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Area of Focus Excellent Average Below Average Score

High Achieving ​10 points each Moderate Achieving ​8 points each Poor ​6 points each
Assignment Strong choice of subject matter. Images meet the minimum level of quality Subject matter does not satisfy
Specifications/ Images are edited, enhanced to and subject matter to satisfy the assignment. Images are missing.
Requirements achieve the most striking assignment. Subject matter could be Shows minimal to no evidence of
(Subject matter, number photograph/image. Proper sizing, improved; some images seem to be filler requirements or no work submitted.
of images, resolution, etc. Photos/Project fully material. Shows evidence of some
resolution, etc.) meets or exceeds requirements. requirements.
Composition Strong composition because of layout Image composition has potential, but Little to no consideration of basic
(S.C.A.R.E..) and placement of camera to subject as other angles, positioning of subject and photographic composition techniques.
Simplify well as effective use of compositional use of compositional techniques will Backgrounds may be busy or distract
Close/closer techniques. Demonstrates exceptional improve your image. Demonstrates some from the focal point. Does not
Angle visual interest. visual interest. demonstrate visual interest.
Rule of Thirds
Even lighting
Content Elements and Principles are Ideas are not fully communicated. Images Weak connection to the theme/topic.
communicated well. Images thoroughly somewhat address the principles and Unclear – photos seem random. Little
address an understand of the elements of art. Some evidence of to no evidence of thought, creativity.
principles of design. thoughtfulness. Further brainstorming ideas is
Image Quality Correct exposure for the setting. Use Photo taken at appropriate exposure. Use Some or most images are too dark or
(Focus, color, depth of of color (and/or grayscale) coincides of color (and/or grayscale) adequate. too light distracting form the subject
field, photos are edited with the subject and the mood of the Focus and depth of field somewhat or mood of the photo. Focus and
and filters are applied. image. Focus and depth of field adequate. depth of field do not follow project
effectively contribute to a powerful guidelines, image out of focus, poor
image. depth of field.
Creativity/Originality Amazing photograph/project. Well Good approach showing some creativity Photo shows little to no creativity.
organized, unified meaning. but could have been planned, executed Dull, lacks impact.
Interesting, different, effective, unique and enhanced to achieve a more
approach to assignment. Excellent powerful image.
photo editing, enhancement.