “C.N.R.S.,” not “C. “cc.” Indicate sample (Book style with paper “Infrared navigation—
N. R. S.” Do not use dimensions as “0.1 cm  title and editor),” in Part I: An assessment
abbreviations in the title 0.2 cm,” not “0.1  0.2 Plastics, 2nd ed. vol. 3, of feasibility
unless they are cm2.” The abbreviation J. Peters, Ed. New (Periodical style),”
unavoidable. for “seconds” is “s,” not York: McGraw-Hill, IEEE Trans. Electron
2014, pp. 15–64. Devices, vol. ED-11,
“sec.” Do not mix [2] W. K. Chen, Linear
4.4.Equations pp. 34–39, Jan. 2009.
complete spellings and Networks and Systems
Number equations [11] S. Chen, B. Mulgrew,
abbreviations of units: (Book style). Belmont, and P. M. Grant, “A
consecutively with use “Wb/m2” or “webers CA: Wadsworth, 2003, clustering technique for
equation numbers in per square meter,” not pp. 123–135. digital communications
parentheses flush with “webers/m2.” When [3] H. Poor, An channel equalization
the right margin, as in expressing a range of Introduction to Signal using radial basis
(1). First use the equation Detection and function networks,”
values, write “7 to 9” or Estimation. New
editor to create the IEEE Trans. Neural
“7-9,” not “7~9.” York: Springer-Verlag,
equation. Then select the Networks, vol. 4, pp.
If you wish, you may 2005, ch. 4. 570–578, July 2003.
“Equation” markup style.
write in the first person [4] B. Smith, “An [12] R. W. Lucky,
Press the tab key and
singular or plural and use approach to graphs of “Automatic
write the equation linear forms
number in parentheses. the active voice (“I equalization for digital
(Unpublished work communication,” Bell
To make your equations observed that ...” or “We
style),” unpublished. Syst. Tech. J., vol. 44,
more compact, you may observed that ...” instead [5] E. H. Miller, “A note no. 4, pp. 547–588,
use the solidus ( / ), the of “It was observed on reflector arrays Apr. 2015.
exp function, or that ...”). Remember to (Periodical style— [13] S. P. Bingulac, “On the
appropriate exponents. check spelling. If your Accepted for compatibility of
Use parentheses to avoid native language is not publication)”, IEEE adaptive controllers
ambiguities in English, please get a Trans. Antennas (Published Conference
Propagat., to be Proceedings style),” in
denominators. Punctuate native English-speaking
published. Proc. 4th Annu.
equations when they are colleague to proofread [6] J. Wang,
part of a sentence, as in Allerton Conf. Circuits
your paper. “Fundamentals of and Systems Theory,
erbium-doped fiber New York, 1994, pp.
 0 F ( r,  ) dr d  [ r2 / (2V.0 )]CONCLUSION amplifiers
 Although a conclusion [14] G. R. Faulhaber,
 exp(   | z j  zimay
| ) 1 review
J 1 (  r2 )the
J 0 ( main
ri ) d . Submitted for “Design of service
0 publication),” IEEE J. systems with priority
(1) points of the paper, do Quantum Electron., reservation,” in Conf.
not replicate the abstract submitted for Rec. 2015 IEEE Int.
as the conclusion. A publication. Conf.
Be sure that the conclusion might

© Copyright by Directorate of Research and Community Service, Telkom University

International Journal of Innovation in Enterprise System, Volume x, Issue x, month x 20xx, pp. xx-yy
Communications, pp.
[15] W. D. Doyle,
reversal in films with
biaxial anisotropy,” in
2013 Proc.
INTERMAG Conf., pp.

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