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A publication of the Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission • Anchorage, Alaska

He is not Here. . .
for He has risen!

He lives, He Lives, He Lives,

You ask me how I know He LIVES, He Lives
within my heart.

CHRISTIANITY is the only religion that can proclaim a GOD and SAVIOR that
is alive.

It is sad indeed, that so many people around the world worship a god that is dead—yet
they are so adamantly devoted and dedicated to their beliefs. Their god is DEAD;
they cannot talk to him, fellowship or have a relationship with him, yet they will not
David M. Williams denounce the false god they serve. There is no love, compassion or concern. Some
Program Director of the religions say that their god had told them to do away with Christianity and to
kill all Christians. They are determined and have their mindset that they are going to
Larry Aldrich conquer the world.
Operations Manager

Randy Hess Oh, that they only knew the truth about the Living God and Savior.
Maintenance Supervisor

If they would only come to know the God that LIVES, The God of Love, John 3:16, The
Larry O’Connor
Greg Mann
God of Compassion, John 11:35, The God of Concern and Assurance, John 6:37.
Neil Givens
Roger Klein NOW since we know that our God lives, why then, are we not proclaiming this
Donn Baker Gospel of Good News to the world? If we believe that ALL people that do not know
Client Supervisors this Living Savior are eternally lost—then why are we not telling them the story of a
Savior that lives?
David McKnight
Van Driver
Please accept this challenge to share with someone your testimony of how Jesus saved
Solomona Talivaa you or present the Gospel story of salvation to them!

John Lofquist Remember a true Christian witness is more than just talking the talk—It is also
walking the walk.

0 8

What a Year!
er ir ch As I stop to reflect upon the events of this past year I can’t help but
stand in Awe of the works of our Almighty Father. It just never ceases
os l d
cl A to amaze me how much He cares for each one of us. He loves us way
a r ry too much to leave us where we are at. That is a great thing – right?
La What does it look like when our heavenly Father helps us to grow up?

Deserts and Storms!

That’s what the year looked like in my house. I really cherished the
peace and calm in between. Even though scripture tells us to count it all joy I still have a hard time rejoicing in
those times of trials. However, looking back I have to admit that in those hard times I have been the closest to God.
When I can’t see the path, when I don’t have the answer, when I don’t know if I can handle it that is when I look
for the Savior’s hand to guide me.

What an awesome feeling it is when I sense His presence and my spirit is filled with the Master’s assurance that
He has everything under control. His word tells us that all things will work together for good for those who are in
Jesus Christ. So, what is there to fear?

Change is always uncomfortable and the unknown is spooky. We like to stay and hang out in the familiar, but
where is the faith in that? Do I trust Him enough to lead me out off the stockyard into the open pasture?

There is nothing more exciting than to take a deep breath and with wobbly knees tell your Lord: “Where you lead
me I will follow!”

The Lord has been faithful through all the deserts and storms of 2007 and we grew in our faith and knowledge of
I am grateful that He is not done with me. Philippians 1:6 tells me that: “… He who has begun a good work in you
will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.”

Looking back on 2007 shows me that I can look forward to 2008 with confidence because my Father is faithful.

May the presence of God rest heavily upon you and yours through out this New Year.

God bless you one and all.
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Mission Status Report #2 for the
t s
r r Lord’s Lovely Mission on the
e ye
at a
st om
Th I am a community volunteer. I begin this second status report by recognizing
an the love and attention given to the Mission by the many volunteers who
Fr have served from 1965-2008. Thank you to the many readers who have
written to the Mission in January and February to express their support
for the Mission’s Gospel purpose.

Mission on the move update. The guiding principals for moving the Mission are: follow the Mission’s stated Purpose;
make and follow a long term plan and adjust it periodically; be a good neighbor; work cooperatively with other
homeless agencies; avoid a fight for everyone; don’t give up; expect a miracle. In December the Anchorage Planning
Department gave the Mission a list of possible spots to relocate the Mission. An emergency shelter must be situated
on PLI (public lands & institutions) zoned land (the Mission is on B3-legal non-conforming use). A volunteer
Earlene Yakley, who is a life-time Anchorage resident, visited the PLI-zoned parcels in January. She found much of
the PLI land un-developed or wetlands or not readily accessible. She also backed away from PLI land with strong
community councils who where hyper-vigilant about water, school and residential quality issues; or community
councils – like Downtown, Midtown, Mountain View, Fairview, and Spenard – who have strong local community
visions (e.g., the redevelopment of Mountain View in to a cultural center). She also visited B2 and B3 land (maybe
it could be rezoned PLI) with similar results – plus the addition of “too much commercial activity.” If the location
is perfect there were problems; if the location was not perfect, there were problems. There was no room at the inn,
so to speak. This does not mean we have looked at every possible piece of land; this was just chapter 1. A last note:
the Mission is working on a DRAFT five-year plan.

NewLife Program volunteer request. There are currently 20 guys enrolled in the Mission’s 2-year NewLife program.
Some of these guys will be graduating this summer. They will be faced with challenges like finding work, finding an
affordable place to live, finding transportation, making and living on a budget, and the like. The Mission needs three
volunteers who would: (1) someone to research how other shelters (BFS, AWAIC, Salvation Army, etc) help their
clients with housing assistance and help link the NewLife guys to these resources; (2) someone to research all the
other client support services available in Anchorage (and there are a bunch; we need an expert); (3) someone to visit and find a way to bring faith-based financial planning resources into the NewLife program. If
you are called by the Lord to volunteer, please contact me, Frank, at or 907-345-7378.

Prayer Requests: Please pray for the Mission’s Board of Trustees and Advisory Board. These individual bear a
heavy responsibility and each needs the Lord’s support and your prayers. Please pray for the Lord’s help for provide
leadership, volunteers and resources to meet the needs, wants and desires for His Son’s Mission.

i es
Once Was Lost
on ni
st N $2800 a day, you can see that why I could never fill the hole
te as I’m not kidding that no job can in my heart and I knew I was
om make that kind of money. So home. I have been addicted to
Th down I sank farther and farther
from God till the day I saw no
one thing or another all my life.
No worldly thing would fill this
hope for me. hole in my heart. Jesus is the

only “filler” for that hole in my
After a very busy night I paid the heart.
y mom told me one rent on both apartments, went
day, “Be happy to a hotel and did the same old My first night here I let Jesus in
with yourself for thing . . . . looked at the “boob my heart. The man at the pulpit
this is all God tube”, smoked crack till 3:00 told the story of Jesus’ betrayal
gave you, so be happy with it, am, went to sleep then came and this man knew he was
there is no more.” My mom the moment I can only thank going to die and to die for love.
may have had some religion in God for. When morning came I Now in my life I have been mad
her life, I don’t know, but with opened my eyes, put my feet on with love, tired of love, crazy
my mom you did not feel sorry the floor and at that moment I with love but all that was sin
for yourself for anything. She had a “Day of Pentecost.” I was and I saw it in His word about
was of the opinion that you filled with such a conviction that Jesus’ love had nothing to do
know what is right and wrong. I knew I could not live another with what I thought love was.
If you do wrong think of the day as “Bobby Ray”; the street He said love others as you love
consequences. Be ready to name that I lived by for 25 years. yourself. Self love, now I could
pay the consequences with Bobby Ray only had one friend understand that when the man
no whining. If you felt sorry left; he was not the lovable kind said, “when you love someone
for yourself there was “hell to of guy. You will notice that I say you wish them only good.” This
pay.” So you see all my life I Bobby Ray in the third person was not so clear before. I can
took risks no one would dare, sense. I no longer live his life; I only say sin had me turned the
and took my consequences live a life for Christ. That did not wrong way; now I have been
and went on. This led to a way come around just like that. First found, I See, I See! There was
of life with no restraints. I was I had to find a place to get away an old saying, if you are not
willing to pay and did I pay! I from that life. I was lucky to the lead dog the scenery never
have lived in other countries have a friend who let God take changes. The one thing I did
where I sold death by the case. control of her life. She was the not realize was Satan was in
My idol was money and did I example I followed. The only the lead whipping me on, but
worship it! I did anything to get place in Alaska that puts God now the harness I lovingly wear
it, to spend it; I lusted after it. above all else is the Anchorage doesn’t cut, bind or choke. I’m
Maybe I should let you know Gospel Rescue Mission. I on God’s team and I think to
right now my drug habit started got up, left everything behind, myself, how did I make it this
small but then I had to work 24 walked across the street, got on far. That was work, but work I
hours a day to keep it. When I the bus and within 20 minutes do with joy in my heart. I am
say my drug habit was $1800 to I was at the front doors of the at peace with myself. Don’t
Rest of my Life. I can see no get me wrong I fight every day

turning back, no not at all. the old me. But a man said to
When David Williams told me me, when Satan attacks you
t But Now Am Found
he is trying to deceive you but looking for jobs. I am able to me know He was still there
God allows this so you can see give words of encouragement and I could still turn to Him. I
where you are weak. So now that just a short while ago I give praise to God every day
you know God loves us; He could not and would not. Every and thank him for this life He
allows us to grow and learn. day is so much better than the saved me for; 7 months ago. I
The Mission here is a House of last. Hard or soft, as long as I open my first bible, now that’s
God in so many ways and is our put God’s work first only good not to say I never seen or held
best bet for survival. will come to me. This I believe one, I have used the bible as a
and God has not let me down prop to pass drugs and tobacco
in jail, but in all my 48 years I
never read God’s word. If I had
known about its “Life giving
flow” I would have drank of the
Word long ago. It refreshes
me every day because when I
wake up every morning I’m still
trying to mature in the Word. I
have a thirst for it now that I get
it. Love God first above all. Let
Jesus live in you and love all
others because God gave His
son for me I can do no less, my
heart will not let me.

Praise God for I am in awesome

wonder of Your power in my life!
Thomas Nolcini

I have worked in the Baggage once I gave my life to Him. I

Room for a long time. Now see all things as new and just as
I know most of the men who He promised all old things I am
come through here. I talk with dead to. I love the fact I go read
them, but most of all I have a the bible at the Pioneer Home.
love for all of them and give The fellowship He has provided
them the respect that all men me in the body of Christ is not
should get. On my watch I always easy but I belong and
allow no breaking the rules set that is more life to me. To look
by the Mission. But when it back and see where He worked
comes to the men personally, in my life and to think I thought it

I know what they are doing was luck or I was just too clever
during the day and the ones when in reality He was letting
We Have The Beds…
de is

d ir
D o n
We Have The Space!
R e
We have the beds and we have the space for at least 60 people to come in out of the weather but we can not make
them available because one of our dorms has been closed down by the city for what they called non compliance
to code. When we opened that dorm we were told that a sprinkler system was not required for a dorm where less
than 25 people would be sleeping. But we did not get that in writing. That dorm was for those in our “NewLife”
Program and there was never more than 18 men in that dorm. We operated that way for almost 8 years. Then all
of a sudden our location did not “fit” into the plans the city has for this location. They want us to move out of this
location and they are making it very difficult for us to continue to do what we have done so successfully for 43
years. They closed the dorm and now they say we can not operate our “NewLife” Recovery program here because
we take anyone that has a problem and try our best to help them. Our Program is NOT a treatment program but
a Recovery and Disciplining Program. Those in our Program are free to leave anytime—they are not locked in.
However, when they begin to see the change that is taking place in their life they are for the most part willing to
stay where they can continue to grow in grace and knowledge and learn how to live the overcoming, victorious life
in Christ.

In the mean time those beds and that dorm is just sitting there gathering dust—when they could be used to get
people out of the weather and cold. We turn people away every day that need safe, clean shelter. Others have
learned that it is no use to go to the Mission if it is after sign-in time because the beds are all taken. It breaks
our heart, but we have no alternative. We can not even let people stay in the Chapel and that area has a sprinkler
system, fire alarm and smoke detectors with 2 exits close to the outside. Every Mission I know about in the lower
48 uses their Chapel for overflow.

The city claims to be looking for solutions to help the homeless but I see little if anything happening. We have a
solution for a part of the problem—but we can not implement it. . We do not cost the city one penny. Yet they
want to spend big bucks to do what we do for free. We operate very thrifty and frugal as possible. We do not
accept any Municipality, State or Federal funding.

You may ask, “why do you do the things you do.” We are here to provide for the needs of anyone that may need
our help. Lord knows, we are not here for any financial gain or any other reason except for an opportunity to
present the Gospel Message to those that have spiritual needs and maybe, just maybe, lead them to the acceptance
of Jesus Christ as their Savior.

In closing the Program dorm we had to move those men into our overnight guest dorm (This dorm is up to code in
every way. It has a sprinkler system, fire alarm, smoke detectors and egress windows). This took up a lot of space
because they had to move their wardrobe/desk too. We have lost about 40 beds that was used for overnight guests
and 20 we could sleep in the Chapel on mats. At least they would be in out of the cold.

Please pray for us as we wait for God to open the door for us to do something. Our prayer is that some land or
building would become available or that the city would change their mind and let us stay here and continue to meet
the needs of the poor, needy, homeless and dysfunctional people that come to us for help. PLEASE—PRAY—
PRAY—PRAY. Thanks,

Bro. Don
Living Memorials
So I prayed to God in earnest and not caring what folks said; I
was hungry for the blessing; my poor soul it must be fed; When
. . . .touch lives as they honor the memory at last by faith I touched Him, and like sparks from smitten steel,
Just so quick salvation reached me; O bless God, I know it’s real!
of loved ones and friends.
In Memory of CHORUS: Repeat after each verse.
Nell Mary Morton But it’s real it’s real, O I know it’s real; Praise God, the doubts
Betty Sutherland are settled, For I know, I know it’s real.
by Koser Dean and Bernice Hudson I can still hear George Beverly Shea as he sang this old
As a special way of remembering a departed loved one or THE OLD-FASHIONED MEETING
friend, giving a memorial gift to the Anchorage Gospel
Oh, how well I remember in the old-fashioned days, When
Rescue Mission in the name of that person is a very
some old-fashioned people had some old-fashioned ways;
personal, lasting expression of your love. Your thoughtful
In the old-fashioned meetings, as they tarried there, In the
remembrance can have eternal value when invested in the
old-fashioned manner, how God answered their prayer.
lives of people.
There was singing, such singing, of those old fashioned
PLEASE LET ME REMINICE airs! There was power, such power in those old fashioned
I was looking through some old hymn books that I prayers, As old-fashioned conviction made the sinner pray,
have and it brought back a lot of memories of the old And the Lord heard and saved him, in the old-fashioned
songs and hymns that had meaning and a message. way.
I love the olds hymns we used to sing in church,
songs that touched your heart. I wonder if any of you Well, they say it is better, “Things have changed, don’t you
know,” And the people in general, seem to think it is so;
remember the 2 following songs.
And they call me old-fashioned when I dare to say, That I
IT’S REAL like it far better in the old-fashioned way.

O how well do I remember how I doubted day by day, For I did If the Lord never changes, as the fashions of men, If He’s
not know for certain that my sins were washed away; When the always the same, why, He is old-fashioned then! As an old-
Spirit tried to tell me, I would not the truth receive, I endeavored fashioned sinner saved thro’ old-time grace, Oh I’m sure
to be happy and to make my self believe. He will take me to an old-fashioned place.
When the truth came close and searching, all my joy would CHORUS: Repeat after each verse.
disappear, For I did not have the witness of the spirit bright and
clear; If at times the coming judgment would appear before my “Twas an old-fashioned meeting, in an old-fashioned place,
mind, O it made me so un-easy, for God’s smile I could not find. Where some old-fashioned people had some old-fashioned
grace; As an old-fashioned sinner I began to pray, And God
But at last I tired of living such a life of fear and doubt, For I
wanted God to give me something I would know about; So the heard me, and saved me In the old-fashioned way.
truth would make me happy, and the light would clearly shine,
And the Spirit gave assurance that I’m His and He is mine.

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