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T6 Technical Tables

Type designations

Type designations for control cables and harmonised cables (excerpts)

Control cables Harmonised cables Telecommunications cables

x – – x x
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

1. Basic type 1. Basic type 1. Basic type

N VDE standard H Harmonised type A - Outdoor cable
(N) in line with VDE A National type G - Mining cable
X or S in the style of a harmonized type J - Installation cable

Li Stranded conductor, flexible cable

2. Insulating material S - Jumper cable
Y Thermoplastic resins 2. Nominal voltage
X Cross-linked thermoplastic resins 01 100/100 volts
G Elastomers 03 300/300 volts 2. Additional designation
HX Halogen-free materials 05 300/500 volts J Induction protection
07 450/750 volts E Electronics

3. Cable designation
A Core cable 3. Insulating material 3. Insulating material

D Solid wire V PVC Y PVC

AF Fine-wire core cable V2 PVC +90 °C 11Y PUR
F Socket core V3 PVC flexible at cold temperatures 2Y Polyethylene
L Fluorescent tube cable B Ethylene propylene rubber O2Y Cellular PE
LH Connecting cable, E PE polyethylene 9Y PP
light mechanical loads X XPE, cross-linked PE 5Y PTFE
MH Connecting cable, R Rubber 6Y FEP
moderate mechanical loads S Silicone rubber 7Y ETFE
SH Connecting cable, H Halogen-free compound
heavy mechanical loads
SSH Connecting cable for special loads 4. Outer/inner sheath material
SL Control cable/welding cable V PVC 4. Special features

S Control cable V2 PVC +90 °C C Copper screen braiding

LS Light control cable V3 PVC flexible at cold temperatures D Copper wrapping
FL Flat cable V5 PVC with enhanced oil resistance (ST) Metal foil screening
Si Silicone cable R Rubber (L) Aluminium strip
Z Twin cable N Chloroprene based rubber F Petroleum jelly filling
GL Glass fibre Q Polyurethane LD Corrugated aluminium sheath
Li Braided conductor as per VDE 0812 J Glass fibre braiding (K) Copper strip screening

LiF Braided conductor as per VDE 0812, T Textile braiding (Z) Steel wire braiding
extra-fine wire S Silicone rubber W Corrugated steel sheath
b Armouring

4. Special features 5. Special features

T Supporting element C4 Copper wire screen braiding 5. Sheathing
Ö Enhanced oil resistance H Flat cable, divisible (see point 3. “Insulating material”)
U Flame-retardant H2 Flat cable, not divisible
w Heat-resistant, weather-resistant H6 Flat cable, not divisible,
for lifts 6. Number of elements
FE Insulation retained for a limited time

H8 Helical/spiral cable … number of stranding elements

C Screening braid
D Screening as Cu wire wrapping
S Steel wire braiding as mech. protection 7. Stranding element
6. Conductor type
U Single-wire 1 Single core
5. Sheaths R Multi-wire 2 Pair
K Fine-wire (fixed installation) 3 Triple
As point 2.

“Insulating material” P/PUR polyurethane F Fine-wire (flexible installation)

H Extra-fine wire
8. Conductor diameter or cross section
Y Tinsel wire
6. Protective conductor … in mm or mm2
D Fine-wire conductor
- O Without protective conductor for welding cable
- J With protective conductor E Extra-fine wire conductor 9. Stranding element
for welding cable St Star quad (phantom)
7. Number of cores StI Star quad (trunk cable)

7. Number of cores StIII Star quad (local cable)

… number of cores
TF Star quad for TF
… number of cores
S Signal cable (railway)
8. Conductor cross-section PiMF Screened pair
Figures in mm2 8. Protective conductor (TP) Twisted Pair
X Without protective conductor PiD Pairs in copper wrapping
G With protective conductor
10. Stranding type
9. Conductor cross-section Lg Twisted into layers
Figures in mm2 Bd Twisted into bundles

EXAMPLE: NSHTÖU 24G 1.5 EXAMPLE: H05 VV-F 3G 1.5 EXAMPLE: A2Y(L)2Y 6 x 2 x 0.8 Bd
ÖLFLEX® CRANE NSHTÖU cable, 24-core, Medium PVC hose, 3-core, Telephone cable for local network
with protective cond., cross-section: 1.5 mm2 with protective cond., cross-section: 1.5 mm2 with PE insulation and layered sheath

1116 For current information see:

Technical Tables T6
Type designations

Type designations for telecommunications cables and fibre-optic cables
Fibre-optic cables Type designations for UNITRONIC® field bus

– S/A cables Connection
e.g. item no. 22260339 on left on right
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
AB- C4- M12MS- 2.0PUR- M12FA-2L
1. Basic type
Automation Bus
A Outdoor cable Cordset
AT Outdoor cable, divisible Number of pins (4)
J Indoor cable Connector/thread (M12)
J/A or U Indoor/outdoor cable, universal cable Connector/design (straight connector)

Cable length in m (2.0 m)
Cable material – outer sheath (PUR)
2. Fibres
Connector/thread (M12)
B Loose tube, unfilled Connector/design (angled socket)
D Loose tube, filled Status display/number of LEDs (2L)
V Tight-buffered fibres

MS – straight connector M12Y – M12 Y connector

3. Design elements MA – angled connector B – bridged
F Petroleum jelly filling FS – straight socket 3-, 4-, 5-, 8-, .. number of pins

Q Swelling tape FA – angled socket A, AD, B, BI, C, CI – valve connector type
M8, M12, M16, M23 – thread S – valve connector with Z diode
L – status display/LEDs SV – valve connector with varistor
4. Further design elements SH – screened version SVC – valve connector with varistor and commutator
S Metal element in cable core HD – Hygienic Design SUP – valve connector with suppressor diode
VA – stainless steel knurl
5. Sheath
2Y PE sheath
11Y PUR sheath Ready-made connector e.g. item no. 22260127
H Halogen-free sheath
(ZM) With metallic strain relief elements AB- C5- M12FS-PG7-SH

(ZN) With non-metallic strain relief elements
(ZN)2Y PE sheath with non-metallic Automation Bus
strain relief elements Connector
Number of pins (5)
Connector/thread (M12)
6. Armouring Connector/design (straight connector)
B Armouring Cable connection/screw connection (PG7)
B2Y Armouring with PE casing Screened version (SH)

(BN) Glass yarn armouring
(SG) Steel sheath
(SR) Corrugated steel sheath MS – straight connector PG7, PG9, PG11, PG13 – cable connection
MA – angled connector F0.34 (fast connection, max. 0.34 mm² cond. cross-sec.)
(SR)2Y Corrugated steel sheath with PE casing
FS – straight socket F0.75 (fast connection, max. 0.75 mm² cond. cross-sec.)
FA – angled socket M16-0.5 (M16 flush-type conn. with 0.5 m PUR strand)
7. Number of fibres P – piercing connection PG9-0.5 (PG9 flush-type conn. with 0.5 m PUR strand)
SH – screened version DSI – flush-type connector (rear wall mounting)
Number of fibres
M8, M12, M16, M23 – thread PO – flush-type connector (can be positioned)
3-, 4-, 5-, 8-, .. number of pins
8. Fibre type

E Single-mode fibre glass/glass (SM GOF)
G Gradient fibre glass/glass (MM GOF)
K Step fibre glass/plastic (PCF) S/A passive distributor box  e.g. item no. 22260025
P Polymer optical fibre/plastic (POF)
AB- B8-M12L-16-10.0PUR
9. Core diameter/fibre sheath diameter Automation Bus

50/125 Multimode glass fibre Box

62.5/125 Multimode glass fibre Number of slots (8)
9/125 Single-mode glass fibre S/A connection/thread (M12)
200/230 Plastic-coated glass fibre Status display/LED signals (L)
980/1000 Polymer optical fibre Number of inputs/outputs (16)
Length of master cable in m (10.0)
Cable material – outer sheath (PUR)
1 Category: fibre quality
OM4 For 50/125 OM4 multimode fibres (number of inputs/outputs)

OM3 For 50/125 OM3 multimode fibres INFO: S/A box with double assignment ➞ (number of slots) = 2
OM2 For 50/125 OM2 multimode fibres
OM1 For 62.5/125 OM1 multimode fibres
OS2 For 9/125 OS2 Single-mode fibres (G 652D) PUR - distributor box with perm. connected master cable (PUR)
C - distributor box with master cable conn. (pluggable screw connection)
M8L - distributor box with M8 slots and LED signals
M16 - distributor box with M16 master cable conn.
EXAMPLE 1: A-DQ(ZN)(SR)2Y 12G 50/125 OM3 M12 - distributor box with M12 master cable conn.
Outdoor cable with corrugated steel sheath, central loose tube,
non-metallic strain relief made of glass yarn, 12 fibres,
50/125 µm OM3 multimode fibres Further abbreviations:

EXAMPLE 2: J-V2Y(ZN)11Y 2P 980/1000 AB-PC – Automation Bus Power Cable AB-ASI-J – AS-Interface distributor
Plastic fibre-optic cable, two-fibre (duplex), indoor cable AB-PB – Automation Bus PROFIBUS DI – Digital Inputs
AB-DN – Automation Bus DeviceNet DO – Digital Outputs
with PE inner sheath, non-metallic strain relief,
AB-CAN – Automation Bus CAN R – Relay outputs
PUR outer sheath AB-ASI – Automation Bus AS-Interface

For current information see: 1117