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Teens Talk About Choices
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Contents It’s up to you
ISSUE 36 Winter 2018
PERSPECTIVES 12 Making Sexual
9 Family Matters Decisions: Not All or Libby Atkins, 17
4 Staff Talks Have you ever compared what you learn
Nothing If it were up to me, Biggie
What’s the Sex, Etc. teen editorial staff from your parents about sex with what
Is deciding about sex just about choosing would never have died.
talking about this winter? you learn in sex ed class? Carley shares
between abstinence or penile-vaginal
how grateful she is to have her mom’s
sex? Jessie talks to teens about deciding Svanik Shirodkar, 17 Isabella Yurman, 16
5 Web, Etc. perspective, even when it feels awkward.
and communicating what they’re If it were up to me,
Jessie Choucrallah, 17
If it were up to me, all humans
Get the latest on If it were up to me, I would
comfortable with from holding hands and
10 Faces of Change kissing to a range of sexual behaviors.
eggplant parmigiana
pizza would be eaten by
never have bad eyebrow days.
would have mermaid tails on
their heads.
IN THE KNOW When 18-year-old Taylor found out that
some girls and women cannot afford
people around the world.

menstrual products, she got angry and

14 Abortion: An Option
6 News, Etc. took action. Taylor shares about the period Abortion is a safe and legal option for
News on how sex ed is helping reduce
product drive she organized and what people facing an unplanned pregnancy,
teen pregnancy rates at a public school in
inspires her to create change in the world. but do teens learn about this
Colombia, experimental drugs that help fight
pregnancy option? Libby talks to teens
gonorrhea and a report on how responsible
teens are being when they choose to have sex.
11 The Spectrum as well as a patient advocate who Sarah Emily Baum, 17
What do you think about wearing makeup? helps counsel women about abortion If it were up to me, Obama
Are you a fan of the natural look or do you as well as other options.
7 Sex 411 appreciate using makeup to enhance your Carley Campbell, 16
would still be president.

Can pre-cum cause pregnancy? What’s Emma Ogando, 17

the difference between saying “gay” and
natural beauty? Isabella talks to teens with a 16 Coming Out: Who, If it were up to me, I
If it were up to me, I would
range of opinions on the matter.
“queer”? We’ve got answers to these and When, How? would destroy
wear my chicken costume
on a regular basis.
other questions. How do you decide if it’s safe to come capitalism.
BACK IT UP out as well as who to come out to, when Jack McNeilly, 17
Isabella Gonzalez, 17
8 Our Health to do it and how? Madison talks about If it were up to me,
Sydney Sauer writes about her experience 18 #IChoose some of the important things to consider yogurt wouldn’t be a
If it were up to me, it would
be socially acceptable to
with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH) Sydney Hollins-Holloway talks to teens before you come out. thing anymore.
bring Danimals to school.
syndrome, a condition in which women can about decisions they have made related to
be born without a vagina or uterus. sex, relationships and sexual orientation and
discovers that having a choice is empowering.
Parth Thakkar, 15
If it were up to me, the
Celtics wouldn’t have made
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holistic healing.

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Staff Talks Web, Etc. CHECK OUT WHAT’S TRENDING on

By Isabella Gonzalez, 17, Staff Writer and Nathan Lam, 15, Staff Writer

Isabella: In this issue of Sex, Etc., we wanted to dive deeper our third feature, abortion. Many times, they’re too nervous to go
into the topic of choice and what kinds of choices are available to their parents or guardians because they may not be as chill as
to us as teenagers. This kind of discussion is incredibly yours. In Libby’s article, she talks about abortion and the choices
important since it’s good to know all of our options before we you have when facing an unplanned pregnancy.
make a decision!
Isabella: Yeah, I really appreciate all the effort Libby put into
Nathan: Yeah! I totally agree. Hey, have you read Jessie’s article getting an interview with a patient advocate at a clinic that
on making sexual decisions? She talks about communication not only offers abortions but also counseling about all of your
and feeling comfortable. One of the parts that stood out to me options. Unplanned pregnancy sometimes feels like a rehashed
was her point on intimacy and that sex is not an all-or-nothing plot from an MTV show to me, but with Libby’s article, I was
choice. reminded it’s really relevant, especially because it’s a big issue
that some people have to deal with!
Isabella: Absolutely! From my own experience, I know how hard
it is to remember to focus on yourself and know that your needs Nathan: I agree 100 percent. With all of these choices, it may
and wants are just as valid as everyone else’s. I’ve definitely seem like we’re lost since we aren’t yet adults, but we often do
All About Condoms  nal Sex: From Stigma
A How You Can Help a
failed to do this in my past relationships, but I continue to work have a say. I believe that the best option will always be the one
and Myths to Facts Friend...
my hardest at learning from my past mistakes. I admire Jessie for that you choose for yourself. Right, Isabella?
what a great a job she did putting this unspoken idea out in the
Isabella: Hey man, it’s up to you!
Nathan: You know, another thing that can be really hard to put
out in the open is coming out! Although some people think it’s
always good to come out, you have to consider each situation
and whether or not it’s the right time to do so. That’s why I really
like Madison’s article. What do you think?
Isabella: Considering I’m openly bisexual, I dealt with the whole
coming out situation firsthand. Madison offers a great guide to
a process that’s filled with “what ifs” and anxiety for most.
In my case, I never would have expected my mom to belt
out “Best of Both Worlds” from Hannah Montana when
I first tried to explain what identifying as bisexual even
Nathan: Wow! It’s great that you were able to
make a choice like that. Unfortunately, some
teens don’t always get a choice, especially
when it comes to something like the topic of Irregular Periods Meet Bryony Farmer Dress codes that focus on
controlling what girls wear...

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