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Constant Hanger and Support(Group CH)

A device not only sustaining the static load, but also absorbing the
thermal movements.

Pre-relaxed spring used.

Strong enough to withstand the external force.
Adequately enclosing the spring coil.
Dry bearing used to reduce the friction part.
Universal locking device used.
Variable Spring Hanger and Support(Group VH)
A device not only sustaining the static load, but partially absorbing
the thermal movements.

Pre-relaxed spring used.

Universal locking device affixed.

Snubber(Group HS)
A device not only sustaining the dynamic load, but also absorbing the
thermal movements.

Reliable hydraulic system with precise valve mechanism

High durability of sealing materials for long service duration
Precise machining for leakage free.
Reliable hydraulic fluid.
Easy to read stroke indicator. Preset device used.
Duplicate equipments(wiper seal and dust cover) to protect dust

Pipe Clamp(Group PC)

A device enclosing the pipe.

Light in weight.
Easy to handle and install.
Availability for special use.
Threaded Connecting Element(Group TC)
A device connecting one product with the other item.

Sufficient threaded length for the site adjustment.

Structural Attachment(Group SA)

A device attached to the existing steel or building and transferring
the load to it.

Miscellaneous Items(MI)
A device sustaining pipe load in the lateral direction.
Insulated Pipe Support
A device sustaining the static load for cryogenic piping.

Insulated material for high strength for maintaining the cryogenic

temperature used.
Accurate shape for pipe profile.

Purpose Equipment Capacity Q’ty

Flame Cutting M/C Max. Th'k 120mm 1

Cutting Laser Cutting M/C (3.0 KW) Max. Th'k 15mm 1

Laser Cutting M/C (5.0 KW) Max. Th'k 25mm 1

Heat Treatment Electric Furnace 1,000H x 2,500W x 2,700L 1

Shot Blasting Auto Shot M/C, Manual Shot Booth Apron / 2.5H x 5W x 11L 3

Performance Test M/C C/S, V/S Hanger Test M/C, etc 10~40ton, 20~50ton 5
Measuring & Test Load Cell-Spring Test M/C 2,5,10(2),100,400.490KN 7

Applicable Code and Standard

Pipe Hanger and Supports-Materials, Design, Manufacture, Selection and

Application, and Installation

Bracing for Piping Systems : Seismic-Wind-Dynamic Design Selection,

MSS SP 127

ASME B31.1 Power Piping

ASME III, NF Component Supports for Nuclear

KEPIC MNF Component Supports for Nuclear in Korea

For design, manufacturing, and inspection of the supports, the relevant international standards, technical
Regulations and codes are taken into account as above.

The understanding of spring hanger selection is very important. Please follow the steps below:

1. Calculate the spring rate and select the spring with spring rate lesser than the calculated one.

2. Choose the column in the catalogue where the hot load lies within the mid range.

3. Now check whether cold load lies within the travel range of spring.

4. If cold load lies beyond the travel range, switch to the next higher size spring or next travel

The catalogue I referred here can be downloaded from-